Bill O’Reilly: Dead Coronavirus Victims ‘Were On Their Last Legs Anyway’

The former Fox News host resurfaces with the worst possible take on the COVID-19 pandemic.

4/9/2020 6:30:00 AM

The former Fox News host resurfaces with the worst possible take on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The former Fox News host resurfaces with the worst possible take on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hannity interjected: “You’re gonna get hammered for that.”“I don’t care,” O’Reilly said. “A simple man tells the truth.”The infection has killed more than 14,000 Americans since Feb. 28, the date of the first reported coronavirus fatality in the United States, and the toll continues to grow.

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On Wednesday, 779 people died in New York alone.O’Reillyto settle sexual harassment allegations, including $32 million to a former Fox News analyst in a scandal that eventually cost him his job on Fox News.A HuffPost Guide To CoronavirusStay up to date with

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You’re in that age group you awful being you! Another outstanding citizen in Trump’s book He will be going straight to Hell with Trump.. Despicable creature..God does not like ugly! Fox errs on the side of stupidity, and a total lack of empathy. Truly tRump followers. Would be a real shame if BillOReilly were on his last legs, huh? Asshole.

Tell that to the families of the medical workers who have died. Is he still alive? Bill has not long to go himself Gee, I wonder why they ever fired this moron? Jesus. Not only is that horrific, it’s not true. Hope you get it Cocksplateer I hope he experience this personal. Maybe he'll change his tune. OReolly looks on his last legs as well.

Flatly untrue. Look at any chart of CV19 death breakdown. Maybe he’s thinking about a comeback? Like your career 5 years ago? BillOReilly Surely all those 'on their last legs' were glad they could hurry up and die for you, Bill. BillOReilly I’m looking forward to watching you catch Covid19. You keep manhandling women as a sexual predator and laying them off, you surely will...

Resurfaces... he has a show on newsmax and appears on sean hannitys radio show frequently O’Reilly , that’s a very unchristian thing to say!! EvelDick Get him an new loofa and a doll to shut him up for another 6 months. For real, is he always this terrible or just on days ending in y? Go back into your hole O'Reilly!

This guy is a AH ! Bill O’Reily needs to go away and stay away from being out in public scumbag! Isn't he on his last legs, too? And he speaks truth These ppl were going to die anyway... Now that covid 19 is here.. everyone is screaming... He died from covid 19 No.. you were already terminal from your pre condition... try again

The knucklehead millionaire! Why are there so many of these dumbasses around? bill had better watch our, he's standing on two very old legs, any minute they well go limp For many that was true. Just need to say it differently You are a poor excuse of a human being ! Why does anyone care about what he says?

He’s despicable Worse than hydroxychloriquine is bad bc Trump said its good'-demonizing the drug & telling ur viewers 'a man died from chloroquine' but failing to mention the person took FISH TANK CLEANER! U ppl r partisan, propagandist HACKS! So spare me the BillOReilly bashing. Idiots So pathetic- disgusting

He IS the leg expert, after all.🤮🤮🤮 Horrible response Then if what he says is true, BillOReilly better take extra precautions not to be exposed. resurfaces from where? beyond the veil? look at him he's a fukkin goblin ghost 🤣🤣🤣 Poor old Bill- always looking for attention, trying to get that spotlight back.

Another FOX NoNews cult member. It figures. I think you’re in your last legs, career wise. Go away. No one has missed you Majority of the patients I’ve lost this week were in their 40’s with no previous health issues. He’s such a POS, and wrong. BillOReilly you do realize that health care workers have died. That many perfectly healthy people got the virus and died. That peoples parents and loved ones have died. So you'll excuse me if I hope that you never have a job again and that you fade away into obscurity.

The problem with all the freedoms we have in America is how so many people abuse them. My 38 year old friend wasn’t on her last leg, neither is her husband. She leaves behind 2 very young children. Read her story! How cruel. Some in Canada were relatively young with no health issues. Yet somehow it missed him. He is so past his time.

So is he Does he not realize how old he is? Dip him in virus pls This is what a soul becomes when it rots away BillOReilly regarding the truth, whateve happened to your investigations and providing the proof that the sexual allegations against you were fabricated? Weren’t you to exonerate yourself? I want him to read out the name of every person who passed from covid 19

senility /sɪˈnɪlɪti/ noun the condition of being senile. 'the onset of senility' He is on his last legs anyway! Death panels Billo? There’s nothing worst to call Billo than he’s a typical republican! This is the kind of guest Fox news accommodate...dumb, senseless or NUMB!!! Kind of like you, Bill! who’snext

Does he not realize that he is a member of that group he calls being, “on their last legs?“ A lot of people are pushing this narrative. Maybe Bill O'Reilly needs to catch the virus. He's on the same boat as the people he crapped on with that cooment Still waiting to see this from you which was going around a month ago. Didn't see it. Oh yeah, you're a Liberal mouthpiece.

IDIOTIC Wow. What a horrible human being. Looks like Bill is on his last legs. Sit down Bill. Go back in your hole, Bill. Except our family victims! Liar extraordinaire! Ah yes. And people who murder the elderly shouldn't go to prison since they were on their last legs. What a POS! AlanSmitheeDGA Bill O Reilly is like stepping in dog shit with flip flops on , you just put them where they belong in the garbage and keep on walking.

Come to think of it, with all that's being written (justifiably nasty) against this very deliberately abhorrent opinion by BillOReilly, I can truly imagine him reading all of them and feeling satisfied and important. Like the LUNATIC, he too thrives in scandal and scorn. Your Old mother Reilly would have boxed your ears for that tasteless comment.

Sure do hope O’Reilly is on his “last legs.” Breaking News: Trump Announces Economy/Society to Open Tomorrow! 'My federal stockpile of Hydrogen Peroxide is running too low. People say it really works. My administration and Fox - the same thing - are in desperate need. We need a Blonde Boom. Today. Brunettes are fake news.'

Disgusting Much like him in his career O’reilly says he is a simple man, no truer a statement was made by one man. Should give him a clue why he lost his show. Watch out for Karma! Don’t you see? They say something shocking, stupid even, and people respond.... it is the trump-trump way.... just ignore and move on.

How awful. I thought he was dead. That’s BS, a friend’s mother was was healthy (some dementia) but in her 80’s...she’s being moved to hospice now. A simple man... “They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into. I say, let ‘em crash”. O’Reilly is pure parody now THIS VERBOSE IDIOT IS ALSO A SERIOUSPART OF THIS PANDEMICCRISIS.DISINFROMATION&MISINFORMATION&NO CREDIBL INFORMATION STOKES THE TANGIBLE FEARSIF THE AFFECTED POPULATION.W/OUTA RESOLUTE&COHESIVE CENTRAL GOVERMENT RESPONSE;THE PANDEMICWINS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL BATTLE.PANDEMICPLAYBOOK

oh you guys are gushing over this i'll bet you garbage eaters How are his legs these days...? Ghoul o'Reilly has risen from the crypt again? Where's the crucifix Yes a 6 week old baby and a month old baby were on their last leg you are completely infit Bill O'Reilly talks as if HE CAN'T DIE from COVID19 or even contract it! Isnt that ODD?!?!?!

Karma Just evil, pure evil like his buddies He is just trying to stay relevant, stop helping him do that! He said it best - he’s a simple man. Simple minded. COVIDー19 here is your next target BillOReilly infect him EXPEDITIOUSLY does that include infants, kids, and young americans Starving for attention..

One word: loofah. BillOReilly Apparently Bill O'Reilly hasn't looked in the mirror lately. He’s irrelevant! Nobody should be giving him some airtime - not even for a split second! He's 70 and talking about his peers .... the truth is the USA is unhealthy and most people over 70 in this country can barely walk and are 200 lbs overweight. This disease is feasting on that. Watching the Libs get triggered so easily is funny.

Is Bill O’Reilly on his last leg? How old is Mr. Macho man? BILLO THE CLOWN! WORST! PERSON! IN THE WOOOOOORRRRRRLLLLLDDD! Truth hurts Mr. O’Reilly has a short memory how about all the money spent on sexual allegations that didn’t happen. You said a simple man speaks the truth, well we are waiting! EvelDick Ugh. My great uncle was on his ' last leg' at 90. Lived to 108

There are a lot Covid_19 patients that would like to shake his hand. BTW, I thought billoreally was on his “last leg.” Dear Bill, you only wish you had Italy’s healthcare. You may be able to convince your simple followers, but for those that are following. What is wrong with these people? Have they no human decency?

LastLegsOReilly DemsAreCorrupt DemsAreHypocrites DemsHateAmerica DemsAreNuts Maybe he is, I’m not So when will Trump give him a medal? Can't fix stupid. thinkkimthink Please do everything a favor and go back under the slimy rock. Damn. I first read that as “Bill O’Reilly Dead.” Net worth $45MILLION O’Reilly called himself “a simple man” ElitistMentality

Of course, he's right. Speaking of last legs. Where is karma? What an awful, disgusting man. The world would be so much better without people like him, and is worse off because of some of the lives lost. He is a sexual predator! 2) and delusional. The last career such people should embrace is journalism, the way they treat information is terrible. From the U.K. Prime minister’s cabinet to an American media, we see again how Conservatives are anti-science. They sabotage the « war » effort.

He’s still despicable scum. What a horrible thing to say old man 1) Hannity interjected: “You’re gonna get hammered for that.” “I don’t care,” O’Reilly said. “A simple man tells the truth.” It sounds like they enjoy all this. Playing the victim, the misunderstood heroes no one wants to listen to. While the truth is that they are disinformed.

No one cares what you think. You are irrelevant. BillOReilly 1) Hannity interjected: “You’re gonna get hammered for that.” “I don’t care,” O’Reilly said. “A simple man tells the truth.” It sound like they enjoy all this. Playing the victim, the misunderstood heroes, no one wants to listen to. While the truth is that they are disinformed.

Can't attribute this but someone said, 'Honesty without tact is cruelty.' Really, BillOReilly ? What about the people who died who were in their 20's, or 30's, or 40's, or 50's? Or 60's, or 70's? Was everyone on their last legs? He never misses a chance to be an asshole. Then is guess he’s next? Jerk The death numbers are grossly incorrect. If someone dies during a pandemic you don’t automatically chalk it up to that virus.

Don’t pay attention to him and maybe he will go away Bill O'Reilly was on his last leg when he paid $33 million for a sexual crime. Tell that to all the families and to the ones that were not old or had underlying conditions! He is a covidiot. He is an awful human being and God will have his final judgement.

Who would expect anything else from Bill O? He should be on his last legs- he’s a pervert! AlanSmitheeDGA A disgusting statement made by a disgusting person! Life determined by God,not by Hitler's evil mentallity. The true face of evil,going to hell bill! Need some Hail Marys Bill O'Reilly is 70 years old.

On their last legs? Like O'Reilly's career? Garbage human 😳 What is wrong with people that say and feel that?!! “A simple man tells the truth”, except when it comes to sexual assault charges. The depth of his ignorance is truly astonishing. The audacity of ignorance. Why do you give more legs to this jerk. He’s old news

It is FOX “not news” that is on its last legs. Are they still operating out of NY nytimes Just like his career...oh wait that’s already dead. Is Bill O'Reilly in a 'Who Can Get Spit On In Public First?' contest with someone? Ugh. Can't he just go back to that rock he crawled out from under? 🤮🤮 How much more can you disgrace yourself?

🤮 GROW UP! BILL O, SPEAKS TRUTH & IS NOT SWEET TALKING LIAR. IF PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS, PROTECT ONESELF FROM VIRUSES. What an horrible species of human being. Why is he still around? I don't care how old Granpa is, I would take an assault charge. Hey Bill , what about those who don’t have a leg left to stand on?

Even the 2 infants? Trx1000 Bill who? And why do we care what he has to say? These people are the purulence that hell vomited. I've never imagined such vile creatures. Crawl back under your rock Bill. Why don’t you die because you’re a sickness on our society and Fox News is the next thing to communism propaganda

yayayarndiva He gets paid to be a total jerk. “A simple man,” indeed But what about the fairly young adults with no health problems ie the 13 yr old boy in the UK who have died from this virus. Yet more proof that BillOReilly is a massive prick. BillOReilly yep all those young doctors nurses bus drivers - who cares. You’re really this desperate for attention?

Someone I know, a 43 year old nurse in Queens died Monday evening from COVID 19. I’d like to invite him to say that to a group of nurses. Luckily he is in his prime. GOP = Eugenics party. I don't like the man but the truth is most deaths (not all) are from elderly or people with underlying medical conditions. So I have to pretend that these facts aren't true because of mob rule?

Calling him a mother 4u7er is just not enough , but gor the time being: what a Mother 4u7er! Parasite There won't be any old farts that belong to the NWO lot, living in fear of catching the so called coronavirus. They don't get vaccines nor have 5g 60ghz pumping through their dead souls. billgates drfauci agenda21 youcantcatchavirus or we would all have aids covid19 Q

Remember when some Trumpers told us the old should be willing to die to save the economy for the kids. I hope they had O'reilly as one of those who should be willing to off himself. He is pretty well gone anyway..morally speaking What a ignorant, uneducated bell end. It’s young and healthy people dying due to covid 19 too!

He's been a pig for decades.... Ad this evil ghoul will live to be 200. Can he not “resurface” and shut TFU PLEASE!!!!!! Yeah he just turned 21 😂😂😂😂 Is O'Reilly's take really worse than the Left denying hydroxychloroquine to those in need ? Doubt it. Pure Evil What a pig! smh 😠 Hey, just like his career and credibility (which weren't on a lot of legs for a while now anyway)!

Why is it that the people that deserve to catch and die from The Rona the most....don't? Is Bill trying to rape a virus? Has someone told him. They are a-sexual? He would lose interest and go back to his Scrooge McDuck safe. BillORileyisRapey FoxAndFondle FoxAndFriends OrileyFactor NoSpinZone 14,000 on their last legs? Protecting the current president at any cost goes too far

Guess you didn’t see Bill Mitchell’s takes These FakeChristians have completely destroyed their religion in US. Karma will come, it's only a matter of time Oh the humanity...a differing view on something 😱 Billy has never shown any empathy and class. Be careful Billy because us like you ain’t immortal. This virus is a equal opportunity killer. No one will escape its effect even in your luxury bunker. I may not get it. you may not get it. Rest assured we’ll some some one who will.

content1949 Bill O’Reilly is so irrelevant. Poor thirsty fellow. Why can’t any of these A holes get the 🦠 Last legged Bill O’Reilly?! I knew I shouldn't have clicked on the link, but I did it anyway. Nobody to blame but myself. Still, does the eternally sleazy, boorish goon BillOReilly realize he's one of those on his 'last legs,' yes? Or is irony completely dead?

Time to shut Hannity down He's got a history of being a prick - can't help himself: Bill O'Reilly ✔ BillOReilly Justice Ginsburg is very ill. Another Justice appointment inevitable and soon. Bad news for the left. Bill O'Reilly shouldn't have said that. Children and babies have even died from the coronavirus. They weren't on their last legs. People of all ages have died from it, who otherwise would not have now, had they not come into contact with the virus. God rest their souls.

Shame on Bill. 😠 Nashoba_Lusa He's sacrificing his key demo to the golden con. O’Reilly is a disgrace! The man is an aggressive egomaniac! What about the nurses and doctors who are dying? What does last legs even mean? Him? He is sooo Fox!!! So Trump! So bad for the ‘new world needs!’ He doesn’t seem to have any integrity or character that would entice me to listen to his craziness.

He is too obviously. The pot calling the kettle black. He looks like he's dying. This old fuck better hope he doesn't get it. What a sorry excuse for a human being!!! I hope he gets the virus and dies! wazzucoug99 At first glance at the headline I thought the colon was to the right of the word Dead. What even the kids and infants that were affected? What an insensitive monster.

Bill you are on your last legs! I was getting excited for a minutes... Perfect words to remember him by, huh? Scumbag! Hopefully he’s on his. Don’t at me 🤷🏾‍♂️ I said what I said POS Just what everyone needs. Mr. Reassurance. TRIPLE Eye Roll I'm back. What other asinine BS can I fill those weak minded heads with? I'm sure 'someone'needs my HOT advice.... Oh Donnniieeeeee...

Pro-life 🤡 What is the word I'm looking for..... hmmm.....ah, yes, DEPLORABLE DICKHEAD (oops that was 2) These folks who seem to devalue human life should step up and “take one for the team” He's a horrible person. I wouldn't throw a warm bucket of piss on him if he were on fire. Why give this pervert anymore attention then he deserves? He wouldn't be talking shit if he was the one who caught the Virus and was hospitalized. Was a deranged and vile old man. TeamGOP for you there folks. Good 'ol FoxNews host. He used to love seniors who watched. 🤷🏻‍♂️

His old, rich man reaction is the same reaction of most uncaring GOVT leaders who downplayed this disease & then delayed their aid to their PPL. Not caring for others & then add more salt to the wound. America lets chimpanzees like Bill and Trump run their air waves and get mad when it bites their faces off even though they've been flinging poop at minorities for years.

Did Hannity rebuke this? Cause I thought he didn’t allow FakeNews on his channel. This is beyond disturbing! And more than politics! Yes and those Fox d*cks just get d*ckier! 🤮 Who? Have him go stand on the ward without PPE.. stupid ass He needs to be ashamed of himself. He wouldn't want anyone saying that about him. If you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

Bill O’Reilly is an idiot, trying to get people to make him relevant again. Been waiting for this ratfuck to resurface Rapey serpent 🐍 Scum Has he been tested he's talking like he's got it ANOTHER 'PRO LIFER' The good thing about O'Reilly saying what he said is I can now say without suffering any guilt, that he is a used up dirty old man, full of hate, trying desperately to remain relevant while his own mortality is creeping ever closer. Judgment day is coming Billy.

This man is beyond redemption. Someone should remind him why he was fired! POS! Karma's a bloody bitch, Bill. Hope he gets it Well that put the last nail in the coffin Oh Billy, you may have just given yourself the Darwin Award 🏆 Oh, Come ON! He just said out loud what the Neo-Lib world is thinking! Get rid of the OLD, the Minorities, and all the other Moochers & Takers! They're sucking ScoSec, Medicare, and all those PLUMB Govt. Pgms. that the .01% want to suck dry! Less of them, more 4 us! SMH! GAG!

Cold hearted. SCUMBAG AWARD! He is such a sick soul! What a terrible thing to say.....I bet he hasn't lost someone to this wicked virus yet. This is so hurtful to the thousands of people who have lost their loved ones. There just are no words...... BillOReilly burn in Hades Someone needs to cough on his old wrinkly ass

I wonder if he knows how many more legs Trump has left 🤔 And yet, Bill is still here. Ah, the cream of Americans. How proud you all must be? The world looks on with envy. How have you evolved into a society of amorphous carbon base detritus. This anal cancer is too disgusting to be consider a member of the human race. He is undoubtedly admired by trump.

Man on last leg talks negatively about those on last leg How about nurses and doctors who lost their lives to save these people you call ' on their last legs already '. People like you are just so ignorant! Tell that to the infant & many youth that have died Average age is 45yrs Hope you & your ilk get it 🙏 underhiseye BlessedBe

This entitled assaulter like 3 they're without empathy. So let's sum up last leggers, first responders, babies, bus drivers, grocery store workers, caregivers, medical staff, the disenfranchised for just not living his good life, ALL expendable. Imagine what they say in private. Guess you too O'Reilly are on the last leg of whatever speck of decency you may have come down with. Just drag it quickly to wherever

It’s like he is a cartoon villain. oh ffs! 🙄 So he’ll expire any minute now? I like that you left out the part where he said 'MANY people who are dying...'. Not counting the misleading ragebait title of this article, He's right. The 73 yr old owner of the company I work for said the same thing today, I had to correct her. As we were talking she let it slip that she's having trouble sleeping. I dont know if I helped but as I put my mask on to talk to her she now understands that there are things we can do

He’s a disgusting old white man And realDonaldTrump must be jizzing in his pants... He continues to fester the luring stench of the Murkdoch press It’s going to be really ironic when his zombie looking ass dies of it himself. Tell that to the parents of the 21yr old woman whom died from COVID19 or the infant who also was taken from the virus, both had their lives ahead of them and weren’t on their “last legs anyways.”

Can you be anymore of a disgrace to the human race than this coward? People like him and the entire cast of TigerKing represent the America of today which is in a systemic rot.. Invitation to come lick our porcelain fixtures extended. Omg what a sick bastard. He'll be the next celeb to die from it. karma

It’s OK for us to wish that Bill gets the corona, right? Karma police, arrest this man. Cold hearted human. Bet he would not be saying that if he was being intubated Just when you thought these low lives couldn’t go any lower. Oh Myyyy GHHHAAAAHHHD DON'T SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!! IT WILL HURT SOMEONE'S FEELINGS !!! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

He's not wrong I thought this said he was dead He’s right tho Well, he’s not wrong. Mostly old people are dying. Old people are technically on their last leg. It’s science. He’s a simple man, alright. How can stage 4 something not find him? He wants his own medal of freedom from Trump Does this mean a Killing America Book is coming? I don't think my mother in-laws 63 year old friend was on her last legs when she died last weekend from Covid-19. I'm sure she had many more years left to enjoy her grandchildren. How many last legs does O'Reilly have himself?

Things predators say for $32m, Alex. 🤷🏿‍♀️ Who? Is he pushing the 'old people need to take one for the team' nostrum? Apparently it's OK to kill grandma, except when Obama is doing it... It seems to me you are on last breath too. Oddly enough, contrary to overwhelming condemnation, this could have been intended to offer resignation and comfort. In many cases it was probably true, but during grieving it isn't always accepted that way.

Look at Bill O' Reilly face. Hideous. Evil corrodes the container it is carried in. Crises reveal the best and the worst in all of us BillOReilly. 🤦‍♀️ What do you expect from a sexual predator? Isn't he on his? “I don’t want to sound callous about that.” A little late for that, Bill!! What a great guy. 🤦‍♂️

His mom & dad did a fine job...... Can you imagine what he must have done to that woman for her to say $31,000,000 is not enough?! $32m. 36 million reasons to not listen to that sexual predator. SaVonniYestanti Who else but Bill O. So he’s not pro-life Hey Billo, you’re up! COVID-45 PROFILES IN COURAGE BillOReilly Who cares what a has been, sex predator who paid his victim and lost his job has to say !!!

Pig! Tell that to the 5 year old and the 13 year old and those in their 20’s or 30’s or 40’s or 50’s and so on. Go visit a hospital and sheer how young some of the patients are. Kind of a callous thing to say, but he's not wrong. Amazing how leftists can't accept certain uncomfortable truths because it might not sound polite or be PC FactsMatter

Who is in her/his right mind would even listen to a Guy who paid at least $45 million to settle sexual harassment allegations, including $32 million to a former Fox News analyst in a scandal that eventually cost him his job on Fox News! He is Projecting Let it be him! Please please please. Bill O”Reilly should die

This must be how things were in Hitler's time. His supporters all became more depraved over time. You could hear them in a few years justifying killing someone this way. What a dick they should all be sued So are you Spoken like a true bigot and believer of white supremacy. Thanks for your ignorance Bill.

😳🤢 while a truly vile and inappropriate human. He wants the good old days when he had a steady flow of nubile young interns coming through the office desperate to do anything to get a job Sorry to tell you this, but many hospital personnel are not on your side either. Could be a training issue. Find out what your doctor thinks. You don't want to find out later. Don't assume they want you to live.

He is telling the raw truth. No matter how awful it sounds it's the truth. That's why China targeted wuhan. Many seniors live there. Why in the hell don't all these old criminals have COVID-19? This outrageous Pro life party And the young patients, nurses and +50 physicians died , mostly healthy prior !!!

He’s on his last legs! So hopefully he will die next. Praying for it Stop listening to him and talking about him. He’s trash Like he isn’t one of those people. Arrogant fuck. What an ass!!! I legit thought this said 'Bill O'Reilly dead' and just that for one would be unChristianlike of me to express the happiness and relief that filled my soul. So I won't.

F_ck Bill oreilly SCUMBAG Wishing this guy was on his last legs for attention. What a despicable person! Nothing encapsulates the true feelings of Republicans like Bill 'the perv' O'Reilly. no the problem is ME. i called o'reilly a white devil for saying this & fascistbook banned me for a month for HATE SPEECH. bill's allowed to hate the virus victims though ...

He’s an awful man. Why give him any notice? He’s dead air. He’s an asshole! Perhaps he will get it too and we’ll say the same of him. Pretty awful thing to say but what callousness. Isn’t he pro-life? Did the women tell him that? What? He’s still alive? What the heck Bill o'Reilly... If true I would hope he contracts it himself

pikachuevie Garbage Grampa Pervy Evidence perverts prefer them young Yep, he's a Trump man ! So very prolife of Bill O’Reilly. Idiot! Who cares? Stop covering. He might as well show his ass he's going to hell anyway.🤷🏽‍♀️ If the statement attributed to Bill O' Reilly is indeed true, it is high time for him to return to the sewer from which he crawled out!

Well, he's 70. He's no spring chicken.🙄 Be careful what you say. Karma has a way. Bill O'Reilly is just utter garbage. Someone please tell me WHERE IS THE WRATH OF GOD when we need it thewrongpeoplearedying he misses his red line. we do not miss him 😳🤬 I wish you hadn't even given this the time of day. 😔

Why oh why oh why do we keep handing megaphones to sociopathic loons? These people wouldn't have gotten a second to spew their extremist filth on the news before Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine. We need to fix that. A decrepit horse should know when to stay down that fox news hosts comments are cruel and mean!

Still an asshole Ya. We kinda thought ol' Bill was on his last leg too. I love the kill bill movies The headline lead me to believe O'Reilly was dead....I was momentarily pleased ! At 70, he fits that profile as well. Oh grandpa — Zip it ! You are on your last leg too ! I hope you wont get it ! his times comes

Why do people listen to this spewer of poo? I hope God saw this Wow, ghouls like him are finally revealing their true colors! BillOReilly including the infants and teens, you sick fuck!! He’s a total asshole. (Sorry for the language, JillWineBanks 😉) FakeNews Just like Jesus would say There is no bottom

Wow!! what is wrong with these people? Freedom of speech goes the wrong way. We’ll do it live To be honest, media CEO’s like Stephen Burke at MSNBC feel the same way, since they broadcast the WH coronavirus briefings as Breaking News, when they’re nothing more than campaign commercials and snake oil commercials full of lies!

He is telling the truth and he wants all of us to start to thinking that maybe this is some kind of conspiracy Is this the new and improved No Spin Zone 🌀 ? Why give these fools the attention they want? He's just trying to get an excuse to get out of there with a golden parachute since they're about to be sued to within their last breath.

hasbeen presswhore bye AnyoneButTrump2020 And he is probably on his last legs. When is he going to kick the bucket? Why is it the OReily's aren't the ones that are on their last legs Typical Republican Is BillOReilly the one who got fired for raping his co workers? He was on his last legs a long time ago..what a shit head.

WOW!!! Repulsive 'Pro-Life' Just as he is. 'disgraced former Fox News host' please. Disgusting And just when you thought Bill couldn’t sink any lower, he proves everyone wrong. What a vile human being. He’s looking to win the Earth’s Shittiest Human award. Perfect example if a Republican How disrespectful.Two working nurses and a doctor who died were family members of my friends. It is a blessing that those families will probably never hear a word out of O’Reilly’s evil mouth.

He needs a diaper change 😂😂 Thankful his career is on its last leg after he sexually harassed women. FU Bill Omg. Fuck him! Ok so, the median age is 84 years old, but if they hadn’t caught coronavirus they maye have easily lived another 30-40 years!!! TrumpOwnsEveryDeath Really? Including the kids, the babies?

On their last legs? Just like your career? So the children that died were on their last legs? How does someone become so vile? Aren't you on your last legs, old man? I hope he gets it sooooooooo bad Bill O'Reilly: A Sexpest With Something To Say Such BS. I see them. I know. There are many that had years and years and years.

He’s “a simple man” alright. POS. OMFG Yep most people feel that way about him as well...... Go home Bill, you’re drunk, and hopefully dying. He needs to shut the f*** up. He is such a pig What do you expect from Fox News , there’s a special in hell for them and the Republicans Lookout Bill COVID19 has a high karma factor

He's old, so is he. How rich of him to say this. Be careful, you're not exactly a spring chicken. you can’t stack sh!t any higher than this boob Looks like bill is on his last leg Hello..he said it for the attention! Strunzo why are his eyes below the earline, looking like Dr. Neo Cortex there How can he claim to be Catholic?

Who in the world would care what Bill thinks about anything? He really is just an awful human. Why’s it taking so long for him to catch it? I don’t think anyone would feel bad. Has beens have a greater risk of contracting Covid 19, is he aware? We already know that the numbers are being manipulated. Dr. Birx said so.

gee cant wait til BillOReilly is on his Go lick a toilet seat. Sociopath. Bill O’Reilly is a putrid KKKunt. Like him? So, when does he get his Presidential Medal of Freedom? great catholic warrior Asshole Lmao I wonder what his self-concept looks like for him to be saying this kind of crap Why is anyone giving this shit airtime at all?!

He is the one of the worst possible people E. V. E. R. (Emphasis on the V. E. R. ) But right on brand. From someone who can relate to being on last legs.. jaketapper comin' in with a zing any time now... DoNotVentilate while this is a very bad take, there are people who think Jesus will make them immune

SHUT UP!! I have a bottle of Mad Dog that I cannot wait to pour over Bill O’s grave. And then I will empty my bladder. Good times upcoming. Cruel.

Trump removes watchdog overseeing rollout of $2 trillion coronavirus billPresident Trump removes acting Pentagon inspector general Glenn Fine, who was set to oversee the $2T coronavirus relief spending package. Shameful. smh.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Donald Trump. Has the Republican Senate in his back pocket. The Senate won't stop him. No matter how much he abuse his power or the rules of law! ROME IS BURNING!

Democrats propose bill to undo Trump move to sideline coronavirus oversight leader“We must not allow President Trump to openly flout the oversight measures,' a trio of Democrats say. Unfortunately Republicans control the Senate and there are no longer any checks and balances left only hope is November. we have heard all this before

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for world to 'send China a bill' for the coronavirus pandemicThe South Carolina lawmaker also hinted that U.S. medical supply chains with the country should be cut in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Oh! Sure! That'll help! What an idiotic solution. China would say: Lol, no supplies for you! Lindsay Graham becomes less relevant as each day passes. He is wheeled out on Fox every day for a useless sound bite to help his election chances.

Billionaire Bill Ackman plowed more than $200 million into Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway after the coronavirus sell-off | Markets InsiderBill Ackman snapped up more than $200 million in Berkshire Hathaway stock after the brutal market sell-off that took major indexes roughly 35% b...

Pelosi And Schumer Push To Double Size Of 'Interim Emergency' Relief BillNancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have outlined their demands for what should be in an 'interim emergency' coronavirus relief bill — doubling the potential price tag to $500 billion. useless NoBill Indebtedness is a path to Enslavement we the Citizens are the cash cows who are forced to literally pay for these crooks decisions. FuckOffDNC Yo jack asses. He just fired the inspector General that was supposed to oversee this spending. What do you got now?

Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah left bankrupt as accountant botched £650,000 tax billSugababes Amelle Berrabah went allegedly went bankrupt when her accountant Ben White messed up the £650,000 tax bill DailyMirror Oops! DailyMirror That’s a bucket load of tax .. from a couple of pop singles and a few tours