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Bill Gates 'wouldn't be against a wealth tax' — here's how it could affect his fortune

Bill Gates says he 'wouldn't be against a wealth tax' — here's how it could affect his fortune. (via @CNBCMakeIt)


Bill Gates says he 'wouldn't be against a wealth tax' — here's how it could affect his fortune. (via CNBCMakeIt)

Despite being the world's second richest man, Bill Gates has been a frequent supporter of higher taxes on America's most wealthy. Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have introduced tax plans directed at America's richest, including Gates.

"I doubt the U.S. will do a wealth tax, but I wouldn't be against it," Gates

"If society got behind a wealth tax, yes, you can raise money that way," he told Bloomberg. "Not many countries do it. In fact, Europe has less today than it had before, partly because if you're a small country, the issue of people leaving, changing their residence, is a fairly big issue." (In 1990, a dozen European countries had a wealth tax, including France and Sweden. Today

A wealth tax could have a huge impact on Gates' fortune.

Read more: CNBC

MakeIt Lol he’s worth a billion dollars... so excuse me if I don’t agree with him MakeIt Go back to the tax rates of the 60's, before the 1% started buying politicians and writing tax law. Inequality MakeIt Why doesn't he just voluntarily pay more taxes or stop deducting his charitable contributions? MakeIt Wealth taxation is a Zombie idea.

MakeIt “Im not against massive tax reform now that Ive made my fortune.” No thanks. Why are we taking tax advice from the richest people alive?

Netflix's new Bill Gates documentary unspools one of the world's most brilliant mindsTake a stroll inside Bill's brain. Brilliantly shit! In that photograph he bears a striking resemblance to E.T. Just saying!

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UFO aficionados end their pilgrimages outside the gates of Area 51Hundreds of people began arriving at the gate Friday. They came in tinfoil hats and orange jumpsuits. One guy arrived in his pajamas holding a bottle of liquor. They posed for pictures. Many sprinted the last 100 yards before stopping at the gate. Their adventure had been inspired by perhaps the most unlikely Internet phenomenon of the summer. Read more from DaveMontero: Hehehe, i hope they are having a good party right now.

Bill and Melinda Gates: No matter where you're born, 'life will be harder if you are born a girl'Bill and Melinda Gates say inequality is holding women — and society in general — back, in The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's annual Goalkeepers Data Report. MakeIt Always, everywhere, and for everyone.. end of discussion MakeIt They're playing the ghoul all day just for me. :D MakeIt

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