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United States Headlines News

United States Latest News,United States Headlines

to bid for bankrupt crypto lender Voyager: CoinDesk

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Yogita_Khatri5 Suuuuuuure......

Yogita_Khatri5 SECGov justinsuntron GoGalaGames Bu şirket ve kişi madeni paraların isimlerini ve fiyatlarını istedikleri gibi düşürüyor GALA pgala ismini yapmışlar sonra rock yapmışlar fiyatı GALA diye satmışlar sonra ismi değiştirip fiyatı çok indirmişler gereğinin yapılması talebi ile

Yogita_Khatri5 Both r worst❌

Yogita_Khatri5 Offcourse not. US market is shyt anyway. Next big money flowing in will be from 🇭🇰🇨🇳💪 TRX

Yogita_Khatri5 Hěnduō rén bèi tā piàn de wú jiā kě guī Many people were cheated by him and made them homeless

Yogita_Khatri5 👌

Boldieman Yogita_Khatri5 If they aren’t delisting usdt-trc20 that’s would be chill

Yogita_Khatri5 justinsuntron Delist TRX BTTC CEX.... Why only from U.S market.... Make me wonder why?..... SEC

Trading bitcoin is so real with SarahElliot23 at first I thought it was a joke, not until I got my first payout since then I've been trading on her platform . It earns me much to take good care of my family thanks so much for your trusted platform. for more info SarahElliot23

But I loved that movie

Yogita_Khatri5 True

Crypt0men 👀👀👀


Unsurprised ngl

what could it implicate

Why does it have to be in the US? Bahamas, Mexiko, Paraguay, ..., they all have banks too.

Yeni nesil tokenizasyon ile tanışma zamanı geldi realio

The challenges faced by reflect a larger trend of banks shying away from the crypto sector, as seen in the UK. More documentation and scrutiny are being requested from banks still working with crypto firms.

Nobody can trust them anymore.

The regulatory crackdown on banks with crypto clients is a significant hurdle for and other crypto firms. The struggle to find reliable banking partners continues as banks request more information and monitoring of client transactions.

Witch-hunt against Binance and crypto. First Binance wins right to buy Voyager against SEC. Now Silvergate self closes and Signature was force takeover by feds. “Not related to crypto” they said. Followed by a lawsuit by FDIC claiming Binance insider trading.



This is why crypto seems to be in trend. Checkout iEx_ec $RLC iExec is bringing decentralisation to confidentialcomputing. Plus, our V8 upgrade will soon be launched so be on the lookout $RLC

Binance is going to be the next major shoe to drop. CFTC lawsuit gave some insight into some things.

Come to stellar and get your XLM and LOGS

We're overjoyed that the judge has taken such a bold step to stop our sale. Thank you for looking out for our best interests!

cz_binance pump bitcoin

nikhileshde goodfreephotos

nikhileshde Smells like Gary The Protectooooor is busy helping save investors (and the day) again! 💪🏽 🦸‍♂️ GaryGensler

We sure are glad to hear it, because it's not like we have anything else better to do with our $1.3 bln.

nikhileshde Most corrupt country on earth

nikhileshde The Syntrum world of blockchains is growing rapidly.More organizations,such as banks & govts, are turning to blockchain technology for their security and efficiency, while others are embracing decentralized platforms to build new applications 0xSyntrum

nikhileshde Sounds about right 😞


media goreng taek, mau nge FUD

See so many people jump to the wrong conclusions Straight of SHIB is the problem you got from that story tells me you don’t do your research 🧐

Misleading people with your fake headline wont bring more followers

Fake news this has nothing to do with Shib this is issue with Paxos and BUSD / SHIB can still be traded in BinanceUS with USDT


thats extremely misleading, ? SHIB is a top 20 and its still listed , what PAIR ? are you talking about ?

Total and complete misleading information to stir FUD in $shib. TRUTH: Binance will delist some Binance USD (BUSD) trading pairs. 16 pairs. This do to lack of interest in trading BUSD, not shib.

Shib will add another zero,selling pressure is high

I told you Shiba is scam.dont invest at Shiba this is shit

Wowww delist . New list CommunityCaw caw_crypto RyoshiResearch


It would add a bit more trading volume to USDT

Undervalued items $COLLAR: 0x9783b81438c24848f85848f8df31845097341771

this has to do with the Paxos, issuer of BUSD, SEC lawsuit; Has nothing to do with Shib. All BUSD pairs will eventually be delisted.

thanks binance shiba inu only scam project

Busd pair

I will never click any update from . Always dishing out fake news

Don't panic it's busd pair delist not ShibaInu delist👍👍

dont trust this utoday always give fake news .

this blog tweet always bias utoday 1 of the hater of shib 🤣 give us real news because not only shib pairing will de list just pairing not shib..

What kind of journalism is this, sensational craze, is it only $SHIB that is been delisted..

What the fuck

is all ETH related will slump?

WTF is that headline?

Stop speculating fear 👍

The headline doesn't make any sense

All this is for the possible regulations by the US and to avoid more legal disputes.. The other part that has to be mentioned is that Shib was enlisted in Japan . Dont Worry Be Happy...

BUSD pair. Shib can still be traded in BinanceUS

Cardano (ADA), EOS, LPT, Decentraland (MANA), NEAR, OMG, Solana (SOL), Tron (TRX), Monero (XTZ), Zilliqa (ZIL), USDT, USDC and USD pairings are also affected.


why? something fishy

Misleading article guys.

True news without lies like yours!

Congratulations on the withdrawal of the Exchange from shib.

Are you serious.

DENYSEGAYTAN 'Oh wow, US officials trying to block a sale? Never seen that before! Glad they're using their time wisely appealing judge's approvals instead of fixing actual problems.GovernmentPriorities MoreRedTapePlease'

DENYSEGAYTAN Well, that's quite the challenge for US officials. Maybe they should try playing an intense game of Jenga to prepare themselves? VoyageToBinance BankruptcyBlues

Binance on another level

It's concerning to see US officials attempting to impede the sale of important assets. We must be vigilant to ensure that a fair and open process is maintained.

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Negative , backwards US. No regulations, no clearly defined rules, just fines galore and bank closures 'because of crypto' not because of poor risk management. 🙄

This is exactly why I only trust ChiefraFba for signals and analysis

BinanceUS why do you want Voyager in the first place?

'including the Securities and Exchange Commission, which filed an objection to the deal last month, citing a potential violation of federal securities laws through the unregistered operation of a securities exchange.' Protecting investors and consumers.

Totally agree, but I only use ChiefraFba for signals and analysis

Good for us and pet the sec

NCashOfficial Poisoned chalice

Defrauded investors still get the shaft because of how they word the sale and by using 'claim value' from July 5th, investors will be losing a substantial amount more as the current market has shifted (increased) since 7/5 , but we see no benefit from the increase.


cz_binance congratulations 👏, keep up the good work

jackschickler nikhileshde

Nice and easy Samir!!

Oh this is going to get juicy.

Common GaryGensler L


Totally agree, but I only use ChiefraFba for signals and analysis

jackschickler nikhileshde 🌙

jackschickler nikhileshde Bullish VGX 👀🫡

jackschickler nikhileshde Nice 🦾


SEC is really aggressive this year


The SEC staff 'believe'. What stupidy is this, is the SEC a religious organisation? Or are they too incomptent to understand thier mandate.

The SEC is trying anything and everything to bring down crypto. They're throwing tantrums every day and still have almost nothing to show for it. Absolutely pathetic.

sec like thugs who are going around the market to collect loot

The SEC is a corrupt entity. Period

Lại FUD 😖😖😖😖

That's funny, this mafia was very quiet when FTX was operating with their approval!

Maybe we should ask Catherine Coley her thoughts 🧐

The SEC is like the mafia wanting more protection money


Is this an Onion headline?

TSosa___ CryptoNoan 4

We just are never getting out money back. They should have just liquidated last July. We’d be in a much better spot.

Revive FTX and make a deal with voyager customers. That would help everyone.

The best feeling in the world is knowing someone is missing you

Voyager Digital is still working hard to make the VoyagerDeal happen with Binance. US!

The corruption being allowed in Texas for this exchange & binance is outrageous and should be stopped immediately. Another example of major crypto platforms putting their own interests over the

Perfect, I also listen to ChiefraFba for signals and analysis!..I have a 93% win rate in 3 months of copying his signals!

Totally agree, but I only use ChiefraFba for signals and analysis

Extreme caution about Bitcoin will drop to $20k price in the next two days❌🚫📛⛔️🔻🔻

Brilliant, but using ChiefraFba for signals and analysis

Ok, I also listen to ChiefraFba for signals and analysis!..I have a 93% win rate in 3 months of copying his signals!

Why would you link to the binance home page with a url shortener lmao

Incredible. So what’s the solution SEC?

They started the war against the most powerful man in the world...

youtube cnbc


Good news for the DeFi world! Voyager's billion-dollar tokenized asset deal is a big step forward for the crypto space. Hodl those 🚀s for a brighter future 🤩!

Q: Does Binance need to acquire creditors a-la FTX bidding on BlockFi to prevent a margin call?

Of course the SEC wants to get involved now EvanTappenden Southsidestache

Join PiNetwork Invite code... Bbbrain000

Using ChiefraFba signals, I have a 92% win rate in the last two months!

SilvermanJacob SECGov NelWang Maybe they should prove all their own customer liabilities are met and they are not using customer funds to purchase voyager assets. This is disastrous otherwise.

SECGov NelWang JPM*

SECGov NelWang Help prosecute poloniex fraudsters who steal money from their customers. Spread the word as much as possible so that the fraudsters are punished! PoloSupport & poloniexscam It's been almost 1 year since I was robbed by poloniex. HELP HELP HELP

SECGov NelWang Voyager CEO and his team needs to go to jail as well for fraud

SECGov NelWang They let Disney by literally everything we can see but they draw the line at Binance buying voyager….. okay

SECGov NelWang i hope that will finally bring clarity about binance‘s reseves soon

Bro that’s Nevel from ICarly

Binance is just as much of a scam as FTX. The 'regulation' over it is a joke.


_jocelynyang_ Yes

Perpetuating a failing transaction medium.

That is $999,999,999 more than I would pay. Crypto is a Ponzi scheme.

Looks like the Binance FUD is over



. And people think they are bankrupt lol

Very insolvent indeed


Yogita_Khatri5 But they MEV like front run - transactions. Hense no fees!

LedesmaLyllah The DEVIL HITs AGAIN 🤣😂

LedesmaLyllah Please scoop up blockfi 🤞

ThinkingCrypto1 LedesmaLyllah cz_binance Can you also buy BlockFi so my GF and I don’t lose or life savings please? 🙏

LedesmaLyllah cz_binance I have a cousin that poured a lot of money into them I appreciate you if this worked out 🙏💯🎯

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LedesmaLyllah HsakaTrades nice manifesting ser

LedesmaLyllah Ahhh, interesting 🤔











Bots are out of control on this one







TheCryptoLark Strategy to stop any loans been called to prevent contagion…



















Oh's over







Binance moving into Canada 🇨🇦

TheCryptoLark Yoooo














TheCryptoLark By the time cZ is done, it will be a monopoly



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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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