Bill Maher: This is the Democrats' race to lose

Bill Maher says about 2020 on @Morning_Joe: 'This is the Democrats' race to lose ... The only way the Democrat loses is to convince a lot of people that they are actually scarier or crazier than Trump, which is not easy to do, but I think they can.'

9/12/2019 5:36:00 PM

Bill Maher says about 2020 on Morning_Joe: 'This is the Democrats' race to lose ... The only way the Democrat loses is to convince a lot of people that they are actually scarier or crazier than Trump, which is not easy to do, but I think they can.'

Host of 'Real Time with Bill Maher', Bill Maher, joins Morning Joe to discuss the 2020 Democratic field, why he says it's the Democrats' race to lose and winning platforms for the party. Maher also discusses the impact of political correctness and what on the left disturbs him.

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Morning_Joe The problem with Bill Maher’s comment is that the Democrats that are in the race are actually scarier & crazier then POTUS Trump with their extremely radical ideas Morning_Joe I hope so! Peace CHSommers Morning_Joe You all are delusional if you think that anyone else but Trump is winning spouting Nazi this Racist that cancel culture outrage culture people like a Casio Cortez running her mouth constantly people who don't even agree with Trump are going to vote Trump November 2020

CHSommers Morning_Joe They are already doing that. RealTimers Morning_Joe i used to think of maher as an ally because he's an atheist weed smoker. like, total right on. but all he seems to do is dump on democrats every chance he gets. CHSommers Morning_Joe Well. I guess the have already lost. Because they sure looked crazy last night. That is not what Americans want.

Morning_Joe Dems have been stuck on two domestic issues for nearly 30 years. Beyond that the only two people with fresh ideas are a guy who wants to straight up give away money and a woman who wants to stop regime change, in line with what Trump is actually doing already. CHSommers Morning_Joe Democrats are actively planning a Loss. Everything they are doing right now is setting them up for another Legendary loss. That’s not a spiteful statement, that’s a statement saying that the Democratic message of extremes won’t work because Trump is better at this game than them

Morning_Joe Very unfortunately! Morning_Joe They’ve a good shot if it’s anybody other Biden. Free cheese won’t work this time around. Morning_Joe Bill is always right on. Whether you like to hear it or not. Morning_Joe Oh no Joe say it isnt so that your best friend McCabe is in deep trouble. Im sure you will skip that story tomorrow or just give it a nod. However an FBI agent lying is just the beginning on what is coming.

Morning_Joe Unless DEMs win President & both houses & Senate 60 vote threshold we won't have any big changes so when GOP tries their scare tacktics, we have to remind people, it's not easy to pass a bill, let alone implement it. Morning_Joe Think again, the once great party that lead the country world through the Great Depression and through WWII has lost its way because of the far left lunatics

Morning_Joe 1/2 Takeaways: -There is not a simple formula to win, but there is a silver bullet to loose: try to please everyone -Be though (like 45) & lead listening people, do not follow surveys & polls as mandate -Keep it a simple message easy 2 memorize SenWarren PeteButtigieg JoeBiden Morning_Joe Maher is no smarter, his opinion is no better than anyone else’s. He just has a loud mic.

Morning_Joe Oh be quiet. Morning_Joe Oh, Bill YES! Morning_Joe They've convinced me they are scarier & crazier than any Democrat in recent history & those Democrats are bat crap crazy, but not scary. No contest they are worst than Trump. John, Bobbie & Martin are rolling in their grave while Stalin, Mao & Castro have grins on their faces.

Morning_Joe Joe Biden is the man Morning_Joe That’s not helpful, billmaher -who’s side are you on? gethimout VoteHimOut VoteBlue2020 Morning_Joe I think they are. Morning_Joe Morning_Joe Morning_Joe Pushing for a recession wasn’t something Americans wanted to hear. Dem/Coms are done!

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House Democrats Vow To Hold President Accountable With Agriculture Bill Where First Letter Of Every Line Spells Out ‘Impeach Trump’WASHINGTON—Seeking to mollify a segment of their base clamoring for inquiries into the president’s misconduct, House Democrats announced Tuesday that they would be holding the administration accountable by voting on an agricultural bill in which the first letter of every line spells out “Impeach Trump.” “We believe this is a fair compromise that falls short of the full impeachment inquiry some have asked for, but still shows voters who have the correct decoder that Democrats aren’t taking this president’s crimes lying down,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, telling reporters that the bill had been brought to the floor despite objections from Democrats in battleground districts who generally favored a more complex alphabetic cipher that would eventually spell out “Impeach Trump if polling improves,” or, “Impeach Trump at the ballot box.” “When our children look back on this period of history, they will know that the Democratic party served as a check on this corrupt administration by putting forward a bold and straightforward word puzzle proclaiming that this is not who we are as Americans.” At press time, an elated Hoyer confirmed that the House had secured the bill’s passage after tacking on an additional $2.5 million in funding for the president’s border wall. Get his ass This is the one that’ll get him Plant him with the Troll 2 crowd

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