Bishop, Scalise, Cheney unveil GOP alternative federal energy bill

The GOP bill would open the eastern Gulf of Mexico to drilling.


Three senior House Republicans offered their alternative vision today for federal onshore and offshore energy policy

The GOP bill would open the eastern Gulf of Mexico to drilling.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney and Natural Resources Ranking Member Rob Bishop (Utah) are unveiling the legislative push called the American Energy First Act. Their bill comes the same week as House Democrats plan to vote on three pieces of legislation that would bar oil and gas drilling in many parts of the United States.

The GOP bill would open the eastern Gulf of Mexico to drilling, require deference to state rules governing fracking on public lands, create new categorical exclusions for oil and gas permitting, and require congressional approval to make areas of the nation’s off-limits for offshore drilling while effectively ending the president’s authority to declare national marine monuments.

The measure also contains a section aimed at boosting renewable energy. It would establish priority areas for geothermal, solar and wind on public lands while limiting the time for their environmental reviews. It also includes provisions meant to boost geothermal energy projects on public lands and authorizing offshore wind production in U.S. territories.

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Drill Everywhere, Exploit it all ,Pay nothing & Pocket Everything.....Puts it on a postage stamp Is trying to save our clean water, our wildlife reserves, clean rivers, lakes, and streams. The republicans are out of touch with Americans, farmers, wild life enthusiasts, everybody. Climate change is not a made up science it is REAL

Being what it is are you willing to trust them ,that our shores will not one day be awash with oil due to leaks and spills and plain carelessness. The loss of wildlife in Alaska would be devestating. Species would go extint. Democrats on the other hand Republicans want oil drilling off shore Florida and California not to mention 1.5 million acres of pristine Alaskan wildlife reserve for oil drilling. With the record the oil companies have with spills and leaks and sabotage

Any vision that these three would offer up should be met with significant skeptism. Let's dig a little deeper here. Are Cheney, Scalise and Bishop in a prison line up for ecocide? And if you can't trust a woman who would throw her own sister under the bus to get elected, then who can you trust? RepLizCheney

The Energy giants are only 'concerned with profits'...not the effects or damage they cause...are never prepared to clean up the mess they make or feel it's their responsibility to leave things better than they found them. ..IT'S ONLY EVER ABOUT THE MONEY Melt the ice caps for oil while EPA rewrites the rules of Earth catastrophes. Got it. 🤫

Alternative to what? Why the adjective? don't waste you time. you'll be gone soon bois

The Latest: Bishop holds onto GOP seat in do-over electionRepublican Dan Bishop defeated Democrat Dan McCready for a North Carolina congressional seat in a special election scheduled after claims of ballot tampering in 2018. President Trump hosted an election-eve rally in an attempt to put Bishop over the top. Don't you mean 'successful attempt'?

Dan Bishop, North Carolina Republican, Wins Special ElectionVoters in the conservative-leaning Ninth Congressional District were choosing between Mr. Bishop, a Republican, and Dan McCready, a Democrat. Beat, AGAIN. Sorry Dems! 😂😂 This is the squad fault IlhanMN RashidaTlaib the republican Went after them in tv Ads and all the crazy progressive bs right now . Dan Bishop, a Republican state elf-lord, scored a narrow victory on Tuesday in a special House eating contest in North Carolina

Republican Dan Bishop projected to narrowly win closely watched North Carolina special congressional electionNorth Carolina state Sen. Dan Bishop will defeat Democrat Dan McCready in the North Carolina 9th District's special congressional election, CNN projects, giving Republicans a narrow victory in the GOP-leaning district where President Donald Trump won by 12 points in 2016. I’m so sorry this happened to you No champagne for CNN. Yeah boyy!!

Republican Dan Bishop Wins North Carolina Congressional Seat With Trump’s SupportVoters in a conservative congressional district here picked President Trump ally Republican Dan Bishop in Tuesday’s special election instead of a Democrat who had promised to seek compromise in Washington. Pathetic and mixed up country. Rampant corruption. 🤮 The Clown Car cant stop the Trump Train Which just goes to show you there are still a lot of uneducated, dimwits out there👿

Republican Dan Bishop is the projected winner of the special election in NCRepublican Dan Bishop defeated Democrat Dan McCready in a special election on Tuesday in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, NBC News projects. NBCNews Um, the lowest African American unemployment ever in history. The lowest hispanic unemployment in history. overall unemployment at 50 YEAR low! NBCNews Republicans reward republicans for cheating, committing election fraud for which people are going to prison. Great look. The Republican Party truly is the party of criminals and their voters don’t even care. NBCNews Congratulations, GOP! Gerrymandering worked as planned.

Republican Dan Bishop narrowly wins North Carolina special electionThe race for a Republican-leaning district anchored in the Charlotte suburbs attracted tens of millions of dollars in spending. Unbelievably sad. How anyone can vote Republican and support Trump is BEYOND me. Corrupt to the core. This is disappointing. Yes, there may be a blue wave. But there is also a red wave. Polls are not accurate bc people that are ashamed to support dotard aloud, will still vote for him. Bishop won bc of Dotard s support. Don't tell me about red district & the margin. Loss is loss

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