Bill and Melinda Gates Divorcing After 27 Years of Marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates Divorcing After 27 Years of Marriage

5/3/2021 11:49:00 PM

Bill and Melinda Gates Divorcing After 27 Years of Marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage.

, are moving on to what's next ... they're getting divorced.In a joint statement Monday, the couple announced they've made a decision to end their marriage, saying,"Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives."

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They continue,"We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives."Bill and Melinda began dating in 1987 after meeting at a New York trade show, and she'd go on to work in marketing for Microsoft and be appointed as General Manager of Information Products in the early '90s.

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Old story. She found out about his agenda They look as they have been living separate lives for years. He has taken a different life direction that she does not agree with... He can just buy p****😏 who cares ! Splitting of property... Good move. Poor thing. hopefully he has a good prenup Hey Melinda. I'm single 😜

she finna get that bag We can only pray that maybe she woke up and realized what a demoralizing and demon person she unfortunately married. A person who is in charge of population control? Really I wonder what that entails.

Bill and Melinda Gates announce they are getting divorcedThe Microsoft co-founder and his wife, who launched the world’s largest charitable foundation, say they will continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Maybe Melinda finds Bill's d_ck already Micro and soft!😁 Monopolies shouldn't have any copyrights on products having more than 1/3 share of market. AS IF ID CARE

It’s because of Dogecoin. Sad I finally found my sugar mommy guys. Thx Bill This man ran up a billion dollars over a hundred times and still couldn’t make marriage work.... shit looking real impossible. Shey eh choke abi eno choke they should reset or at least just start over billion $ breakup 🤔 She was probably in it for the money sense day one.

GOP_Ethics Makes me sad

Melinda Gates sought to divorce Bill Gates since at least 2019: WSJBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. Psh, bet bill gates didn’t buy Siacoin and she realized he had small pp energy. (Not financial advice, just pp advice) God is holy, we must also be holy. Accept Jesus Christ (hope) Holy Spirit ( Righteousnes) Magazin.😊 'Zenginin parası fakirin çenesini yorarmış' çenem yoruldu.😂

If true, it’s very sad. Sheesshh melinda lookin kinda cute not even gonna lie🤑 Monogamy is unrealistic it's cheaper to keep her. she's taking half a billi. couldn't be me Melinda, now that you ain't part of the evil group, can you tell us what Bill is up to? Never trust your ex Mr Burns from the Simpsons.

Hope she have HOT TEA to spill about her ex - husband evil agenda about depopulating the world Melinda's address asap Bill! Its $Cheaper to keep her! Both very crooked! He look like, Woody Allen in that picture. Yikes!!!

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce could shake up philanthropyAs much as Bill and Melinda Gates might want to keep their pending divorce private, the split between the billionaire co-founders of the world’s largest private foundation is sure to have very public consequences, with the breakup having already sent a wave of anxious uncertainty through the worlds of philanthropy and community health... Poor Gates. Nobody seems to care about them; only their philanthropy. Maybe we should tax them more I don’t know It is a negative message to Rotary International as Bill Gates committment to end polio with RI globally may be hindered.We wish all the commitment by the foundation will be honored.

I guess they could not survive the pandemic being together everyday. Sad to see this. Which one is bill? So sad but single No prenup Soo bill gates single He had a robot hand working him, and he didn't let her use it. That's a long time to leave him with just his panties. She wasn't trained well enough by modern women. Maybe he was letting her use it while he had a newer model. Wants thing built for her.

What? No? 😭

Bill And Melinda Gates Announce DivorceThe two co-chair the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and will continue working together. When money is not an issue in a marriage... Lo dejo por Jeff This is what you get for giving us Microsoft Teams

Lemme guess, she signed a prenup and will only be getting 12 dollars Hey Bill...sup? 😂😂😂 In six months Bill will be dating Billie Eilish. Bill got a younger lady... Melinda found that he is a capitalist... Thanks to the Chinese virus for exposing him🙏🙏🙏 Don’t give a crap Funny but Melinda’s picture doesn’t look anything like her original pictures to me. Not a very good body double. 😒

jojojaynes here’s your chance girl!! Its always u Bill Does this mean she didn’t agree with his world domination 5G conspiracy turn everybody into Zombies or clones anymore 😩🤣🤣🤣 Meanwhile...

Melinda French Gates Now A Billionaire After Stock Transfer From Bill GatesI’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering wealth at Forbes. Follow me on Twitter rachsandl or shoot me an email What was she before? Come-on guys!? Hmmmm Teach us melinda HAHAHA

She was tired of killing people.. Good cause they look like brother and sister anyway Hey bill. Im single. Too Damn…no prenup either. Crazy paid….FO LIiifffeee! Hope his prenup wasn't Micro or Soft. Aaaaww shit Melinda single now……🤣🤣🤣🤣 She was only in it for the bag Plot twist: Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are an item.

I'm available Bill

Bill And Melinda Gates Are Getting DivorcedThe couple had been married for 27 years. Whoop whoop. We poor people have divorces not just once. More than twice. WHAT?! Sad when things don’t work out. Wish them the best.

Dont worry bill, she looks like a man, and you will have whatever you want without her :) Well get my smelling salts. Is she available yet Sup Bill? I mean Melinda Sad. But they are liberals Im sure its to avoid a major financial reckoning that's looming on the horizon ala Jeff Bezos.... No ms teams going on there

Too much vaccine 😂

She will be fine 🤑🤑 Such a successful, accomplished, brilliant couple. Wish them both the best. So sad. Did they try a reboot first? He’s gonna go Microhard on her in court She will be minted Bill Gates about to be in these streets Robertamnesia DTMFA He is destroying the planet and will suffer for what he has done...

🤔🤔 Is he banging laurensanchez, too!!!!! Can you blame her. Look at him lol 🚨Breaking News: the COVID vaccine proven to cause divorces and breakups Take at your own expense 😂🤫 Will she get more than Bezos wife got is the question. She be like What will this settlement look like? Geeez! Bill should really just go full Hugh Hefner and marry a 20 year old model and use that money he has

👀👄👀 conspiracy theorists This makes me so sad for some reason.

melindagates I’m available if you need a hand to hold Melinda is a Mac & Bill is a Windows. They’re incompatible. 😳😳 GD supreme no more richest man in the world who didn't see this coming men with money should never ever never ever get married ask bezo lucas c sheen and countless others Hi Melinda 😍

I heard Melinda has been getting it on with Dr. Fauci, but who knows? Poor girl Anyone know if she got ig?