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Biden tells black radio host: 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing criticism Friday for telling a black radio host 'you ain't black,' if you're deciding between him and Trump in the 2020 race.

5/22/2020 10:52:00 PM

Biden’s campaign says the comments were made “in jest” and were intended to show his confidence in his record supporting minority communities. Trump’s reelection campaign quickly sought to cast the comment as racist and condescending.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing criticism Friday for telling a black radio host 'you ain't black,' if you're deciding between him and Trump in the 2020 race.

crime bill, an issue that he has faced intense scrutiny on throughout his third run for the presidency.When asked why he was hesitant to acknowledge the negative impact the bill and other legislation had on communities of color, as Hillary Clinton did on the program in 2016, Biden pushed back.

Minnesota attorney general is increasing charges against Derek Chauvin, Sen. Klobuchar says George Floyd's Accused Murderer Hit with Upgraded Charge, Other 3 Cops Charged All four former officers involved in George Floyd's killing now face charges, Sen. Klobuchar says

“She was wrong. What happened was, it wasn't the crime bill. It was the drug legislation. It was the institution of mandatory minimums, which I oppose,” Biden shot back.Biden was also asked about his current views on marijuana, and his advocating for decriminalization instead of legalization until more scientific studies are conducted about the long-term impacts of the drug.

"No one should be going to jail for a drug crime. Period," Biden said.“I think we got decades and decades of studies from actual weed smokers though,” Charlamagne argued.“I know a lot of weed smokers,” Biden replied.Biden relied heavily on support from the African-American community throughout this year’s Democratic primary, especially among older black voters, who propelled him to a landslide victory in South Carolina that many credit with reviving his campaign.

“I won overwhelmingly. I told you when I got to South Carolina. I won every single county. I won a larger share of the black vote than anybody has, including Barack [Obama],” Biden said.Biden won black voters in the South Carolina primary in February by 44 points over the second place finisher in the contest, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, according to exit polls.

The former vice president will likely need to turn out black voters this fall at higher rates than were seen in 2016, when Hillary Clinton narrowly lost to Trump.Aby Quinnipiac University showed Biden with a 78-point lead with African-American voters over Trump.

In 2016, Trump carried just 8% of the black vote according to exit polls after making astark and unorthodox pitchto them during one campaign event in the battleground state of Michigan."You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed -- what the hell do you have to lose?" Trump said in an off the cuff comment during an August 2016 rally in Dimondale, Michigan.

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YOU AINT BLACK WITHOUT A CHAIN OR NOOSE AROUND YOUR NECK News flash if Trump made that statement they would call for impeachment And believe me, they know how to do ‘racist and condescending ‘👹 It wasn’t “in jest.” Joe said what he felt. But the Racist in Chief should not be criticizing others. Go Biden. Go Biden

Grasping at straws! Nothing compares to the filth and lies and Racist shit that has come out of trumps Mouth! Nothing! Is that the best you got? I am voting for Biden. RACIST STATEMENT In jest or not - he needs to have a filter. And if Trump said those things? Double Standards at its best !!! Tisk tisk tisk , smh !

Goochy Gotchas working hard to avoid the reality of Trump's supercilious reign of subjugation. As he Putin destroy our society democracy. Ignoring facts: MAKING AMERICA GLOBALLY ANATHEMATIC! Mr. Biden recognized he screwed up. Should he not apologize? Misconstrue bebest? DNC and Biden can Spin it anyway they want... People heard it with their own ears and people will judge it with their own minds... coming from the guy who sponsored the crime bill that incarcerated millions, it makes perfect sense... 🤐🤐🤐

Thirdparty it was a crazy comment but I will take that comment over all Trump has done and said. Hahaha! Welcome to Trump’s World ! Y’all really make up, or twist, his words daily! BIDEN 2020. TRUMP has shown me in 3.5 years he don’t give a F**k about Black and Brown People. I will VOTE for Biden 2020 For President!

Get over it what about all the nasty things what trump has said about people and about black people Remember this comment shit hole country he was talking about Africa Hillary had her big Deplorable screw up, Romney had his 47% and now crazy crooked Hunters dad has blacked it up!!!! Shows how racist the Democrats are! They pander to minorities and woman and the do nothing to help!!!!

'Sought to cast' you mean it wasn't condescending on at least two levels? Biden is right though - blacks don’t have a choice - it’s vanilla or vanilla He so sorry, so he not racist. Is this your line of logic, ? 🤨 “Trumps campaign quickly sought to cast the comment as racist & condescending” BECAUSE IT WAS! The fact that you aren’t questioning it & JoeBiden shows your bias too!Absolutely disgusting we cannot depend on msm to report news without partisan agenda! But the ppl know!

Joe Biden is a disgusting racist ! How about Trump's comments on Henry Ford.... It’s a pretty racist thing... and shouldn’t be accepted or defended by you What if it’s not a joke Trump is worse with his ways & comments. “Jews/Israel comment lately and oh Henry Ford bloodline” let’s stay in the mud since that’s the new normal. Biden shouldn’t apologize. He’s saying d truth. YouAintBlack if you vote for Trump. FactsMatter

SURE.... Not just Trump’s campaign! Kinda like Hillary's hot sauce? U people make me laugh. Democrats are playing u guys for fools and yall are eating it up. All it takes is daily pandering and a little check each month lol. Sad. Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier! Joe ain’t putting that cat back in the bag. Of course they did, bunch of racist a$$ wipes.

ABC covering for Biden while always slamming Bernie. Ha... Biden would be a strong contender for Most Dumb Things Said By A Politician In A Year if not for...well you know. White House. Why would anyone vote for Trump. He is hurting America and the people in this great country. Are you for real. A girl sings the words to a song written by a black man = rasist, Biden says if you vote trump you’re not black = not rasist.. who makes these ground rules? hannahbrown kendricklamar

BREAKING: Racists pronouncing something racist. Double negatives = positive. It can't be racist. Biden don't wanna win. This is his subconscious way of sayin 'I'm tired and too old for this sh't'. He’s an old white dude—- he’s not gonna get it all right but I believe he’s on the side that will at least attempt to help people of color. Still got my vote!

Hold on, I'll lift the Rug..........🙄 Good lord, ABC News is officially the media for the DNC! Lol, in jest!! Of course they would say that, along with every other liberal. Forgive and forget. They were racist. Just proves Democrats will call for blood over Republicans of they did this and if one of their own do it, it's cool

You should be ashamed abc for trying to cover for Joe. This wasn't in jest. There is no excuse. You became a bought and paid for tabloid today for selling out. Oh but you guys thought it was fine ? Still voting for Biden! I use to wonder why any black person would vote republican now days... they got the KKK, white supremacist... Nazis... to stand by them. Other republicans have no problem with them doing their thing... says a whole lot about them! Doesn't it?

Joe Biden is the leader of the KKK UnitedNotDivided MAGA KAG ABC News with the 'Republicans pounce' angle 🙄 I watched it and no it wasn’t in jest. Racist and dehumanizing. YouAintBlack Not true. realDonaldTrump did not lift Joe Biden's foot and put it in his mouth, Joe did. Joe meant what he said. The comment was racist. It was prescribed by none other than, JoeBiden

Probably not, again his wife is not protecting him from the sub-Obama group. VP choice- I see them getting Michelle Obama in place and then Biden will be declared incompetent! Dear Lord save us from this! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ It's okay for Biden to rape and be racist, HeIsADemocrat Nothing a Demo can say is done until they can use the race card 1200 times

Remember the comments made by President LBJ! It holds true today for the Democrats. That’s how the DNC would spin it, had Trump said the same Who was JoeBiden fighting side by side with in the 1970s to keep our schools segregated? Robert Byrd—West Virginia Senator and KKK leader Biden also gave the eulogy at Byrd’s funeral They worked together to pass an amendment to block integration in public schools RT!

And ABC is making sure to defend Biden JoeBidenIsARacist Racist JoeBidenIsARacist If trump had said it the media would be lighting him up. The news is so biased. Just report. Let us decide. Race jokes are still funny, right? But seriously, Trump's campaign should just sit back and watch Biden implode all by himself. No assistance necessary.

If the President had made that comment 'in jest' the MSM would be all over him. Biden was showing his true colors so to speak. You were saying? Yeah stfu GOP It was racist & condescending. It is insinuating that Black Americans that do not vote for Democrats, are NOT Black, or not Black enough. It was not just President Trump's reelection campaign that found it disgusting. It is Americans who find Biden a BIGOT!

The '🌊' already crashed on the breakers Why is it when a Democrat does or says something it was a joke. You people make me sick with your hypocrisy, and always with the excuses. Alot of people are finally waking up to see you for what you really are ! Are you kidding me? Biden said it and you pivot against Trump. ABC is worthless.

How did President Obama put up with this guy? Right throw of the n word maybe a f bomb or two its all in jest. Can you imagine the fallout and conflict if President Trump said the same thing ? The man is an F-ING riot. He feels he really s entitled to the black vote. abc7marc And this is the educated demos want for president. What a joke!

racist abuser I don’t think there’s too many black ppl that had a problem with this... Anyone or any network trying to defend Groper Joe's racist comments is a pathetic piece of shit. Is this what the Democratic Party plans to do all the way thru November? Defend, deflect, and distract? Put up their version of Trump to go against Trump. This is why people DemExit

Yeah right Ahhh so what do y’all suggest?Vote for the shyt hole country, very fine ppl, Central Park 5, convicted for housing discrimination, rapist and murderers, build a wall guy?Is he buying your vote?You only have 2 choices.. So what’s your pt? I’ll take the guy who told the truth! Wow horrible thing to say

He doesn’t care about black communities. He’s just going to take care of the Chinese, his son, and the swamp. He’s also creepy. Cover Up Another JoJo blunder! No casting to be done here. It was racist as fuck Well...if they were racist the the trumpikins would surely know. WalkAway JoeBidenIsARacist Trump2020 🇺🇸

DerenicByrd Love how u cut it out of the headline More like jester. Just for the record, Biden's comment WAS racist and condescending. It isn't Trump's reelection campaign that is trending on Twitter. It is the American people who can see the comment for exactly what it was. But ABC just can't quit covering for Dem bad acts.

Can republicans party call somebody racist in this country please bullshit Vice President Joe Biden is not racis he was Barack Obama Vice President Bullshit! PlantationJoe has once again shown is true nature. 'quickly sought to cast'.. oh please.. Twitter world had already jumped on that & many came to the same conclusion.

Good luck with that one, President Trumpsterfire. You still have a lock on poorly educated, white men-who deserve much better. 😂 black people are for making jest of.... Where do we report black people who don’t support Biden? Is there a hotline? An anonymous tip website? If Trump or any Republican said this it would be absolute anarchy and calls for resignation!!!! The MSM will be silent...Such liberal hypocrites! JoeBidenIsARacist

A racist trump supporter will NEVER speak for me. EVER!! I’m still voting for JoeBiden!!! If you have a problem picking between Biden and Trump, you are as worthless as Trump! I have never been more embarrassed by the President in my life! Trump is a disgrace! Biden’s racist remark - said he was joking?

The left will accept it. Like Clinton’s mass incarceration apology, HRC super predator and Robert Byrd KKK apology 😂. So people aren’t black unless they vote for Biden ? Yep that sounds exactly like a Democratic statement . How though? Even if it was a joke, (it's not) it makes no sense. No one can look at that quote & think 'You know? Biden does support the minority community.' If they're not making excuses for him, a person looks at that & thinks 'that racist MFer.'

Watch out for BOTS! You would think that someone involved in politics as long as he has would know better than to make a comment like that. It’s pretty tough to defend. Yeah Sure. What about “They’ll Put you Back in Chains” Keep cover for him by all means That’s because it was racist and condescending! No escaping this by the cellar dweller!

Republicans freed the slaves, passed Civil Rights, and constantly fight to get government out of the way of ALL Americans. Democrats are always trying to keep black people in chains. Because it IS racist and condescending. Can y’all, FOR ONCE, be honest Walk it back Corn Pop. 350Rebel Democrats are insane. How disrespectful and insulting is this. Black people are American People and they deserve better. Under God and in this country every citizen is a patriot it doesn’t matter their skin color. Democrats started racism with Obama.

Hate when they quickly color something before the staff is able to spin it to the thing they want it to be. If it was in “jest” then why did he apologize fir being so crass. Deplorables 2.0 Ah they are racist and condescending Coming From Trump & GOP They Sound 2-Faced..... Yes; Joe Biden jest made a mistake when he opens his mouth everytime.

If comments were in jest why did JoeBiden apologize Biden was yelling at the morning show host because he dared to question why blacks should vote for Biden....racist jerk exposed once again It’s so boring that they’d immediately hop on this one innocuous comment and ignore all the other important things that were said

And his 'election campaign' would have done the same thing. What Democrats & media are not use too is a Republican fighting back. They didn't learn anything in 2016, and will fail again in Nov. 2020. Democrats & Biden have 'enslaved' minorities for decades with their 'handouts' And dnc media trying to cover for their pick yet again obamagate hunter sexualallegations dementia

But Biden's good friend (his words) in the Senate was senator (KKK Member) Robert Byrd of course it's in jest. like anytime a democrat makes an offhanded racist comment or joke, it's just for fun. but a conservative white does the same thing and democrats want to ruin their lives. Devil divides. God unites. we are at the end. how divided have we become thx 2 obama?

Well, to spin a racist comment as 'jest' is just an utter insult. Wow... at some point, his family needs to step and let the man retire. His mental capacity is deteriorating quickly. Not a fan, but to say it was racist is quite the stretch Who in the he’ll believes that? Now do potus, ABC. You are embarrassing yourself if you think all the bad and harm the current whitehouse has done is equivalent to this nonsense.

His bad joke is still better than Trump. Biden feels like he owns black people and sadly on election day a majority will prove him right. Of course they did. Takes the heat off trump for a nanosecond. He is incredibly out of touch if he thinks that was an appropriate joke. It was condescending and racist. There is just no getting around it. Unprofessional

There’s a grain of truth in every ‘joke’ JoeBiden The Old creep is also crazy!! Bullshit. However meant, it wasn't cool! Whatever case, realDonaldTrump NOT the answer! If want better leaders, have to demand them rather than settling. We shouldn't allow sub-leaders make us think there isn't way out of this! There is! Just need leader who cares about EVERYBODY step up!

Go find another story. “Trump’s re-election campgin quickly sought to cast the comment as racist and condescending” NO KIDDING .. becuz it was Racist and Condescending. It was racist and condescending All you liars gotta stick together. joepalojoe Joe Biden is a racist. Because it WAS racist and condescending!!! Most people (around the world) have known that Biden is both racist and condescending for MANY years!! Far from the first time this happens, and most likely not the last time either!!

Hey, , quit treating us like were stupid liberals. Because of china and Iran no win for biden these are the enemy of America... Godcomment... May have to pull Brother Joe's Passcard to the Hood!! JoeBiden That's not Trump's reelection campaign saying that, it's reality. Remember, Sleepy JoeBiden made comments about not wanting his grandchildren to grow up in “racial” jungles. He was also know to parrot the line “super predators” referring to blacks.

Oh, for God's sake chill. He didn't call Klansmen 'very fine people.' 😂😂😂wasn’t Biden Obama’s right hand man? Y’all saying Biden’s racist is just ignorant Media covering up for Biden’s outrages. joebiden makes racist comments 'in jest'.... Uncle Joe will f**k this campaign if they continue to allow him talk while high on something..

'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black,' is a really weird way of saying 'I won't be doing anything for the black community.' Fact: All whites are racists unless proven otherwise. ABC News has ZERO CREDIBILITY... Can't wait for DavidMuir and his fear-mongering campaign of deception...

THAT “RADIO HOST” IS NOT EVEN RELEVANT, JOE QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME, YOU’RE DOING GOOD JOE Hey instead of “Biden’s campaign” you can just say “we say” since you are all one big happy family. IMPOTUS3 is not a friend to non whites, we all know that to be true. Imagine if a Republican had said this.. It would be the leading story for weeks.. Instead it's spun as 'TRuMp pOuNceD'

I hope he looks out for minorities better than Abraham’s. 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't a woman.' 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't disabled.' 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't old.'

'I mean you've got the first sort of mainstream African American, who is articulate and bright, and clean and [a] nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man,' Joe Biden of Obama 2007

Joe Biden tells popular radio host 'you ain't black' if considering voting for TrumpFormer Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump in the upcoming general election. Damn man it was joking, how smart do you have to be to know what a joke is oh let me guess, you support Trump, sorry for asking Ouch!! Biden wants everyone on his plantation!! that's a very racist thing to say

Black Voters Who Support Trump 'Ain't Black,' Biden Tells Charlamagne Tha God“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told the radio host. Start your outrage engines, white people Joe Biden is gangsta my friends 🙏🏾 that’s why Banjeet endorse In jest.

Biden Says Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump Joe Biden said on Friday that black voters torn between voting for him or President Trump “ain’t black.” His comments came at the end of a testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God on “The Breakfast Club.” Joe Biden means no ill will by saying that. He is simply trying to drive home a point. But I would have preferred he said, you ain't humane if you are thinking of voting for Trump! Biden is not much different than Trump on Race issues. Biden is a racist as well, however, he needs Black Votes more desperately than Trump.

Biden tells African American Trump supporters 'you ain't black' Joe Biden tells The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God and African American voters in an interview Friday that 'you ain’t black' if they back President Trump's reelection. Making the same mistakes as 2016 Literally telling black people he isn't going to do anything to get their votes. Biden proves that Democraps are still the party of slavery.

Biden tells African Americans 'you ain't black' if they back Trump reelection Joe Biden tells The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne tha God and African American voters in an interview Friday that 'you ain’t black' if they back President Trump's reelection. indeed, Biden is a gaffe machine and I will absolutely vote for him. BidenRice2020🗽

Joe Biden, in testy interview, says 'you ain’t black’ if you're undecided over him vs. Trump Joe Biden , in a testy exchange with radio host Charlamagne tha God, said "you ain’t black" if you&39;re undecided on whether to back him or Trump. Not even 10:45, and this will probably stand as the most racist thing I've seen all day. EricSturrock Why... would.... he....say.....that...... ?!?!?! He needs some better people prepping him. Yikes