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Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing

Our predictions for 2020 and beyond.

8/6/2020 1:30:00 PM

Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing

Our predictions for 2020 and beyond.

on Thanksgiving, so it’s hard to imagine in-store shopping as we know it getting the green light on Black Friday. Don’t bank on getting to go into brick and mortar stores and browse deals — we’re predicting they’ll all be closed and online shopping will reign supreme.

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Curbside pickup is here to stayImage: pexelsOne of the biggest shopping changes to come about during the COVID-19 pandemic is the surge of curbside pickup options. Black Friday will be no different. Gone are the days when having someone deliver a bag of goodies to your car was just reserved for your Friday night trips to Chili's. Taking advantage of curbside pickup will also let you get your loot the same day instead of having to wait for it to be shipped to your house.

Say hello to a possible lottery systemImage: pixabayDespite in-store restrictions, merchants may still try to find a work around. A lottery system could be put into place where you could win (or even purchase) a time slot to get to do your shopping without a crowd of other shoppers. It could be set up so that 10 or so people get to come inside to shop within a designated half hour or hour timeframe.

This would be a nice contrast to previous years where lines to get into the store would often wind around the building or down the block. You have your specific shopping time and you get right in.Get ready to hit that refresh buttonImage: pexelsBecause there will be such an influx of traffic for retailers’ online shops, you can fully expect to run into technical issues. Be prepared for sites to be slower or just crash altogether because of higher traffic.

We’ll also likely see challenges with items remaining in stock. This is something we already experience in normal years, but with an online-only Black Friday, you’ll have to do that fighting over the last item on the shelf virtually. It’ll be like you’re really at the store! But for real,

and make a list of the big ticket items you want and be quick to add them to your cart and check out to make sure they don’t go out of stock before you can buy them.The deals may actually be better this yearImage: pexelsThe year 2020 sucks and we all know it. We anticipate that retailers will try to make up for it by running extra/better deals and"doorbusters," especially since we won’t get to shop in-store sales. As such, we’re not expecting to see any “in-store only” deals, which means all of those typical doorbusters will be available online to encourage people to shop safely from their homes.

An online Black Friday is sounding better and better — you get bonus deals and you don’t even have to leave your couch after your post-turkey day food coma.Black Friday won’t be limited to just a weekendImage: pexelsmonth-long event, so we’re expecting it to feel even longer this year. Get your wallet ready in October (Prime Day is also rumored to start this month) because there will most definitely be some early Black Friday deals. Online shopping has no physical limitations, so retailers will probably have a heyday with running deals.

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Keep an eye out for QR codesImage: pixabayAs holiday season approaches, your mailbox starts getting flooded with ad scans for all the upcoming deals. The Black Fridays of the future will probably turn toward tech to make this a more immersive experience. We wouldn’t be surprised to see AR ad circulars where you can scan QR codes and see special deals and product information on your phone.

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