Biden says GOP will have epiphany after Trump

While campaigning in New Hampshire, former VP Joe Biden says he believes Republicans will find their way back to working across the aisle once Trump leaves office.


Fmr. VP Biden: “I just think there is a way, and the thing that will fundamentally change things is with Donald Trump out of the White House ... you will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends.'

While campaigning in New Hampshire, former VP Joe Biden says he believes Republicans will find their way back to working across the aisle once Trump leaves office.

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You are totally right as the good few left among them will do the right thing when the times come as they too likes what’s DEM are doing as they can’t speak out now but sooner when all the secrets will be out as the courts are doing the right things he will be ashamed and resign You can be like a grade school and put people down and BULLY all you want but that makes you a sad 😞 little man

Each man is my friend I fight you Biden your way with lies and deception but I can fight you SPIRITUALLY and with SCRIPTURE JOHN 3:16 One DARE TO BE TRUE KIndness begins with ME Jesus says Love ❤️ everyone that is why WE THE PEOPLE and NO MAN IS A ISLAND NO MAN STANDS ALONE Forgive and Forget, Give OHHHHHH Give life stem to the still small voice Count your blessings do the thing the lord commands here’s a BIG

Would have them do unto you, Choose the Right, where love ❤️ is there is God also, For who you are not what you do big big words good words here is a few more I am a child of God Believe in Christ Do unto others as you Ya the bought and paid for ones. What's Joe. .a GOP WHISPERER...? Biden is so stupid!!!

Pedo Joe!

Analysis | Rhetoric or obliviousness? Biden predicts a post-Trump ‘epiphany’ for GOP.Analysis: Rhetoric or obliviousness? Biden predicts a post-Trump 'epiphany' for GOP. Both, but only white men can afford to live in obliviousness. They’ll just realize how much more oblivious the left is obliviousness!

Heck .. Biden couldn’t beat Pence!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ! He’s still a joke. If this is the best you’ve got, good luck! again. No agenda just TALK! Typical garbage-do nothing politician! Epiphany? They already know , it’s called being a coward . Glad people like Jefferson and Adams has more courage than those pathetic republicans today when they risked everything for freedom

You misspelled 'epilepsy'. Voldemort followers claimed they were under the Impervious curse until his downfall. We will hear similar stories from Republican lawmakers... “they made me do it”... We will NEVER. Forgive them. Never! Shit, democrats bringing in more, Mexicans & jobs decreasing again. Y'all just jealous of Trump! Don't y'all democrats have a real job to do besides jack assing around, wasting money trying to get anything on Trump! I'm quite sure some of y'all r not perfect.

There will be no epiphany. Republicans have been on this course for 25 years. Their idea of bipartisanship and compromise is “give us what we want”.

Biden is sticking to the script, but is it paying off?The Root’s Jason Johnson, WaPo columnist Eugene Robinson, Move On’s Karine Jean-Pierre, and former Chief of Staff at the Pentagon and CIA Jeremy Bash on former VP Joe Biden’s strong early polling and the expectations for his post-Obama era presidential run Nope. Also, shit script. Let’s speculate some more. Polls resoundingly say 'yes.'

Lyin’ Joe Biden AKA the “GROPER” a white, male heterosexual will never be the standard bearer for the Liberal, Socialist Dimocrats, the party of identity politics. We can hope, Joe. Happy to see Biden has finally found religion. Epiphamy? LOL - - - Coming fr the VP of a Radical, failed POTUS! No thanks Joe, our economy is doing fine! Yr guy never made it past 2% GDP in 8 yrs! Trump is 3.2% in less than 3 years and that’s just the first qtr! Your a joke! Explain China, Ukraine please

Uhhhh, no. WeLovePOTUSTrump😍 JoeGroper CreepyJoeBiden?😝 Let me help the Super Senior VP: 'That's not an Epiphany...THAT'S RATS RUNNING FROM A SANK SHIP... Careful sir...the rats are bound to get all over you...again.' (It's why ya didn't very far before...too much affinity for rats.) Whew.... that “Let’s Go Back to Being Neighbors Again” Tour is gonna be a rough one.

Trump: Biden 2020 reminds me of Trump 2016In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, the president predicted the former vice president would steamroll Democratic rivals who 'aren’t registering.' That he wins? With one mayor exception: Biden will actually make America Great Again! realDonaldTrump is Gitmo bound. Impeachment is inevitable now You mean he’s bent and is going to brag about his crowd size ?

Not with the policies they promote. They are so far the left they’ve even lost the Independents. Joe your epiphany will come when Hunter is busted for Ukraine and China corruption Impossible. They have no souls. Aha so clueless! Too little, too late. If it even happens. POTUS will find out how fast the GOP turns on him when the general election gets closer Like when LindseyGrahamSC and senatemajldr find their positions at risk of replacement. They both will rail against realDonaldTrump just like they did before he became the nominee

The epiphany did occur once Obama was out of a White House among some democrats. They found out they were being fooled by MSNBC and other MSM orgs. You can't brainwash them all POTUS has DEMOCRATS twisted into pretzels. Things are so good they can’t figure out what to bitch about.

Ocasio-Cortez attacks Biden on climate change policy, Biden says 'look at my record'Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes after Former Vice President Joe Biden, although not by name, on his reported 'middle ground' climate change policy. Did Biden release his plan yet? I haven't seen it.

So where’s that epiphany now? Are those Republicans that shallow or that compromised they have no fundamental belief in justice and democracy? joe biden blah blah blah .....go home already Fake News 🔥🔥🔥 Joe Biden has friends? Doesnt he just force female SS agents to watch him swim nude. So 65 million voters that got him elected are wrong? Got it. Good job dividing the country, joe.

It's going to take decades to try to repair the damage done by this administration, but Joe Biden is a good start to the process of doing it. Hey boneheads, we had an epiphany, it occurred in November of 2016. Delusional. This is the same thing Obama said (Biden as VP) in 2012. 'I'm not running again, so they'll work with us.' Then McConnell stole Obama's supreme court pick.

They actually have an epiphany now..they are scared to go against the grain..afraid of being shunned amongst their peers..MOST WEAK ppl run with the in crowd or, the so called winning team just to be’s called, CLOUT CHASING and, being accepted...

Trump: Discussing a Biden probe with Barr would be 'appropriate'Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, is urging Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, raising questions about whether Donald Trump would pressure his attorney general to do the same. This is obviously concerning, the top Republicans need to stop turning a blind eye, these people are destroying our democracy... Lol of course he did! Just when ya think he can’t go any lower! Turn about is fair play.

That may be Joe. But do you really want people in Congress who lack such character that their morals change with the wind? Only if realDonaldTrump is gone as well as Mitch and LindseyGrahamSC !!! No way ! Fox News will not allow any ' ephiphanies ' Not from what I've been reading and hearing over here apparently Lindsey and Mitch are being paid off as well you can't get through to money hungry people

You have to have a conscience to have a epiphany. So, no. Yeah to save their own asses And what? Put in a bleeding heart liberal who will keep destroying us? “Sleepy Joe” would kick Trump’s ass any day he wanted to. The problem is with Trump’s Cartel, Crime connections, and corrupt inner circle. Not sure America is willing to forgive the blatant cover-up’s, complacency, conspiracy and out-&-out lies we’ve witnessed. It’s endless! The chaos, ill intensions and idiocy created has hurt America gravely. Recovery will take time. Trust will take longer!

Why, what does the DeepState have on them...? Something like when SCOTUS Roberts flipped positions, because NSA spying revealed that his 2 adopted Irish children were illegally adopted, and that was held over his head until he changed his long-held positions...? No CreepyJoe

Giuliani plots trip to Ukraine in effort to hurt Biden, help TrumpPres. Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is heading to Ukraine where he wants to meet with the nation’s president-elect to encourage him to look into matters that could help his client – the president. Yet another racist act by this administration!! Perfectly normal. For a dictatorship. Isn’t this alone grounds for impeachment?

There will be no epiphany They will undermine any Dem in office Remember they hated Clinton and Obama The Reps are vicious and wealthy they lie, cheat, manipulate the poor the racist and the less informed to further their agenda of oppression and greed We need to be ever vigilant Biden is using false, sickening labels to smear half of American voters. This is a disgustingly divisive Democrat tactic that didn't work for Hillary either, and it's definitely not a 'unifying' strategy. Shame on Biden.😔

Trump owns the economy dumb Joe, name something in your 8 years besides on camera, telling the American people the high unemployment we’ll be the normal. Name what steps in 8 years to even claim job growth. Joe was giving our jobs away, giving ISIS breaks, kept US hostage. Naw, they too far gone done the path of greed and power!🤭

Under Biden rule every American & all countries in UN ,will be spied on & unmasked at 300% plus more. Giving guns to Cartels the same time wanting to take Americans guns away. Cut US oil production, over regulate both small & big business, rise taxes so US companies fail. You will see the corrupt elite in DC stop throwing a fit because they can continue to screw over us citizens! You will see the stupid media, such as suddenly act as if Jesus Christ is In the Oval Office! Dear Americans please wake the fuck up and realize wtf is happening!

Delusional. Mitch will be Mitch regardless of who is in power Thank you, Joe. If we don’t have hope that things will change after the d is out of office, then what do we have? I choose hope. Why do and others think this way?You had Obama for 8 long years, the FACTS prove he made America in the worst shape ever,he spread a raciest tone across America.He and Dems did nothing for us,we were no better off under Obama than Bush. What’s Trump done?We have jobs and security

The democrats don't have an 'Epiphany' about do they?

Trump tells reporter that asking gov’t to investigate Biden is okAs the congressional investigations into the Trump campaign ramp up, President Trump is now targeting Joe Biden and his family. Neera Tanden and Tim O'Brien discuss with Joy Reid Trump's latest claim that he might ask Attorney General William Barr to investigate Biden. Witch hunt. what a shit show Pedo Joe 2020!

Can't afford to go backwards!! Numbers dont lie!! I cannot wait for Biden to become our next President!!!!! He will bring back integrity, intelligence, abidance of our laws, strength, and he won't have to read a three word sentence off of a cue card!! Joey - you are delusional. Republicans were Trump before trump. Please - shoot —you and Dems also were trump before trump . Please talk with Dems not like yourself or Hillary or Dean or Podesta - you were and my be part of our BIG PROBLEM. But not DJT - so shut up - and WIN !!

Who in the heck wants crying & full of lies Democrats in office, they the ones that divide the people, because of there believes solving certain problems, well cause certain races to look bad, when most Americans, not looking at the race, but want the problems solved. NO! NO! NO! Remember when he got elected and many Republicans said not to worry, he’ll be surrounded by competent people? Please JoeBiden, do not be so naive.

And what were his republican “friends” doing before trump was elected? Obstructing Obama. Nope, no thanks, I’m not buying. NOPE... StopItJoe... the GOP caucus is pro-voter suppression, anti-environment and obsessed with stifling Womens’ autonomy. View from inside weekly GOP lunch: Why would anyone vote for someone so naive?

Biden says Republicans will work toward consensus after Trump; critics ask if he's forgotten Obama presidency'The thing that will fundamentally change things is with Donald Trump out of the White House. Not a joke. You will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends.' JoeBiden -- please go away. OMG . . .he is so out of touch. Was he awake during President Obama time in office, where McConnel obstructed for a full 8 years? Republicans already have a 'consensus'- the negative Census 2020 survey that includes a question attempting to intimidate recent immigrants, legal & illegal.. - Biden: GOP will work toward consensus aft Trump; critics ask if he's forgotten Obama presidency

Oh good grief. No one wants to go back to the bad days of your vice presidency. There is “a thing” Joe. You need to hire a consultant to write your speeches and develop 5 or 6 “talking points.” Because you are making no sense... I don’t think Biden has friends in his own party. Nah, they’ll go back to obstructing any piece of legislation the Dems propose just for spite. Remember the John Boener years? I have no faith in that group at all. Never will

He means rinos not republicans. That's not an epiphany. Because they know the truth now. That's cowardice, skin-saving, back-peddling bullshit. Yes. The SWAMP REBUBLICANS WILL FEEL PROTECTED WITH OLD JOE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. TRUMP 2020. The GOP has gone to far to the dark side to come back.

Trump attacks potential 2020 rival Joe Biden in market-moving tweets about China trade negotiationsTwo tweets from the president Wednesday showed that Trump's attention is on Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden even as he prepares for the most crucial trade talks of his presidency. This Chinese asset wants to be President. I don’t think so. Lots of fun watching the machines pour in. As soon as the SPX goes somewhere, I get the cue to check my Twitter feed.

More of the same crap “ globalization “ They should procure Biden a wheelchair and oxygen tank. They need to keep Biden’s wife on hand to help him stand up for his senile speeches JoeBiden you are wrong about Republican. There is no hero only silence. impeachBarr JoeBiden Mitchell snatch President Obama subprime court judge

In 2024? dream on, joe. they did not for Clinton or Obama. Joe Biden has committed many crimes while in office. Illegally and unconstitutionally spying on US citizens, abusing his power by illegally and unconstitutionally spying on a political rival, and using that gathered information to attack a political rival and over throw the gov.

You're nothing but a useless old piece of s*** been in Congress and presidency in 38 years and have done nothing but lie lie and lie even worked on there that an American piece of s*** Obama This guy has no chance to be a president why people even look at him in talk about him , this guy very old he can’t run the country .

Pence/Trump Jr 2024

Trump claims China holding out on trade talks for Biden or other 'very weak' Dem presidentPresident Trump claimed China backpedaled in trade talks because Beijing is hoping for more favorable negotiations with one of the Democratic primary candidates vying for the White House in 2020 Donald is really stupid. You might mention how much money the Chicoms have shoveled to Hunter Biden, Joe's son! There Trump goes again blaming other people for crimes he's committed.

If they don't have it now then when the bell sounds your out. For many of those republicans forgiveness has flown out the window and out of this world Joe, you are looking at 2024 when Trump leaves the WH But republicans are treasonists. Un, no! He's delusional. Republicans are happy right now. They will be depressed

Well it will be too late Geritol Joe is not the answer. Almost 80 years old. Forget it. Jo'Bama MUST be snorting Flakka or huffing aerosol paint. If this fxcking delusional dinosaur makes it TO, and SURVIVES, the Democrat debates, this is what he has to LOOK forward to after debating Trump........................

Old man had 8 years for Change! He doesn’t have the energy and brain Power Trump has ...

Trump: Discussing Biden probe with Barr would be 'appropriate'Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, is urging Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, raising questions about whether Donald Trump would pressure his attorney general to do the same. Donald Trump is an honest ethical businessman, a voracious reader of history, good and faithful husband to all his wives and lady friends, and a man who can not lie and he signs bibles for his fellow worshippers, can Joe Biden do that? This is all kinds of messed up. China if you are listening meddle the 💩 out of this upcoming election. Create fake facebook accounts, spread propaganda, hack everything. We’ll correct the tariffs.

Globalist pick of 2020. The evil pope is behind you creepy joe. I believe it should be the opposite Joe. Dems ought to cross the aisle now and support this president instead of wanting to ruin America with socialistic BS... Joe has peaked. kamala2020 or Warren2020 💩 I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Idiot, they don't care.

No no we've had enough of you with Obama. Loon Alert No you will not. Missed that grim reaper memo from your good buddy, Mitch, huh?

Why do we want to change things? Things are going great. The Dems need an attitude change. When that happens, things will be better. Did he learn nothing in his 8yrs as VP under.Obama? Americans had an Epiphany with Obama/Biden Thus Trump You’re delusional Joe. This popularity you supposedly have is fleeting. Its made up its not real. Joe they hate Trump more than they like you. They have 25 people running against the Presidentyou can’t have Republican friends Joe AOC won’t stand for it.

The only republican friends he get is the die hard blue democrat slave politician to biden. Yet another post that they’ve reposted again and again hoping that it will gain traction. 😂 Like they did with the Obama administration.. Joe Biden is incorrect. It's not an epiphany. It's called being two-faced.

Put the pipe down JoeBiden So, after Trump is out of office, the GOP will simply revert back to 20th century statesmanship? 🤔 How and why would this occur without having solved the campaign finance problems that brought us here? Joe ...F**k Those Damn Republican’s ! We The People Will Vote Their Treasonous Ass’s Out Of Office ! 2020...Vote As Many Republicans Out That POSSIBLE....

Nonsense, McConnell and the GOP abandoned the Constitution long ago. If you believe this you're not paying attention to what the GOP has become Yes but that’s not going to do a damn thing to continue Trumps good work if you go back to Obamanomcs and tons of regulations! It will be an economy killer! Not to mention the BS Iranian deal you guys thought was so great! It wasn’t!

investigatetheinvestigators Sorry I will never forgive the Republishits for their lack of enforcing the Constitution. But you don't care because you are bought and paid for by the same corporations JoeBiden No. They will not have an 'epiphany.' They either already know how bad things are with Trump stomping on the Constitution, but don't care, are complicit, are compromised/blackmail, or are scared to speak up. Without Trump, they might act different. But they won't ever change.

Yeah because Joe is such a great moral example and leader.... Oh so they’ll go back to not lying as much? I wish you would go away you are the old Democratic Party. Retire with your Republican “friends”. Human race needs to wake up from it's top of the pyramid idealism! What was ewarren doing and saying today?

Idjut Fadingfailingfalling Has he even discussed 1 policy he would enact except accept another $30000000 from China Whatever. Damn every single pol that kisses Trump's ass. Trump’s economy is on Fire 🔥

1213Shane Probably, but we’ll know it’s all lies. Hard to tell if this is a campaign strategy of if Joe's just bat sh*t crazy. What's left of the GOP might...but Trumpsters...I just don't think so. your president even admit he cant have a magic wand to MAGA dreamn3d JoeBiden When I stopped supporting realDonaldTrump I felt a heavy pressure leave my body & it was as if I was possessed by a demon. Republicans have sold their souls & nation for a charlatan.

Sorry Joe, this party is changed forever. They will model the nefarious approach they’ve employed to undermine our democracy, and use that model to maintain their power where it exists. Do not give them the benefit of the doubt. Make them prove their loyalty. Trump isn’t the disease. He’s a symptom. It’s possible they could change because they’ll have no butt to kiss anymore, especially the ass that cozies up to other dictators.

Biden is 0 for 2 when Running for Pres ... Not great This pervert hasn't dropped out yet?

Please. If this doesn’t show the world what a fool this man is... BlackKnight0951 ...but only the ones who know what an epiphany is. Many of his supporters don’t have that much sense. Stop retweeting this bs ad nauseum please. Leys pray that tRump is out, graham the traitor is out and mcconnell is woth Orrin “I dont care if trump breaks the law hatch in shady acres final resting

Biden doesn't know what Epiphany means. Out of touch. Where has he been the Last 12 years? Republicans don't want to work with Democrats. You banana will never beat Trump, because the Americans don't like you!

JoeBiden, we are not interested in an epiphany in the GOP! We are looking for an epiphany to occur with TheDemocrats. We are tired of trump & the GOP having taken advantage of half the nation. We are looking for our own fighters. this is delusional and evidence Biden has zero grasp of the new reality. The GOP are at war with the Constitution, the rule of law, the American people, our sovereignty, and every unwritten rule we foolishly haven't yet codified. We can't afford to pretend they're good people.

Biden is an old man thinking that Republicans still believe in the rule of law , they dont , they are embracing fascism , they see a money ticket , Biden doesnt get it , this is a battle for our country , this is democracy vs fascism , and the fascists are winning KamalaHarris Bipartisan malarkey, Joe?

Our epiphany came in just took 8 looong years to fruition JoeBiden Why are you making excuses for the ComplicitGOP?! The cowards refuse to fulfill their oaths. HouseDemocrats must start ImpeachmentHearingsNOW or DemocracyDiesInDarkness! The 🇺🇸 public are tired of making excuses for ObstructionOfJustice

They defended Bush almost as vigorously and tossed him aside the minute he was gone. They will do the same with Trump, just not as quickly, if he loses. If he's impeached and convicted there will probably be blood. Ohh Bless his Heart. 😣 Doubt it GOP are Jeez, I kind of like 3.2% GDP, lowest unemployment in 50 years, lower taxes, an increase in manufacturing jobs, highest level of employment for African Americans & Hispanics ever recorded & energy independence from countries that hate us. What are you offering?

Not use to seeing much enlightenment from that quarter but the DEMs seem to have an 'epiphany' every five years or so before they're off on another crusade. The GOP will not have an epiphany until it is reduced to an opposition party at the federal and state/local levels. GOP needs to have the epiphany now. It needs to come to its senses or suffer total destruction of the party.

By 'epiphany' what Biden really means is 'cowardice.' The same cowardice Republicans exhibit in kowtowing to Trump they will employ to ingratiate themselves to a different environment. Spineless organisms leeching on to shiver ride they can fin. Won't be President...again....

Nah Joe, they shouldn’t get to walk back their silence on racism, sexual assault, child separation, bigotry, draconian abortions laws etc... As a lifelong GOP voter and Bush delegate in 2004, I'm appalled by the trump koolaid being drank. Doubtful What exactly did this VP do to get my vote? Hell no.. you can’t just remove someone from office just because you don’t like them. If you want to make that the new rule be prepared.

Yeah. Biz as usual.🤪😜 Oh really, Uncle JOE You could do better ? Who cares? And who want's 'em? I don't give a damn if they change. What they are doing now is unconstitutional and unforgiveable.

The epiphany being they overplayed their greedy, power mad little hands. Let's do it. I'll go worldwide again. It'll be worth it. Love joe💙💙💙💙 This is why he shouldn’t be running. No one will forgive them for their complicity of tarnishing the country’s reputation to its citizens and to our allies Fuck this narrative. I am sick and tired of them waiting to do the right thing

needs another round of cosmetic surgery I know 2025 seems like a long way off, but it’ll be here before you know it do the eskimo thing and put this dude on an ice floe Ukraine , tick.tock. It will all be revealed...prison time Joe

Senile I'm not sure he knows what epiphany means. They already realize that the democrats have nothing to offer. Biden assumes there are good republicans. That's cute. He's delusional. This is the horse Democrats are betting on. Seriously . I think JoeBiden is wrong about that. He looks like captain America when he was old in Endgame.


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