Billie Eilish Debuts Secret Tattoo in British Vogue Cover Shoot

Is it a snake? A dragon? A horse?!

5/4/2021 8:01:00 AM

In a photo shoot for her British Vogue cover, Billie Eilish debuted a tattoo she got on her hip — after previously telling fans they “won’t ever see it”

Is it a snake? A dragon? A horse?!

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Because now just like every artist she teaches us that if we want to feel sexy we need to strip down This is so sad

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Billie Eilish Debuts Hip, Thigh Tattoo in Empowering 'British Vogue' SpreadBillie Eilish opened up to 'British Vogue' about her new music, her 'deepest' insecurities and more — read more for details her eyes look all drugged up. dead eyed. Damn so freaking stunning It's not empowering if she needs a tattoo to feel empowered.

Billie Eilish debuts new look on British Vogue cover, reflects on negative body commentaryTeen music sensation Billie Eilish, who has been vocal about how her fame and body image struggles have influenced the way she dresses, is making it clear that no matter what she’s wearing, she deserves respect. She looks like Robert Pattinson in a wig and her music is soulless and weird. It’s great to see her getting so much surgery to inspire the kids to be real. 'Talented' in her own way... But a dead pan, boring, butt ugly 'human being'. VomitTime

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Billie Eilish Wears Catsuit and Corset for 'British Vogue' and Her Fans Are *Loving* ItJaw=dropped. 🔥 Apóyame con un Corazón o like en esta publicación 👆 de arriba deja tu comentario para saber que me apoyas y yo te dejaré mi corazoncito 😉