‘Big wars take a lot of bullets’

9/29/2022 12:45:00 AM

Top military weapons buyers from dozens of countries are huddling in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss next steps in arming Ukraine for the long haul.

Top military weapons buyers are huddling in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss next steps in arming Ukraine for the long haul. The meeting takes place amid the Kremlin calling up 300,000 conscripts and threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Top military weapons buyers from dozens of countries are huddling in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss next steps in arming Ukraine for the long haul.

killing at least nine people and wounding another 30.About Us ).Valve just made a massive change to the Top Sellers chart on its PC platform Steam.the 2020 election.

"Iran cannot deflect blame from its internal problems and the legitimate grievances of its population with attacks across its borders," he said, noting the nearly two weeks of protests against Iranian authorities."Its flagrant use of missiles and drones against its neighbors, as well as its providing of drones to Russia for its war of aggression in Ukraine and to proxies throughout the Middle East region, should be universally condemned.." The Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying the targets were “bases operated by separatist terrorists.Moving forward, this will no longer be the case." Keystrokes NEW WH CYBER LEADER SPEAKS: CAMILLE STEWART GLOSTER , the new deputy national cyber director for technology and ecosystem security, says she is convinced her dual-hatted charges on technology and workforce issues are related.“Technology is operated by people, created by people, abused by people and used by people,” she told TIM STARKS in her first interview since starting her role in July.He did not testify.

“And understanding the connections there, and how that then connects to your awareness, interest and pursuit of cyber careers or technology careers is really important.Additionally, Valve is now offering up data of its own when it comes to the most played games on Steam as well.So I think there is a big linkage there and an opportunity to really take a fulsome look at the cyber ecosystem.” Stewart Gloster and her team of four people — which could grow to as many as 16 — will focus on “The cyber workforce, education and training” and “Technology security: emerging technology, research and development, strengthening the hardware and software supply chain.” The Complex CIV CAS REPORT: The Pentagon assessed that there were roughly 12 civilians killed and five wounded last year as a result of U."The new top-selling lists rank games based on total revenue, including all sources such as DLC and in-game transactions so we can all get a more complete picture of which games players are excited about getting into and continuing to play.S.6 attacks.

military operations, according to the department’s annual report released Tuesday — a number that experts said seemed low.All of the casualties occurred in Afghanistan: 10 in the military’s errant drone strike in Kabul on Aug.This weekly version of the Top Sellers chart will now sit alongside the monthly top new releases list, which is something that Valve has offered for a bit now.29, 2021; one in Kandahar on Aug.11; and one in Herat on Jan.8..

The report also confirmed that DoD has not yet made any ex gratia payments to the families of the victims of the Kabul attack, many of whom were children.Out of the $3 million annual fund set aside by Congress for such payments, DoD made only one in 2021, for the Jan.8 incident, according to the report, per our own LARA SELIGMAN.“This is the first time in over a year they have paid anyone for harm caused by US actions, and it is a shocking continuation of our lack of accountability,” MARC GARLASCO , the military adviser at PAX, a Dutch NGO, and former Chief of High Value Targeting on the Joint Staff, wrote in an email to NatSec D.“It is difficult to grasp why we can't provide amends to all those that have been harmed in acknowledged US operations that led to civilian harm.

” In addition to the planned payments, the Biden administration is helping evacuate the families of the victims of the Aug.29 attack to Albania, with the ultimate goal of resettling them in the United States, a State Department spokesperson confirmed to NatSec D.Roughly 80 percent of the group has been evacuated from Afghanistan, but the rest have been held up as the administration works through travel documentation requirements requested from local officials.SUBSCRIBE TO POWER SWITCH: The energy landscape is profoundly transforming.Power Switch is a daily newsletter that unlocks the most important stories driving the energy sector and the political forces shaping critical decisions about your energy future, from production to storage, distribution to consumption.

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If we wont throw them Leopard 2's at least give them Leopard 1's. They can probably hold their own against T-72's. There are still 1000 left in the world. Politico is German owned. Everything is going well in the Kremlin. Why you asking? NAFOExpansionIsNonNegotiable All of this Nukes weapon talk is nothing but saber rattling a script that's been use since the dropping of the first Bomb more powerful now & Putin don't want to live in a bunker for the next 20 years & have nothing to rule

What a business for the 🇺🇸 arms dealers today! Their great-grandchildren will never have to work 🥰 If you are t going to supply F16’s or other jets long range ATACMS will work, plus more of advanced short to medium range/altitude SAM’s, Marders IFV’s and lots more attack drones and munitions will seriously shorten this war - but Biden doesn’t have the balls

Looks like the war machine is gearing up again

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