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Biles coming back to compete in beam final

Simone Biles will compete in beam after missing most of the team events and all of the other individual events with the 'twisties.'

8/2/2021 4:47:00 PM

Simone Biles will be competing in Tuesday's balance beam final, USA Gymnastics confirmed. Biles said she has been experiencing the 'twisties' since the team finals last week.

Simone Biles will compete in beam after missing most of the team events and all of the other individual events with the 'twisties.'

Editor's Picks39mESPNIn a series of posts to her Instagram story Friday, Biles said she was still experiencing the phenomenon, in which gymnasts feel like they get lost in the air, and said her"mind and body are simply not in sync."She withdrew from Monday's floor final on Sunday and the team said her status for beam -- the last event -- was uncertain.

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However, her teammate MyKayla Skinner, who replaced her in the vault final on Sunday, said she believed Biles would compete Tuesday. Read more: ESPN »

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Someone needs attention I knew this whole situation was a red flag. Has a bad round before finals doesn't think she will win so quits blames mental health and now is back 100% competing again. Cmon. Nobody Breaks down like that and then recovers from 'trauma' that quick. Wish I could fix me that fast hayyyshayyy good. kick some ass simone

Rooting for you Simone_Biles What Gymnast won gold? Nice reporting ESPN... Got over that mental issue awful quick. I just see the comments and the first thing that pops is the question ...are these people from Texas? ...fuckt up i know 💀💀 Should NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE!!! Claimed mental health problems. You don't recover that fast. No longer the GOAT, just a spoiled 'has been'.

Why is still talking about Simone_Biles more than ALL of the other Americans who stayed and won medals for their country COMBINED? FoH with this. The disrespect to the victors who stuck it out from ESPN is disgusting. 🐐💩 hayyyshayyy Ritalin Queen got her Doping!

All About “Biles and Chiles”: Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles’s Sweet Friendship. Here, everything you should know about these two Olympic athlete, the way they support each other, and a mentorship story for the ages.

LG USA! My ass.......

Simone Biles Will Compete In The Final Women’s Gymnastics Event At The OlympicsBiles, widely considered the best gymnast in the world, pulled out of key gymnastics events last week after detailing her struggle with the “twisties”. Ok. Go get that gold, Simone! SimoneOlympian Good luck!

Simone Biles Withdraws From Floor Exercise Final at OlympicsUSA Gymnastics announced Sunday in Tokyo that the six-time Olympic medalist has opted not to compete on floor exercise. I'm really sad for her. Hope she gets better very soon 😞 😭 I was really hoping she’d feel better enough to compete.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️ get better Simone ❤️ Right decision

Simone Biles Says She’s Out of the Olympic Floor Exercise FinalSimone Biles will not defend her Olympic floor exercise title, her sports federation said. Her final opportunity to compete again at the Tokyo Olympics is the balance beam on Tuesday. this is terrible news Simon who? Good thing you didn't let racist Reuters select the photos for you. Oh, never mind, they only select UGLY photos for Chinese athletes (and those from other enemy nations).

Simone Biles opts out of floor exercise final at OlympicsTOKYO (AP) — Simone Biles will not defend her Olympic gold medal on floor exercise. USA Gymnastics announced Sunday that the six-time Olympic medalist has opted not to compete on floor, where she won gold in Rio de Janeiro and placed second in qualifying last week. If she had quit before the Olympics she would have said no to a lot of $$$ I feel for her, but I think maybe it's time to concentrate and comment on the athletes who are there and still competing. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Simone Biles Withdraws From Floor Final – UpdateUPDATED, 8:16 PM: Elite gymnast Simone Biles has pulled out another Olympic event: the individual floor exercise, scheduled for Monday. Whether she’ll compete in the balance beam event taking… Wishing her the best, hate it that she is unable to compete... I think there may be a larger backstory. It’s a shame regardless.