Joe Biden To Host Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer İn Delaware To Discuss Finalizing Spending Bill - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden To Host Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer İn Delaware To Discuss Finalizing Spending Bill - Cnnpolitics

Biden to host Manchin in Delaware to discuss finalizing spending bill

President Biden will host Sen. Joe Manchin, one of two key holdouts to his sweeping economic and climate package, at his Delaware home today

10/24/2021 4:33:00 PM

President Biden will host Sen. Joe Manchin, one of two key holdouts to his sweeping economic and climate package, at his Delaware home today

President Joe Biden will host critical moderate Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at his home in Delaware on Sunday morning in a push to finalize an agreement on a sweeping economic and climate package, a White House official tells CNN

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It's bullshit. We need 10 dem senators. Make it 12 actually. Unreal that one person can stop climate advancement. Get rid of the filibuster Good plan to stay away from all the 'ears' in White House and all Journalists! Missed headline opportunity: Joe Manchin is headed to Joe’s mansion SaveBangladeshiHindus

I wish it were possible for the President to fire Manchin. Thanks to Bidens growing corn for gasoline my Cheerios and Nature Valley Bars Have Round Up Weed Killer in my food , Biden USDA and EPA says Toxic levels are acceptable for human consumption , Biden Ethanol pays farmers for votes and we get Toxins in water and Toxic food !

I don't get this whole Fuck Joe Biden thing, more white republican men have screamed they want to fuck Joe Biden than roofied white girls have said they want to fuck Bill Cosby. More back room deals to be made, Manchin is going to be a terribly rich man in about a week.... cnn how old is this picture? joe now hold out both hands with clutched fists.

There is a shortage of workers. if those who are here in the united states of America refuse to work employers will have no choice but to hire those who are seeking asylum, beware the job you save might be your own, American people go back to work. blame yourself if you lose.

Jason Sudeikis Returns As The “Ghost Of Joe Biden Past” On “Saturday Night Live’ Cold OpenJason Sudeikis returned as the Joe Biden of old — the cooler and “lucid” one of his vice presidential years — in the Saturday Night Live cold open, for a skit that played on…

What no free stuff you mean we will have to work for stuff we want? If Hillary is there run Sinema and Manchin two common sense Senators, thanks 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Good. Biden needs to give Manchin a talking to about his undemocratic stance on climate change. Machin should resign Can I please get some help y’all?! Please?! Anything y’all send I willpay back. I just need some money for food I’m in between pays

Nuke ➡️ iran ➡️ tehran Let's go brandon,yeahhhhhh Who’s gonna have to eat the cookie after they jerk each other cross eyed

'Joe Biden' Meets His Cool Jason Sudeikis Self On 'Saturday Night Live'“I’m you from 8 years ago, the ghost of Biden past. Where I’m from, we’re still VP — easiest gig in the world,' Sudeikis tells current Biden, James Austin Johnson. wow Moooore unfunny crapola from unfunny people I'm sorry but James Austin Thompson looks more like the chicken lady then he does Joe Biden

FJoeBiden Is it his home or a nursing home? Hope he stands his ground Joe mansion needs to run as a Republican next go around. He’s a disgrace to the middle class. Makes you wonder who is running the country Joe Manchin will see right through Biden and his handlers! Will Manchin get to see biden's new fence? Funny, China joe gets a fence, but the southern border is wide open.

Lean on him hard, Joe! Sometimes you just can’t be nice when so much is on the line. Joe Mansion would make an awesome hostage taker. He really is a natural.

'SNL': Jason Sudeikis' 2012 Joe Biden Returns for Epic Cold OpenJason Sudeikis' smiling, shades-wearing 2012 Joe Biden time travels to the modern day in SNL's latest memorable 'Cold Open' sketch. SNL needs to bring back Jim Carrey to portray Biden. He's far more talented & better at portraying Biden than the current person does.

I'm mildly surprised that Manchin didn't demand that Biden bow down to him on board Manchin's fabulous yacht. After all, Machin is holding all the cards. Key holdout? So, someone who doesn't agree? What about the GreenNewDeal?! Maybe you could also fit in your schedule to condemn all corporations supporting things like fossilfuels! Enforce that all banks be like Aspiration!

Manchin is not a holdout or a puppet of any party especially Democratic socialist left. Get him that vote! Exxon won't be worried. They've already bought him. How do have a discussion with machin knowing him and Sinema have been bribed? The Build Back Better plan Why don’t Nancy Pelosi talk to? Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger And see if thy will vote for the Build Back Better plan And get a better deal And Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin Can vote whatever they want

Sen_JoeManchin's project in the Senate & governor has been to enrich himself.West Virginia is poor, backward,addicted,under educated, & a white racist haven.All that phony serving has been a disaster for the state. Cmon, people like this shouldn't be anywhere near government! Here come the bribes

Jason Sudeikis mocks Joe Biden smelling women's hair in SNL openingThe SNL cast also made fun of Joe Biden's poor approval ratings during the Biden segment. Still a hell of a lot better than the former “disgraced” guy tho.

Stay your ground Manchin don't sell out our country finances will suffer if you don't. If they are worried about the climate maybe they should spend big money on Co2 recovery systems. The Headline should read a Republican acting like a Democrat. It’s not a matter of “two key holdouts”. There are exactly two grandstanding obstructionists blocking programs the American people need.

Tell him to either give in or you’re gonna primary him out with someone who fights for the people and not corporate interest. Where is Senator Sell-Out Sinema? At another party with her Big Pharma & Koch Bros donors? Hiding in the restroom from her constituents? Does he think he’ll flip the closet republican?

For what? He’s already bought and paid for by the right. What is Biden hoping to accomplish with 'hosting' Manchin? Should be 'roasting'. He's banging his head against a wall. That oil and coal money is too much for Manchin to refuse. Good!!

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 2 points in hypothetical 2024 matchup: PollNeither Biden or Trump have officially announced a bid for 2024. However, Trump has repeatedly teased a return to the White House and 2024 campaign since leaving office. LET'S GO BRANDON!!!! LMFAO!!!!

EmbryEthan He’s not supporting his party anyway so kick him off committees and the DNC should support whoever primaries him Maybe Hunter will come over and paint them while they’re having lunch. It’s got to worth a million bucks. Haha Please help me save my son he's only 15 I'm dying inside the City of Pico Rivera and the LA county LADCFS DID THIS TO HIM! I NEED TO PROTECT HIM

Yes we will be serving leftover pizza and Miller beer in order to stay within Manchin's budget.... They say Joe+Joe=2 Joe’s, but I would argue that Joe+Joe=Joe^2(squared) because they both bring a different calculus to the table. Could this be a game changing meeting?! Is he bringing more money than the coal companies?

Sen_JoeManchin the black sheep Hopefully to ask him why he’s such a piece of shit or why he’s profiting from coal while actively voting against environmental issues. Manchin Is WEAKNESS - Greed Over People!!!! Disgusting.

Derecka Purnell Rips President Biden For Wanting More Money For PoliceAuthor Derecka Purnell rips President Biden over community policing. Strive4GreatACH add KamalaHarris and others to the 'Rip' Live dereckapurnell HarveyLevinTMZ charleslat Until we have accountability we have nothing!!! Until officers risk something we have nothing. Until we get the order of privilege and right to be an officer corrected we have done nothing. POTUS

What the f*ck is moderate about Joe Manchin? As we sit with half the country on fire & the other underwater... as millions struggle under medical & student debt... a better question would be: What the f*ck is a moderate? Just a gutless corporate puppet in a blue tie! Do better! Sen_JoeManchin is bringing level and sensible negotiations to an unstable mind.

Acosta Manchen is corrupt,no matter how many meetings you hold he Is not going to change.Kick him out of the Democratic Party.