Biden vows to uproot systemic racism in Fourth of July message

Biden vows to uproot systemic racism in Fourth of July message

7/5/2020 4:11:00 AM

Biden vows to uproot systemic racism in Fourth of July message

Biden's pledge to attack racial injustice contrasts with Trump's stoking of white resentment at Mt. Rushmore.

Former Vice President Joe Biden vowed Saturday to “rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country” in a Fourth of July message that contrasted sharply with President Trump’s warning at a Mt. Rushmore fireworks display that “angry mobs” at protests against racism were assaulting America’s history and culture.

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In avideoposted on Twitter, Biden, Trump’s presumed Democratic challenger, said the United States had never lived up to the statement in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” That phrase has “gnawed at our conscience” through more than 200 years of institutionalized racism, including the recent police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, he said.

“America is no fairy tale,” Biden said. “It’s been a constant push and pull between the two parts of our character, the idea that all men and women — all people — are created equal, and the racism that has torn us apart. We have a chance now to give the marginalized, the demonized, the isolated, the oppressed, a full share of the American dream.”

Biden’s remarks came hours after Trump told a crowd of mainly white supporters Friday night atthat America was facing a growing danger from anti-racism protesters’ “merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children.” He accused them of promoting what he labeled a “new far-left fascism.”

AdvertisementAt another Fourth of July celebration Saturday on the South Lawn of the White House, Trump hammered away at thesame theme, underscoring howappeals to racial resentments are at the heart of his reelection campaign. Read more: Los Angeles Times »


He better Dem party was the party of the Confederate slave owners who started the Civil War to continue slavery. The party that started the KKK, wrote Jim Crow laws & voted against the civil rights act. He’s only had 50 tears on public office to do it... what’s he going to change over the next 4? What systemic racism?!!!!! Did we not elect 2 term Obama for President! How is that racist this country is not racist stop the hate now stop the over exaggeration of racism you leftist 24/7 are just dividing our country to chaos it’s been created by you and schools😡😢🙏🏻🇺🇸

Buy giving the police more money What a parrot. Slow Joe can't remember what he did yesterday. Sad. The only roots joebiden understands are the hair plugs that seem to have rotted his brain. He’s just been warming up for 45 years. He MEANS IT NOW, YO 😂 Why didnt he care about it 8 years ago What’s taken him so long? He’s been in government how long? Wasn’t he VP for 8 years too? I think kanyewest has a better chance than Joe does!!

He can do that on the days he remembers what day it is. No he’s going to do that? You have to define it, and show evidence it exists before you can stop it. Good luck Joe js26783_joe WallStreetJoe has been systemically racist his entire life. Even this campaign began with white men and one white woman. That's it. He does the 'diversity' dance for show but WallStreetJoe is deeply and casually an everyday racist.

He can't even take out his own teeth to brush them Now it all makes sense.... Well he had 8 years as VP plus 40 years before that, and he’s just now getting around to doing something positive. This would not end well for anyone. Sure Joe A man they called Stephen Miller Was known as the Whitehouse chiller. He locked up the kids Like a true racist pig Greatly pleasing Our Pedophile in Chief. Happy 4-th.

Why didn't he do it during his fifty years in D.C Ha!!! Considering JoeBiden and the DNC have a foundational history rooted in racism and the subjugation of minorities, I find this hilarious Could he define it? Haha haha 😂 he can’t form a sentence ffs, what are you talking about? Because this........?

Wasn’t he in the White House for 8 years and nothing was done or attempted to be done? So he's going to remove all the laws he wrote, championed, and voted for? Uh huh- he should work on himself first He’s a terrible candidate IMO. People that think he will fix institutional racism are smoking crack. He’s been in office forever. He was the VP with a black president & didnt do it. Why now? Its nonsense. He wont fix anything. Not saying trump will either but Biden isn’t a savior

Did he define it first? Black mask is not enough. Still white face. He should start with the repeal of the crimes act that he passed. Why joe selling dreams now 💀💀 Like he did with Obama for 8 years? You hypocrite- your track records says different. You can't just say shit to get elected. It is easy to solve. We defeat Joe Biden and get rid of loopholes that allowed BLM and looters to destroy our monuments for over the past month.

45 years while into office... Something your readers may want to know A full share of the American dream is nothing less than redistribution of wealth. LOL. Sure. Can you see that happening? Or him being the cause of it? I wonder whose words he ripped off for the speech. Get rid of taxes and systemic racism is gone tomorrow.

Can't do that w/o implementing almost all of Warren's policies. These democrat idiots have nothing to talk about but racism. 🤨 Far left fascism? This is why people won't vote for him. He is the man that worked w/ segregationsits, tore Anita Hill to shred in Congress, wrote the crime bill, defended it. Voted for an illegal war, as well as anti MedicareForAll etc. Tell me again how he is a leftist?

democrats are going to end racism across the country when they can't even pave streets and build sidewalks in the cities that they run. sure, joe. sure. The only consistent systemic racist thing in the US is abortion. Glad he is going to eliminate it Is this before or after he cures cancer... can’t believe he’s holding the cure hostage... what an asshole... 🤡🐸🤦🏽‍♂️

Good luck since he is a racist in every fiber of his 7-11 Coke genes Racist who recognizes other racist... nah it will never work He’s been in office for 50 years and now wants to tackle it. 🤦🏾‍♂️. Gimme a break Biden been in politics 50 years, he should have a track record of doing so by now....but instead he has a track record of doing the opposite. He is using a black movement to endorse himself. Talk talk talk.. That is all to observe here.

Now that’s funny. Biden doesn’t even know where he is. What was he doing 2009 to 2017? Oh yeah, JoeBiden you have definitely “uprooted” it and set us back hundreds of years! Vote realDonaldTrump !!! Hahaha LA Liberal Times 100% on Biden's Team , no honest impartial reporting left in this Newspaper !!! Lol an old white Democrat is coming to save the day!!!

Still waiting... He’s been in politics for over 40 years he is the problem he claims to want to fix. He is the system he vows to uproot! Democrats have racial impression down to a science. They sell self pity and a victimized mindset to “minorities.” 😂🤣😂😂that crime bill he’s responsible for Oh really? Biden has been a Senator and VP for like 40 years. How come he didn’t do anything about “systemic racism” all that time? Give me a break. This guy is full of shit.

Because his last 33 years in the office wasn’t enough time. Oh wait actually he was in favor of segregation and befriended Robert Byrd, but let’s not mention any of that. Gee he couldn’t do that in the 48 years in government but now he will. Trump2020Landslide None with the talk. I’ll wait for the actions.

Biden voted for systemic racism for 38 years. This is the moment- been waiting since 1974 to make his big impact. Don’t bother asking follow up questions to his plan. Shitty reporting FREE Malcolm X's Descendants currently housed in West Block at San Quentin State Prison with 1,400 cases. FREE THEM ALL!

Biden vows to learn how to take his mask off in Fourth of July message. There is a lot more support for it today but wonder if Biden is up for it (it would take a big change from his previous record on race). Maybe if he picks a progressive Black woman running mate. JoeBiden Just don't say what BetoORourke did... Be clever how you uproot the fabrics of hate. They've been waiting and prepping a long time for this day they knew would come. humanityfirst neverendingrevolution And they've got a mascot in the Masters house, built by slaves.

I want to be nominated for the PEOPLE’S Central Planning Committee (to replace Systemic Racism) that will decide ALL SPORTS lineups and render coaches redundant. JoeBiden was the understudy to BarackObama-a 2 term black President and he couldn't uproot it then. What makes one believe that he could do it now?

Sure. What are you talking about? He thinks it’s Thanksgiving still Yea, he's only been in Congress for the last 45 years. 🤷🏻‍♂️ “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids”. Racism is in his heart How exactly are you going to do that, chief? The poor man wouldn't uproot a 🥕. He and Obama had eight years to do it.

He must repent from his past racist behaviors, which he hasnt done He would know how being he helped build and enforce its infrastructure What exactly was he doing for the 40+ years he spent in politics? If you believe this, you are a complete and utter buffoon.

On Fourth of July weekend, Biden projects optimism against Trump's 'dystopia of fascism'Joe Biden sends a Fourth of July message in response to President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech. He warns President Trump could dismantle democracy if he is re-elected, MSNBC’s Betsy Woodruff Swan reports. woodruffbets Trump2020 woodruffbets In other words, what’s already happening? woodruffbets Optimist or Pessimist? For some it's a no brainer

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture warPresident Trump accuses his opponents of wanting to 'end America' and vows to protect statues and monuments. Noahbierman Update: The hostage situation at MtRushmore is now over. The monuments are in critical but stable condition. realDonaldTrump Noahbierman What a weirdo Noahbierman “Far-left Fascism?”

Trump celebrates July Fourth at Mount RushmoreDespite wildfire fears, fireworks followed his speech, in which he announced he would establish a statuary garden to recognize American heroes. And the maga support actors peed their pants while wildly stomping their feet and clapping their hands. 🤮 Maybe your crazy POTUS wants to become the fifth one? 🤣🤡 Trump He’s probably already suffering from Covid. That’s his exit plan before November.

Trump returns to polarizing themes in Fourth of July addressPresident Donald Trump on Saturday railed against protesters, China and the media in an address marking America's Independence Day — typically a non-partisan celebration of national unity He railed against Marxists, rioters, police haters, statue and monument destroyers. He railed against these hateful terror groups Antifa and BLM who have made it blatantly clear they want to destroy this country. They hate USA. National unity was the cry to stop these radicals! very presidential, very inspiring. He can't help but dig his heels in deeper and deeper even though he is down a well politically. So done.

Perspective | The Fourth of July is a Black American holidayBlack Americans have long used the holiday to crusade for equality. Wrong again. It’s an American holiday always was and always will be. When you hate America, find another color. We cherish 'black patriotism '.

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