Biden to propose task force to reunite migrant children with their parents

Biden to propose task force to reunite migrant children with their parents

10/29/2020 4:23:00 PM

Joe Biden is expected to announce that he will create a task force to try to reunite 525 children separated at the border from their parents through executive order on day one of his presidency, a campaign source familiar with the decision tells NBCNews.

Biden to propose task force to reunite migrant children with their parents

The decision comes as he heads to Florida, where his campaign has been trying to chip away at support for Trump among Latino voters. Both men will be campaigning in Tampa on Thursday.In response to the planned announcement, a government official involved in the reunification of thousands of children separated by the Trump administration said, “Those of us who worked to prevent the family separation policy from taking place, and then did whatever we could to reunify children, are eager for a chance to do more. That could be possible under an administration that shares our belief that family separation is immoral and cruel. If a Biden administration task force is created, there are experienced feds who’ll stand up immediately to volunteer.”

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Guess you’ll be sending them back to Guatemala. It will give the parents a chance to sell them once again to coyotes. President and his team are already working on resolving.🙏🇺🇸❤ Minervasbard It’s almost like he knows how government and a civil society are supposed to function! Federal Government VOTE VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica

How special .. will he talk about his plan? Or just say that he has a plan. Better yet.. just have Obama announce it just so sleep Joe doesn’t screw it up. This coming from the man who Built the cages and fences. this isnt going to win him more votes. sadly Joe Biden is a Criminal!!!! is negligent in covering up his crimes...he sold access and laundered money...your silence means your complicit in the coverup

Why aren’t the “parents” there at the border trying to find their kids? 🤔 Another task force? That makes 6000. We'll need a task force to keep track of the task forces WNYT Ol' Joe and his task forces . He still can't make a decision for himself. Let's hope he never gets to that position where you need to think fast.

Are these children of parents who are thought to be in the US or back in their home country? Thank goodness 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙☘️☘️☘️💙☘️☘️ Well that will fix it - simple Bobulinski Biden is the lead of a criminal business that has made his family wealthy. Bobulinski is a patriot who is telling the truth. Watch the Tucker Carlson interview and get educated instead of manipulated by the Dems

You mean Biden is going to bring the children’s families to the US instead of send them to their families in their home country? The issue is that the parents want to leave them there. Why are the parents not coming to try to get them? They know where they’re at. Yes. Let's do that. T Y. Are these the children Joe & Obama put into cages or are we not supposed to talk about that ...... just asking . Looking forward to all the 'but that was different ' responses for POTUS 45 doing the exact same thing 44 did. Kinda like building the border wall. Clowns !!

...and prosecution of the offenders. justice He was VP for 8 years and did nothing to protect border kids. Obama/Biden passed these kids through with God knows who into the streets and worse sex trafficking. He’s worried about 545 kids being cared for but not the kids being tortured. tRUmp doesn't say a word, because he and his cult could care less. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌀🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

Why did Obuma and Joe “You ain’t black” Biden build all those cages? Wait!!.. What happen in the 47 years then? Wow!..Just to get votes 🗳 NAH!! Too late buddy!! LatinosForTrump What task force will oversee that task force? GREAT! If we can announce this on an international station, like CNN for example, hoping to reach these parents and asking them to reach out to a task force number (similar to reaching out to the UN).

And whats his plan when he isn't elected? And yet, he was the VP of the administration that started separating and caving children. So he wants to fix what he and Obama created! SMH! Too late! Biden and children in the same sentence 🤮 NBC News, why aren’t you covering the Biden family corruption? Joe Biden has been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and by Russia via Ukraine, and this is not a 24/7 major story on your platform

Yay Biden I’m sure that’s what the Parents of the kids the kids themselves and the caretakers wanna hear. Thank you💙 In the US. 485 of those kids families have been found and they refuse to take them back! Omission of facts is still lying! This is why you are called FAKE NEWS! Why don’t you do your job as a real news station and bring up the fact Congress has in their possession proof! Of Biden Family Corruption.

VOTE, TRUMP 2020 Obviously the parents don’t give a shit or they’d figure out a way to get to their kids!!!

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