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Black American Culture Was Missing On The Met Gala Red Carpet

What is American fashion without Black culture? Last night’s #MetGala didn’t give the full story on American fashion #R29Unbothered

9/14/2021 11:58:00 PM

What is American fashion without Black culture? Last night’s MetGala didn’t give the full story on American fashion R29Unbothered

The Met Gala 's missed opportunity: If the Costume Institute understood their own theme, Black designers would have flooded both the red carpet and this year’s exhibit. But there were only a handful of Black American designers highlighted.

with her headpiece and beanie,(although we expected something more) the biggest confusion is that many of the looks didn’t seem to reference a decade or time period in American fashion.It would have been great to truly see the 70s disco bell bottoms, 80s acid washed denim or shoulder pads, and even an ode to the late 90s/early 2000s, specifically hip-hop of some sort.That could have been the perfect opportunity to highlight streetwear legends

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Misa Hylton and April Walker. Alongside Dapper Dan and Aurora James of Brother Vellies and the 15 Percent Project, we would have loved to see a plethora of Black women designers, ready to get their picture taken by the hundreds of cameras along the carpet. Women like Carly Cushnie who founded American fashion house Cushnie, whose sleek styles and silhouettes could have really served up a moment on the carpet. The fashion girls would have lived to see Anifa Mvuemba of Hanifa create a sophisticated custom design for this year's theme, or to see Fe Noel’s stunning prints and Tracy Reese’s take on the theme with her retro inspired taste. The material was right there and yet, once again, it was overlooked.

Black people are the culture and style that remain on fashion moodboards and while we enjoyed the few celebrations of our icons, this year’s Met Gala did not give the full story on American fashion. Even though we are included in the exhibition, if the powers that be within the fashion industry really wanted to make a statement, a little more effort should have gone into making sure  Black American designers were included in every facet of the event.  It’s clear that a new perspective and fresh eyes when it comes to decision making are definitely needed at the Met Gala. This year’s mess is just another reason why Black people need to be in the room in positions of power, not begging for a seat at a 275,000 table. Then again, overlooking deserving Black talent is as American as it gets.

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