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Bill Cosby Tweets Bash CNN, New York Times And Say “The Truth Is In The Pudding”

Bill Cosby Tweets Bash CNN, New York Times And Say “The Truth Is In The Pudding”

12/1/2019 7:21:00 AM

Bill Cosby Tweets Bash CNN , New York Times And Say “The Truth Is In The Pudding”

Despite serving time in a Pennsylvania prison, Bill Cosby has had a busy week. The comedian, or someone tasked with managing his official Twitter account, posted a series of Thanksgiving tweets urg…

, Washington Post & Radar Online just to name a few. Black Friday+Black People=BlackPressUSA,” the tweet said. Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

Didn't know there was a type of Rohypnol called 'Truth' Notice he didn’t include FoxNews Yea, in jail finally! please refer to him as PillCosby

Russia presents long-awaited domestic violence billA group of lawmakers in the country’s upper house of parliament, mainly from President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, have presented a long-anticipated bill on preventing domestic abuse KremlinRussia_E to find a new hobby now he can't beat his wife Good step but justice system so corrupt & opaque that probably won’t be enforced 🤥🤣😆😅😂🤣😭🤪🤔😒🙄😶🤧💀

New York legislators advance bill outlawing so-called 'virginity exams'In non-medical settings, performing the exam would be tantamount to committing sexual abuse in the first degree if the bill becomes law. WHO: Unless 'in ter course' of this exam,.. - NY legislators advance bill outlawing 'virginity exams' WHO: 'The appearance of a hymen is not a reliable indication of intercourse & there's no known exam that can prove a history of vaginal intercourse' Who or what happened in that state history to cause legislators to think it was an epidemic needing legislation? There are lots of parts of America, and the world for that matter that do seem backwoods. BUT NY?

NHL coach Bill Peters steps down after being accused by former player of using racial slurNational Hockey League coach Bill Peters stepped down Friday, days after apologizing for using a racial slur against a former player a decade ago. So y did it just come out recently ? Sounds fishy to me ! A decade ago? Um...ok..

NHL's Flames Fire Coach Bill Peters for Hurling N-Word at Black PlayerThe probe started 4 days ago, when former NHL player Akim Aliu, who is black, tweeted about Peters managing him on a minor league team in 2009. Good that he was fired! Oh for fucks sake TMZ. Just stop reporting on Canadian news. You don't have a clue. He resigned. He wasn't fired. For something in 2009? People change a lot in ten years. I have a feeling in the future, Facebook posts from previous years will impact many in ways such as this.

China threatens to take 'strong counter-measures' against US after Hong Kong bill signingsChina threatened to retaliate after President Donald Trump signed two bills into law in support of Hong Kong protesters. 😆 Don’t talk about it, do it!!

Bill Peters: Flames coach out after player said he used racial slurIf he were from the U S.A trump would invite him to the White House does it matter where one is born, when one hears a racial epithet?