Biden To Restore Protections For America’s Largest National Forest

The administration will end large-scale logging of old-growth trees in “America’s Amazon' to fight climate change.

7/16/2021 3:15:00 AM

The administration will end large-scale logging of old-growth trees in “America’s Amazon' to fight climate change.

The administration will end large-scale logging of old-growth trees in “America’s Amazon' as part of its effort to fight global climate change.

for Tongass by lifting Clinton-era logging restrictions across 9.3 million forested acres and reclassifying 188,000 acres, including 168,000 acres of old-growth timber, as immediately suitable for harvesting.While the agency’s announcement was limited on details, it said it will end large-scale commercial logging of old-growth timber within the forest and instead “focus management resources to support forest restoration, recreation and resilience, including for climate, wildlife habit and watershed improvement.” Limited harvesting of old-growth trees would be permitted for community and cultural use, including for constructing totem poles and canoes.

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“This approach will help us chart the path to long-term economic opportunities that are sustainable and reflect Southeast Alaska’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent natural resources,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement.The agency also plans to invest $25 million in community and economic development, it said.

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And meanwhile, the administration's sanctions on Nicaragua will result in deforestation of a much larger forest. Now, maybe they could end the policy of installing and supporting neoliberal government's in South America that let US companies cut down the real Amazon. Great Job, Joe. There is plenty Steel.

Yes please please please Wonderful. He will probably spend all his four years undoing what the last pres. Undid. SRichards0228 Good! POTUS SecDebHaaland r maybe saving one forest to deflect from the reality that they enable, every single day, the broad decimation of public lands and wild animals across the continental US to make space for high methane emitting livestock who destroy ecosystems. They sold out.

So Biden is going to limit management of forests now. I thought he was going on advice of SCIENCE. Seems that is only true when it suits his agenda. All OldGrowth trees must be protected! Here in CA even agencies like CaltransHQ are decimating old growth Redwoods to satisfy their lust for vanity projects. JoeBiden GavinNewsom SaveRichardsonGrove SaveJacksonDemonstrationForest

Go ahead, let them turn into fire traps like California has done. Apparently numb nuts doesn't have any competent environmental advisers? Everyone needs to go paperless. There's NO reason we all still get massive amounts of junk mail which is tossed directly into the garbage. It's reprehensible to kill trees for bs advertising, and companies must stop printing out needless reports & use the cloud. Save our trees!

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As an 80's child you would hear a lot about 'protecting the ozone', and 'saving the Amazon rainforest' happy to hear this declaration...🤔 good

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