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Biles spotlights mental health, Tokyo COVID cases hang over Games

Biles spotlights mental health, Tokyo COVID cases hang over Games

7/28/2021 5:10:00 AM

Biles spotlights mental health, Tokyo COVID cases hang over Games

Simone Biles' abrupt exit from the U.S. team event and uncertainty over the gymnast's remaining time at the Games put the mental health of athletes under the spotlight on Wednesday as the Tokyo Oly mpics headed into its fifth day of events.

"There is more to life than just gymnastics," Biles said, saying a focus on her well-being was her goal.Without Biles, the American team mates surrendered gold and their title to Russian gymnasts on Tuesday.By stepping back from the gruelling competition and speaking openly about mental health, Biles joins Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, who took a break after she withdrew from the French Open in May.

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Osaka, who lit the cauldron at the Games opening on Friday, lost out in her singles event on Tuesday and exited the Games. Read more: Reuters Top News »

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C’mon NBC. There’s thousands of athletes from all over the world who have worked their arses off all of there lives to be in Tokyo. Let’s spend time with them too. Might be why your ratings suck. TokyoOlympics And she didn't shoot nobody We have a very weak minded youth japan Corona Doesnt Exist So continue

Was she paid to draw attention to 'mental health' ? Just so crazy that an athlete would train 5 years for Gold! Some people are super stress due they doing job to satisfied others people ego should stop doing for others You can see she is physically and mentally exhausted. Poor kid. Get some rest girl Let's face it, Ms Biles's real opponent has been herself, for a very very long time. She has no equal. Enough of this. Let her take care of herself.

Tokyo Games organisers report 16 new Games-related COVID-19 casesTokyo Oly mpics organisers on Monday reported 16 new Games-related COVID -19 cases, bringing the total number since July 1 to 148. good only 16? that's great news! excellent :) Thank heavens the games are not in Sydney. They would call it off and lock all the athletes in jail

Biles uncertain if she will continue at Tokyo GamesSimone Biles was left weighing her Oly mpic future on Tuesday after dropping out of the women's gymnastics team final at the Tokyo Summer Games after one disappointing vault saying she had to focus on her mental health.

Tokyo Sets New Daily Record for Covid-19 Cases, With Olympics Under WayTokyo reported 2,848 new coronavirus infections on the fifth day of the Summer Oly mpics, which are taking place in the Japanese capital. 児童動員、感染者は放置、対策は自治体や運任せ、ステイホームで五輪開催とは何たる矛盾でしょう。 That's is why 80% of us are against this Olympic. Insane.

'Severe' Covid-19 cases surge in Tokyo during OlympicsDEVELOPING: Serious Covid-19 cases are surging in Tokyo while the Oly mpics are going on, the city's governor says, as the Japanese capital reports a record number of new infections. Fire every single male leader in Japan 🙄duh 😒

COVID rules at Tokyo Olympics, what happens when athletes test positive like Jon RahmThe regulations for when an athlete tests positive for COVID at the Tokyo Games, such as whether they can be replaced, depends on the sport.

Olympic alternate can't get to Tokyo on time, blasts 'selfish' surfer for late COVID report“It’s mind blowing how unfair it is.' “I just think [it’s] not fair for me to blow a lifetime opportunity. There is some negligence.”