Tech, Alibaba Billionaire And Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai Donates Millions Of Supplies To New York - Cnn

Tech, Alibaba Billionaire And Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai Donates Millions Of Supplies To New York - Cnn

Billionaire Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai donates ventilators and masks to New York

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4/5/2020 1:31:00 AM

Joe Tsai, the billionaire co-founder of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, and his wife Clara Wu Tsai, have donated 2.6 million masks, 170,000 goggles and 2000 ventilators to New York — the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

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ChrisCuomo Thank you to the Thai family for doing what realDonaldTrump and jaredkushner would not! Our federalgovernment is allowing people to die in NY! 😡😡😡😡😡 China doing good but America trump will not be grateful. In fact Chinese soboils be fearful. When do the masks arrive to Gov Cuomo? That’s the critical question. Also.. 3M made ambiguous press release not indicating supply chain specifics. Every cross-functional team player needs a time, place, quantity, etc. That allows NY hospitals to plan and protect and feel secure.

Ironic no? Joe Tsai is Canadian. Well done. ChrisCuomo thats it? that entire economy should be doing nothing unless it's geared towards helping defeat this. fuck china. ChrisCuomo I have ten bucks that says trump will either block this or take credit for it. ChrisCuomo That is very nice of this guy to do that, but forgive me if I am not feeling real warm when it comes to China. The torturing of animals in wet markets and this F ing disease that came from there killing people pisses me off.

ChrisCuomo I hope they are of decent quality. 🙏😍 ChrisCuomo They’re NY family now and forever🙏🏽❤️ ChrisCuomo Maybe because China bought a lot of PPE. In January while they were being ravaged by the WuhanCoronavius .. Only to hoard it and sell it back to Countries that CHINA infected with WuhanCoronavius

Thank You Joe! ChrisCuomo Hope you are on the mend ,well wishes🇨🇦 God bless all those who care for the afflicted Help doesn't come from Trump (government) but from outside Ricka168 And trump will intercept the shipment so he can withhold it. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I hope all the racist maga f*cks below decline these if they’re in the hospital, and wait around for their orange savior to send them a maga branded ventilator and mask. They can spend that waiting time looking at a map to learn the difference between Taiwan & China.

How many work? Is he running for mayor of NYC? Brownies points. ChrisCuomo Amen 🙏🏾 for USA 🇺🇸 I’m thankful for them Lord knows we need all the help we can receive🥰 America collecting the harvest that its greedy bourgeois sown 入关完事了,大明稀罕你后金的山珍?只想让你死罢了。建议在这个下面冷嘲热讽的都不要用中国的口罩。 ChrisCuomo Thank you joe tsai God bless you.

ChrisCuomo oscura56 Those damned billionaires! Did you hear Trump saying yesterday “they’re my very very good friends but Cuomo didn’t tell you that”. ChrisCuomo Thank you so much!❤️❤️♥️ Did anyone ever envisage a day when America would need disaster relief donations from another country? Maybe he should be president he’s doing more then trump

kathlee83661554 I would not use any of it . Probably contaminated ChrisCuomo There IS Kindness all over the world. We just had to be in a crisis to see this. Thank you. ChrisCuomo Thankyou so much sir. This is awesome realphillipsA 👍 Wow, super. The Chinese nation is always friendly to the people of the world

ChrisCuomo MarkAmesExiled Just trying to curry favour. Joe Tsai should have Jared's job Good weldone. Billionares of world should come forward and help people Developing world needs more of it Amazing Why does a rich country like the USA get all the help but a developing country like India doesn't get this help.USA doesn't need it they are rich India with a population in billions needs it

ChrisCuomo Awesome look at what chinese did toyou and rellook what you bullshit did on friendly chinese!! if you are an American and happened to get a chinknese virus, then congrats here is your chinky bonus. Thank you so much for your loving hearts and enormous generosity. ChrisCuomo Thank you for helping NY! 😃🤗❤️

ChrisCuomo So what is NYGovCuomo going to do with the thousands he is not using? Sell them to the Chinese for personal gain? Typical CorruptDemocrat! This kind of influence to the care and control in this pandemic is hopeful . This is fine form in the face of these circumstances. If only the Trump Task Force could achieve these goals....without the fanfare.

ChrisCuomo Thank you Cause trump asked them to. They are his friends ChrisCuomo Billionaires doing the job of the US Gov't is welcome but how many has our Pres. sent to NY, All we hear are will send, have stockpiled, States should supply themselves privately. If Pres. Trump will not live up to Pres. Truman's 'The Buck Stops here' HE SHOULD RESIGN

CNN=China News Network ChrisCuomo Let's not waste them! When they are used, place the unsoiled used masks in a room to dry out and wait a few days for COVID-19 to die (about 5) then you can re-use those masks. Why are we trashing unsoiled masks when it is this easy to re-use them? Coeleborn Thank you!!! From Detroit ♥️💞♥️

good.... china owes the world big time ChrisCuomo Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amazing 🙏🏻 ChrisCuomo No thanks to realDonaldTrump justsaying COVID19 God bless a cheerful giver He did no such thing the Chinese govt did ... nothing happens in China of any significance without the Chinese government known about it!! Why is this network so gullible

ChrisCuomo Fulfilling his every narcissistic desire lil donnie has demoted the US to a welfare state. ChrisCuomo What are other billionaires doing ChrisCuomo Thank you! They literally saved many lives! America is now atteh mercy of China. China is able to turn the table from trade war to donation to America. This is a shame for American people to depend on China

ChrisCuomo Where is Bloomberg? He spent a billion dollars for ads and now no where to be seen. How about Wall Street millionaires, billionaires KayNurse11 One would think The greatest country in the world would have their own supplies. Why help American? They said their powerful. But when MyPillowGuy shifts his pillow production to make masks, he gets blasted? healthcareworkersneedmasks

Everyone but one deserves a ventilator. ChrisCuomo Great news! Just in time :) ChrisCuomo Thank you for your generosity, compassion and life saving gifts. We greatly appreciate it. 🙏 ChrisCuomo 😮 that’s pretty cool. Thank you 🙏 BrooklynNets 👏👏👏 Central African Republic is ready to donate masks and food to all Americans hit by the pandemic,

♥️ And NY thanks them from the bottom of our hearts. ChrisCuomo ASAP because I hear China is hitting their second round of COVID. We have to prepare for a potential second round here. /3 ChrisCuomo Local sanitized shower they use to wash their suits. Use the pandemic pot of money to distribute to NY citizens to cover their rent during the pandemic, and guaranteed unemployment so they can use the funds for bills and food. Have to start the pandemic team and funding acct./2

ChrisCuomo Now, let’s see if NY gets them. Fed love stealing these shipments lately You would expect a billionaire like Murdoch to do everything he can to clean up the mess left by foxnews by bringing essential equipment from China to NYC. So far, nothing. Sheldon Adelson, who made most of his dirty fortune from Macau, China, is the same. Nothing.

Do not buy China’s cynical damage repair operation - China lied - people died Great work, help humanity. ChrisCuomo THANK YOU for caring more about humanity than politics. Our own government could learn a thing or two from this example. ChrisCuomo All he needs now is to recruit a shooting guard, someone like klay Thompson and his nets should be championship

ChrisCuomo 👍👍👍 ChrisCuomo They are doing more than Trump and his pals. ChrisCuomo cnn pushing Chinese propaganda. We are cnn! fakenews ChrisCuomo We live in the same sky, breathe and share the same fate. We live in a global village. We have to face problems together!!✊ THANK YOU, JOE TSAI, YOU ARE THE GREAT GUY, GOD BLESS YOU!

ChrisCuomo Thank God nobody's waiting on this administration now! To bad these are the same supplies that alibaba have sent to other countries and they were defective. Waiting for trump and family to do the same. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Whoever says it is propaganda, please do the same and give us New York more ventilators, otherwise, shut the fxxk up

911MentalH Thank you, since our own federal government totally failed us. It says Joe Tsai is a Canadian Taiwanese businessman and philanthropist, owns the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and Brooklyn's Barclays Center arena. Clara Tsai runs a charitable organization, the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation in Brooklyn.

Only who has been suffered in disaster would know the how the innocent guys are helpless at that time when their friends or families at the edge of death. Thats why we export these things. If someone try to paint it in political colour, that’s so disgusting. My friends look at these numbers: USA (310286 c). vs. CHINA (81639 c). 92,5%_________Active_____________1.9% 2.7%_________Deceased____________4% 4.75%_______Recovered___________94% You know what these tells? Well it shows & tells that this disease got a solution in China

U mean there is actually a Chinese person who is normal Hooray for CHINA NOT 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 thank you POTUS SenateGOP GOP BrooklynNets Thank you, as a daughter, sister, who are nurses, they never say were scared.. today they may be and as a daughter, sister .. can we all just love, suport our medical workers and pray for those who are sick and suffering 🙏🥰❤️😢

NetsDaily So not all billionaires are bad peoples, right? Kinda like when soldiers gave infected blankets to the native Americans. Fake News Very helpful. Thanks Joe Incredible ❤️ Bravo realDonaldTrump . How embarrassing! I thought you put America First? Where is Jeff BEZOS? 🤬 2020NYGIANTS TalkinNets Keith_McPherson thatsmyowner

Praise the Lord!! Amen, thank you Joe for helping America!! God bless you and your family!! More than that sorry excuse for a president realDonaldTrump has done! Are they faulty? It's about humanity. COVID19 is a disaster to all human beings. There is no Chinese American blahblahblah. We all human. that is why Trump must stop calling Covid19 as China Virus..just sayin..🤔

👏👏Hopefully, they'll all make it to their intended destination!! Trump constantly blaming China for COVID2019 and then doing nothing when it entered our country is like Troy “blaming” the Greeks for Troy letting the TrojanHorse inside their gates and going to sleep DoSomething TrumpPressBriefing TrumpLiesPeopleDie

Trump been on a phone with both China and Russia. Two days later both countries send aid. Asshole still has a nerve to be racist against Asians. Have they been quality approved? Trump will be the o ly billionaire not to do something to help fight this virus. Makes you hopeful one of the others finds his taxes and see oh he only has 900,000,000 not a billionaire kick him out of the club.

God bless the Tsais. Some Americans are dumb, most of those masks if not all are will test positive to the virus, the worst of it all is that you can't possibly test all the 2.6m masks Thank you 💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗💐💐💐 Talk about irony Alibaba China NewYork VentilatorsNOW Thank you It originated there so they should help to contain what they started

Great. Thank you Thank goodness A big thank you... Dang I miss Chinese food. Barbecue spare ribs with pork fried rice. general cho chicken chicken rings shrimp and broccoli pork roll When this shit's done I'm gonna have all I can eat!!! CCP propaganda. Hmmm, is that why Bozo is donating for food - shamed into it?

2,000 ventilation systems isn’t much but .... Learn to be thankful. Learn to be kind to each other. WOW ....that is a LOT ! Very commendable God bless them all 🙏 bahah US is a joke!! When someone from China is more helpful to NY than Trump🤷🏻‍♂️ Tsai and Robert Kraft (who flew his plane to China to collect 1M masks) did so at the request of Trump. What has Biden, Schiff or Pelosi done besides whine and hold up relief bills for a political agenda Seriously, what?

And then Trump tried to take credit for it. 🙄 Thank You Joe! 👏👏👏👏 ChinaLiedPeopleDied Wow! That is fantastic! Thank you. DemopJ Thank you so much! I hope they aren't broken or expired like the ones our own government supplied to various states! Sheesh. Don’t worry - Cuomo will always claim to need more

China is donating 1,000 ventilators to help New York in coronavirus fightThe Chinese government has facilitated the donation of 1,000 ventilators to New York that are set to arrive at JFK Airport today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday. I wouldn't accept them. CoronavirusPandemic The least 'they' can start to do... Send them back. We don't need China donations. New York has enough. 3 successive days of more people leaving hospital than entering. Peak is already here.

Cuomo announces New York is receiving new ventilators from Oregon and ChinaNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York will be receiving donations of ventilators from the state of Oregon and China to help coronavirus relief efforts. How many of them does the governor have in reserve stock that he’s not tell anybody about. watch this before they take it down - unbelievable This is what a real leader looks like, working tirelessly to save lives!

Cuomo says New York getting 1,000 ventilators from China to help in coronavirus battleChina and Oregon are sending 1,140 ventilators to New York, which is running out of them. Cuomo is moving 500 more from upstate New York to downstate. that's the least they can do.... There are getting more help from foreign countries than there on. You are a good man Andrew happy for you! Your Heart is inthe right place America needs more Patriots like you Not perfect, but determined to serve your Country Being humame is a great quality Thank you care Givers everywhere in the world who risk your lives to help thy neighbor

Cuomo says New York getting 1,000 ventilators from China to help in coronavirus battleChina and Oregon are sending 1,140 ventilators to New York, which is running out of them. Cuomo is moving 500 more from upstate New York to downstate. What could go wrong? I am glad, but what have we come to when the president’s spokesman announces from the podium that the national stock is not meant for Americans? And China delivers?

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Protect Prisoners from COVID-19Read about how you can help the incarcerated, too!

Some states receive masks with dry rot, broken ventilatorsSome states and cities that have been shipped masks, gloves, ventilators and other essential equipment from the nation&39;s medical stockpile to fight the coronavirus have gotten an unwelcome surprise: the material is unusable. Nearly 6,000 medical masks sent to Alabama had dry rot and a 2010 expiration