Biden Tells House Democrats Tuition-Free Community College İs Out Of Economic Package - Cnnpolitics

Biden Tells House Democrats Tuition-Free Community College İs Out Of Economic Package - Cnnpolitics

Biden tells House Democrats tuition-free community college is out of economic package

President Biden has told House progressives that the final bill to expand the social safety net is expected to drop tuition-free community college, a major White House priority, sources say

10/20/2021 1:37:00 AM

President Biden has told House progressives that the final bill to expand the social safety net is expected to drop tuition-free community college, a major White House priority, sources say

President Joe Biden informed House progressives Tuesday afternoon that the final bill to expand the social safety net is expected to drop tuition-free community college, a major White House priority, according to multiple sources familiar with the mater.

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Lol who thought that would actually happen Perfect They just screwed me! I was counting on this provision! That’s the last straw idc anymore trump can have the country! I hope he roasts these democrats in a pot! Im sick of always being betrayed! No shit. Another lie he fooled folks with lmao Girasol_Mary 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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White House dials up 'urgency' as Biden meets with Democrats on economic billThe White House is holding a series of meetings this week to pressure Democrats to resolve their differences and reach a deal on the sweeping economic policy bill.

Hell yeah hahaha It’s absurd that was in the package anyway. That is a state issue, not a federal one. i think everyone stopped commenting on CNN, there lies are catching up HAHAHAHHAA No surprised .. and here is some TRUTH that the CORPORATE OWNED is UNABLE to report! Bahahahahaha who keeps voting blue 😂

I can't say I was expecting anything different. Just more of the same, promises made on the campaign trail only to be tossed aside when no one's looking. I wish I didn't get Realpolitik. 😂 Bidensexuals Lmao this whole admin is a joke

Eric Trump calls out Biden for spending time away from White House'When Afghanistan is falling, guess what? You have President Biden who is in Delaware not solving that problem,' former president Donald Trump's son said. Your father gave the world Vaccine in less than one year, a thing that is unheard of. He had the authority to stop the manufacture & release of Covid19 but he didn't. He was in a position to prosecute SimonTheSorcerer & GatesOfHell but he didn't. He should rest & be quiet. Must be a slow news day… WTF, about his dad.

Lmao bro lied bout 10 times now Big industry is more important than education. We have become one more 3rd world country! Traitors to America! China owns our politicians. CNN در آخرین گزارش خود، مقاله‌ای در ارتباط با عملکرد دولت چین نسبت به بحران انرژی در زمستان منتشر کرده است. در این گزاش آمده است، دولت چین به معادن زغال سنگ این کشور دستور داده است 'تا آنجا که ممکن است زغال سنگ تولید کنند' CNN

What a great guy! Lol Oh that's a real shocker POTUS but helped you get elected, right? We're not cutting back on aircraft carriers, F-35s, and payouts to PMCS, and tax breaks for corporations though, right? Won't somebody think of the children? Ask yourself what is tuition-free community college? It's the Libary

Haha 😂 bet all you snowflakes still don’t see how bad you were all duped! I am seriously laughing so hard right now at all of you that bought into his lies!

Biden honors teachers at the White House: 'You're the best of the best'President Biden made a surprise visit to a ceremony honoring the National Teachers of the Year and thanked teachers for their service calling them some of the 'most consequential people' in the country. Pay us more

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Big loss for future America. Lol Don't you have to run that by Joe manchin the real president? You could very easily call him out on the fact that his son owns the coal company which he makes half a million dollars a year in. But you're too scared Joe and you lost my vote. We're dying out of here

President Biden Can Talk Like a Socialist Precisely Because He Can’t Govern Like OneJoe Biden’s ability to talk like a socialist is directly related to his inability to govern like one. Only socialism can save America, President Biden goes right path to save American. Yes, unlike Republicans who have no compunctions or problem whatsoever with governing like authoritarian Fascists... BidenMalaise

Why Good Campaign Lie, when are ppl going to wake up to the fact the President really doesn’t hv much power at all. 😂 If u believe any of this system they got you.. they been sold out THE People… Shameful 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄… the red hats are gonna win in 24’ and the Democratic Party will be the only people to blame. Can’t even get your own team mates on your side, never mind the other side of the aisle. They have caved on so much, we’re doomed.

I am very upset with Mansion yet we must keep a Republican from getting his seat. We are just stuck. This is a big mistake. I prefer total and full refund after graduating. Prize for successfully finishing. I believe more grads will then have the opportunity to use their new-found skills / knowledge plus money to start a business.

everything in the link below

Colin Powell Mourned by President Joe Biden, Barack Obama and MorePoliticians, celebrities and friends are mourning the loss of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. RIP

promise he can not keep I would have liked to see this part go through, however, I would much prefer to see something passed over nothing. Dems need to stop all the infighting and childish bickering and get to work on compromise. Ya know? Do their jobs!! Not surprised! Just another political promise to fool the common!🤥🤮

Biden what what's going on? Community colleges can be more affordable taking few courses per semester not full time and stay an extra year 3 years insted of 2 and by year 3 have 4 classes that year. And college online can save car costs, campus meal costs too It’s gone from Build Back Better to Build Back a Bit

Ugh. kaitlancollins It’s hard to get educated people to want to work the coal mines in West Virginia. While I am in agreement that we need to assist lower income students with exorbitant tuition, paying your own way and earning that tuition creates so much more appreciation and gratitude for the value of both the education and the monetary value than free will ever do.

'C'mon, man!'

Trump sets up huge legal fight to keep White House records secretTrump's lawyers said a request by the congressional January 6 committee for records linked to the insurrection were 'invalid' under the Constitution. For an innocent, transparent, stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom, and nothing to hide, Donald spends an inordinate amount of time, money, and energy trying to keep things hidden. Odd, too, the material he's fighting to keep hidden would actually prove his innocence. Actually the constitution doesn’t give a former President powers to invoke privileges he doesn’t have. You are the “former” President, not the POTUS. Trump was still president, therefore the records request is absolutely valid.

If Cubs can offer higher education, for FREE. Surely tge land of milk and honey and high IQ having 🤥, can afford to. But America would rather churn out drug affixes, than intellectuals. God forbid we start thinking KattyKay_ Too bad. That would be life changing for some people. I paid my college, all my kids college, but some people can’t. This country always can find money for people that already have it, can rarely find the money that actually helps people.

That’s good because at 60 old I wanna get a BS degree if it’s free tuition That is a-shame as it has worked very well in Rhode Island and has helped with filling the positions available with the skill sets required. Cost effective way to help this country with a better work force. Your to much Biden of course it was cut out of the 1.5 plus per page bill . To bad is was the one thing everyone could get behind LETS GO BRANDON

Smart choice Here’s an idea. Get rid of pre-reqs. Initially, the first two years. Keep classes specialized to that degree/program. 2 years and done at half the cost. POTUS what a surprise. Dems backing out of campaign promises. We need a fighter in the office and not someone who will back down to Repubs and moderate “dems”

Another promise broken. Is anyone keeping count ?

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤬 What a joke Fine, it’s cheap anyway As long as “students loans” are still available students can still reach their goals.👏 lol promises made promises not kept POTUS 🤦🏻 And yet come midterms and 2024 everyone will say “wHy DoNt YoUnG pEoPlE vOtE?!?” Just cancel it all

Good. Community college is already cheap. Surprise! As long as you’re still our tax dollars to those entering here illegally that’s fine. I’d rather my tax dollars go to that instead of helping kids or veterans. All good 拜登总统好样的!!!伟大的美利坚加油!!! JoeBiden and Democratic leadership SpeakerPelosi chuckschumer are pathetic political dinosaur.

Can we cap how much they charge? Good. As a MBA student and a taxpayer, I am currently learning economic theories from YouTube that my professor assigned our class. No way in hell I'm paying for free college when this is the curriculum professors are assigning. Yeah, let's cut everything decent from the bill because of Manchin and Sinema who sold themselves specifically to kill those parts.

Heaven forbid we educate people beyond high school. They may begin to realize the government is keeping them down. Embarassing Tuition Free comm college isn't a handout. People with degrees earn more meaning more put into economy and taxes. It also helps catch us up with the rest of the world. We continue to fall behind on education.

Soooo. Like what’s left? Seems like nothing. Wow. Awesome. America is so advanced. Lying POS….💩 What sources? 😂 I'm so happy to see all those brainwashed idiot college students that voted for Biden get let down thinking they were going to get free tuition😂 PRICELESS 🤣 POTUS announces package will be a lollipop and a pat on the back. Sen_JoeManchin insists lollipops be means tested and made of coal

kaitlancollins How did I know this would be one of the things cut. Biden never wanted this in the first place. Another promise not kept, surprised? Not me! We should be paying people to go to school not charging them. Do climate policy next! West Virginia is 45th in education. Sen_JoeManchin would like to keep that way. Maybe they can even hit 50!

the military lures applicants with promises of a college education. this was never going to pass. What are we getting in exchange for all these cuts That’s so dumb lol We treat our children like shit in America. It's shameful. Did you really expect anything else Typical Democrat. Over promise, under deliver.

Community college isn’t even that expensive 🙄 Caving? To whom? 🙁 The mighty Empire comes before it's people, at least the bottom half of them. Interestingly, don't the bottom half usually end up fighting the Empires wars?

It was a pipe dream anyways. Community College is fairly affordable, much easier on the budget than a University. If you want to go to college, find a way. Many take courses one class at a time. Everyone screaming about broken promises, how much free education have you gotten under a Republican controlled President, House, and Senate? How much do you think you will get IF they should win the House and Senate🤔🙄🤷🏼‍♂️

Thk Manchin who seems to think coal mining is the future for America's youth. 😢 My granddaughter is a HS senior. She was so looking forward to it. 😢 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow cool thanks. Why not invest in our youth and their future Because we don't want to spend money on our own country !! Shamefull Bummer