Biden to warn Putin of economic pain if he invades Ukraine | AP News

Joe Biden is ready to warn Vladimir Putin during a call that Russia will face economy-jarring sanctions if it invades Ukraine. Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the tens of thousands of Russian troops massed near the Ukraine border.

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12/7/2021 3:31:00 PM

Joe Biden is ready to warn Vladimir Putin during a call that Russia will face economy-jarring sanctions if it invades Ukraine . Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the tens of thousands of Russia n troops massed near the Ukraine border.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is ready to warn Vladimir Putin during a video call Tuesday that Russia will face economy-jarring sanctions if it invades neighboring Ukraine as Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the tens of thousands of Russia n troops massed near the Ukraine border .

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is ready to warn Vladimir Putin during a video call Tuesday that Russia will face economy-jarring sanctions if it invades neighboring Ukraine as Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the tens of thousands of

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Russian troops massed near the Ukraine border.Biden aims to make clear that his administration stands ready to take actions against the Kremlin that would exact “a very real cost” on the Russian economy, according to White House officials. Putin, for his part, is expected to demand guarantees from Biden that

the NATO military alliancewill never expand to include Ukraine, which has long sought membership. That’s a non-starter for the Americans and their NATO allies.“We’ve consulted significantly with our allies and believe we have a path forward that would impose significant and severe harm on the Russian economy,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday in previewing the meeting. “You can call that a threat. You can call that a fact. You can call that preparation. You can call it whatever you want to call it.”

ADVERTISEMENTleader-to-leader conversation— Biden speaking from the Situation Room, Putin from his residence in Sochi — is expected to be one of the toughest of Biden’s presidency and comes at a perilous time. U.S. intelligence officials have determined that Russia has massed 70,000 troops near the Ukraine border and has made

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preparations for a possible invasionearly next year.In a statement released just hours before the leaders’ video call, Ukrainian authorities charged that Russia is sending tanks and snipers to war-torn eastern Ukraine to “provoke return fire.” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry alleged that Russia is holding “training camps under the leadership of regular servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces.” The Kremlin hasn’t commented on the allegations.

The U.S. has not determined whether Putin has made a final decision to invade. Still, Biden intends to make clear to the Russian leader that there will be a “very real cost” should Russia proceed with military action, according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity.

Biden was vice president in 2014 when Russian troops marched intothe Black Sea peninsula of Crimeaand annexed the territory from Ukraine. Aides say the Crimea episode — one of the darker moments for former President Barack Obama on the international stage — looms large as Biden looks at the current smoldering crisis.

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The eastward expansion of NATO has from the start been a bone of contention not just with Moscow but also in Washington. In 1996, when President Bill Clinton’s national security team debated the timing of membership invitations to former Soviet allies Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Defense Secretary William Perry urged delay to keep Russian relations on track. Perry wrote in his memoir that when he lost the internal debate he considered resigning.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were formally invited in 1997 and joined in 1999. They were followed in 2004 by Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since then, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia have joined, bringing NATO’s total to 30 nations.

ADVERTISEMENTA key principle of the NATO alliance is that membership is open to any qualifying country. And no outsider has membership veto power. While there’s little prospect that Ukraine would be invited into the alliance anytime soon, the U.S. and its allies won’t rule it out.

In Washington, Republicans are framing this moment as a key test of Biden’s leadership on the global stage.

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Let’s warn Russia but that alone isn’t enough! U.S & NATO need to back up those warnings w/tangible actions by giving Ukraine’s Military, sophisticated modern armaments & training that will make Russia to think twice before crossing Ukraine’s borders! Stop Russia’s aggression! Back off Ukraine or we won’t come to your Olympics.

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maggieNYT Acquiring Ukraine will make up for anything Biden can do to him. Someone will have to roll Biden over and let him know. The diplomatic solution might be for NATO to back off Ukraine … 😏 Biden is a real President..✌ It's long past time to kick in Putin's teeth. If biden shits himself in front of the pope then what is going to happen here?

Who cares the US sanctions? That is not hardly enough.

Beyond Ukraine, plenty of issues for Biden-Putin talks | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — Russia ’s military buildup on the border with Ukraine will be the top focus of talks between President Joe Biden and Russia ’s Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, but there are plenty of other thorny issues on the table as well, including cyberattacks, human rights, and US- Russia n relations that a Kremlin spokesman says are overall in “a rather dire state.” 'How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing.' - Neville Chamberlain are those all humans?

A stern warning should do it... Put in is going to invade Ukraine while on the phone with Joe Putin’s Ego Ruined the Helsinki Summit - The Atlantic ,2018-07-20 KremlinRussia_E PressSec VP ,BarackObama DictatorWatch , maggieNYT I'll bet Trump has been encouraging Putin to invade Ukraine and is already promising to relieve any sanctions imposed by the Biden Administration.

🤡 America loves a good sanction.. The US have to realize they are becoming irrelevant. The times are changing, there is a shift happening. Being the Second biggest superpower isn't to bad. My guess is that Biden will be outsmarted by Putin and Russia will get Ukraine back. who the fuck is Biden He will fall as soon as he sees PUTIN! Sanction? Are we talking about Ethiopia and Eritrea? please stop the BS

How the Corrupt Media described Trump meeting with Putin in 'secret' is vastly different than how the Fake News is describing Biden's 'secret' meeting with Putin: Why would Putin care? His personal riches are secure no matter what and he can't be overthrown by a popular uprising because they are all brainwashed into believing he's their God appointed king.

So predictable policy, no wonder, Russia got Crimea under Obama /Joe noses!

In Biden-Putin talks, key question is Russia's intent in UkraineWhen Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet virtually on Tuesday the two presidents will have to negotiate a history of mutual suspicion as they take up the urgent issue of a major Russia n military buildup on the Ukraine border. So grateful to have a POTUS that isn't in Putin's pocket. Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will do a mountain travel tourist beach logo design

It was OK though when thousands of American troops invaded iraq Let's hope one day, Biden will learn he doesn't run the world. What's Biden gonna do? Shit his pants again? He thinks Putin cares if his people suffer? How many US military personnel are you prepared to sacrifice to defend Ukraine? For me, the number is zero.

Where are sanctions for continuing to meddle (act of war) in our elections & hack our corporations? There’s plenty of proof. China too. Oh no, don't warn him.... He'll be terribly frightened. Yo Ukraine Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will make fantasy coloring book page for kids and adult

Biden to warn Putin of economic consequences of Ukraine invasion, says officialU.S. President Joe Biden will warn Russia n President Vladimir Putin of severe economic consequences should Russia go ahead with an invasion of Ukraine , a senior U.S. administration official said on Monday. He looks like a Ned. Except that Russia is economically insulated from the US at this point... And no, Europe would not stop trading with Russia, LOL. What is there left to sanction?

Biden to Warn Putin Off Invasion of UkrainePresident Biden spoke Monday with Europe an allies ahead of a call with Vladimir Putin in which he will warn the Russia n president not to invade Ukraine , officials said. this is terrible news MrTonitas_II Ya veo los titulares sobre Putin intimidado 😂 Does anyone take the warnings of President Biden seriously?

Biden and Putin head into Ukraine talks with scant room for compromisePresidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have a chasm of mutual distrust to bridge when they hold a virtual meeting on Tuesday in the shadow of what the United States believes is a threatened Russia n invasion of Ukraine . 在什么人权环境下才会,儿不能伸父冤,民不能适国法?一个证据确凿的人命铁案冤案在官商勾结后长达一年半竟无一人理会,导致受害者家徒四壁,终日以泪洗面,而利益集团代言人还在堂而皇之的标榜人权优越性!要求中国政府彻查四川医疗及官场腐败,还中华民族基本人道公正!证据在本人推特 Another Munich is coming up? The only reason PUTIN wants UKRAINE is that a PIPELINE for which he has to pay LEASEHOLD crosses it into EUROPE w/FUEL.

Biden to confront Putin over Ukraine in high-stakes meetingPres. Biden expected to press Russia n Pres. Vladimir Putin during a video meeting that there would be consequences for invading its neighbor Ukraine , as Russia amasses troops on the Ukrainian border. 🙄🤬👺😀 FJB Coming from a President who stands up against China by not sending delegates to Beijing. What consequences again other than telling him they'll have direct contact on the battle field if they try the stupid move.! Punishing Russia with sanctions for invading an ally Ukraine is an independent country..let sufficient American boots and equipment reach there now!