Biographer says Trump is a ‘nefarious performance artist’

Tim O’Brien says when fmr. Pres. Trump was elected, people did not understand “the extent to which he is willing to corrupt everyone around him.”

8/3/2021 11:02:00 PM

Tim O’Brien says when fmr. Pres. Trump was elected, people did not understand “the extent to which he is willing to corrupt everyone around him.”

Tim O’Brien, author of TrumpNation, says when Donald Trump was elected, people did not understand “the extent to which he is willing to corrupt everyone around him.” He tells Lawrence O’Donnell that willingness is on display in new notes released by the Department of Justice, where Donald Trump appears to be pressuring the acting Attorney General to falsely claim the results of the 2020 presidential election were “corrupt.”

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A CON Artist It’s weird that “I’m dumb” is now an official talking point. Yes we did. Amazing what many around him said about him…. TRUMP 24/7 It was very necessairy❗❗❗❗ Karaoke_God Some of us did. That’s we broke the migrating to Canada website and spent the rest of the night looking for a place to assume expat status.

Have a Nice day ,Today is our New Year ,New Era .Help for Peace . Germany is with Russia Oil and Gas too but for EU market ,EEZ , is that clear ,not Trump ,2007 or earlier or later Some corruption. Strong economy under Trump, low unemployment, securing borders, low taxes, peace w adversaries by strength and in MidEast, ISIS defeated, energy sufficient, defends unborn, Operation Warp Speed, and all despite attacks from the evil left.

All are saying he is not a good Person but he save America Sovereignty and he do not collobrate with them,America First ,Is that not good Person !!!

CNN's Brian Stelter compares Donald Trump supporters to Jonestown cult membersCNN’s Brian Stelter spent his latest show comparing Donald Trump supporters to Jonestown cult members. CNN brianstelter Good for him. CNN brianstelter Democrats shooting each other? CNN brianstelter Pretty much

I sure as hell knew what was coming! Blackmail? He walks on 2 legs shits thru an arsehole and spreads poison everywhere !! What’s 2 understand ? No excuses for the masses pls. Call for the TERMinator ! Those who simply voted for Trump in 2016 because he said a Republican get a pass. If you voted for Trump in 2020, you gotta a problem.

'And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?' William Butler Yeats 1919 Stop making excuses. I knew. I wept that evening and every day & night after, for weeks. I railed on to any that would listen, shrieking like Cassandra into the howling winds of future echoes. Then I hardened, inured myself for the nightmare of the coming years.

Again, what people? MalcolmNance Which 'people?' I'd argue most 'people' understood this very well. It's just that they didn't care.

Donald Trump to Fight Release of Tax Returns, His Lawyer SaysTrump will fight any move to turn over his tax returns to Congress, his lawyer said, days after the DOJ directed the Treasury to release the documents By all means folks, bask in your maniacal dislike for this man as you gladly fund the wealth of career politicians. You’d think he’d get tired Would be nice to read the article WSJ. If you're promoting let it be read.

Hmmm ask Sen_JoeManchin I knew. I also knew he would never give up power. He would lie cheat steal. I just never thought the people around him and a large of GQP would follow him down this path. They will be remembered in history as traitors to this country. Power over everything. We. All. Knew. how naive were people.

But there is no excuse now. And he still has a lot of support. So what now ? The majority knew....Trump lost the popular vote by 2.87 votes..... AND Trump lost the popular vote in 2020 by over 7,052,800 votes.....just proves how much Republicans gerrymander !! Who’s “people” bc a lot of us sure did Um. Beg to differ. Plenty knew and said as much.

Trump raises big money in early 2021, but doesn't spend muchTrump, a Republican, established the Save America committee in November shortly after losing the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden. Under Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules, the committee has broad leeway in how it can use its money. A filing with the FEC showed Save America made a $1 million contribution in June to the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit run by veterans of his administration. Poor and middle class people donating directly into the pockets of a millionaire. Priceless… It’s being saved for his legal defense fund and his bank loans. Those little $10 & $25 contributions are being scammed from the loser supporters.

Clearly. Question is: why do we vote for the loudest, crudest voice in the room, even though we see their bad habits their bad behavior the lying that is the Hallmark of their lives?! What is the draw? Why can't we see their betrayal of the electorate will happen?! Party of 1—Understood. Ms Understood party of One.

That's just crap. You knew. We all knew. TFG has been using media since the 80s to sell his swill. Y'all are the main reason he got the presidency. You know exactly who he is. You don't get to play innocent now. I think plenty of us did. I know there was a cacophony of voices from the time he came down that escalator until he actually shocked us all and won. We screamed and yelled for a year and it didn't matter.

i think we understood willing, but we way underestimated able. I’m pretty sure I know someone who kept warning us about him. Hmmmm. Now what’s her name…? We knew. We watched and listened to him. He's dangerous. I knew it...

Trump is due $1 million tax refund for Chicago skyscraper, agency rulesAn Illinois tax agency has ruled that former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on the 2011 tax bill for his downtown Chicago skyscraper, but... this is terrible news That sound you hear out the window is not machine guns firing. It’s millions of Democrat heads exploding. He will probably donate it like he did his salary.

Many of us did Tim. Millions of us in fact Give us some credit please ReporterPhoenix THAT'S what happened in Australia with our present government they are now a political criminal cartel Some people did. Rubber arms make poor resistance. Yeah we did. It has been obvious since about 1980… Δηλ τους έπιασε στον ύπνο.μηπως επειδή ακριβώς σαν επιχειρηματίας που ξέρατε ότι είναι .θέλατε αυτό ακριβώς.ομως για τους απ' έξω και τους ξένους.οχι για εσάς τους,πατριώτες του

We’ve known this for years. It isn’t News 'You can’t even fit all the criminals surrounding Trump in one tweet.' --Barbara Malmet

Collins criticizes Jan. 6 panel as 'partisan,' Kinzinger says Trump may not need to testifyRep. Adam Kinzinger, one of the GOP members of the House's January 6 committee, leaned into the idea Rep. Kevin McCarthy may be subpoenaed. Sure Susan. 🙄 I don’t care what she thinks! She has successfully made her opinions completely irrelevant

How many days are they going to continue to push this bullshit. How about we stop giving Trump media attention? In other news: 'Ice is actually solid water'. Understatement wheresmelania The real problem with that is that look how easy it was . Or were they always that corrupt ? Then came This corrupt conman and they all came out of the closet .

TDS is real: Biden is eorse That’s because they weren’t listening or didn’t want to believe WHAT THEY ALREADY KNEW. He dog whistled all the way down the escalator. Some of us HEARD him. Biden emails show Biden corruption. Or worse, the sheer qty of people willing to act corruptly.

Rep. Jackie Speier compares Trump to Jonestown cult leader Jim Jones: 'Merchants of Deceit''The only difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is the fact that we now have social media,' she said on CNN. Smartest thing a member of Congress has said in years Same ending? Fingers crossed. JeannieNo21 There's one big throbbing difference: Jim Jones killed himself alongside his followers. If you're a Trump supporter, you die alone.

It certainly was easy!! FAKENEWS Don’t give them a pass….they knew and remained silent. Ohio looking at senrobportman RepBradWenstrup and RepSteveChabot I understood that and knew it would be really really bad for women, minorities and immigrants, but was actually shocked that he'd try to bring down an entire government. Or rather, that an entire party would sit back and let him.

That's nonsense. MILLIONS . OF . US . KNEW Maybe some of the people didn't understand the depth of Trump's corruption but not most, Mr. O'Brien have you not taken a good look at his followers or r u losing your vision