Bill Jackson, Chicago children's TV host known for 'BJ and the Dirty Dragon,' dies at 86

Chicago children's television host Bill Jackson has died at the age of 86.

Bill Jackson, Bill Jackson Chicago

1/19/2022 6:50:00 AM

Bill Jackson , Chicago children's television host known for 'B.J. & the Dirty Dragon' and ' Gigglesnort Hotel ,' among others, has died at age 86.

Chicago children's television host Bill Jackson has died at the age of 86.

His show"Gigglesnort Hotel" aired right here on ABC7.Jackson used many puppets and models in his shows;"The Blob" featured a lump of clay that he would mold into different objects over the course of an episode.His puppets and other objects are featured in an exhibit about Jackson at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.

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BJ and the Dirty Dragon, definitely not something I’d have guessed had anything to do with children’s television. FIE!!!!!

Bill Jackson, creative mind behind Dirty Dragon and the Blob, dead at 86In the 1960s, Bill Jackson first became a household name in Chicago through his show “Clown Alley.” He went on to create “Cartoon Town,” later renamed “The B.J. & Dirty Dragon Show,” in the 1970s. Sad news. A genuinely kind man who never talked down to children.

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