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Bitcoin price passes $60,000 for first time since April amid October bull run

Bitcoin price passes $60,000 for first time since April amid October bull run

10/15/2021 8:56:00 PM

Bitcoin price passes $60,000 for first time since April amid October bull run

The cryptocurrency plummeted in price in May this year but has risen steadily through October so far.

, who appeared at the Texas Blockchain Summit last Friday to float the idea of using bitcoin mining in the state to make use of energy produced by oil and gas.Cruz said that natural gas is"being wasted" in Texas by being flared and that it could be put to"productive use" by bitcoin miners instead, who require vast amounts of energy in order to power the computers that generate new bitcoins.

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According to, he suggested that this extra power could be redirected into Texas' electricity grid in the event of power outages, the likes of which plagued the state in the winter earlier this year.This is in contrast to China, where cryptocurrency mining

has nearly disappeareddue to regulatory crackdowns.A photo shows a physical representation of a stack of bitcoins, taken in Paris in April 2019. The cryptocurrency has seen a rise in price through October. Read more: Newsweek »

Dutch test for new variant after finding 61 COVID cases among South Africa passengers

Dutch health authorities said on Saturday they had detected 61 COVID-19 cases among people who flew from South Africa on Friday and were now doing further tests to see whether any are infected with the new Omicron variant.

The saying 'A fool and his money are soon parted' In who you trust? on all the hype? Who guarantees this digital currency? It must feel great to see the price of a crypto coin go up, again and again, having invested in one or fractions of one. Retweet Fiat currency is going to zero against BTC THETOPICisCOOL Good sell signal.

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Bitcoin price tops $60,000, first time in six monthsTotal value of the crypto market now stands just above $2.43 trillion with bitcoin dominating with a 46.4 percent share, according to latest data by digital asset price-tracking website CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin is inches away from reaching $60,000 amid ETF speculation Bitcoin surged as high as $59,920, notching its highest level since May. 10, but struggled to break above the $60,000 mark. All that glitters is NOT gold It already reached it

Bitcoin tops $60,000, nears record high, on growing U.S. ETF hopes Bitcoin hit $60,000 for the first time in six months on Friday, nearing its record high, as traders grew confident that U.S. regulators would approve the launch of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on its futures contracts. 'Our comrade HonSsegirinya appearing before the court. He has shown to court how his feet are damaged following the torture he recieved while in custody.' We request amnesty hrw and jumuiya to intervene in increasing abuses. Cc NUP_Ug UNWatch use B-cube Ai trading bots. never work a day in your life Let new GODLY technology work for you! Bcubeai Crypto Only old digital illiterate people need an ETF to be exposed to bitcoin. Take responsibility and hold your own bitcoin like a sovereign human. Not your keys, not your bitcoin.

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