Biden, Senate Democrats agree to limit eligibility for $1,400 checks

The Senate bill will cut off payments at $80,000 for single filers and $160,000 for joint filers.

3/3/2021 7:50:00 PM

BREAKING: President Biden and Senate Democrats agree to limit eligibility for $1,400 checks; Senate bill will cut off payments at $80,000 for single filers and $160,000 for joint filers.

The Senate bill will cut off payments at $80,000 for single filers and $160,000 for joint filers.

to fewer people under a deal struck with President Joe Biden, according to two sources familiar with it.Every American who filed individually and makes up to $75,000 will still get the full amount before it begins to reduce at incomes above that. But rather than zeroing out at $100,000 earnings, as the

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House's Covid-19 relief billdoes, the Senate bill will cut off payments at $80,000, the sources said.For couples filing jointly, incomes up to $150,000 will still get the full amount. But rather than zeroing out at $200,000, the Senate bill will cut off payments at $160,000 in earnings.

March 3, 202103:23Essentially, the payments phase out at a faster rate under the new proposal, which came one day after Biden met with moderate Democratic senators who voiced some concerns with the package and said the relief should be more narrowly targeted.

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How much will this reduce the 1.9 trillion? There is no good reason to send out payments there are plenty of jobs available Mr President I beg you not to placed immigrants children in VA military base...have to hire more advocates to handle what is best for them...with relatives pronto... This UR turn to be different..not a trumpet action in camps...hire more help....🤔😙😚

Wow wat a let down Democrats are so weak DEMORATS!!! Don't forget people we all are gonna get Taxed as Hell when its time to Pay it back Double the Amount ? COVID-19 IS A SCAM❗❗️❗️David Icke . com To bide you There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting a comment about gigsfrid

I miss Trump. Love him or hate him, the man supported his convictions with binding force and action. He weighed strategic decisions BEFORE informing Americans of his intentions. There are NO fair comparisons between Trump and Biden. Biden is wishy-washy. But to prove this, we have to use prior tax returns, that doesn't reflect how bad things are now... What a terrible way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here.

This takes out some of the waste, but does not touch the pork. you should have Not taking this long Only hurry up if she didn't take this long Actually it's good 🤪🤪🤪👎👎👎 So the Republican POTUS was more progressive than than the Democrat POTUS? So is he going to take money from himself and all of the Senate? I think not. None of them have to worry about their homes or family and how to meet all of their needs!

Can I just have it already? ...please? Bullshit they go off your taxes from last year. We are unemployed this year. Yes we did well last year so this doesn't help us out all this year. The original limit was $75,000 for single filers and $150,000 for joint filers. So they managed to raise the limits...not a bad thing.

First most people should be back 2 work. Second, The majority who choose to stay home because you collect more on unemployment then your job should not get 1400. The 1400 is not a right. People think they deserve 2 have 1400. Why? They will just go and spend it on crap I voted for Biden for the 2k check WTF.

JUST IN: Biden screws the people who elected him, works to ensure Republicans retake the House in 2022. I'll take 'How to lose midterms' for $1,400, Alex If they do this i will never vote dem again OTOH, my parents fall just above the cap, & have financially supplemented 2 addtl households & provided childcare for 2, 5 days a week incld all expenses, 4 the past yr. They R happy 2 help & would do nothing less. Maybe a tax credit 4 those who stepped up when the gov failed?

NBCNightlyNews Thought he was going to give us $2000.00 ?!!!!!!! POTUS What are you doing?!!!!! The one thing that you campaigned on that people actually care about and the Dems cave! Lol. So stupid! You won GA Senate run offs because of this issue! You just pissed off millions of voters who thought they were getting the help. stimulus

Fucking Joe Manchin Well this is some BULLSHITE! Any state receiving covid stimulus funds , should have to follow CDC guidelines and be actively trying to control the pandemic in their state... Talking to you South Dakota and Texas and Mississippi--pass it on LOL YALL GOT TOOK FOR A RIDE 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we tried to tell yall. You voted for America Last and damnit you're getting it. Enjoy!

We really need more then 2 parties. The Republicans want you to die and the democrats are a party of failures. I swallowed my pride and voted for Biden and have been getting slapped in the face with it ever since Suffering Middle Class are getting screwed. More people received much needed relief under Trump than JoeBiden. Dems just opened the door for Trump2024

Is it for 2019 earnings or 2020 when most people were unemployed? Big difference!! Not fair!!!! Me widow shhhh🤦🏽‍♀️ I will vote these Democrats out in 2022. Middle Class has to pay up taxes and gets nothing in return. Only chaos on the streets, riots, crime, bullshit while paying high property taxes and income tax. VoteDemocratsOut

NBCNightlyNews What are we getting in return? Whoa whoa whoa !!! Joe said 2k? So we’re adding our Trump bucks to the Biden bucks. Getting everyone vacinated by the end of may it´s the goal here. After that´s accomplish, jobs will be blooming everywhere, so the need for that 1,400 check won´t be necessary unless someone´s in a wheelchair.

TheBeatWithAri 80K in NYC isn't comparable to 80K in West Virginia. What I have to say is this: All those people who voted in Georgia's election (Jan) must feel like . And Joe promised $2k, especially when he kept tweeting about Jan 21 - inauguration day. Story changed He never said what you received in January will be subtracted - after sworn in

Inflation will soon make all people eligible. Austerity in Chief Sounds fair. No one making 80k a yr should need these checks. If they're broke, they need a financial advisor. How am I supposed to blame GOP for this? Why have we still not fucking passed it yet? GET OUT OF YOUR OWN GODDAMN WAY SenateDems The cutoff should be less than 2x for joint filers because the cost of coresiding is lower.

If you're a single making over $80,000 you're rich. NOT THE RIGHT PLAN!! SenateDems have no balls... expect a major loss in 2022! Democrats don’t know how to play the game like the Republicans break bread, joe That’s a pretty steep “taper”! Watch people disagree just because of who agreed to it. Blind tribalism is real

Checks to anyone making below $80k is a reasonable compromise if it gets it passed. If your salary has changed significantly just file your taxes and they go off 2020. That's some bull Are they doing this so they can get the $15 minimum wage increase passed Dems begging to get wiped out in the midterms Trevornoah Speaking some honest truths here about the media.

Thank god. Narrrowly made it by only $100k Still based on 2019 tax returns? Just in: senate under republican control In 2022 Ok? I don’t see anything wrong with that