Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic, according to Oxfam, exacerbating economic inequality as the pandemic pushed millions of people around the world into poverty

Business, Oxfam: Billionaires Added $5 Trillion To Their Fortunes During The Pandemic - Cnn

1/17/2022 3:15:00 AM

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic, according to Oxfam, exacerbating economic inequality as the pandemic pushed millions of people around the world into poverty

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic, according to Oxfam, exacerbating economic inequality as the pandemic pushed millions of people around the world into poverty.

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In a whole pandemic? Does this not make you start questioning everything you thought you knew? de que le sirven , cuando partan estaran desnudos 🤑 I'm just curious who opened the door for them? I'm also curious if the door was open to you would you walk through it? If tax loopholes were available to you would you use them to pay less taxes or say no I want to pay more?

The should learn something from the Mexican President AMLO a true leader!!!! This is reason enough to bring capitalism to an end. How many are American? Blessed and holy Capitalism, protected and coveted by citizens in the US, enabling extreme wealth & poverty to be a right. What if the virus has to do with the food, water or air...what if someday made a virus...

Economic inequality! It's almost as if the Covid_19 pandemic was just a plan by the rich to make themselves richer

Billionaire Wealth Has Soared As Millions Fell Into Poverty During Pandemic: OxfamThe 10 richest people in the world — all white men — have more than doubled their wealth during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It’s time for them to be taxed just like the average American. You want to fix the taxe problem let's pass the flat tax and everyone pays there fair share. Oligarchs....(I'm just jealous😉)

and how much did alexandria ocasio cortez and the squad donate to nonprofits like blm in 2021? most likely $0. they should release their taxes! they make 3-7x their avg constituents make. how much taxes did they pay? that fancy miami trip vs donating $$$ to charity… 🤔 Democrats closed all business except those owned by these billionaires. Simple.

More Donations are needed for low-income Americans I understand that they taste like pork.... Billionaires $cashapp$ me to help fix this exacerbating economic inequality... 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Scamdemic, follow the money. 😡 So, Is the pandemic their desire or design, or is it just a coincidence, or are they the only ones who can know the time? 😉😉

It wasn’t the pandemic. It was how your leaders handled it. GREED and SELFISHNESS?

Rising Costs Add to Pandemic Pain for Small BusinessesSharply higher costs are yet another challenge thrown at business owners by the global pandemic.

They could give everyone million dollars and reset the world as they stated their intention was for everyone to be treated the same... Of course all of these great reset people tried playing God and God's people and love always prevail. Keep your trillions. Love and my country❤️ 🤑 I keep guessing Wordle on the first try. It keeps happening. Obviously, there’s no skill or brains required for that. Clearly, some kind of sinister curse is at work to make it so that I cannot enjoy this game. 😡

Maybe one of these people will make history and fund ENDALS iamalsorg HerALSStory AlSvets stem elonmusk or …? Of course they did and if the GOOP takes control in 2022 they will increase their wealth more so. All of them have their businesses IN CHINA. Guess who started the virus attack against the western world?

Imagine if that $5 Trillion was divided by the seven billion people on earth, but only goes to some individuals, that's not fair at all. I know they’re such winners. Turning us all against each other based on race, gender, political, religious beliefs…All the while making bank. total pros. Hmmm This is no surprise at least not to me that the rich get richer from us in any setting the pandemic for example so no surprise here , a great example the oil companies are banking of us right now...

The real reason we’re seeing more wildlife during the pandemicAs the world has slowed down to stave off the spread of COVID-19, stories of wild animals tromping into now-quiet city streets have gone viral online. Some of these turned out to be completely made-up, including the dolphins supposedly swimming through Venice canals or the elephants getting drunk on corn wine in a Chinese farming village. But there are also plenty of very real sightings of animals you might not expect in the urban jungle. Literally saw a gray fox for the second time ever just out walking around my place here in Manitou Springs Colorado. Could be the same fox twice but definitely was a gray fox, ran up a tree and everything. Si ce MétaVirus de laboratoire bactériologique militaire (obtenu par GainDeFonction sans permission) est naturel : la Nature est merveilleusement intelligente ! 🦠🤳 Elle stop l’activité humaine, confine & bloque la main-mise de la Science sur le Vivant, et la rend inopérante.

The Republican economy is working!!! Tax cuts!! Mostly tech guys this is a good thing That sounds about right living the high life off blue collar workers that live one paycheck to another How about you see how much net worth our leading politicians added during this time. Some how they all seem to do very well too. Makes you wonder who they are the “friendliest” with.

Tired of hearing billionaires added this much or that much. None of that is my business anymore. CNN, print something that exposes politicians who are stifling democracy by gerrymandering & knocking down VotingRights. IDGAF about what billionaires added in their coffers These great Elite Men are entitled to billions more money and all should be Taxed I call it the Vax Tax for Jabbed or non Jabbed to save the sheep

A couple of them do share. Good 4 them. I'm happy 4 them. Wondering if they would share some with me 🙂 All the country can do is say: Just pay your fair share. Pay your Taxes, and everyone will be happy. Cheers. 🇺🇲 All the Billionaires support the Democrat Party and Democrat voters think they're fighting 'the man'. 😆

But we can’t afford day care for children, dental care for seniors, or decent pay for workers?

DirecTV to drop One America News Network in blow to conservative channelOAN, which rose to prominence during Donald Trump's presidency, has been criticized for spreading conspiracy theories about the pandemic and 2020 election. Time to subscribe to DirecTV! Is this a direct result of AT&T selling off DirecTV? AT&T has been funneling money into OAN. But they are still carrying the far-left MSNBC.

Karma has just struck. Yeah, but in the end anyone will die. So let’s forget about poverty. Why should anyone care? How does billionaires making more money hurt our ability to make money and be successful? Asking as a person who’s studied economics extensively for many years. Such greed, such ugliness Et ils sont fiches royalement

This is why this pandemic will never end. To much money to be made Greed never stops. Don't hold your breath waiting for the wealth to trickle down. The pandemic or people enacting pandemic laws? Not after last week…..

How Did We Go From Stimulus Checks to 'Go to Work With COVID'?Gone are the days when Democrats pushed for policies that would help people stay home during the pandemic. Whelp, you got those elections coming up and gotta make all those big banks and major donors happy.

So let me get this straight, Total money US spent in trying to rescue Americans due to covid-19 is less than total money few greedy billionaires made. folks like elonmusk just continue to get fatter, clear as to why he is anti more tax. As the saying goes...if they'll not do it somebody else would If this isn’t fundamentally wrong?I don’t know what is. And yet they get tax breaks etc on top of it

All of them did not help the poor people of the world, their destiny in the grave Very good people Handful of individuals control all the water, food, power, media and the government then contribute little or nothing to society. They will bleed this planet dry, then fly away in their space penis’s to another planet.

one child girl tried to do suiside after emotional and sexual abusing by this dj KYGO maybe time to connect the dots? followthemoney Dude, that's how the world goes. Problems = Opportunities for cash.

Study: Wearing a mask makes you more attractiveA recent study found that during the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask actually increases your attractiveness. well this is a new take on it... funny lol Yeah, sure thing...anything to push the narrative forward. How are the restaurants, bars and music venues doing in the city

Blame China again..... Capitalism The greatest desire of most me is control and that's where the problem begins 🇺🇸 Thanks To Media... I'm not on the list, why? Elon musk is my fav billionaire 'The great reset'😖 Substantial social/educational/econ inequity via policy textbook path to destabilizing a democracy. Long in the making here. We now have less upward mobility than European nations with royal titles. Eventually the pot will boil over. Think it already has? Ain't seen nuttin' yet.

Well there is the justice for all of them and I am sure the money can’t buy them out for braking the Law of Divine lifecycle on earth!!!

Tax give you..hungre People help.. So they can buy golden ⚰️⚰️⚰️s Rothschilds and Rockefellers disciples... 🔴🤬The Donald J. Trump Act 🔴 2020 /2021🇺🇸🎚Trump’s Covid Genocide in USA. 🔴 Downplay🔴BigLie NeverForgetJanuary6th FoxNews 🔴Antimaskers 🔴Anti Social Distance 🔴Anti Vax 🔴Superspreader ..USA . Almost Every lost soul has been in a nurse care

It is the reality of this pendemic. Handing over the world to a few powerful people. That is a system your goofy culture & useless establishment promote & shamelessly support polarization monopoly flush of resources & capital off hands of citizens. What else do you have to want to see? Why they do not give some of their money to POTUS so he could invest it in rebuild the US economy..

Elon Musk personally enjoyed the largest transfer of wealth from the public to private sector. First Tesla got huge subsidies from govt and owners got fat tax write offs to help drive sales. And excess liquidity from stimmies were put into Tesla stock before he cashed out.

👇🏼⚠️WATCH OUT!!!⚠️👇🏼 They'll still die . Nonsense. Preying on the poor ones to become richer Why this is newsworthy? It was supposed to happen no matter what, So u mean there is no black billionire to fit in the puzzle They'll never get to spend it. It's like wall paper. They can see it but not really enjoy their wealth in case they lose everything.

See the similarities here folks! It's truly good to be the king. mutual prosperity 😬 have gat to be in this picture Surprise surprise people with money knew how to use money and made money 🤯🤯

😡😡😡 And to think of all the wonderful things that they could do for society if they weren't greedy Grotesque wealth. CNN: constantly berating the public with COVID fear porn and the necessity of big pharma's vaccines. Also CNN: I just don't understand how the rich got richer during the pandemic. 😥 Rich getting richer... nothing new and unexpected. It seems they have 6th sense for making money during crisis while many others can't make a decent living, theisis proved over and over again.

hypercapsoc will make people rich and we eliminate taxes. consensus will create hcs via fb when we map our citizenship status and age to authoritative bodies for verification so entities can extract these data points upon querying the masses. we wont care about richer people. RECONSIDEREN AL SUPREFECTO JAIME BUITRÓN DE LA PROVINCIA DE HUARAL. PedroCastilloTe hable con el MininterPeru, pcmperu, PoliciaPeru, EdgarTelloMont1, Mery Coila y con Roger Apolinar (PREFECTO DE LA REGIÓN LIMA PROVINCIAS)

I made a pretty penny as well Jeff bezos is my favorite JeffBezos he is witty and charming and knows what hes doing!

Injusticias; lo que lleva a la pobreza y hasta a la muerte a la mayoría; a otros : LOS BILLONARIOS, los vuelve más asquerosamente ricos 🤑 CNN had a Pfizer board member pushing the vaccine as the former FDA commissioner. So y’all helped your bosses get rich Good looking bunch of boys! Do you know who is Oxfam ?

I see Oxfam as a bigger enemy of the poor than 'billionaires'. They are all MEN What a wreck the planet has become. RubyGonzales2 That’s because people like AOC BernieSanders SpeakerPelosi are all pawns of the wealthy. At least the GOP are honest about their corruption and openly try to Star fuck billionaires

'... exacerbating economic inequality...'? That's overrated and irresponsible.

Tiền quý và khó kiếm. Và em nghĩ họ đã cống hiến rồi. Họ cũng cực khổ mà. Em nghĩ họ cũng đóng góp cho xã hội rồi. Should billionaires do more personally for society? Perhaps. Is it a crime to make money? I think not, it makes this country great! So tell us why we can't tax them again ? Jesus help them as they spend this.

The most perverse aspect of capitalism. k3vk4 The board of altruists. Tax the rich. And yet my measly portfolio lost money. Damn damn damn. These are just smart,hardworking, innovators,and entrepreneurs, and deserves what they own given their efforts and smart operations. Every century has its innovative millionaire, billionaire etc so this is their time.

What a happy day I received my pay out today and I'm so excited all thanks to him who made it possible $70k. MichaelWeldon_

Ellos mas ricos y el común de la gente el 99%, de la población mundial mas pobres !? oh “boy” this doesn’t look like a very diverse group 😳 I'm afraid they have tasted the goodies from COVID-19. It's not a question of if, it's when is the next viruses coming? Who fucking cares Seriously. That's great news!!!! How many people do those guys employ directly and indirectly through the companies they invest their $ trillions into?

Now do politicians. Was is it only American billionaires in this get rich scheme? Where is Donald Trump? Ironic. Democrats shut down the economy giving the advantage to the largest corporations and then complain when they capitalize on it....

We think pandemic, they think opportunity... TaxTheRich Pandemic! suhasinih Thanks to capitalist governments who act as their lackeys. zuckerborg tho wont be worth the paper it was printed on and they know it fake news I'm sure they will give most away. And they all pocket much of that 7% Inflation. That’s all folks, nothing to see here.

avond90 God bless America. Billionaires shouldn't exist. Thousands of DV2022winners are crying; begging for their dreams; which they've won after decades of attempts. They're ready to pay any price but they can't bear losing their lifetime chance. We've faith in media; it can deliver their voices to the authorities. Please help them.

Mr Jack Dorsey you have the one and only real source from heaven to earth over all Scholars God's preferred planned message. God left something to snack on meanwhile trust me sir a very wendy day on the 15th Saturday when the dy When day win days encountered set our day. The pandemic didn't push people into poverty. Governments did🤔

These people got and still are getting rich off US the sick the stupid and it's pose to be ok But we can't do exactly the same because we get charged for a crime that they make up, but when they do it it's perfect find. It pushed a few million around the world into coffins, too! FAGS

Hardly surprising. The moneyed elite very well thrive even in the worst circumstances, because they are equipped with more than the means to do so. When are people going to boycott Apple and iPhones to prove they're against this? So that would make them trillionares? When do we revolt? Start at the politicians who refuse to change the laws and reallocate.

Almost the exact number that the Fed has printed during that period. Well isn't that just lovely? Perfect plan 💀 ☠️ congratulations Yeah, but thank God their companies got a huge tax break here in the US!! Well done 👍 trickle right down your leg.. White men rule the world and I love it Thank you for pushing the lockdowns narrative and millions of people into poverty. At least your ratings were high, not anymore though. from Covid or with Covid CDCDirector

Give us a reference; how does this compare to non-covid years Interesting I don’t members of congress in the photo grouping. What about the Pelosi’s Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, “the economy”. Follow the money 💰🤑💸 plandemic And this is why they were (and still) pushing so hard to have in person learning to keep businesses open.

Average cost of a guillotine is $1200 And not one of them reached out to me. The Great Reset Good for them. Live within your means, work hard, and respect yourself. Being jealous or angry about how rich other people are is a toxic way to live your life. Good for them!!

Mostly Dems!! Collect Back Taxes! IRS_CI Employees and Contractors Caught Destroying Records of Tax Evasion for Auto Company canceling warranties TRN-2009-0433. Cover-up led by David Fish & David Nimmo IRS_CI Bernie Sander’s worldview. Marxism is being advocated by , democrat information outlet. Not a surprise with the feds monetary policy. Printing infinite money with 0% interest. The rich own most of the stock. With all the free money and no other viable investments of course equity markets are going to go wild.

Richer on paper , stocks are up. Wait for the crash.its coming and will 1929 style. Tax them FixTheSystem this is happening and it has nothing to do with the billionaires. this has to do with ppl voting in politicians who create the laws that allow them to get away with things like not paying taxes etc.

It will be redistributed in future salaries. It isn't inflation. It is greed.

I think the postponement of time, as long as a large holding of cryptocurrencies is the only option to get rich. . I'm a blogger. China: no forgiveness. Never! This is something that forgiveness simply, humanly cannot do!!! I invite to visit my blog! Oxfam Oxfam unfair! How about targeting OLD MONEY Switzerland, is it because that’s too hard to research! Instead you are targeting innovators who were not born into wealth and are doing more with all people they employ. WSJ CNBC Forbes FoxBusiness

. 2 years since the start of global biological warfare ❗ I invite to my blog! Covid_19 COVID19 Beijing Chiny BoycottBeijingOlympics That’s what liberal progressive democratic economic policies do. They rob the poor and feed the rich.

London (CNN Business), according to Oxfam, exacerbating economic inequality as the pandemic pushed millions of people around the world into poverty. Using data compiled by Forbes, Oxfam says in a new report that the total wealth of billionaires jumped from $8.6 trillion in March 2020 to $13.8 trillion in November 2021, a bigger increase than in the previous 14 years combined. The world's richest 10 men saw their collective wealth more than double, shooting up by $1.3 billion a day. The report was released ahead of the World Economic Forum's online Davos Agenda, which will take place this week after the group's annual in-person meeting was delayed due to Omicron. Oxfam argues that governments should tax gains made by the super-rich during the pandemic and use the money to fund health care systems, pay for vaccines, fight discrimination and address the climate crisis.As millions fell into poverty during the pandemic, billionaires' wealth soared"Billionaires have had a terrific pandemic. Central banks pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to save the economy, yet much of that has ended up lining the pockets of billionaires riding a stock market boom," Gabriela Bucher, Oxfam's executive director, said in a press release.The combined wealth of the top 10 billionaires — including Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk and Amazon (AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos — doubled during the pandemic and is now six times greater than that of the world's poorest 3.1 billion people, according to the report.Read More"Inequality at such pace and scale is happening by choice, not chance," Bucher said."Not only have our economic structures made all of us less safe against this pandemic, they are actively enabling those who are already extremely rich and powerful to exploit this crisis for their own profit."Left to right, from top: Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, Bernard Arnault, Sergey Brin, Larry Page. The pandemic has not been the"great equalizer" some predicted. The World Bank estimates that 97 million people worldwide fell into extreme poverty in 2020 and are now living on less than $2 a day. The number of the world's poorest also rose for the first time in over 20 years.Vaccine inequality has become a major issue as many of the world's richest countries hoard shots, buying up enough doses to vaccinate their populations several times over and failing to deliver on their promises to share them with the developing world.Billionaires are being asked to use their wealth to help the less fortunate. David Beasley, director of the United Nations' World Food Programme, called on billionaires including Bezos and Musk to"step up now, on a one-time basis" to help solve world hunger in November.The call-out got a direct response from Musk, who later said on Twitter that if the organization could lay out"exactly how" the funding would solve the issue, he would"sell Tesla stock right now and do it."The CEO did not publicly respond when the UN released a plan.