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Champ, The Bidens' German Shepherd

Bidens announce their 'beloved' German Shepherd Champ has died

The Bidens announced Saturday that their 'beloved' German Shepherd Champ has died.

6/19/2021 7:06:00 PM

President Biden and the first lady announce the death of their German Shepherd, Champ , calling him their 'constant, cherished companion'

The Bidens announced Saturday that their 'beloved' German Shepherd Champ has died.

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nice True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. Sorry for your loss, President and Dr. Biden. I’m sorry for your loss. Tucker Carlson: Scientists want to use human engineering to solve climate change I thought you'd be interested in this story Media allowed itself to be duped by one man on COVID-19 Sent from the New York Post app. For more from the Post, visit To download our apps, visit

where was the reporter the of CNN? the election was so peaceful. we know that you don't report the peace of the Ethiopia. CNN is partial. you hate the black people we know it. Lol CNN is still a thing?! I thought they went extint a while ago when they stopped reporting news. Sooo sorry... 😥 So very sorry for the President snd Dr Biden’s loss

Aww, it always hurts when you lose your pet. So sorry for their loss.

Russell Brand 'devastated' after his German Shepherd kills wallaby on dog walkThe long-haired funnyman watched on in horror as Bear killed a wallaby near his Henley-on-Thames mansion, but he was praised by one local resident for springing in to action and saving the dying creature's joey His dog wasnt on a lead then .🤔

Spit on monetary electricity RIP Champ 🙏🏻🕊 So very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is losing a member of the family, and hurts just that bad. I've gone through this myself. Prayers for peace for the family Sorry for your loss. He was a nice looking pup. Rest In Peace toi ten quy muon tim ban tam su So sorry for your loss.

she is sad for your dog. Truth about the animal studies, all the animals died, so they lied and said they didn't do any Every life eazy shepherd champ

German police say 17th century paintings found in dumpsterGerman police are calling for information about the possible owners of two 17th-century paintings discovered in a highway rest stop dumpster.

😢 Ouhouu... Mi sobrino me lo prohibe porque dice es cancerígeno.A mí me encanta So so sorry for the loss. Hard to lose your baby!!! Great president of America He fed it ... So no more biting I’m so sorry for your loss. tìm bạn trai, ko quan trọng về tuổi tác, sống hiền lành, cởi mở, biết quan tâm chia sẻ. sống và làm việc tại hà nội

OMG!!!!! Poor Champ!!! This is sad. Like him or hate him it’s a sad thing. this is terrible news

So sorry My condolences for your loss. Have you heard about the govt. COVID-19 extra benefit relief funds (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EXTRA STIMULUS BONUS) You can apply within minutes and get paid within 2 business days. Direct link The whole process is easy and fast, I got paid mine few days ago. My condolences to President Joe Biden's guardian dog, Seppert.

LETS END ANIMAL PORN AND PUT THE PORN MODELS LIKE SISWET IN PRISON FOR RAPING ANIMALS AND MAKING MONEY DOING IT ENUFF IS ENUFF!!! I am so sorry for your loss and pain. Please take care of yourselves in this sad time. I hope Champ is happily frolicking with Bo!!!! So sorry for your loss of your fur baby 💔🌈🌈🌈

what can be better one when you get home, after 1 minute or a few hours. so they are just as happy. you get kisses and they love when you cuddle with them. Do you get it from your husband or wife ? ❤️❤️😡 He must have bitten Hillary when she came over for a visit

Russell Brand 'devastated' after his German Shepherd kills wallaby on dog walkThe long-haired funnyman watched on in horror as Bear killed a wallaby near his Henley-on-Thames mansion, but he was praised by one local resident for springing in to action and saving the dying creature's joey His dog wasnt on a lead then .🤔

How is this breaking news? We are dying to know exactly how Mr. Doggy met his end. I just read an article about him repeatedly bitting people. Now, he’s swimming with Epstein. Very sad, only a few of us who love our dogs will understand. Very sorry for your loss, POTUS. I'm sure Champ had a life surrounded by love, thanks to you & yours. Cherish those memories. All the very best, always.

So sad to know the death of Champ.JoeBiden May his soul Rest In Peace. So sad. Losing a four legged family member is hard. Condolences to your family. 🐕‍🦺😔❤️ When your dogs die, don't forget to do this bro daddyhope RIP in heaven Champ. 💕💕💕 It’s always tough

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I'm glad it's a photo of the dog because I thought it was other dogs I'm glad it's a photo of the dog because I thought it was other dogs 🙏 This is not news. 狗死了 还有蔡英文 Your family lost a friend but gain an Angel 😇 So sorry about that First we lost Bo now Champ!! Sad day for America. sorry for your loss God Bless

Joe Biden Announces 300 Million Coronavirus Vaccines Have Been Administered'We’re heading into a very different summer from last year,' the president said. 'A bright summer.'

That's the beginning of your downfall Do we board a flight to help them mourn? Sorry for your loss. Our beloved pets are precious gifts given to us to nurture and love. I just lost my Cody in March…. A great sadness This is news? Sad Awe! So sorry for your loss! Rip, Champ! He was a beautiful dog! German Shepards are great and t be best dogs! Champ will be forever looking over you and Jill from Heaven. Your Guardian Angel for life!

Run free in doggy heaven champ Does Trump have a dog? I doubt. I want an investigation He was smarter than joe

So sorry Mr President. iingwen Your chance is here That dog was becoming a liability Condolences! 🙏🏽 My deepest condolences. I also had a dog , lovely golden retriever named Luke, which had always been the center of my family for 12 years. So I know your sorrow of loss. Have you heard of a poem of the Rainbow Bridge? That had helped me to conquer the sadness .

MichaelArt123 😞😢 So sorry for your loss Thanks Obama What did the dog have on Killery stop_galoufa_en_algerie

imreallyimprtnt 🥺 not champ I can't believe Biden buried his own dog alive. Probably was sick of seeing the worst president in history destroy the once thriving country. RIP, Champ. Sorry this happened. Sorry sorry for your loss i am cat person but i understand the loss of pet is awfully bloody painful that is why i cannot have any kind of pet anymore and so as a lover just like taylorswit stated in her song😀ily 写真好きな人と繋がりがたい

Pets are family. Champ will be watching over President Biden's family from heaven.

I'm so sorry for your loss I just lost my beloved cat Doyle today, too. Much sympathy from a kindred spirit. It's amazing how these critters work their ways into our lives. 😪❤️ The dog died of shame when the realization of being owned by a chinese marionette who offers up america to Potato squeezing cyber attacks

I do feel bad for the passing of Champ the Dog, RIPChamp. However, if Champ was a Russian Wolfhound, a Siberian Husky, a Moscow Watchdog or a Black Russian Terrier, we know that Demoncrats would be celebrating. Guess he wasn’t vaccinated RIP Champ 😢 Seems strange that everyone was complaining about the dog and the problem was remedied by his death. Say it ain't so POTUS. 😪

I’m so sorry for your loss. 😢 Is that the uncontrollable one....Oh no I think that's Hunter the one I'm thinking about! Now it's definitely in a better place (away from the mess that came from Joe) too bad we still have to deal with him!

Our thoughts are with the Bidens at this sad time. The baby 😭😭😭 WoW, white people's dog more important than blk people. When is the burial so that I can attend with my friends to eat and drink Tôi là người trầm tính, ít nói, hơi vụng về trong giao tiếp Twitter is for fags. May Champ rest in peace. 😢 so sorry to read this.

So sorry for President and Mrs. Biden's loss. It does not matter whether is is breaking news or whatever. As an ex-dog-owner, I know how hard it is to lose your beloved ones. Hope Major and the Biden's are okay. May he rest in peace.

Prayers 🙏🏽. RIP Champ. Over the rainbow bridge I’m so sorry your loss of champ. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our fur babies. My sincere condolences RIP angela So sad. 😥 I'm sure it's gotta feel like a big empty space and the heart hurts. That's how I think I'd feel. Ahhh sad So sorry to hear of your loss.

oh no... was it COVID? MichaelArt123 RIP Champ A dog!!?!? Just

EkbMary So was Melania...think Trump would say anything! Remotely like that? 🥂betcha not MichaelArt123 RIP beautiful Champ! You were so loved! 😢🐶❤️ potus Awww sorry for your loss. As a pet owner I have lost several to old age over the years and it is always so hard. They are family and it hurts. Much love 3

😢😢 MichaelArt123 Such adorable So,so sorry. A pet is part of a family. Always have the good memories All dogs go to Heaven. Rest In Peace Champ. My mom had a German Shepherd named Major when she was a kid. I an so sorry about Champ...I've also had German shepherds for many years, and I know the pain! Shepherds are a very special, intelligent breed...a joy to have!

Desde España, Descansa en Paz Querido Amigo Champ 🙏⚘❤

So sad…🐶 Hearts and minds! Meanwhile poor people continue to suffer. Sorry about your dog but there are way more important things going on sad and all but so did 13 people of heat exhaustion at the border If you are just half the person your dog thinks you are … you are pretty special. As a pet owner I truly feel sorry for the Biden’s at this time. We refer to ourselves as pet “owner’s “ but somehow it’s much different than ownership.

Wetin this dog don chop for life, some people never see am chop. Anyway sha, RIP Champ. So wait what? Is this the dog that was biting everyone in the white house? Sorry to hear that. 😪 every pet is very special to their owners. I’d be heart broken if anything happens to my dog. Only pet owners know that genuine bond that makes pets part of the family.

Is this the same dog that was biting everybody? Good work Pete!! Bad omen. Something of a foreboding. CNN bark! Haha nah just playing have a good weekend Nomatter which party you're with, we can all say a RIP for the good boy Is that the one that bit people!?! Must have had something on the Clintons. Sorry to hear this. Dogs are great as you know. Kpost

Ok. Why is this newsworthy

Just imagine Akuffo Addo announcing the death of a dog by name 'yeti sika so' I remember when Mitt Romney got a dog while running for president, then returned it after he lost Oh, no.😢 Praying for your family. So sorry for your loss!😢 So sorry for your loss POTUS FLOTUS. xoxo Max sends his condolences. RIPChampBiden

Kiếm tìm 1 ban luon biết cách cười tươi vui và làm người khác cười vui tươi như mình :)), là người đàng hoàng, trân thật. Mong dc làm quen nói chuyện. Sorry for your loss POTUS MehdiEliefifi Extremely sad to know Animals are family and it hurts just the same. So sorry

No doubt he was a 'Champ' to the end, Rest in Peace, Doggie!😪 The loss of a true loyal family friend.May he love them in heaven. 😢RIP the salon article was just a psyop for this So sorry for your loss🐕🐾❤ No deja de ser una pérdida irreparable, ya que forna parte de la familia, son grata compañía. QEPD.

GREATEST condolences BIDEN family; unlike my parents he's NOT in a better place Sorry for your loss Mr. President. So he buried at least one So sorry for your loss sending love and prayers

Sorry for your loss President Biden 😔 So very sorry JoeBiden 😔💔🐾🌈 Reunion Day 👇 شاهد | قوات الاحتلال ترش شاباً مقدسياً بغاز سام على وجهه وتعتدي عليه بوحشية بعد اعتقاله أمام باب العامود بالقدس المحتلة 😔 Is this really news? So nice to have a president who has a HEART So sad when u loose a pet, they r family members too:(😇🙏🦮

I am so sorry about Champ. Old man take shit on dog and stuff. Am I right? The one that was biting all of those people?

It wasn't suicide 🐶🙏🏽🍁 Are Americans mad? Pete Buttigieg was seen fleeing the scene shortly after 🤔 I am very sorry for their loss. I'm crying my eyes out... *industry sacrifice 👐* Need an investigation as to whether Joe had Champ . . . Put down! That is sad, these animals become a part of your family, I know when I lost my Precious black lab I cried. Comfort.

RIP Champ. 🙏🙏🙏🕯🕯🕯 Dog knew too much. Got Clinton’d Silver lining, Joe already forgot he had a dog. 🙏🏼 在狗面前虚伪着,在人类面前肆意发动战争屠杀平民,让人作呕的伪善。。。 Meanwhile, this administration doesn’t really care about animals... Champ or Chomp?! He bit onnnne too many people… Rip 💔 Astrazenica al poner en mayores de edad es mas eficaz mas viable es mas potencial lo estudios son mas viales Bruselas

Youth in Asia. 😢

RIP Champ, you will be greatly missed... What kind of nonsense is this?, media is holding this guy with soft gloves So sorry to hear that Mr. President. He will be missed. That always hurts. I feel for them. Junta terrorists abducted two young men near the Mandalay Palace Wall for staging the flower strike for Daw Aung Suu Kyi's 76th birthday. June19Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar MilkTeaAlliance

So sad to hear..the hurt you feel from losing a pet is very very real. While I'm as much of a dog lover as the next person, we still have mass incarceration to deal with. Good distraction though, paints a nice picture of a particular career politician (not your job btw). 😢😔🙏 Was Champ killed by Biden?

where dis mf-er at?

melissamoore They abused and killed him Awww Rest in peace Champ. Champ was a very good boi. Although I have a cat, I remember having some beautiful GS dogs as a kid, and I still get choked up about losing them. ❤️❤️ And believe it or not, this is a breaking news at 😂😂😂😂 Dog-died twitter is the saddest twitter of all. RIP, Champ.

The good lord took the wrong Biden 😭 RIP Champ. In heaven there is always an extra bone for you …

looking forward to Biden's article in Salon Personally, I would love to teach the truth from the Holy Bible to realize what is really going on. However, I politely encourage everyone to read it for yourselves. Otherwise, watch Truthunedited to get the truth for yourselves. God bless all and praise Yahawashi!

CNN on the edge of breaking news once again. he now belongs to the ages So brave of him Inspired by that article the other day, weren't they Announcing the death of a dog & yet they don't care about human beings dying daily in the hands of Fulani terrorists.Death of dog pains them more than death of human beings.They want to mourn the death of a dog and death of human beings means nothing to them. REFERENDUMinNIGERIA

Slow day in the news I guess. how about the border crisis?