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Bill Nye uses profanity and fire to stress the enormity of climate change

'What I'm saying is the planet is on fucking fire.'


Bill Nye uses profanity, fire, and half-jest to make a grim point about climate change

'What I'm saying is the planet is on fucking fire.'

If carbon emissions continue as they are today, we'll easily blow through 550 ppm, paleoclimatologist Matthew Lachniet

Transitioning our fossil-fuel dominated economy to carbon neutral energy production certainly won't be cheap. Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke recently unveiled a

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MLArszman Yes, but have him explain that to the world’s greatest polluters in Asia. If the Chinese et. al. are not on board, U.S. & European initiatives become a drop in the bucket. (Or one log on a blazing fire.) The. Best. Ever. HardTruth I remember when Bill Nye used facts instead of political narratives. I miss logical Bill.

Bill Nye explains global warming to adults: 'The planet is on f***ing fire'John Oliver recruited Nye to help highlight the seriousness of global warming. Hundreds of thousands of years, carbon dioxide has not been this high. Same way dinosaurs were wiped out where they stood. So will we. HILARIOUS!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I guess the job of the future will be derrière repair.... A lot of assets will be damaged when their fat in the can fries....No butts about it....

Bill Nye says it's time to grow up and realize the planet is on fireBill Nye wants to remind you of the seriousness of global warming and he's not mincing words. Then Bill can take a long walk off a short pier. 'I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.' -- Psalms 27:13-14 Says the guy who has pretended be a scientist his whole life but probably couldn’t change a tire on a car. Spare me the BS

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Bill Nye in defense of the Green New Deal: ‘The planet’s on f—king fire!’The “Science Guy’s” rant capped Sunday’s episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” in which John Oliver focused on countering criticisms of Rep. Alexandria... If the market’s $DJIA closes down 666 today, it’s time for us all to jump.

John Oliver's deep dive on the Green New Deal is an eye-openerBill Nye helps out, too. Very funny, and he does bring some important perspective. Although, I did learn, cows don't fart, they belch!

Top news stories of the day

‘The Planet’s On F**king Fire!’ Bill Nye, John Oliver Burn GOP On Climate ChangeThe 'Last Week Tonight' host teams up with the Science Guy to deliver an urgent message about the planet. *looks outside* debunked LOL - You folk sure are funny. We have had a very cold spring here. No fire in sight

Havoc in Hong Kong Legislature Over Extradition BillHong Kong lawmakers scuffled over legislation that would let the city send people suspected of crimes to mainland China. At least one was carried out of the chamber on a stretcher. The New York times did they check that unlike allteh TRumpstories idiots TAlWAN Republic Defense Force Is it a scuffle if they drag someone out on a stretcher, or is it more of a brawl? Were instruments of impromptu violence (chairs, interns, etc.) used, or are we looking at fisticuffs? Dying to see your style guide.

Murkowski, Manchin Introduce Bill to Strengthen U.S. Electric Vehicle Supply ChainThe rapid growth of the EV market has nudged virtually every automaker to embrace electrification, but upending more than a century of oil addiction will not happen overnight. The supply chain for the critical minerals that are needed to produce EV batteries is almost entirely overseas. Those who solve problems with inefficient technology are known as progressives. They call them 'rare earth's' for a reason…it's the duh factor

Here's How To Save A Bunch Of Money On Your Cell Phone BillLooking to save money on your monthly cell phone bill? Read this post for simple tips and tools to help you shop for a new mobile phone, plan and package. Wait is this the 'boyfriend looks at other girl' meme girl is that the meme girl? i-

Election scandal, 'bathroom bill' shadow GOP in North Carolina redo primaryThe two most explosive recent episodes in North Carolina politics — involving bathrooms and alleged election fraud — will reemerge Tuesday in a high-profile congressional race “The GOP in North Carolina, and across the nation, realisingjust how low they had sunk and the hypocrisy of having been caught practising actual election rigging, vowed to take a hard look at themselves and never again raise the myth of voter fraud.” Not really, though. its unbelievable that they get a do over, after committing election fraud. GOPvoterfraud

Mexico to cut Pemex tax bill, banks to refinance debt to ease woesThe Mexican government on Monday announced measures to ease state oil firm Pemex...

New Hampshire House Passes Bill To Provide Free Menstrual Products In Public SchoolsThe New Hampshire House passed a bill on Wednesday that would require free pads and tampons be provided in all public middle and high schools in the state. Finally!!!! Fantastic! Now all jails too! No word yet on free nut powder for men?

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