Birx wants to stay on in Biden administration: Colleagues

“I think if she were asked, she would say yes.'

11/21/2020 6:03:00 AM

“I think if she were asked, she would say yes.'

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, has said she would be interested in helping the Biden administration get up and running, colleagues said.

response coordinator, would like to continue serving in a Biden administration, her colleagues said this week.“I think if she were asked, she would say yes,” Ambassador James Glassman, a friend of Birx’s and a former George H.W. Bush administration official, told ABC News. “She can't say yes now because she works for President Trump's task force."

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Chris Kleponis/POOL/EPA via ShutterstockWhite House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx participates in a briefing with members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the White House in Washington, DC, Nov. 19, 2020.Birx, a globalhealth

expert who runs the federal government’s program combatting HIV/AIDS, was tapped by the White House in February to serve a central role in the Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.She has said she would be interested in staying on board at least long enough to help the incoming administration get up and running, her colleagues told ABC News.

“Right now there is work to do, and come January 20th, there will be different work to do,” a colleague of hers told ABC News. “And having that continuity and understanding what has worked, what hasn't worked, is very important.”MORE: Trump criticizes Dr. Deborah Birx following her dire coronavirus warnings, criticism from Pelosi

Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images, FILEIn this April 27, 2020, file photo, response coordinator for White House Coronavirus Task Force Deborah Birx speaks as President Donald Trump listens during a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC.

But Birx has found herself in an increasingly complicated position as she combats the virus while serving a president who has ignored science and downplayed the pandemic. Her rosy presentations from the White House podium and presence alongside Trump at news conferences this spring – as well as her attempt to explain away President

Donald Trump's suggestion in April that Americans could inject disinfectant to treat the virus – have hurt her credibility and led to charges she has enabled the president.Her colleagues said Birx could help President-elect Joe Biden’s team ensure a level of continuity to the U.S. pandemic response.

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Trump has refused to acknowledge he lost reelection two weeks ago, and the federal government has blocked current administration officials leading the country’s COVID-19 response from coordinating with the incoming administration – or even being in touch with them. Birx has yet to hear from Biden’s transition team, according to one of her colleagues.

Birx, who holds the title of ambassador and helms the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, has received criticism from top Democrats for her role in Trump's White House, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whotold ABC Newsin August that she did not have confidence in the scientist. Pelosi's spokesman said Friday her office had no additional comment.

After months of avoiding public disagreement with the president, Birx sounded the alarm just before the presidential election concluded, according to a. In an internal report, Birx pleaded for"an aggressive balanced approach that is not being implemented," according to the Post.

“It’s complicated,” Céline Gounder, a member of Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board, told. “It’s almost like she herself has been politicized.”Birx did not respond to a request for comment for this article.Mike Mccleary/The Bismarck Tribune via AP, FILE

Dr. Deborah Birx, left, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, talks with Gov. Doug Burgum and other state leaders during a round table discussion on the campus of Bismarck State College on Oct. 26, 2020, in Bismarck, N.D.If she were asked to stay on, it is likely Birx would be the only political appointee. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a career civil servant who has served multiple administrations, has signaled he plans to stay on as the nation’s top infectious expert as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; Birx's current position running PEPFAR does not directly relate to the COVID-19 response, unlike Fauci's.

MORE: Speaker Pelosi blames Trump, GOP for deadlock in coronavirus relief negotiationsGlassman, who held a senior role in the George W. Bush State Department and has befriended Birx through their mutual work in global health, said that he thought Birx, who was nominated in 2014 by President Barack Obama to her current position as the United States’ global AIDS coordinator, had “handled herself extremely well in an extremely difficult situation with Trump.”

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“I don't think that she would want to stay on that task force for a long period of time,” Glassman said, explaining that hopefully the virus would abate and the need for her – and a task force – would diminish over time."I think she would want to be there at least in the beginning.”

After frequently appearing alongside the president, vice president and other top administration officials at news conferences on the pandemic this spring, Birx found herself increasingly sidelined as Trump further minimized science that did not line up with his re-election message. She has spent months traveling the country -- to 43 states, according to a colleague -- meeting with state and local officials and gaining a better understanding of how to encourage Americans to practice behavior that will slow the virus's spread.

Gounder told CNN in anThursday that Birx “holds really crucial information,” that the Biden team has not been able to access, such as key information about medical equipment supplies.“She really is central in terms of the knowledge and the expertise that she holds,” Gounder said.

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I am not thrilled about her since she sat silent while Trump promoted his injections of bleach and light to the American people Tell her and her scarves,buh bye. She didn't speak up when frump was so obviously misleading our nation. BringFauciBack to lead coronavirus team and to address nation regularly. CNN ChrisCuomo maddow FoxNews

Screw her. She debased herself on Trump's altar of shame She sold out and didn't speak up when it was needed most. She lied about Trump reading and being informed. Bottom line, the only thing she can be trusted with is her own interests. Bwaaaaaaahhhhh! No. Birx and Fauci aim to clean up financially from vaccines. Birx seems to be smarter and more honest than Fauci. In March when Fauci was telling us lies about masks and covid was no worse than the flu he should've become unemployed soon after. Can't get rid of swamp creatures.

NO!!!! She supported trump and put this country on a downward spiral. Trump should fire her and Fauxi period. She doesn’t deserve the job. She can’t be trusted. She has a price like all Republicans GOPComplicitTraitors Scarves can go. She had an opportunity to do the right thing and she caved to the orange toddler.

I say why keep her on. She didn’t stand up earlier in the year when she should have. She enabled trump so I would get rid of her! Why, so she can report back to CHUMP? Tell her to walk her ass out of CHUMPs first. Who did she vote for EASY MONEY, “BUT REMEMBER BIDEN , MUST WIN FIRST” ! 🖕🏿 No!!! another one of trumps lying stooges.

No it’s obvious she will sway with the political view and not report actual science. weak No way! She should have spoken up when she knew Trump was lying and didn't. She did not even speak up with he made ridiculous statements regarding bleach! Sorry but we don't need 'YES' people in there. The only who spoke up was Dr. Fauci! He needs to stay!

I hope they ask her No. A very weak Heath professional who didn’t stand up to a bully president for the health and welfare of the American people. She has no credibility. Besides the stigma of working in the trump administration, she said nothing when he went on about UV lights and disinfectants. People died because they believed him.

They probably gonna keep those colorful scarfs and let her go 😜 Brixis Clinton buddies husband buddies with Hillary, explains it all! She sold out to Trump so she’s not needed. Can’t blame her. Imagine working with Joe Biden- someone who wants America’s health back. She must like the fondling and sniffing.

All of the key players in FDA, CDC and other key health agencies go nowhere after change in Presidency. Just the Secretaries in the Cabinet. Covid response isn’t affected unless new Administration interferes. truth No .... jumping on bandwagon ... she probably just wants to spy on Biden to report to tRumps .... remember tRump wants to run again in 2024 but personally, I think it’s Ivanka that wants a run at it !!

So ask her! No! I hope Biden shows her the door. “[Trump is] so attentive to the scientific literature & the details & the data. I think his ability to analyze & integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit” -- Birx on March 27th I hope Biden does not ask her. She stated absolutely silent under Trump. I have no respect for her.

BIRX NEEDS TO GO SHE IS SPINELESS HELPED TRUMP LIE AND DECEIVE BY NOT STANDING UP TO TRUMP LIES. DEBRA BIRX STOOD WITH TRUMP ON MOST OF THE LIES FROM VERY BEGINNING OF COVID19. GET RID OF DEBRA BIRX. No way in hell should this 'doctor' be anywhere near the WH ever again. She's done. No! She sat quietly while Trump told everyone on TV they could inject disinfectant to fight Covid.

Does ABC news now take over speaking for this lady is this major media control or what !!!!! The Clorox Queen? I hope not. After lying to appease Trump? HELL NO! Tell trump and his family. Where a mask. FOOLS BYE GIRL Trump person. = dishonest. No, she has failed under Trump. We need strong professionals who stand up for people, not pacify politicians.

No thank you!!! Re: 45 disinfectant and light comments Tapper: “As a doctor, doesn’t that bother u that u even have 2 spend any time discussing this?” Birx: “It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle,... Wishy washy no thanks Too bad. With so many lives hanging in the balance she stood silent.

She burned her bridges with me when she sat silent as Trump talked about bright lights and bleach. Ha she won’t be asked I hope she is asked, she has the history- not to mention the brains and respect No... absolutely not She won’t be asked. Remember her nodding yes to the Bleach comment from realDonaldTrump?

Nope! She needs to go too. There are so many others to do her job. Say no to Brix. No! I've seen her kiss Trump's ass too many times. Goodbye, Dr. Birx! She has no courage. No. She stuck up for trump when he said use bleach and light to kill virus. She is a trump butt kisser I think she would find it refreshing

I have no idea of how hard it must be to have to go against the president's lies, but I do know that if the opportunity was presented and the person didn't take it, the trust of many Americans was lost. She should have stood up with Fauci from the beginning. I hope she’s not asked No her usefulness has ended, time to move into a different direction

Nope. She lied to please trumpsky, she has to go Goodbye Check out JoeBiden SenKamalaHarris President Elect and VP Elect DONT NEED that Traitorous Woman on their team, they are All set. Let her go back to Enabling that baby in the WH Nope. No President Biden, do NOT keep her on the task force!! She has shown too many times that she is NOT credit worthy.

He’ll no ! For a while even as she knew she was wrong she did and said what trump wanted ! Killing people with false crap! SenKamalaHarris JoeBiden ProjectLincoln gtconway3d MeidasTouch Fire her immediately We don’t need her. She needs to go. Let her stand with trump and she can continue to nod her head while his says stupid stuff. We need people on the Biden team that can speak up not nod or be silent when someone say to inject bleach into the body.

No wet noodles allowed Bish! BidenHarris2020 She forfeited that right with every simpering, pained expression that didn't contradict their hushed herd immunity policy. nope No. She has zero credibility. No. I don't think trumpfucks are welcome. No, no, get rid of her, she has no spine, she sold out to Trump

She should be the first one to be let go. She had no courage to tell the truth as Trump was making up false claims about injecting bleach. NO! We remember her convenient enabling of Drumpf when rebuking and standing up with truth should’ve been the order of the day. Take your fancy scarves, your waffling ethics, and go home.

New blood is better She isn't good Her own colleagues are on record criticizing her. She doesn’t belong on the task force. NO. SHE CAN NEVER GET THE STENCH OF HER NODDING HER HEAD WHEN HE SAYS INJECT BLEACH. She can debrief experts on medical and inside information. She damaged her credibility with the public so keep her and her scarves out of public view.

Nope. She does not deserve it Sorry, but she should go. She was caught up in the administration nonsense but unlike Dr. Fauci she let the pressure impact her professional judgment. She didn’t lead but followed blindly allowing her credibility to be tainted. Sad She’s got to go. She blew it by picking Trump over America.

NO. Make that HELL NO. Period. Yea pass. She sat there and said nothing as that idiot did nothing while saying dangerous and ridiculous things about the virus and how to tackle it. Time for her to move on. Fauci yes, her no. No no no no no!! Sorry, but no. You tarnished your name by playing along. You could have been an easy hero for all Americans, but you’re fine with with all the deaths.

She needs to go!! Hopefully she won’t get that option. Trump ruined her reputation Hard pass. No hopefully they won't ask. She has zero credibility and I'm pretty sure lying by omission is still a lie She should of spoken out against Trump’s lies. Her silence was a killer. Kick. Rocks. 💔 NO, SEND HER OFF WITH TRUMP...NO To this Traitor, She had many...many Chances to SPEAK THE TRUTH AND NEVER DID !!!! SHE HAS ZERO CREDIBILITY WITH ME, I WILL NEVER TRUST A WORD SHE SPEAKS. 🤫Not a word when TRUMP SUGGESTED...😨😡😠BLEACH INJECTIONS......

Time to remove all the stains of the tRump administration. No surprise there. She has lost credibility! She allowed her voice to be silenced by Trump, now she wants to contribute? Bye I think Biden can do better! If she wants to help the Biden transition she could have a convo with GSAEmily Tell her to ST FU.

Thinking of 2021? But she has a huge job to do today, there is a COVID disaster and she is on the task force to stop the pandemic from overwhelming hospitals across the midwest and prevent other major outbreaks. ICYMI … Fuck no! Why keep someone who can’t stand up for science? Unfortunately her reputation was stained by Trump.

Remember how she sat quietly by as Trump asked about bleach in the body? That should be her job interview for staying on. NEXT!!! As selling fear works pretty well for job security. byebyeBirx HungerGamesEffie can spend all the time she wants scarf shopping. Her 'work' is done here. Want to get away from the CCP virus? Reject the CCP and communism.

JoeBiden please don’t include this damaged goods in your White House task force. She had her chance and she chose to suck up to Trump. She has lost all credibility with the American people. NOOOOO!!!!! She is to blame too. Wouldn't stand up to trump. drbirx And he should say no Nope. No one is asking. She FAILED to stand up for truth. 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

Hard pass ✋🏻 I have warmed up to her. She has had a difficult time with Trump. Oh hell no She sold her soul. She needs to go. She should go. She preferred to play safe rather than stand agains stupidity, etc. She is a player rather than a scientist. Apparently, the position is more important for her than science and facts.

Pretty sure there are more qualified to step in, it’s her responsibility to guard her reputation—and she failed miserably! Bitch please - you should be in prison for treason. We don’t need people who negotiate with terrorists. No.... she sat there and said nothing when he peddled bleach & deadly drugs Another complicit enabler

Pretty sure he can do better No Dr scarf, she made her bed with trump No. Hope she does Why? Ask her Mr Biden Hell no Transition46 🙅🏽‍♀️ Nope! She has soiled her reputation and will not be supported by the People. Hard pass, please. NO Uh. No. Please no. She’s been entirely complicit with the current administration.

Thick with Clinton's, says it all! NOPE! She sold her soul! You got the right idea!! Nope She will not be asked. Scarf lady begone Fauci Birx Don’t ask. We don’t need any of those people, the enablers of the Trump Administration, to linger into yours. We need strong defenders of the law and the Constitution, in whatever their capacity, as employees of your Administration.

Sat silent when he suggested to inject bleach and UV light your anus It’s a big country. I can think of probably 200,000 doctors who deserve her job more than she does. You can’t be a key role player in the biggest health catastrophe in our nation’s history and get your job back. Nope She's a Quack No Credibility just looking for a payday since she sold out to Trump.... She is part of his team therefore a spy

How sad for you & find yourselves in such a pickle that could have been avoided. You reap what you sow. Omg no... NOOOOOOOOOOOO She has no credibility and can not stay long term. As a minimum she can not be the spokeswoman. Not one Trump member should remain. Clean house. No I am done with that team.

Nah, piss off plz. You had your chance to demonstrate you had knowledge, experience, AND a spine ... you failed. Nope! Why? She’s useless. Don't ask her! She does not deserve to be a doctor, or a public servant, not even a hanger for scarves! I'd rather have people that are going to vocally defend science than a proven yes person.

No thanks. Nopes. She chose keeping her job over doing her job and she is still wanting to choose that. hell no. Scarf lady couldn’t even tell Drump to STFU about drinking bleach Birx isn't qualified to stay on as a Walgreens assistant pharmacist Nope! Bye Felicia! Nah. We're good. We have enough people. She's done. She has no credibility. Just trumps minion! We don't have time for her kind of crazy.

No Hope she’s not asked She made her bed when she decided that coddling the president that didn’t believe in her field was worth more than keeping true to her expertise. bye Felicia Nope No way, she buckled too many times. I say thanks but no thanks. She can advise some other president in the distant future and nod agreement about injecting lysol and then defending indefensible strategies to deal with the pandemic. Buh bye Birx!

No!! She was silent when Trump talked about trying breach. Lock her up the answer is no, if u don't hve the courage to lead now won't later Nope, ur a 45 spirit - I hope she remembers her CULT BEHAVIOR. POTUS BIDEN IS GOOD How useful is a stooge? I hope not for our countries sake, she jumped on the trumpy sinking ship so she can go down with it too !!

who needs her No way she a snake in the grass!!! Biden can find someone better Joe Biden's answer to Dr. Birx wanting to stay on when he's president in January should be No thank you, spineless supplication to tRump disqualifies her from serving the public again. Fvck her, she should be fired immediately.

NO! Hell no, she’s a traitor!!!! She’s at fault for just as many deaths as trump!!!! NO! She lost all credibility! Don’t do it JoeBiden No. Just say no. Fauci, Birx, and Redfield have worked together for DECADES. They are part of the DEEP STATE / Shadow Government. Birx and Redfield are Retired US Army Colonels. Lookup Army's Germ Warfare Lab at Fort Detrick from 2018-2020. CDC shut it down for possible breaches. COVID19

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🖕 This is a person who has American lives as her top priority. She’s been pushed aside and handcuffed by a sociopath for too long. He doesn't need someone standing behind, next to, or in front of him shaking her head like the chihuahua on a dashboard agreeing w/every word coming out of his mouth. Let her sell scarves. JoeBiden KamalaHarris DNC PeteButtigieg

ONLY ONE PERSON NEEDED, FAUCI No, Joe needs better! Um, no. There is a huge difference between staying quiet and vocalizing the bullshit. Birx chose the latter. COULD BE TRUMP SPY It’s too bad how she’s ruined what was likely a stellar career by staying silent when she should have spoken up. Now, we can’t trust her. Shameful.

NOT TRUSTWERTHY 👎 HEll TO THE NO No thanks. No. No way, she betrayed our country What can she do? Counting deaths with covid? Dr Fauci is the only one that's wanted. She’s a hard pass for me. Too much orange ass kissing. No. No thank you. Scarf lady’s credibility is 💩. She and her scarfs need to go Oh HELL NO! She really should have spoken up sooner, that will be what people say about these balking republicans hiding from the public and their leader trump. speak up and tell the truth

More people like Dr Birx than like Nancy Pelosi, so Nancy needs to shut up! No, we don’t need her. She won't get asked, because her enabling of Donald is part of the problem, not a solution. Why should she be asked if US still has other equally qualified experts? Well she better get backbone before she applies

No, she’s made her bed. Fuck that shit. She didn’t do her job blatantly. EARN IT! It’s time to sing like a canary! That’s the kicker...they won’t ask her. NOOOOOOOOOO! NO. She needs to go Really Trump made the vacation happen / we will all fight 70 million or more GTFOH Her creditability is shot . I wouldn't believe shit she said.

Oh, Hell to the NO! Give her a box of Walmart scarves, and send her weak ass home. She does not deserve another chance. There are other doctors in America, buh bye. I'm sorry I have zero faith in Dr Birx! She needs to go.... Dr Fauci can supply all the information.. That’s a hard pass Oh hell no! She can GET LOST. She lost all credibility with her sycophancy towards Trump. She needs to move on. I would not trust her word on anything. She was extremely unprofessional.

Definitely needs to go How do we trust her after this? Just say no! No thank you. Traitor Birx. She had her chance to be honest and she totally blew it. Has no credibility!!!! Good by No way out the door NO! NO! Birx is an opportunist who will kiss who’s ever ass is put in front of her. She reminds me of Nazis at Nuremberg who pleaded they were just following orders murdering millions of Jewish people. Birx was enabling Trump in his slaughter of 255,000 Americans- Biden should shun her.

Hitler was anxious to stared with work too. Reckless endangerment. She should go to prison with Trump and all the rest of them. She’s way past credibility & panders to political grandstanding - she showed that with Trump.. Need scientists, not career arse kissers.. Hell yes she would. otherwise she fades into obscurity- a scientific outcast with zero integrity or credibility

Leave forever “She has spent months traveling the country--to 43 states, according to a colleague--meeting with state and local officials and gaining a better understanding of how to encourage Americans to practice behavior that will slow the virus's spread.” Yeah how bout not traveling Uh MESSIAH is coming. We must prepare yourself in repentance. Time is over GlobalMegaVigil

She should go!!! She’s being complicit of Trump’s criminal behavior with the Covid-19 issue We don't want nobody trump hired. Biden It would be alarming if she were retained I would not let her change an infant's diaper! Birx lost her credibility long ago. That disqualifies her for the Biden/Harris administration.

I’m not so sure she would be asked. She has shown the inability to speak truth to power. Oh hell no! Why would she be asked to stay? They gonna keep Ivanka also? She’ll be lucky to land a job as a Walmart greeter after what she’s done to the American people She's has done a great job so far... lol No !!! You should have stood up for us ....TrumpSuperSpreader TrumpIsACriminal WearAMask BlackLivesMatter