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Big investors ask banks to get serious on climate change

Bankers’ pay should include an element indexed on attaining the net-zero emissions targets, said the major global investors.

4/20/2021 12:39:00 AM

A group of 35 major global investors managing a total of $11 trillion in assets have asked banks to get serious on climate change . The call comes on the eve of the virtual summit on climate with 40 world leaders convened by President Biden this week.

Bankers’ pay should include an element indexed on attaining the net-zero emissions targets, said the major global investors.

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Communists wants more centralization of money so they can syphon easier. Well we already have a surprise for them via crypto! 😈 Does that mean he wants them to join the communist Democratic Party? jaggeddeath What a joke. None will. They’ll posture, to look good, but nothing more. The only thing the banks are serious about is kicking ppl out their homes.

They have $11 TRILLION DOLLARS!!! THEY can get as as serious on climate change as they want! WTF?!? So democrats came up with another subprime loan type screw up... Can you help me 100x my investments too? Can you provide Gevo and Intel with a couple contracts? And can Biden wear a red MedMen jacket to a press conference? Thanks

Market hypocrisy Bombings create radiation in the areas they bomb, bombings are a everyday life in some countries, these governments talking about climate change are a joke Oh stop it with the climate nonsense. Nothing 'serious' is going to happen while America are involved, or banks for that matter.

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