Billboard's U.S. Money Makers: The Top Paid Musicians of 2020

Taylor Swift tops Billboard's annual ranking in a year that saw top-streaming hip-hop acts, replace the rock and country acts that fill arena and stadiums.

7/19/2021 8:04:00 PM

.taylorswift13 tops Billboard's annual ranking in a year that saw top-streaming hip-hop acts, replace the rock and country acts that fill arena and stadiums.

Taylor Swift tops Billboard's annual ranking in a year that saw top-streaming hip-hop acts, replace the rock and country acts that fill arena and stadiums.

s plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation were cut short by the pandemic, but the group played eight shows during its Deuces Are Wild residency at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas before the curtain fell. That gave the band a $2.7 million touring payday. The act made another $1.33 million from the 785.6 million combined streams it amassed, which is typical for a group whose fans have been slow to adopt streaming.

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MethodologyMoney Makers was compiled with 2020 U.S.-only MRC Data and Billboard Boxscore statistics. All revenue figures cited areBillboardestimates and, due to rounding, an artist’s total may not equal the sum of the subcategories. Revenue from merchandising, synchronization and sponsorship — and livestream concerts — is not included. Unless otherwise noted, streaming totals consist of combined on-demand audio, video and programmed streams.

Recorded-music totals are the sum of an artist’s sales, streaming and publishing earnings for 2020. Revenue from “featured” artist appearances is credited to the main artists but other recording collaborations — usually denoted as a “duet with,” “+” or “&” or “X” — are generally split evenly by the artists. Tour revenue, after the manager’s cut, equals 34% of an act’s Boxscore.

Sales revenue was calculated based on physical/digital albums and track sales. Streaming royalties consist of on-demand audio and video streams plus estimated royalties from programmed satellite, cable and webcasting services like SiriusXM and Music Choice. The following royalty rates were used: The album and track sales rate is 22% of retail revenue. On-demand streaming royalties were calculated using blended audio and video rates of $0.0053 and $0.0038 per stream, respectively. The video rate is higher than generally used because MRC Data counts official video streams and subscriber-paid streams but not user-generated streams for the United States.

Streaming royalties were determined after first deducting a 4% producer’s fee from each act’s 2020 total. Royalty rates applied were22% for new hit artists; 33% for superstar artists, 46% for heritage artists and 74% for artists that own their master recordings. For artists like Taylor Swift and The Rolling Stones who own only a portion of their recorded masters catalog, a blended royalty rate was used.

A subscription per-stream rate of $0.0021 — blended to reflect the different statutory rates for ad-supported and subscription streams — was applied to programmed streams; per-play estimated rates of 74 cents and $46 were applied to Music Choice and SiriusXM plays, respectively. After calculating this revenue and deducting a producer’s fee and the musician’s union cut, acts were credited with a 41% split from the SoundExchange payouts from services like Music Choice and SiriusXM.

Publishing royalties were estimated using the statutory mechanical rates for album and track sales. The Copyright Royalty Board streaming formula produced an average publishing rate of 13.1% for on-demand audio streaming revenue; the blended per-play terrestrial radio rates, according to Massarsky Consulting, were applied, ranging from 82 cents to $4, depending on the genre and whether hit songs triggered bonus payment plans from the songwriter’s performing rights organization. Meanwhile, the per-play publishing rates used for calculating publishing royalties from Music Choice was 43 cents; SiriusXM, $8.33; and programmed streams, $0.0003.

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Billboardestimated each artist’s songwriter’s share of the recorded music included in these calculations, and publishing royalties were calculated as co-publishing deals, giving the writer 75% of those royalties. A 10% manager’s fee was deducted from artist and publishing recorded-music royalty pools.

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