Tech, Bill And Melinda Gates Are Ending Their Marriage - Cnn

Tech, Bill And Melinda Gates Are Ending Their Marriage - Cnn

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 years, they said in a tweet

5/3/2021 11:54:00 PM

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 years, they said in a tweet

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Who is the New owner of Microsoft? Sad news. Just wishing they'll reconsider their positions. They've done so much together. They positively impacted on the World. And they could still do so much together that can make the World even better. Lol damn It's a personal life BillGates know better about own life ❤️

Look at this bi*ch...breaking up for money $$$$$$. Half YA QUE LOS MEDIOS GUARDAN SILENCIO: Que el mundo entero sepa que por orden de Uribe (“usar el derecho a las armas”) están matando a nuestros jóvenes. SOSColombia Melinda looks like a dude. winkcoin🚀🚀🚀🚀 😞 Marriage is a waste of time

Should have been a push notification to Outlook at 3am Bill and Melinda are ending their marriage as a financial move to help both preserve their immense fortune. I really dunno why ? Makes no sense , both doing so much good for the world , i just seen Gate's documentary a month ago , so perfectly explained by Melinda ..baffled me totally

Hope they settle matters peacefully. They were such an admirable and generous couple. ABOUT DAMN TIME 🧨💉 That’s SAD 😔 NOTHING LAST FOREVER ..... even all that FUCKING MONEY Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience. -- Oscar Wilde

Having gotten to the juncture where they should part ways . See, the thing is, the road you choose, is where you go. 🙂🙌 omnamashivaya ❤️☀️🌕

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I hope she will reveal the hidden secrets of this dangerous man who wants the elimination of the Black people from this planet Who cares. ik ya see what’s happening in columbia but ya posting about bill gates getting a divorce Support ending.

Did they have a prenup? They also asked for privacy. So can y'all stop speculating & milking this story? I'm sure they'll come out & let us know everything we need to know in due time. For now...can we focus on other things in the world? Like a pandemic & rising seas? Melinda gets the house, bill gets the windows

Just when we thought two trans men could make it work 😢 Was he smart enough to get a prenuptial? World's best philanthropist couple...everything happens for a reason. Hope they continue their phenomenal philanthropy causes It's inevitable considering the level of madness that exist in their brains. Bloody weirdos.

Sounds like a scam. It's so sad to hear this, Not sad at all and not surprising. This could be an act for all we know.. Nothing is shocking anymore from you ! You have done worse to humanity. And how is this our business anyway

Money is an amplifier, not a solver of ills. They have never seemed suited to each other. He hangs out with Epstein, who exploits and rapes kids, she nurtures and raises kids. Small differences like that. Why? Very sad news, The couple which started The giving pledge Funded philanthropy world-wide Made charity fashionable in the World I have differences with their opinion, but sad to them call it quits

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They tweeted... really? What my brian is telling my head Wow اي واذا !!؟ so what?!!

Like anybody cares. Wow! The Beatles were right. 'Money Can't Buy You Love' What? No way. So sorry to hear 🙏🏼🥺 Sorry to hear this. Best wishes for the future. Maybe Melinda is looking for sb looking fresh? Her conscious is kickin she to detach from these bad boy cause he doing way to much😂 Yet another marriage becomes a victim of the Chinese virus induced WFH culture. Sigh!!!

Awwww to bad Wow 😳 😳😳

kaitlancollins So after all it was not a marriage,it was a business deal....(love to see the preamp. ) She found out.... Wow Sad !! People who have high successes need constant stimulation and most of the times work becomes life that they stop working on their marriage. :( All The Best for starting New Journey after 27 Light Years of 2getherness - Keep Smiling - Always.

In this age Bill don’t do it! COVID has been a strain on all of us! Separate if you must and get some me time! But for God sake don’t get a divorce! Prayer works! 😁😁😁😁😁 Now What !!! Come to Right ☝️✅ ☪️ ✅☝️ .. Only Solution ☝️ Straightaway ☝️🌏☝️ Melinda!!!! I can be single in like 10 minutes. I just need to kiss my kids goodbye!

I don't und separation now when whole life has been spent together, & wht is left there to separate. Ppl spend life together so long so dat they reap d benefits at old age, but here? At this age, i dont knw wat made them to take this harsh step, curious 2 no. They wer role models This is simply a voluntary approach to break up 'big industry'.

That’s how it goes! This is very sad after they've collectively made so much difference Wow!!! LastWeekTonight what did you do Jon? She is dry as the Sahara and upu need 65 viagras. Both will be dead in less than 10. Wtf is the point Drama! 至2021年5月4日,重庆法院抢劫我的房未赔偿。 Wonder what advice Kevin Samuels would give Melinda!?! 🤔

Even her start to understand! Why is it a news? kaitlancollins Don't care. This is very sad, thought they were solid! Dr. 🐙 When you hold on to Dogecoin just long enough! Naw they are just doing an experiment to become one person. After 27 yrs, to end it, they don't have kids or money problems, they must really not like each other anymore

当初谁能确定自己的步伐就会一定紧跟 不能错后又不能超前 结婚誓言以后要加上这个了 以后不能保证一致共舞的CP不配拥有爱情[破涕为笑] It's just so sad😢 after 27 years? Really?

No reboot … lol They'll get over it they got tons of money so they got space & time enough to feel bad and process stuff... Ohhh No. Lock them in a room and make them work it out. well,this is shocking ! They look like an odd couple. That's too bad after 27 years but who could blame her Otra millonaria mas producto del patriarcado.

I was shocked when I heard they were divorcing. They seemed to be the one couple that were a forever couple How sad I am happy to both of them

Did bills gates die I thought.. Sad to see long marriage that dissolve but glad you are still working together as you are a good team. You have done so many wonderful things for the world. Best to both of you. Must have been financial problem. Who cares he’ll be fucking the hottest model on earth money can buy anything lol

She looks like a he. That sucks but sounds like it was mutual. Why be unhappy? Still sad but they have their reasons. No one stays together anymore. I swear. Doctor COVID-19 bill gates bravo 🤩🔐📜💍💎♦️🔹🔸 As if anybody really cares They were and still are a very good team. The Gates Foundation. The 90 percenters. Amazing people. Including Mr. Buffett. Breaking up is hard to do.

I’m weirdly super sad about this! Sources say she wasn’t happy with him being in the office365 days of the year. Does anyone give a shit? She can go be with Caitlin Jenner now and everyone’s happy Bill finally came out of the closet!!! How does this become news. Seems personal and not any business of anyone’s

Who cares! Who cares!!! WTF!!!! I hope it wasn't about the vaccines interview? ;p So the pandemic got to them too... 🥲 Good news congratulations happy future

You did this!!! LastWeekTonight Bütün bunlar Tekirdağ'dan alınan tarlanın paylasilamamasi sebebiyle oluyor. Melindanin eltisigiller karıştırdı hep kadının kafasını DamdamMadame He probably gave here the cov jab 27 years 😂😂😂 Even the richest have feelings too. Keeping up with the Bezos There must be some kind of financial move being considered

Haki duniya ne. Allah ba azalumibane. Hello good morning I need help please help me.

Melinda..... Ahhhh yea Hey Melinda, How you doin 27 years to see through his phony moral superiority To love, honor, cherish, AND GROW? It's because Bill Gates likes little girls. Well it's been a long marriage I wish I had a man like that to stay I have been alone for the past 5years now😭😭😭 Oh well I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heaven sent Williams_jame1 who guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my CASH app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work


WHATTTTTT and in the end Melinda Gates goes his own way ...