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Biden sought to avoid conflict of interest before 2008 campaign: Court records

As former Vice President Biden embarks on a third presidential bid, Hunter Biden’s professional record has come under scrutiny.


In a lawsuit against the Bidens more than a decade ago, a former business associate of Hunter Biden alleged then-Sen. Biden had misgivings about potential conflicts of interest presented by his son's lobbying work ahead of his 2008 presidential campaign.

As former Vice President Biden embarks on a third presidential bid, Hunter Biden ’s professional record has come under scrutiny.

"Biden and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it," Trump told reporters at the White House earlier this month."His son walks out with millions of dollars – the kid knows nothing."

"Because my dad was vice president of the United States, there's literally nothing, as a young man or as a full grown adult, that my father in some way hasn't had influence over," he said.

Joe Biden has faced criticism on the campaign trail over his legislative record on credit card debt, including from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who testified against a bankruptcy bill in 2005 that she said would benefit the credit card companies at the expense of struggling families – a bill Biden had supported.

Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, a nonprofit and nonpartisan advocacy group, said that while it is not uncommon for children of powerful public figures to work in Washington, it can present an ethical conundrum.

According to claims Lotito made as part of a lawsuit targeting the Bidens, Joe Biden tasked his brother, James, with finding his son a new job, and James Biden reached out to Lotito for help.

Shortly after Lotito connected with Hunter and James Biden, the trio worked with Lotito to acquire a hedge fund called Paradigm. But within months, the deal began to unravel. Lotito filed the lawsuit in New York accusing the Bidens of cutting him out of the Paradigm deal, and the Bidens countered that Lotito had misrepresented the value of the hedge fund they had acquired.

From there, Hunter Biden connected with Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, and Heinz's longtime friend Devon Archer to form Rosemont Seneca, an advisory firm that provided"alternative investment opportunities and market guidance that seek to afford an absolute return through our global economic reach and expertise," according to the group's archived website.

In April of 2014, Hunter Biden and his Rosemont Seneca partner, Archer, landed seats on the board of directors at a Ukrainian oil and gas firm called Burisma. According to banking records reviewed by ABC News, the firm began collecting $166,666 payments each month.

President Trump has used Hunter Biden's foreign business forays to level at him and his father allegations of engaging in conflicts of interest. In Ukraine, the president's repeated efforts to have the incoming administration in Kyiv investigate the Bidens has led to an impeachment inquiry in Congress. The president also called on Beijing to investigate Hunter Biden's role in the joint investment firm in China.

During a deposition before Congress this week, Deputy Secretary of State George Kent told investigators he raised the issue of potential ethical concerns with Hunter Biden's business ties in Ukraine with former Vice President Joe Biden's office in 2015, two sources familiar with the deposition confirmed Friday to ABC News.

On Twitter, President Trump has accused the Bidens of corruption.

The ethics pledge also made several references to President Trump and his family. Ivanka Trump currently serves as a special adviser to the president, and Trump's two adult sons control day to day operations of the Trump Organization. As part of the rollout, Biden told reporters that"no one in my family will have an office in the White House, will sit in at meetings as if they're a cabinet member."

Read more: ABC News

Hunter Biden at 21 was paid an untold sum of money by the large credit card co MBNA during those years, Joe Biden was backing a bankruptcy bill that became law in 2005 & helped the industry while hurting consumers The Biden's Are Corrupt Career Criminals A career Obama diplomat warned the White House about Hunter Biden sitting on the board of Burisma He warned that Burisma was corrupt and it was a conflict of interest for Biden to serve on the board He was ignored and Obama approved the appointment

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Check out our video on our profile it’s over 700k views! Now do Ivankas Chinese Trademarks! Cool. What about the Trump children? And who exactly did the investigation, Turkey or Russia? Well, that's important for the people to know.

But they went ahead anyway and for many years Not buying it... Great exposure during Honeymoon. Should learn from the pro's about business & politics.

Warren’s blasts at tech leave Biden in the shadowsSay it ain't so Quid Pro Joe Biden has no solutions to any problems! Biden idiot🤦‍♂️

It was a big mistake from his part. But now Trump wants to host the next summit on his property this also a conflict of interest . We are in time to stop him. Wrong . If Hunter Biden was qualified to be a lobbyist 11 years ago why are people talking about his inexperience to earn half a million. I’m sure the Trump children along with many children of the DC elite earn that much and more.

Hope trumps check does not bounce dude. You know how he is about paying his bills. Oh cut it out! Conflict of interest means nothing these days. Look no further than that demon in the White House. 'misgivings' OH MY !!! Noah ! BUILD A BOAT !

Joe Biden Tells Trump: ‘Release Your Tax Returns Or Shut Up’The former vice president and 2020 candidate accused the president of "running the most corrupt government in the history of the United States of America." Wheres you boy at joe? is he in china, did you fly him there on our plane? damit joe. Come clean joe you might get a lighter sentence, yo boma is going to throw you under the bus lmao. Ironic. FollowTheMoney 💰

In Democratic Fund-Raising, Joe Biden Falls Far Behind Joe Biden , whose campaign relies mainly on large donors, is struggling to match the small-donor-funded campaigns of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, new disclosures show Nows the time to harness that Bulger mob dough, and Hunter's crack proceeds. Don't worry, intel won't check on him. That is ok. Trump did not win in 2016 by having small donors. Biden is a centrist and that is what the country needs right now. We need to be socially progressive but fiscally prudent. Let's not try to have a Dem version of Trump's wall. PeteButtigieg is big $ donor squad too..

Joe Biden Ramps Up Attacks on Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Credibility’A day after they sparred in the Democratic presidential debate, Joe Biden has ramped up attacks on Elizabeth Warren, suggesting that she wasn't being forthright about the costs of her far-reaching policy proposals and questioning her “credibility' Fight Trump. Fight for Democracy. Show us you can lead. The debates do you no favors. Counterproductive! Pete and Amy showed the way....Joes too late!

Sondland asked Ukrainians at White House about firm linked to Hunter BidenLawmakers plan to grill Amb. Sondland on Thursday about a private discussion he had with top Ukrainian officials in the White House in which he explicitly mentioned the Ukrainian gas company linked to Hunter Biden , NBCNews has learned. If Sondland wants to keep his little kingdom he better come to Jesus real soon. Nancy to pass USMCA &,Have vote on inquiry?

‘They’ve got no margin for error’: Biden cash crunch raises alarmsJoe Biden is supported by the middle class, working class. He doesn't get big donations from the big money people like Warren does. Wait...isn't that what Warren is supposed to be fighting? Maybe hunter Biden can get his dad a loan from the Ukrainian oil lords he works for? Mr. Joe Biden is an Outstanding Candidate! He has millions of dollars. Elizabeth Warren is Leading because the Voters and Taxpayers want Change and New Leadership in America. The Democratic System only works when there is change in Government! Elizabeth Warren is the Best Choice!

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