Biotech's Crispr gene editing: Intellia, Beam, Verve, inside the lab

Investors are betting billions that cutting-edge cures can upend how we treat heart disease and transform pharma

7/25/2021 3:06:00 PM

Investors are betting billions that cutting-edge cures can upend how we treat heart disease and transform pharma

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Flagship Pioneering CEO Noubar Afeyan.Flagship Pioneering"Biotech is just beginning," Afeyan said."In the past, biotech was a little bit of bio and a little bit of tech. I think the amount of it that is bio now in terms of actually understanding has gone up and the amount of technology is incredibly higher. The result is going to be more drugs, more predictably, hopefully with less cost."

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Even the most advanced gene-editing programs have provided only preliminary results. But that early data has been enough to drive further enthusiasm, reinforcing the belief that the technology can usher in a new era of drug research.Beam Therapeutics CEO John Evans.

Beam"We are part of this revolution in medicine to go toward one-time cures," said John Evans, CEO of the gene-editing specialist Beam Therapeutics, which commands a $6.2 billion valuation."We're just still at the beginning innings of what's going to be possible in this field. The spirit of discovery is very much alive here."

Investors are pouring billions into gene editingThe discovery of the key gene-editing tool Crispr is not even a decade old, and the industry already features a variety of companies with multibillion-dollar valuations, chasing lofty aspirations of upending the drug industry.

One research firm forecasts the gene-editing industrywill grow to a $23 billion market by 2030. So far this year, investors have poured $2.6 billion into eight gene-editing biotechs through public and private financing.The scientists who discovered Crispr were awarded the Nobel Prize last year, and the public got a major introduction to Crispr's story through the biographer

Walter Isaacson's latest best-seller.Still, gene-editing therapies are years away from reality, and therapies that rely on altering our genes have run into trouble before. In 1999, the field of gene therapy suffered a massive setback after thehighly publicized death of a young participant in a clinical trial

. It wasn't until 2017 that the first gene therapy was approved in the US.Gene editing's supporters argue it is more precise and powerful than gene therapy. Some leading gene-therapy programs have faced recent setbacks over toxicity and durability concerns. While gene therapy typically uses a virus to replace a faulty gene with a working one, gene editing corrects errors in the genetic code, or DNA itself, similar to fixing a typo in a line of computer programming.

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Gene editing brings a new approach to drug researchIt's just in the past few years that researchers have assembled all the tools they need to make gene editing a reality. Read more: Business Insider »

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