Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Separation

The billionaire philanthropists have been married for 27 years.

5/3/2021 11:47:00 PM

JUST IN: Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they are ending their marriage.

The billionaire philanthropists have been married for 27 years.

Lydia O'ConnorBill and Melinda Gates, the chairs and founders of their eponymous research foundation, announced Monday they are ending their marriage. Read more: HuffPost »

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That’s sad. That's sad. Who tf cares? None of my business but makes me very sad. Somehow feel disappointed, let down. She is a smart Lady. He is one Not right in the front lobes And needs a brain surgeon to Work on those lobes. With a blender. Tax write off I guess it wasn't love afterall? 😢 It looks like you're getting divorced! Would you like some help dividing the assets?

When her face starts looking more manly than yours, it’s time to part ways.

Mo money, mo problems 🥴 Rut roe Probably smart business decision. Avoid the ultra wealthy takes Biden is proposing. I’m so sorry to hear this news . Hang in there. Menopause Sad to hear.... 😭 YoMelinda What took so long?!!! You & your key communicator network helped in the decimation of the educational civil rights, FAPE , of students with disabilities in WA State, in your company's backyard waedu waleg ⚖️👀


WHAT?!?!?!? Love found greater than love lost. Together to continue apart. Your apart is greater than most togethers. Always making a better world. This makes me extremely sad... Did she want to get the vaccine Don’t be sad for them. I was with my ex husband for 25 years. Our lives grew apart and we loved each other enough to let each other go. We are both happier people now. They deserve to be happy. Divorce is not always a bad “four letter”word.

It’s an inheritance move.🙄 I'm assuming it's because he's become a corrupt billionaire and no longer can save face. This makes me sad. Jeff Bezos is now single and he is available for either Melinda or Bill...

I’m sorry to hear this. Sorry to hear I thought they were the perfect couple. Gonna cost him $$$$$...🤣😅😂 Oh my God, wonder what all the wackadoodles are saying about this already? 🙄 They had a good run. But sad. 😔 The microchip in the vaccine malfunctioned. Rich don't mean happily ever after. Melinda, I’m single!

So they will continue to work together & thanks to the covid vaccine, they will always know where each other are. It was her poor defense of Bill using the vaccine to put a microchip in our arms as shown on LastWeekTonight (I blame them for this)

This is obviously because Queen Elizabeth is on the market. Finally I couldn't care less about their divorce news, I care more about the theory of how long-term couples inevitably morphe into 1 lookalike palette. Shall we say, Bill's female version of himself is running away from him? Ok what's the conspiracy theories on there divorce The vaccine caused them to split He snores nd she got sick of it She didn't agree with his eating habits Etc

Effects of a prolonged panoramic!! May be they should ask Jerry Falwell Jnr for spiritual advise? So sad for them. The end of any marriage is difficult and a shame. To be successful in bets search and join LADSBROKE on TELEGRAM.

Waterfall of cash 💰 being split . What a huge financial losses for Bill ! They say divorce is expensive because it’s worth it, but this expensive, I’m not so sure! Hi melindagates 🕺🏻 Nooooooooo........ iamjohnoliver probably has something to do with this Now just imagine how much Melinda is going to soak him for in divorce court.

She pissed he locked down the World? DADDY IS BACK ON THE MARKET FOLKS!

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This is the super bowl for divorce attorneys Ils sont au courant les médias Fr ? Another casualty of the pandemic ... Were they ever together? Omg I lost confident in wealth. I thought wealth and money is they key to happiness. 🤔🤔 27 yrs with someone and you’re like”you not for me anymore” wtf That's too bad. I really thought they were going to make it.

😢😢😢 Come on home, Melinda. Even their marriage couldn't withstand the blue screen of death.