Bill Gates says the US missed its chance to avoid coronavirus shutdown and businesses should stay closed

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the US didn't act fast enough on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bill Gates says the U.S. missed its chance to avoid coronavirus shutdown and businesses should stay closed.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the US didn't act fast enough on the COVID-19 pandemic.

these calls, warning that bringing people back to work will overwhelm the health care system and lead to more deaths. Gates acknowledged Tuesday that self isolation will be "disastrous" to the economy , but "there really is no middle ground." He suggested a shutdown of six to 10 weeks. "It's very tough to say to people, 'Hey keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner, we want you to keep spending because there's some politician that thinks GDP growth is what counts," Gates said. "It's hard to tell people during an epidemic … that they should go about things knowing their activity is spreading this disease." Gates added Tuesday that the United States needs to ramp up its COVID-19 testing abilities and better navigate who actually needs to be tested. "In terms of testing, we're still not creating that capacity and applying it to people in need," Gates said. "The testing thing has got to be organized, has got to be prioritized. That is super, super urgent." Gates has long focused on the health field within his work at the nonprofit Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Last week, Gates hosted on the discussion forum Reddit to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic with users. Additionally, Gates warned in his 2015 TED Talk that the world needs to prepare more for a pandemic. "We've actually invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic. We're not ready for the next epidemic," Gates said at the time. When referencing his TED Talk on Tuesday, Gates said that "sadly very little was done," but he remains optimistic. VIDEO Read more: CNBC

CNBC Mr. Gates, you should know better than Joe Biden. Easy to say too late. You should have done something yourself. CNBC The whole interview is at Ted Connects. It’s excellent. I wish he would speak more often. CNBC And ScottMorrisonMP is still sitting on hiss merry Hillsong /thieves/lying backside AND DOING NOTHING. HE is not Australian, not those who ignore his rubbish!

CNBC Gates says U.S. past opportunity to control COVID-19 with out shut down & Carli Fiorina CNBC Buy some companies and shut them down, then... CNBC CNBC Bill is like Dwight Shrute in that episode where he triggered smoke alarms in the building CNBC He says we would have needed to act in January to have avoided shutdowns. We held primary elections in MI on super Tuesday on March 3rd.

CNBC Why do you need an obscenely rich person to justify this very obvious and true point? Is it the same reason that you just report what powerful people say and not WHAT IS TRUE OR FALSE?! CNBC when he says 'we' he's talking about Donald Trump who lied and tried to cover up the danger of the coronavirus after he became aware.

CNBC Trump did not act fast enough because he thought raising awareness of the numbers would hurt his election chances. Plus, his son in law was busy profiteering with a coronavirus testing company

Amazon teams up with Bill Gates-backed group to deliver coronavirus test Inc is teaming up with a research program funded by Bill Gates to pic... We need to find a antidote, no need to test JUST STAY HOME, SHUT IT ALL DOWN spend the money on curing and help the sick 🤒 isolation is the only answer! About time US industry took the lead, waiting for the government to act is not an option any longer. Ok but will they be able to process the tests? It’s not just samples- we need lab capacity to process them.

CNBC He tried to tell us exactly this in 2015. CNBC Bill Gates is saying what I believe to be true, but Bill Gates is not an epidemiologist. America will be a whole lot better off if we listen to the scientists and physicians about coronavirusUSA and COVID, instead of listening to the billionaires. Be responsible, .

CNBC So lobby Trump to maintain the shutdown, you're rich as hell and he'll listen to your money. CNBC Not long a go the president was called xenophobe when he stopped flight from China, and was attacked for his travel ban from Europe. I can't believe the media is turning people to Trump supporters.

CNBC Could Bill Gates fund the manufacturing of some ventilators and have them sent NYC tomorrow? CNBC Correct Mr. Gates Tom_Winter CNBC What does he know? He’s not even a Fox News contributor? CNBC Nancy sabotaged every early effort to contain the outbreak, money, medical equipment etc. she did it out of spite, fact

CNBC CNBC Pretty easy to say after we shutdown..

Coronavirus relief bill slows in U.S. Senate, talks continueU.S. Senate Democrats blocked a coronavirus stimulus bill from advancing on Sunday as Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer expressed concerns that the bill would benefit corporate interests at the expense of hospitals, healthcare workers, cities and states Republicans are Profiteering at the expense of American lives At this point I would say Schumer has more credibility than McConnell Good. Don’t let the republicans get away with any more!!

LuluLemew CNBC Can he lead a group of billionaires to secure necessary medical supplies for the frontline healthcare workers so that they don't have to wait for the action of the irresponsible fake president? CNBC Nobody was able to arrest at beginning, but I have to give you reasons, because when the world goes to destruction, those who have to think about the country, think first of their interests

CNBC Same here!! Totally... al the local mandataries show they are either short sighted or surrounded by unprepared advisors CNBC A line of credit that TrumptheWorstPresidentEVER will refuse at all cost responsibility TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpIsTheVirus CNBC I don’t buy that at all. CNBC Day after day....... Are you being manipulated? However....... What you don't know won't hurt you! human brain hacked by G_d

CNBC Bill gates isnt a genius. They dont exist. CNBC Would more sensible persons speaks out and prevent this President from making irreversible disastrous mistakes. CNBC Exactly. This waste of money and lives is on Trump. CNBC

Senate GOP coronavirus bill aides U.S. transit, airports but loans not cash for airlinesA Senate Republican coronavirus stimulus package would provide financial aid to ... And guess who happens to be Transportation secretary none other than Moscow Mitches wife the ambassador to Wuhan China. I see no corruption or conflicts of interest or shady backroom deals with Chinese governments at all. == Last sentence sarcasm I really do see it. China won.

CNBC I heard Bill gates helped manufacture the virus. 🤔 CNBC This guy is crazy CNBC Trump has to be sanctioned ASAP CNBC where were he? CNBC Bill Gates for president. NOT. Hey Bro-Still not voting for Dementia Joe CNBC He’s worried the federal EpsteinCoverup investigation will expose his participation

Stop overreacting CNBC There are so many people, even now, complaining about their local shutdowns, while at the same time running around, possibly spreading the disease, making things worse and longer lasting. CNBC Quiet down global commie

Senate GOP coronavirus bill aids U.S. transit, airports but loans not cash for airlinesA Senate Republican coronavirus stimulus package would provide financial aid to ... Hell yes The SenateGOP bill was killed 10 hours ago.. you can stop re-tweeting this 'To suggest that the airlines should have better prepared for this environment seems akin to suggesting Pompeii should have invested more heavily in firefighting technology,' the analysts added. Didn’t stop them with billions in stock buyback. Horse shit argument.

CNBC We have a moron for a President. He was denying the Virus and more worried about his re-election. A shutdown would slow down the Economy and hurt his chances. CNBC If only china was open in November about this .... Only so much we can being reactive as opposed to proactive CNBC 盖茨今年64岁。 据称65岁以上的这种肺炎死亡率极高。 那么64算不算次高? 保重!多留神,是没错的!

CNBC And then now? CNBC Another liberal media outlet downplaying WuhanCoronaVirus March 4,2020 - COVID-19's mortality rate isn't as high as we think. CNBC why dont you run for president then Yeah that's easy to say on March 25th. Where was he in January then? 🐰 pro-cina Gates: I will be a next president

Billionaire Bill Ackman Bets On U.S. Recovery After Closing Coronavirus HedgesBill Ackman has closed his coronavirus hedges and is buying shares in Starbucks, Hilton and Lowe's. 'We are making a huge recovery bet,' Ackman Bloomberg TV on Monday. So this guy was just playing his book when he had a breakdown on TV last week? ❤️❤️❤️💯💯 Uhhh these are the exact same stocks that I’ve been buying. Alright, alright, alright!

Where was the media and WHO? Really? US is the first county shut down to China JBoorstin Sorry BillGates gatesfoundation I disagree and we will FlattenTheCurve because that’s how we will save lives, jobs, livelihoods and avoid human loss. It’s not reasonable just to have people fundraising for the elite and causing unrest. ClimateEmergency

This should be obvious by now to anyone who understands anything about flattening the curve when there’s a virus that’s this contagious Trump did NOTHING despite intelligence reports starting in January telling him the situation was critical. He just lied about it the whole time Lol. You’ve had better! Please don’t throw millions at JoeBiden. I don’t think he can count any more

Any other President, nay, any reasonable functioning adult would have handled the crisis better. Monday Morning QBing? Pfft. The QB missed practice all week and slept through the pre-game meeting. Event 201. Funded Pirbright. The list goes on.. this man has been calling for depopulation. No shit bill. Yeh, look at the vaunted mainstream media coverage in the early stages-including the NYC health commissioner urging attendance at the Lunar Moon festival!

HSydneyHC Didn’t see bill doing much after his ted talk. Could have built some spare ventilators or invested in a mask making machine. Oh well 😔

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the standoff over stimulus billWatch Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren join Stephanie Ruhle to share her stance on the Senate's standoff over the stimulus bill and what lawmakers hope to get done as the effects of coronavirus continue to spread. Because wind and solar tax credits are a important factor for helping Americans. People are dying and they talk politics. Someday we will take our government back. realDonaldTrump is only concerned about his businesses getting a bailout. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

V2019N Agreed, it did not have to be this way! The US was quick to appoint VP to deny that there’s a pandemic He means New York, California and Washigton? Wow all liberal states. Trump acted so fast everyone said he was a racist idiot. Now he didn’t act fast enough. Communists in China didn’t act fast enough and that’s the bigger problem

The US moved faster than Canada where our own government called citizens racist for demanding action. He should know, he created the virus. It=trump. You can say it BillGates V2019N He is crazy Duh

MondayMorningQB Tell him to go reboot himself I agree with Bill Gates. The second news leaked from China USA should have stopped all flights from China from entering our country. When word about Deaths in Italy was in news All flights to our country should have stopped! From January to early March, Trump told us it was no big deal. Yeah we were unprepared with that type of leadership !

Certainly, he is right. Politicians were busy facing each other. Love you, BillGates , as a boss. But you are coming in with bad timing here, unless you want to run in 2020. You had the power to speak up quite early as soon as your crystal ball told you the future. I think these mere mortals had tough decisions that you have chosen not to own

Can we ask Mr. Gates about the timing of Event201, i.e., the simulation conducted with the World Economic Forum, modeling the global impact of a novel Coronavirus, and how the simulation coincidentally took place in ... October 2019? Can’t make this stuff up... eyeswideopen

DJones1067 We also have missed the chance to tax billionaires fairly to pay for social security and health care subsidies for people who need it JxnFreePress MSFreePress MSTODAYnews sunherald clarionledger WXXV25 WLOX , tatereeves DelbertHosemann MississippiSOS ashtonpittman US didn’t get information from the following: 1) China 2) japan 3) S Korea 4) Italy 5) Germany, France and Spain “Fake news” People.....only 15 people infected in the USA and it has zero infection now. US will reopen and welcome Easter bunnies.

So did Europe. WINTRELL77 That is the absolute truth. Trump blocked travel from China Jan 31 whilst pelosi and Biden bashed him for doing so Trump got info on the Wuhan outbreak end of Dec. Ard same time as Taiwan. Trump done nothing besides ineffective travel ban. Taiwan banned travelers fr China & done much more. Now? US is becoming epicenter of pandemic. Still no community transmission in Taiwan.

why would u post a picture of him smiling

Exactly V2019N From his luxurious bunker.... China instituted draconian containment that should have alerted US. Instead, they squandered 6 weeks to institute policies that could have made containment possible.Trump constantly brags about the China travel ban. In reality , China had already stopped travel

V2019N no shit. WINTRELL77 We should have recalled all citizens, grounded incoming flights, and closed all borders. BUT democrats would have used the racist/xenophobia card against us. This is the fault of China & Democrats. Everyone is a f*n expert after the fact... Everyone moaned including CNBC that the action taken was racist and too drastic now you idiots moan it was too late... Do us all a favour, just print nothing, no news is good news fakenews

Yeah cause China gave all info first hand lol He is right! Yeah Gates ask France and Italy.. See YouTube video of Italians hugging Chinese Coronavirus man.. Saying they are not afraid.. I am sure Gats thinks Trump is a racist too.. 吹牛逼虫

No shit Twitty_A_Threat Because we have no leadership in the White House. I agree Bill, you’ve been talking about depopulating the world for a strong minute. I don’t believe ur really concerned about this virus. HSydneyHC This guy is loving it Bill Gates head of the Eugenics Society, social engineer and all round evil fucker, his money probably funded the virus in the first place DYOR

I said the same thing. Why no interview for me? EvanMcMullin CNBC This is a gentleman in bed with Chinese government do not listen to him he is worth millions CNBC Obvious. South Korea / Singapore way window of opportunity was shut a month ago. CNBC He should know🙂

EvanMcMullin CNBC How about Gates and others with $$$ get together and approach the GOP about removing 45 from office before he gets us all killed? CNBC Gates2020 CNBC Ole Bill needs to stay in his lane. Computers not politics and medicine. HeidiNBC CNBC Hey Bill lovers! Ask him about his interest in Eugenics. Are you part of the 60% expendable in his quest to reduce world population? 🤔

CNBC Alot of keyboard specialist and savants eager to hop on whatever someone says that lines with their ideas of the world. We're a population over 330 million with a key generation group that continues to go to the beach and public gatherings but we still want to place sole blame HeidiNBC CNBC I think he’s onto something here.

HeidiNBC CNBC Says Bill Gates who has an ownership interest in the Wuhan Lab & Event 201 & stepped down from Microsoft 1/2020. 🤔 EvanMcMullin CNBC There you have it from one of the smartest men in the world. It's on Trump. EvanMcMullin CNBC Are we supposed to believe he’s some kind of expert on coronavirus? Take a hike, Bill.

CNBC Make America Gates Again GATES2024

EvanMcMullin CNBC Trump and GOP Senators missed the chance. It's squarely on their shoulders. CNBC He would know. He made it. kurteichenwald CNBC Duh. BillGates Not to be snarky but this has been apparent for a while. kurteichenwald CNBC Did he also mention that being a mutli-Billionaire makes him part of the problem?

kurteichenwald CNBC Thank you Bill Gates!!!! CNBC CNBC Bill Gates wont lose his wealth of house MrJonCryer CNBC I believe Gates over Trump any time! CNBC Says one of the richest guys alive. I have to work, buddy! CNBC We had a chance but our government declined help ignored CDC/WHO played it down acted like it was just a normal flu and people ignored pleading health professionals begging for people to stay home not to travel or be in groups. Now hospitals are getting overwhelmed.

CNBC He’s not wrong HeidiNBC CNBC Thanks Bill. CNBC POTUS TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpVirus RepublicansAreKillingUs VoteThemAllOut2020 CNBC Past is past now it's better to get into the shell CNBC How is this guy, who granted changed the world but is really just a computer nerd, all of a sudden an expert on viral infection and how the world should respond? I love how money allows people to pretend to be whatever they want. Jeff Bezos doesn’t pull this stuff.

CNBC What’s that nerd know about business HeidiNBC CNBC And this is one of Bill's pet interests. It's likely he's pretty well versed on this. HeidiNBC CNBC Yes and more wasted time by Congress impeaching the President. So many in Congress with all their poweres and connections could have brought that to light. Just endless garbage and time wasting of what is important by outle government. 😞

CNBC Trump is the only person in America that actually thinks the country is locked down now CNBC 'U.S. is past this opportunity to control': Exactly Right. The warning flags were being waved in January, and they were ignored, dismissed. The one Fed team in place to react & respond was disbanded instead. Now we see a classic accelerating infection curve. Epic Trump Fail.

CNBC The one post NBC got right. Thank you for posting real news. I do still feel someone should pay for the all the bad post...prior to this! HeidiNBC CNBC Maybe DT’ll listen to someone wealthier than himself, keeps ignoring the plebs CNBC This guy's hobby is population control, supported by Johns Hopkins University. That desk top dry run they had last year called Event 201 was an exact match for what happened this past 5 months.

CNBC Any chance FoxNews viewers will ever hear this. Of course not, they must keep their audience as ignorant as possible. We’re already doing without, might as well do without anything sold by a Fox advertiser. CNBC sour grape MrJonCryer CNBC HeidiNBC CNBC Where the hell has BillGates been? Now that the United States has 54,141, Mr. Gates surfaces and makes a statement to say the US missed its chance and didn't act fast enough? Feel free to help, Bill. CoronavirusOutbreak

CNBC Now u tell us CNBC Internet Ran Slower Than Word of Mouth... CNBC If the US doesn’t shut down, people will die in tens of thousands. And in the process set the country back by years. Lockdown now, take a short term hit but stay alive to enjoy the economic fruits later.

CNBC Who is this nerd? I agree 👇 Said the man who will never miss a meal. I'm waiting for the -30 percent unemployment rate to hit. -25 percent GDP as well. My bet is when that hits, fucking panic at the Costco.. Says the guy that has unlimited resources to weather the storm. I guess hes getting a paycheck

Considering Bill was involved In the creation of it I’m sure he knows what’s best americans can either take their cue from bill gates or the founder of trump university? Buy it up the crashed economy for pennies on the dollar So glad Microsoft spent so much buying back stock at ATH’s 😂😂

i respect BGs work and ideas, but in this case he might be full of fear. This story is absolutely inane. “Should’ve in January?” For someone so smart, this is a ridiculous statement to make when China HID IT from the world. In JANUARY, Trump did, in fact, take action, shutting down travel. This Monday morning quarterbacking has really got to end.

Corona is the old politician's disease. No need to worry for average guy. Politicians will be halved in numbers, not a reason to worry He's right. I trust Musks opinion of Gates. Unimpressed. Gates still owes millions of students an apology for Common Core. Who cares. AnayasaNevzat He used up his credibility along with most elitists and deep state dicks

This doesn’t make sense BillGates was on the board at $MSFT and good friends with Warren Buffett. He understood this situation better than anyone in the world. There was no corporate actions or encouragement on his part. Well yeah bc trump is a complete dipshit that couldn’t be trusted to run a hot dog stand.

RaisinaSeries He's playing the good guy's card. He knows the shutdown is inevitable and so is supporting what's inevitable, to at least look good. Plus he's above 60 I guess, so at increased risk of dying from corona 🖕🏼 bill gates

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