Big-Name Employers Are Starting To Mandate Vaccinations For Their Employees — It’s About Time

Employers look good in doing their part to curb the Delta disaster.

8/6/2021 3:38:00 AM

Big-Name Employers Are Starting To Mandate Vaccinations For Their Employees — It’s About Time “This isn't going to sit well with everyone, and they know that.”

Employers look good in doing their part to curb the Delta disaster.

This Isn’t Going To Sit Well With EveryoneFor those of you wondering, yes, employers are still holding space for those who have religious exemptions or other medical reasons that prevent them from receiving a vaccine. Don’t get your tail feathers in a twist.

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And don’t you start boycotting Disney and Walmart, because guess what? They aren’t the only companies doing this. Thesame article citesthat other big names (Google, Facebook, and Uber) are also doing the same. Change is hard, I get it. If many of us have learned anything over the past year and a half it’s to empathize.

So use that empathy and put yourself in others’ shoes. You might be wary of getting a new vaccine, but aren’t you just as worried about catching Covid and potentially dying or having otherlong-term consequences— or spreading it to someone who would? And what about those people who don’t even have the choice?

My nine-year-old daughter asked what I was writing about today, and I told her. She was immediately thought it was good but was equally confused as to why it’s taken so long. Honestly, I didn’t know what to tell her. She had so hoped she would be eligible for a vaccine before returning to school this fall. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

If Disney and Walmart Can Get On Board, So Should YouDavid Roark/Walt Disney World Resort/GettySocial distancing and masking can only take us so far. Yes, they are tools that should be used (even after you get vaccinated). But one of the best things you can do for yourself and your fellow humans is get the vaccine.

Even though these stores haven’t mandated vaccination for shoppers, many have updated their policies to reflect CDC guidance, asking everyone to wear a mask. Vaccinated or not, we can still spread the Delta variant. So please don’t stomp your feet, don’t throw a tantrum, and get the hell out of here with

your“rights being violated.”If it’s such an inconvenience to get a damn shot and wear a mask grocery shopping, stay the hell home. Order for pick up or delivery, but don’t put employees who don’t have the choice to stay home at unnecessary risk.It’s not just us left-leaning liberals who are saying this, but it’s also

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your favorite big box stores.Retailers understand the importance of keeping their employees safe as well as their customers. The rising rate of Covid cases because of the Delta variant is scary AF.The bottom line is this: Stores are requiring their employees to be vaccinated in an attempt to protect themselves and their customers. They’re also asking us, as consumers, to wear the damn mask and do our part to help keep everyone safe. This is it. This is as ‘

back to normal’ Read more: Scary Mommy »

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