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Democratic Debates, Election 2020

Biggest Takeaways From The South Carolina Democratic Debate

Biggest Takeaways From The South Carolina Democratic Debate

2/27/2020 4:29:00 AM

Biggest Takeaways From The South Carolina Democratic Debate

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That Elizabeth and Bernie are idiots

5 takeaways from the Democratic debate in South CarolinaSeven Democratic candidates gathered in Charleston, S.C., in advance of that state’s primary on Saturday, and just three days after Sen. Bernie Sanders established himself as the front-runner with a dominating win in Nevada. Just in: Sanders plans to rename the Democratic Party the Politburo Party! BernieSanders 2020Election What a cluster f**k.

5 Questions Before Democratic Candidates Debate In South CarolinaDoes Bloomberg remain a target? Can Biden throw a punch? Five questions we have ahead of the DemDebate ⬇️ Hopefully someone questions Bernie for his support of communist regimes. 👇 Oligarch of Wall Street MichaelBloomberg's fortune exploded from $4 to $27 billion as mayor by doling out tax breaks & recovery funds to his Wall St CEO golf buddies as they KICKED-BACK w/Terminal subscriptions TRUMP would SLAM BLOOMBERG's EPIC CORRUPTION. 👇 Please RT 'This Russia thing'..... Getting it out hand!

4 Takeaways From The South Carolina Democratic DebateThere was shouting. There was overtalk. There were lots of attacks. So what to make of that muddle? Here are 4 takeaways that emerged as the dust settled on the 10th Democratic debate 👇 The moderators didn’t really moderate. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The takeaway was... Trump won. Key takeaway - primary season is too long. We need a national primary. Of course, when you have dozens of debates infighting occurs. The process is flawed.

5 key takeaways from the South Carolina Democratic debateThe debate was the 10th in the election cycle and the final major debate before next week’s Super Tuesday races.

5 takeaways from the South Carolina Democratic debate'I intend to win South Carolina.' Joe Biden talks about his record of support in the state during Tuesday evening's Democratic presidential debate LA Times, you have a following, the question tonight is “ Which candidate do the members of Congress endorse? Private, secure polling. Who do our Reps want in the White House? That is who I want. Please do the Poll. He was good And I believe he will, hasn't he always had support there?

6 Takeaways From the Democratic Debate in South Carolina1. It was a messy and unmoderated melee. 2. Bernie Sanders took some hits, and the Cuba one landed. 3. Elizabeth Warren’s new pitch: She’s more effective than Sanders. Read all of our takeaways from Tuesday's Democratic debate. Buttigieg enjoyed talking to himself while others had the floor Cuba one didnt land You guys suck.