Biden State Dept., USAID have stopped cooperating, says Afghan watchdog

Biden admin officials have argued the U.S. is no longer involved in Afghan reconstruction so State and USAID are thus outside the inspector general's jurisdiction.


6/23/2022 5:42:00 AM

Two key Biden administration agencies have instructed their staffers not to provide information or communicate with the government watchdog responsible for tracking waste and corruption in Afghanistan, according to the head of the watchdog agency.

Biden admin officials have argued the U.S. is no longer involved in Afghan reconstruction so State and USAID are thus outside the inspector general's jurisdiction.

), wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and USAID Administrator Samantha Power on Wednesday to say their agencies are “unreasonably refusing to provide information and assistance requested by SIGAR.”Sopko wrote that State and USAID historically have complied with requests for information from SIGAR, which was established in 2008, and that no other administration has ever questioned SIGAR’s jurisdiction. “Inexplicably, this long track record of cooperation seems to have abruptly ended,” he said. “Agency officials now appear to have adopted a premeditated position of obstruction.”

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