Joe Biden Speech: Trump Has 'Surrendered' Against Coronavirus - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden Speech: Trump Has 'Surrendered' Against Coronavirus - Cnnpolitics

Biden slams Trump on coronavirus: 'Our wartime president has surrendered'

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6/30/2020 9:36:00 PM

'What happened? Now it's almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered — waved the white flag and left the battlefield,' Joe Biden said about President Trump declaring himself a wartime president in March amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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When is Durham going to get here? And you haven’t in the last 40 something years? This pandamic will wipe out half of Americans even before they go to vote!🥴 He needs different writers How’s that sexual assault investigation going on you Joe? You better get back in your basement and hide...they’re coming for you soon!

JoeBiden failed from 1973 thru 2016. I really cannot believe that people think Creepy UncleJoe would make a good president. He’s been in the government sector for over 40 years, and hasn’t done shit. Lol Hey Joe, what day is it? Gideon doesn’t have a clue😂🤣😂 “ Now who do I ask for my next preplanned question”?

.JoeBiden the sleepy creep he is only called on certain reporters because he can’t answer more than 2 questions before forgetting where he is or who is wife is Donald got Biden ( pun intended) by Joe this time.. 😂 Sure, but you don’t mention the month of manifestation, with no protection and not social distances..... yeah ! Let’s blame that to Trump!!!

Joe Biden might not be a match to Trump in reality show terms but he has the heart and willingness to genuinely lead America out of this pandemic. If Trump supporters cannot see this then America faces a very grim and uncertain future. We need a working man or woman president not Democrats or Republican that just lie s

Year after year as we listen to Biden speak, we realize this guy is as sharp as a bar of baby soap. Why not let the left wing millennials have their way in their safe spaces an elect this laxative of a man. Everyone gets a participation trophy in their selfie world. Such kids! JackAssJoe! JoeBiden at it again. What about when realDonaldTrump shut down travel from China and Dems called him racist. NYGovCuomo needed 40K ventilators and beds. President sent them and a ship to NYC and LA. Never used. You’re lies are disgusting.

POTUS should instate an executive order to mandate face coverings in every state for all public spaces until a suitable vaccine is widely available. It's the right thing to do while there's people to still wear them. Can't wait for Biden to get elected President. America and trumpeters are the laughing stock of the world.

Creepy Joe, uses his office to get his family ahead Joe, dementia Joe... He don't want that smoke. He's easy pickings He practiced this for months in his basement What war is he talking about? TRUMP 2020--EMPOWERING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Democrats 🤦‍♂️ Biden fuckin bodied Trump left and right Joe Biden got Alzheimers and he's the one in hiding.

Good lord what happened to Biden? Why is he talking in slow motion? And yet he's the one hiding in a basement and has not yet decided on a VP when he is months away from an election. Hmmmmm.... What if the Allies had thrown down their weapons and given up the fight in 1943? Do you think the Axis powers would've cooperated? Covid-19 doesn't know the war is over. Trump never really took the battlefield but now he's quitting the fight.He's kinda hiding in his bunker again.

As he said, come on in China. Talking shit about your opponent doesn't change the unrest happening. That goes both ways. nice views in your basement Joe! who were you sniffing during these long months? Why did the Democrats not pass the police reform bill? A fish rots from the head down..... Biden has failed America for decades

Month after month we wonder when Biden will STFU! Vendo tamales Except when you were accusing Trump of racism for stopping travellers from china Show the crowd. Show us who he is talking to. Nothing you say matters until the debates. Sorry CNN F**K YOU JOE! This is what a President should sound like. Sleepy...all the time...😂😂😂

Month after month Joe hides in his basement bunker so we won't realize that he is a conservative buffoon just like Trump. Joe you don’t even know what month we’re in 🤣🤣🤣🍿 Biden is not mentally fit to be president.

Poll: Biden, Trump locked in dead heat in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 in 2016Trump&39;s job approval has remained about the same in Ohio for the past year, with 44% of those polled approving of the job he&39;s done. Whatever you say, Karen. Biden has full blown DEMENTIA. Don't waste your votes. He's being controlled by the fascist lintel libs. Biden has this Ohioans Vote

Biden, Trump campaigns release staff diversity dataCampaigns for Joe Biden and President Trump release diversity statistics that show less than half their senior teams are made up of people of color. Lol, MSNBC race baiting again. Trump's diversity statistics are inflated. Diamond & Silk and Kanye West don't' qualify as senior advisors. So what?

Trump surrogate, Biden discuss immigration, race relations in Asian American town hall“Asian Americans are being targeted with violence in subject to xenophobic rhetoric from the mouth of the president himself,” Joe Biden said during the AAPITownHall. - NBCAsianAmerica NBCAsianAmerica you ain't black.. joe biden NBCAsianAmerica I don’t believe Biden could get that sentence out. NBCAsianAmerica Prove it

‘TikTok Grandma’ Who Helped Tank Trump Rally Now Works for BidenMary Jo Laupp, the 'TikTok Grandma' whose viral video helped tank President Trump's rally in Tulsa, has been recruited by the grassroots Biden Digital Coalition, where she said her first task was to help build a 'political hype house' A fraud and asshole goes to work for Biden. Sounds about right. cringe..?

Trump Reportedly Has a Solution to Poor Polling: Be Meaner to BidenAmong other questionable campaign decisions reported this weekend, Trump may be considering a more abrasive nickname for his “sleepy” opponent. Just be mean Trump we love your Trumpland! Welcome to Trumpland, let us all get sick, just close your eyes and shout: 'Trump is the best, he makes America great again, sick and violent, but man so great, truly great! Or he could lead?

Trump ramps up Facebook ad spend as Biden pulls ahead in pollsPresident Donald Trump has ramped up his re-election campaign's Facebook ad spending after falling behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in numerous nationwide polls. As long as Trump keeps tweeting or retweeting White Power videos like an idiot....he is going to lose. No amount of ads are going to turn the tide and furthermore all Republican down ballot candidates will also get crushed Not sure any amount of ads can undo the idiocy and lack of leadership from his admin, especially in the last 4 months.