Biden Says Republican Governors Undermining His Vaccine Mandates Are Putting Lives At Risk - Cnnpol

Biden Says Republican Governors Undermining His Vaccine Mandates Are Putting Lives At Risk - Cnnpol

Biden says Republican governors undermining his vaccine mandates are putting lives at risk

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9/16/2021 10:25:00 PM

President Biden defended his administration's new vaccine mandates and said Republican governors undermining the requirements are putting lives at risk. He said the vaccine requirements would save lives and are 'what the science tells us we need to do.'

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Biden is pitting the vaccinated, employers, and others against the unvaccinated in order to try & force them to take vaccines that do not stop u from catching/spreading a virus that u have an almost 100% chance of surviving and u may have to take multiple boosters yearly 4 years. I work at 1 company doing 2 diff types of transportation, School & paratransit. 80% of the drivers refuse to vaccinate. It’s a transport monopoly that’s operating at 40% staff in each branch already. They’re facing a big dilemma as far as firing unvaxed staff.

Which life? Why are you not listening to the other doctors who views are contrary to the that of Fauci and his goons? Yes the are. Killing people in Florida. No discussion of natural immunity. He can stick his mandates up his backside. Biden is putting lives at risk, no one knows how this vaccine is saving life it's clinical trials.

POTUS you give Hell Joe! NICKIMINAJ says you should be able to ask questions!! scientists are also saying the vax is bad for u but those are the non corrupt scientist . i forgot yall only listen to corrupt criminal scientists . The Governors know that vaccines save lives. Their political focus blinds them to the suffering and death that their actions cause. This kind of white rebellion has happened before, every time that minority, racial Causes advance. This is a reaction to having a Black President.

Biden campaigns with California governor on eve of Republican-backed recall electionPresident Joe Biden on Monday campaigned with California Governor Gavin Newsom on the eve of a Republican-backed recall race that both Democratic leaders cast as an attempted power grab by political acolytes of former President Donald Trump. fake shit Now there's a pair. Grewsome and China Joe. BeavisAndButthead DumbAndDumber

WSJ News Exclusive | Biden to Meet With Top Executives on Covid-19 Vaccine MandateThe president is expected to meet with executives from companies including Walt Disney, Microsoft and Walgreens Boots Alliance to advance his Covid-19 vaccination requirements for the private sector. bitcoin 35.232 usd Right on time, now that they are considering the idea of third and fourth booster shots. And you will see a shortage of workers. Like you currently don’t see a shortage of workers. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ leading to more and more inflation! POTUS JoeBiden. The biggest issue is you are shoving this vaccine down people’s throats and that is why people are hesitant.

Joe Biden Is Praising Fox News’ (Off-Air) Vaccine EffortsAs right-wing hosts and guests bemoan mandates on-air, the network’s internal attempt to stop the spread—with 90% of full-time staffers vaccinated and strict COVID testing protocols—is being touted by the White House. Fresh theft I can’t even pretend to be surprised at their hypocrisy. Imagine railing against protective measures to prevent infection and death from a deadly disease like COVID-19 with long term side effects😱 Who does that?

MSNBC’s Bill Karins praises Biden administration plans for battling climate crisis as 'aggressive, needed''I am so glad and so happy that we are done trying to convince all the deniers. We spent two decades doing that, wasting time,' BillKarins says on the climate crisis.

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Joe Biden mocked on Twitter for calling Australian PM 'that fella down under'Biden was announcing a trilateral AUKUS security agreement during a virtual press conference. and he continues on the path to make America a complete global laughing stock. My dad (RIP) called anyone whose name he couldn’t remember “guy”. Including my hubby of 39+ years. He’d remember eventually, Burt the “guy”nothing was kinda funny. Alzheimer’s is a bitch, and there’s actually nothing funny about it. Not one thing. US once again demonstrated it keenest in maintaining 'Most Warlike Nation in History of the World' (Jimmy Carter) Just less than a month from pulling out of Afghan, US wasted no time to cultivate another conflict zone.