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Bill Maher, Hbo

Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ Defends Dave Chappelle, Calls On Everyone To Lighten Up

Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ Defends Dave Chappelle, Calls On Everyone To Lighten Up

10/23/2021 6:47:00 AM

Bill Maher ’s ‘ Real Time ’ Defends Dave Chappelle, Calls On Everyone To Lighten Up

“You can’t be afraid to speak in America,” said host Bill Maher last night at the top of his HBO series, Real Time . He was talking about his views on one of the week’s big stories…

.He was talking about his views on one of the week’s big stories in entertainment, the Dave Chappelle controversy over language inThe Closer.But as later conversations in the show would prove, Maher was also talking about how polarization in this country’s politics and language has to end, a process that may be the only way to move forward.

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Maher said he was a Chappelle fan, but added that doesn’t mean he hates trans people. His guest panelist,, author and NY Times newsletter opinion writer John McWhorter, likened such polarization as akin to a religion, wherein people view things in ways that point to one absolute and final truth.

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McWhorter concluded that Chappelle is a comedian, which means it’s sometimes nuanced and symbolic. Yet it’s presented in some quarters as “instead we’re told to read it as it’s ‘The Three Bears.’ “Earlier, Maher engaged with Saru Jayaraman, director of UC Berkeley’s Food Labor Research Center and author of

One Fair Wage: Ending Subminimum Pay in America.She vociferously argued for a $15 minimum wage, and blamed wages for the current reluctance of many workers to return to low-wage jobs, calling on Congress to finally do something about it.To close, Maher reminisced about a Bosnian cab driver who told him that the ugly strife he saw in his native country is being mirrored in the US.

“When people despise each other, it doesn’t matte what the issues are,” Maher said, urging all to “take it down a notch. Is that really so hard? It’s up to all of us to deescalate.”To make that point, Maher turned to the recent space exploration by William Shatner, which was politicized by some as another example of privilege and other ills.

“How about this,” Maher said. “Just enjoy it, that William Shatner went for a rocket ride and came back. Not everything has to be political. You want to heal America – shut the f**k up for once.” Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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How about - we don't need a renewal, HBO? Dave Chapelle is the GOAT listen to him learn something and have a laugh. Daphne did. Let's never forget Her. RIP. Can billmaher go fuck himself please? 🤔 Hahahahaha. Everyone should lighten up except the whiner himself. Geez Keep in mind that Bill is a comedian and will always protect his industry. He never disparaged the trans community in any way.

Dave repeated the same 'jokes' about LGBTQ as the last 30 years of conservative talk radio and Ted Sarandos pretended it was cutting edge Creepy oxymoron at best Not surprised......Just glad he's coming down on the right side of it. Watch how everyone of the critics will comment without having seen the show. I see a pattern....

'You want to heal America – shut the f**k up for once.' Priceless coming from Bill Maher. Adults are not hurt by words alone. So saying that Chappelle or any comedian hurt you and needs to be punished is crybullying AT BEST. If a person is genuinely hurt, they're sub-adult. They're fake adults. We need to stop reacting to children as if they were fellow adults.

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For a self-proclaimed liberal, Bill Maher devotes a lot of time to bashing liberals and kissing up to conservatives. Agreed. This is dumb era where everyone is so toxic and makes a big deal of everything Finally we have to learn how to laugh at ourselves no matter who or what you are. Maher is so cringe 😬

Such an original platform for Maher. A real change of pace for him. He only trends every Friday for doing this same rant over and over. If Maher wants to rail against the Trans community, I would hope he could instead educate himself and then invite an in studio conversation directly. He’s correct.

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