Tech, Bill Gates Was Told To Stop 'İnappropriate' Emails With Microsoft Employee İn 2008, Report Says - Cnn

Tech, Bill Gates Was Told To Stop 'İnappropriate' Emails With Microsoft Employee İn 2008

Bill Gates was told to stop 'inappropriate' emails with Microsoft employee in 2008, report says

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10/19/2021 9:15:00 PM

Years before Microsoft's board investigated a romantic relationship that founder Bill Gates had with an employee, Gates was told by fellow executives to stop inappropriately emailing with a different employee, Microsoft confirmed on Monday.

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Is CNN now The Daily Star of the USA? Did Gates ever eat a hamster? These bloated billionaires’ minds have become the devil’s workshop indeed! What a shame. What is the need for this news after 21 years of its events? This was natural personal issue between two employees (male/female) and shouldn't have been published.

By the way, the FBI should follow Bill Gates' money. Y.Y.. 1:22: 1:22: SS YMORFSS.YMORFSS.. 3(TO/SS TO/SS)2 1O/8/21,, YYEARSS1OSS YYEARSS1OSS BP BP 227 227SS CLOUDSS

Microsoft Says It Warned Bill Gates About Workplace Flirting In 2008Gates’ private office said “these claims are false, recycled rumors from sources who have no direct knowledge, and in some cases have significant conflicts of interest.” Keep it in your pants Bill! CBSNews reported it, certainly it must be true. The media wouldn't lie about anything, like say Covid or vaccines.

WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Executives Told Bill Gates to Stop Emailing a Female Staffer Years AgoMicrosoft executives in 2008 discovered flirtatious emails between Bill Gates and a female employee that they deemed inappropriate, according to people familiar with the matter. They told the co-founder to stop and briefed some board members, who took no further action, the people say. Well if it stopped then it all worked out, no? I say so? I'm still scratching my head over the timing of this and the fact that the right wingers on this site think they know better than the data. I think they're just trying to stir up controversy. thanks

Bill Gates Was Warned About ‘Inappropriate’ Emails To A Female Employee At Microsoft In 2008, Report SaysIn 2008, Microsoft executives told then-board chairman Bill Gates that his 'flirtatious' and 'inappropriate' emails to a female employee have to stop, according to the Wall Street Journal. Not first famous man that had been controlled by his “horny” head instead of his “smart” head 🙄 🤓😜🤪 Using Outlook?

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Britain strikes green investment partnership with Bill GatesBill Gates is working with the British government to invest and bring down the cost of new greener technologies to help countries hit net-zero emission targets by 2050. Is “Bill Gates” a nation state that I haven’t heard of? That's probably going to be a bad deal for the UK. Bill Gates doesn't do anything that doesn't personally benefit Bill Gates. go green energy

Elon Musk is now worth $230 billion—as much as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combinedMusk's net worth was $230 billion as of Friday morning, according Bloomberg, while Gates is worth $130 billion and Buffett has $102 billion. MakeIt Well done, Elon! MakeIt BabyMoney MakeIt nobody is actually 'worth' more than anybody else, you probably meant to say the two companies created/led by Musk are now worth more than the assets created or acquired and held by the other two.