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Biden to announce new eviction ban due to COVID spread

BREAKING: The Biden administration will announce a new 60-day moratorium on evictions amid a surge in cases of COVID-19.

8/3/2021 11:45:00 PM

BREAKING: The Biden administration will announce a new 60-day moratorium on evictions amid a surge in cases of COVID-19.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration will announce a new 60-day eviction moratorium that would protect areas where 90% of the U.S. population lives, according to three people familiar with the plans who insisted on anonymity to discuss the forthcoming announcement.

The extension helps to heal a rift with liberal Democratic lawmakers who were calling on executive action to keep renters in their homes as the delta variant of the coronavirus spread and a prior moratorium lapsed at the end of July. Administration officials had previously said a Supreme Court ruling stopped them from setting up a new moratorium without congressional backing, saying that states and cities must be more aggressive in releasing nearly $47 billion in relief for renters on the verge of eviction.

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ADVERTISEMENTThe new policy came amid a scramble of actions by the Biden team to reassure Democrats and the country that it could find a way to halt potential evictions.Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen briefed House Democrats Tuesday on the administration’s efforts to prevent widespread

housing evictions after a moratorium lapsed, but lawmakers protesting outside the U.S. Capitol said more needs to be done, intensifying pressure on President Joe Biden to act.Yellen told Democrats on a private call about the work underway to ensure some $47 billion in federal housing aid approved during the COVID-19 crisis makes it to renters and landlords. She provided data so that lawmakers could see how their districts and states are performing with distributing the relief, according to a person on the call.

The White House has said state and local governments have been slow to push out that federal money and is pressing them to do so swiftly after theeviction moratorium expired over the weekend.The treasury secretary tried to encourage Democrats to work together, even as lawmakers have said Biden should act on his own to extend the eviction moratorium, according to someone on the private call who insisted on anonymity to discuss its contents.

Yellen said on the call, according to this person, that she agrees “we need to bring every resource to bear” and that she appreciated the Democrats’ efforts and wants “to leave no stone unturned.”But progressive lawmakers, who have been camped for days outside the Capitol with dozens of supporters, are trying to pressure the administration to put the moratorium back in place.

“What we need is for the White House to actually do, to do the thing — and they need to actually extend the moratorium,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at the Capitol.ADVERTISEMENTThe administration had repeatedly resisted another extension because the Supreme Court appears likely to block it. When the court allowed the eviction ban to remain in place through the end of July by a 5-4 vote, one justice in the majority, Brett Kavanaugh, wrote that Congress would have to act to extend it further.

As the eviction crisis mounts, the White House has frequently said that Biden is doing all he canunder legal constraintsto keep renters in their homes and landlords paid what they are owed. While as many as 3.6 million Americans are at risk of eviction, the administration has emphasized that money has already been approved and many Americans will be able to stay housed with the efforts underway.

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The focus on states comes as Biden faces stinging criticism, including from some in his own party, that he was was slow to address the end of the moratorium. Some people were at immediate risk of losing their homes.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had called the prospect of widespread evictions “unfathomable.” The Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other progressive lawmakers intensified pressure on the White House to issue an immediate extension.

One Democrat, Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, has been camped outside the U.S. Capitol in protest since the weekend. She was joined overnight Monday by Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Jimmy Gonzalez, D-Calif., and others who gave her a brief reprieve so she could rest indoors. Bush also had a brief conversation Monday at the Capitol with Vice President Kamala Harris.

“People could be helped right now,” said Bush, a first-term, St. Louis-area lawmaker who has shared her own story of living temporarily in her car as a young mother years ago. “We need that moratorium.”Late last week, Biden announcedhe was allowing the ban to expire, pushing Congress to act, but lawmakers were unable to swiftly rally the votes as even Democrats questioned prolonging the eviction ban for a few more months.

The CDC put the eviction ban in place as part of the COVID-19 response when jobs shifted and many workers lost income. The ban was intended to hold back the spread of the virus among people put out on the streets and into shelters.The White House noted that state-level efforts to stop evictions would spare a third of the country from evictions over the next month.

While the administration is still investigating legal options to forestall evictions, officials said their options were limited. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that the CDC, which issued the eviction ban, was “unable to find legal authority for a new, targeted eviction moratorium.”

Mass evictions could potentially worsen the recent spread of the COVID-19 delta variant as roughly 1.4 million households told the Census Bureau they could “very likely” be evicted from their rentals in the next two months. Another 2.2 million say they’re “somewhat likely” to be evicted.

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Gene Sperling, who oversees the administration’s coronavirus relief plans, said the administration will continue looking for additional legal avenues to keep people in their homes. Yet he stressed the complexity of the problem by also noting that the Trump administration developed guidelines for providing aid to renters and landlords that were unworkable. Those guidelines which required extensive documentation were changed once Biden was in office.

“This is not an easy task,” Sperling said. “We as a country have never had a national infrastructure or national policy for preventing avoidable evictions.”Democratic lawmakers said they were caught by surprise by Biden’s decision to end the moratorium, creating frustration and anger and exposing a rare rift with the administration. The CDC indicated in late June that it probably wouldn’t extend the eviction ban beyond the end of July.

Rep. Maxine Waters, the powerful chair of the Financial Services Committee, has been talking privately for days with Yellen and urged the treasury secretary to use her influence to prod states to push the money out the door.But Waters also called on the CDC to act on its own. “I don’t buy that the CDC can’t extend the eviction moratorium - something it has already done in the past! Who is going to stop them?” Waters said in a tweet. “C’mon CDC - have a heart! Just do it!”

___Associated Press writer Alexandra Jaffe contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Massive evictions would be dangerous. Dangerous for the newly homeless and vulnerable, dangerous to public health. They need to help the landlord's. Distribution of those funds at the State level will just create sticky fingers. It already has in some cases. Can't stay if you can't pay! You've had a year. Stop taking advantage.

BREAKING: The Biden Administration defies Supreme Court, sets up a constitutional crisis Most ridiculous moratorium and just completely unfair and impractical. 2 more months....WE need the funding for Rent Assistance to come thru NOW basically “ lockdown “ why can’t you simplify it Jesus, foil every self-serving scheme, every partisan plot. Wake folk up with wisdom, guide them with understanding, align them with truth, cause them to do right by You and their fellowman. You shall render to each according to their deeds. Somebodies & nobodies shall bow to You

I also like to stop paying taxes, please Seriously, my business is going down because people won't work. Quit giving them a crutch WE DEMAND FREE HOUSING, FOOD, INTERNET, AND TO DEFUND THE POLICE.

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Cannot Live Anywhere For Free. Owners Of The Apartments TownHomes ect.. need their money.. how in thee fuck are they suppose to live. CDC had no business putting moratorium on rent just like the supreme court said. This is a fuckin joke. Pay your rent if not🤷🏿‍♀️ Great start POTUS and VP....lets do the same with student loan repayments and freeze that for another 90 days.

Thats not good enough especially since the Democrats betrayed us for money What business is being shut down right now due to new cases? Since the CDC and Biden now the States are going to interfere in private contracts wouldn't they now become the defacto signatory on any lease and be liable legally for any monies owed in court?

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CDC rebuffs Biden bid to reinstate COVID-19 eviction moratoriumThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has turned down President Joe Biden 's request for a new scaled-down pandemic-related moratorium on residential evictions, citing a lack of legal authority to take the action, the White House said on Monday. Go back to work and pay your own rent .