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Biden Says Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump

The former vice president ignited controversy in a testy exchange in a radio interview with Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club.

5/22/2020 6:07:00 PM

Joe Biden said on Friday that black voters torn between voting for him or President Trump “ain’t black.” His comments came at the end of a testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God on “ The Breakfast Club .”

The former vice president ignited controversy in a testy exchange in a radio interview with Charlamagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club .

“ain’t black.”In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Biden pledged Friday that he would repeal the tax cuts signed by the president in 2017 and raise the corporate tax rate, and that he would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000, as he seeks to outline his plan for American economic recovery in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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Mr. Biden gave some of his most detailed explanations of his economic policy. He rejected the idea that he would govern as an economic progressive, saying “I have a record of over 40 years, and I’m going to be Joe Biden. Look at my record.”But it was his comments at the end of a testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God, a host on The Breakfast Club, a nationally syndicated morning show popular with black millennials, that has dominated the conversation online.

In the interview, during which the former vice president sidestepped a question about marijuana legalization and his running mate selection, Mr. Biden also made clear that he felt there was no reason black Americans would consider voting for Mr. Trump.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black,” Mr. Biden said.The remark sparked immediate pushback on social media, with activists and conservatives jumping on Mr. Biden, 77, for acting as the arbiter of blackness. His words also exposed wounds among Democrats that date to 2016, when many leaders felt the party

took black voters for granted.Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate, released a statement on Twitter, reminding Mr. Biden that “1.3 million black Americans already voted for Trump in 2016.”“This morning, Joe Biden told every single one of us we ‘ain’t black,’” Mr. Scott said. “I’d say I’m surprised, but it’s sadly par for the course for Democrats to take the black community for granted and brow beat those that don’t agree.”

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser for Mr. Biden, later tweeted that the comments were in jest.In another part of the interview, Mr. Biden assured the radio host that he intended to inspire black voters in the general election. Using the appeal that worked for him in the Democratic primary, Mr. Biden said black voters knew him and his record, and would value his close kinship with former President Barack Obama.

On Friday morning, during the interview with CNBC, Mr. Biden said he would raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, more than its current rate of 21 percent but less than it was before Mr. Trump’s legislation, which lowered it from 35 percent. Mr. Biden also said he thought large corporations like Amazon should begin to pay their taxes, though he sidestepped a question on whether the large conglomerate should be broken up by the government.

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“I think Amazon should start paying their taxes,” Mr. Biden said. “I don’t think any company, I don’t give a damn how big they are, Lord Almighty, should absolutely be in a position where they pay no tax.”He continued: “What’s the capitalist system all about? The capitalist system is about everyone dealing fairly and dealing straight up with the American people and with their employees.”

The details come as Mr. Biden continues his transition from apparent primary winner to general election nominee. He is seeking to unite the party around a forward looking agenda that promises economic change, while matching the historic economic challenges now posed by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest jobs report showed millions more workers joined the ranks of the unemployed this week,bringing the total of jobless claims to nearly 39 millionin just over two months. Mr. Biden has tried to pin the devastation on Mr. Trump’s administration, saying that it did not respond quickly enough to the looming pandemic threat.

“His slowness is costing lives and costing jobs and costing our ability to rebound,” Mr. Biden said Friday.However, Mr. Biden’s comments were met with some criticism, as several progressive Democrats questioned whether his outlined corporate tax rate — and his pledge to only raise taxes on Americans making more than $400,000 — was a sign he could not deliver the programs capable of expansive change. Mr. Biden has, at times, oscillated between moderate policy proposals and embracing the rhetoric of systemic upheaval, a choose-your-own-adventure strategy which can allow progressive and moderate allies to see in his campaign what they want.

In separate media interviews this week, Mr. Biden addressed his ongoing search for a running mate and his agenda for black Americans, a key constituency in the Democratic electorate that helped save his primary campaign. Several of the candidates on Mr. Biden’s vice-presidential short list have publicly confirmed they have spoken with his team, including Representative Val Demings of Florida and Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

After a news report said thatSenator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota had been contactedby his vice-presidential committee, Mr. Biden was asked about her on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”“No one has been vetted,” Mr. Biden said. “There is a team put together to go down a preliminary list of people, ask their interests, ask them general questions.”

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Of Ms. Klobuchar, he said: “What you don’t want to do is let out all the names that you’re vetting because if someone is not chosen the presumption is not necessarily true that there must be something wrong. That’s not the process.”Our 2020 Election Guide

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JohnJetty1 If you are black and support trump, who are you kidding? He was right. Crude, but right and you know it. Glad to see he’s mustered the courage to come out of the bunker 😂😂 JoeBiden cthagod U R ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!SpeakTruth. &Pls don't apologize about being REAL. Black folks who still don't get it, don't vote OR support tRump, shld hand in their'black card.' Black folks NEED to wakeUP, standUP, beREAL about this.ButSome can't handle the TRUTH.

Testy exchange, I thought tha god was too damn passive. He spent a little too much time listening to joe spin his bulls. Mass incarceration is the result of 'Public Defenders' doing their job of defending the public. Joe Biden confiscating Black Cards 😂 No apology need! We all know who’s behind this hype and bullshit. You didn’t say ANYTHING! offensive. PERIOD. Your invitation to the cook out is a season pass.

vladduthiersCBS PLEASE give Biden the Democratic nomination for president! PLEASE! ...it's going to be some of the best entertainment this summer and fall... thisisthebesttheDNChas? He also said he didn’t have anything to do with minimum sentences, they just made a rule that sounds a whole lot like minimum sentences.

Biden is fake. People remember the Democrats were the slave owners. They have been controlling the black man for over 250 years. They gave the black man drugs to control him. They suppressed him, built ghettos for him to live. Biden wants the blacks to say thank you He be right!!! Why do black people cthagod complain about increased racism & being worse off since Obama admin, but stayed home in 2016 & are threatening to stay home again if JoeBiden VP pick is not black ewarren is better complementary VP choice for Progressives & the whole country

Should have said you ain't American How does Racist old Alzheimer JoeBiden apologize for his real deeply embedded 1950s feelings of racism? Elite, rich, white Dems that control the party all feel they are Masters & Black Americans must do as they are ordered. DNC CNNPolitics donlemon MSNBC foxnewspolitics

The question is, what Policies will he prepare for black people thst will undo his many discretion😒🤔 Joe Biden is absolutely right! If you don't vote him, you ain't black! If you don't vote at all, that a vote for Trump and the Republicans and they haven't done a dam thing for minorities!! Stop making a mountain out of a molehill!

His white privileged is showing JoeBiden Biden made a serious faux pas and must stop immediately antagonizing Black voters! November isn't very far away. Biden must tread carefully in minority communities. Don't allow Trump to win, Joe. The real issue is with the amount of LYING JoeBiden did during this interview. I hope cthagod doesn't just take him for his word, looks into his record (esp on the crime bill) and calls him out on his BS.

'It's not racist when we do it' They are black and they are democrats. They only want Trump to kill more republicans😉 Reading people’s response to this is kind of delicious. The entitlement of Democrats “owning” the black vote really lends credence to the image of the “Democrat Party Plantation.” Obviously some at the NYT lack the ability to differentiate between Joe’s history of support for POC, and an admittedly in-artful statement. We know exactly what he was trying to say, and he apologized. Try this instead 👇

There’s “cringeworthy” and then there’s cringeworthy’s big brother. That’s how bad this moment is: I don’t believe it’s a case of “misspoke”. It’s a statement of arrogance and I applaud the MORE SOPHISTICATED CHARLEMAGNE THA GOD. He should have said “aint looking out for themselves “ cause Trump and the GOP only care about corporations and rich people.

I’m still voting for Biden. I’m black and I agree with him. I’m voting blue no matter who Biden tried really hard in this interview to appeal to the black voter until he put his foot in his mouth. It seems he’s trying to yell his accomplishments of the 1980s at charlamagne. He doesn’t seem genuine. It feels scripted.

“What’s the capitalist system all about? The capitalist system is about everyone dealing fairly and dealing straight up with the American people and with their employees.” If I had any doubts the man has dementia, this quote cleared it right up. He's not right in the head. This is the DNC gamble. Pick a nostalgia candidate that won’t offend their billionaire donors with actual policy change and hope for enough Republican votes. Does nothing for the party base or the down ballot ticket. More damage in the long run.

Only in America Anyone falling for that act? Ok Joe manages to hold himself together for a few minutes of lies, when he’s just another democrat planning to build a welfare state. He won’t do a thing to help the black community. And... What an awful choice of candidates No apology needed Joe. I believe your statement to be true !

Fuck him!!!! Exactly ' y' he won't get it!!!! Biden’s always been a racist Charlamagne: “I want to make a fully informed decision.” Biden: “Get back in the cotton field boy!” Thank you for apologizing for Biden! Now, maybe you will apologize to We the People for lying to us and being in bed with the anti-American Democratic Party!

President Obama , and all the Democratic VP candidate s endorse White privilege Racist candidate Joe Biden , !!!!, Translation: You black folks better shuck and jive yo' asses to the polls. I am sure Joe Biden will do a lot for Black people. Biden is a good man, a good hearted man and would make a great President for ALL 🇺🇸***LOOK WHAT WE HAVE NOW AT THE WHITE HOUSE! An irresponsible president.*** As our great President Obama says - “Vote!”

Joe Bodwn os a RACIST! Biden's '...you ain't Black' declarative could likely end up being his famous 'FINAL WORD' on the subject of which race he believes the DEMs own outright. Give them the same opportunity to speak their mind. Biden's producer allowed him to linger long enough to summarize. GREAT! Tabloid nyt-Joe's: treason, extortion & bragging on open mic about Ukraine & drug addict son hunter. Massive government contracts to family members, signing off to attend General Flynn, your boy Obamacare debocle, dead Americans in Benghazi debocle, depleting mask stockpile.Loser

Once again this potus is playing politics with churches aft he forgot them in his reopening plan, he is as uncomfortable in a churches as Satan would be in Heaven. I’m not falling for a nonstory. Hreater percentage of black folks are dying because of realDonaldTrump ineptitude, callousness & more, but you focus on a figure of speech uttered by JoeBiden? Does his gaffes cause anyone to die or lose their job or healthcare or go hungry?

He is dividing people's for they color. I think he know without African American votes he can not win Election He should answer this question why ? Him and Obama when they was in power African American and africa continent did get help much As they suspected They just use them Joe Biden is a racist ! 🙄

An apology is just a cheap shot like his comment. This is a vulgar,unnecessary comment that shows racism in my eyes. What’s wrong with people like that? I guess rhere will always be those who think that way. God put us here to learn I guess The great false equivalence brigade is why the right wins. There is prez who goes around blurting racist shit day in day out and harms people and no one on his side is held accountable but hell hath no fury if a democrat makes a harmless stupid gaff.

Maybe not the smartest thing to say by Biden, but... we all saw Trumps way if dealing with taking a knee. He thinks black lives don't matter. So yes, why vote for that racist fascist man if you're black? It does not seem 'the right thing to do for black people's lives'. 🖕🏾JoeBiden and 🖕🏾the DNC not only have BlackAmericans been suffering for decade on top of decade under Democratic leadership y’all couldn’t stop this LiberalRacist from telling Us what will or won’t qualify us to be Black?! I’m really sitting home in November or voting Green

And People actually still vote based on color. Huh. Where have I been 🤔 Lenin once said that people are like plucked chicken and will follow him by throwing in a measly chicken feed. This is political 101 around the world. Joe biden is a true racist! He only see black people as a vote bank. They only vote for him because they hate trump and want him out. Joe biden treat them even worse than they would still vote for him. This is just sad.

If you are Black White Female or Male and vote for Trump then you get what you deserve a sociopath who would let you die in the street as long as he gets to stay in the White House . Jim Crow Joe is a racist in my opinion 'you ain't black comment for him is being nice. Let my people go, we paid our dues. Reparations Now

By the time for elections, no one will vote for JoeBiden 😂. Better to have Trump for another term than a two face politician. Joe Biden is an idiot. And is no more fit to be President than trump. I guess the chickens have come home to roost. Newsflash: Trump and Biden are both racist. Ummm, he’s right. If you are black and you are with Donald Chump, then yeah, you aren’t black.

imagine for one minute if Trump said that, The NY Times, Washington Post and CNN would report for one month agnaist him When can politicians treat voters like real individuals instead of number with some features? Damage done! JoeBiden best assemble major forces—not just tokens— at the highest level to represent black interests in our country. Stop being cocky. He doesn’t have this by a long shot. Don’t believe polls. Enough is enough. Stop with the dumb mistakes and stop doing the dumb Trump stuff

Blacks for Trump are no different then white trash for Trump. Hateful hicks. This dude just can’t help but repeatedly shoot himself in the foot. He might as well be Trump’s campaign manager at this point. An unfortunate choice of words, but I come away with the sense that he finds it unbelievable that black voters, or any voter for that matter, could vote for a white supremacist. How is that even possible?

'Comments,' you say? Give it a rest. 100k dying while President plays golf and chooses not to wear a mask or think of anyone else Now do Trump you bipolar asshats! So glad TheDemocrats made the same foolish mistake they made during the last election... The professor who has correctly predicted elections for 36 years says Trump will win in 2020.

Yes Patriots please watch and share! WWG1WGA WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE QAnons QanonArmy QAnon Art Want to know whether Joe Biden says YouAintBlack ? This election is between losing our country (via Trump) or not losing our country. Losing it for good. Never getting it back. This election isn't even about Biden. He's a placeholder. Be on the side of GOOD for a change, NYT!

My as well have Lex Luthor as our next President.... If anyone is ok with Biden after this there is something wrong with you .This man says if you like someone else your not Black that shit is Crazy .So that means you are not allowed to form your own opinion this man is a shit Bag. I mean if “grab em by the pussy” can still get elected 🤷🏻‍♀️

bigmiddletao lol hilarious Charlamagne is a clown. He has no points. He also said he would suck 6ix9ine’s 🍆 if he got out. He post shit for likes only. Did you all notice how Biden’s “Come on, man!” to cthagod was what he also said to Tara Reade after he sexually assaulted her? It sounded strange when she quoted it a few days ago but is perfectly fitting now.

The white dude with anger problems, molestation issues, scrupulous foreign affairs, crack addicted son, dementia laden brain, racially charged voting record, gets to decide who is black enough based on whether they vote for him. These people must really hate Trump, damn. Well at least he didn't use the N-word like Bill Maher.

Wow that's your man!!! Trump 2020 landslide JoeBiden said, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black” Now all he has to do is say something else worth noting. When President Trump has you on the debate stage and that timer is running, you are going to be messed up. TRUMP2020

What's Biden really saying? If UR black & want a job UR not black? If UR Black & want to better UR self UR not Black? If U want a better life for UR family not black? If UR a black athlete making lots of money not black? That's what he is saying, only way UR black is to vote him. I want to say that IDGAF what y’all think about what Biden said. trump has said and done more vile things and I’d vote for Biden 100 times if I could to get rid of the orange turd on Nov. 3rd

True I'm Black, Dutch Blond and Blue Mom, African American Father, Speak Dutch fluently, and I'm Black and I'm with Joe!!! Now why don’t you get DT to apologize for ANYTHING and make that the story. Please and thankyou. inittowinit007 nyt will smoooooooooth this over for groping joe Biden. Once you attack black you cant take it back.

I think Biden needs to spend less trying to turn Trump voters into his and figure out how to get those of us not voting to show up for him instead. I want to hear more from him then “Vote for me cause I’m not Trump.” So black folks if a black man had said the same what do you think he meant Trump killed 50,000 by not shutting down early. This headline disappeared from your front page after one day.

Yeah, defend his racism . It’s a good look on you. He did not fkng say that. I am sick of media chewing on anything to get a headline. That’s why we got stuck with Trump. I cancelled my paper because of this. I want to see Biden debate Trump not other people nor in the race. This is just another distraction to cause small minds to consider voting for the moron that said disinfectant should be injected.

It wasn't a 'testy' exchange. They did great. How to win an election 101: Make a bold declaration on voter's race based on their decision as Americans And this is why Trump wins. He can sympathize with a Nazi, no one covers it. Biden says this harmless thing, me die blows up. Trump is going to win this November.

It’s ok Biden clearly identifies as black Remind me. Why are white politicians still going on that show? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ disaster seems to be lurking everywhere This is 'God' warning everyone that the choice between garbage and trash is a losing battle. Worry about who your Mayor is. The Presidency is a GLOBAL JOKE now.

This may very well mark the end of Bidens run, his 'basket of deplorables' moment that serves to boost his opponent. Way to go Joe you probably just doomed us all to another 4 yrs of Rump. I understood what Biden was stating. I do not take offense to the statement. I am a 77 year old Black woman. I am with Joe Biden. I will vote for him and am encouraging family and friends to do the same.

Really Joe I’m sure you , the NYTs will make sure this is your focus for the next five months since you can’t choose from the thousands of lies and putrid statements from our current President! Oh But her emails!!! Never forget what that imbecilic focus daily front page above the fold More like you “Ain’t got a spine” if you consider Trump in my books !!

There is a million things that Trump says .. and I’m sorry .. but I’m with Biden on this .. Lol .. Shame on Biden. Another IDIOT remark. Biden has more integrity in his little pinky than Trump has in his entire body. Thanks South Carolina. JoeBiden says out loud what DNC believes. They can take black vote for granted and are the original racists.

to the rescue. So what. He said it and it was funny. Yesterday Trump said Henry Ford had good bloodlines. Trump would never apologize for any statement Biden was kind, you haven't been in the meeting I've had the unfortunate pleasure of attending. Wake the hell up! Another thing that makes Joe more Presidential is he knows when he is wrong and apologizes fast. Trump spends months obsessing with how to prove himself right first there was the weather map altered with Sharpie and now he claims to take the malaria drug that is proven to kill.

I don’t care what Biden said. Charlemagne can be an ass and thinks he’s all that. He's not totally wrong. Trump is so racist that any person of color who supports him has to have low self-esteem. I’ll take Biden saying this over Trump embracing Fords antiSemitic bloodline- I guess 'black' people who voted for Trump are no longer 'black' in the eyes of Democrats. Just like any white person who voted for him are racists. Wake up America this is the democratic party

Black votes are NOT free! JoeBiden You fool!!!! The only thing Joe should do to win is not jump or fall under a bus. Joe, sit back, do not talk, get the popcorn and watch the other guy implode. More time passes from the time you last open your mouth higher the ratings. Silly times, no? As a gay person, I'm well past done letting the Democratic Party take my vote hostage because they're marginally better than Republicans, who want us dead. Many other Dem-voting groups I think are feeling the same right now. You have to EARN our vote, or gtfo

the radio host provoked him.i'll take biden's record on civil rights over trump's anyday Biden somehow thinks he's one of black folks or could relate to the black experience. Yes, he got black votes but there's a difference - he ought to know better Biden is a racist and also a bit of a pedophile:: Another one of Bidens 'gaffes' remember? ' A Dubious Compliment via TIME

Bad choice of words but true. Lump was sued for racism in the 70’s, Central Park 5, call black males thugs, kkk fine people,upset over Kap taking a knee but okay with racist with guns storming capitals to shot the virus,there’s a 70’s song about him I understand Joe Biden. I am Black and I don't understand Black people voting for Donald Trump either. I don't think Biden meant anything bad by his statement, its something I would say myself. Honestly, Why would anyone , black or white, vote for Trump. He is dangerous.

Give it up Biden saying “black” voters are torn between him and Trump is no different than his statement on “black” people not being “black” if they don’t vote for him... according2whoexactly It was not testy Joe apologized for being cavalier and a wise guy Said he does not take the black voters for granted Joe shows humility Please go cover Trump's overt racism

LMFAO... ol’ LBJ was spot on. With welfare checks, he said he’d have black people voting Democrat for 200 years.. & he was right Democrats enslaved them, lynched them, Jim Crow’d em... & all was forgiven for a check & a Quest card Trump’s record jobs for em pales in comparison Wow! Americans have the unenviable task of who to vote for ? Dumb or Dumber .😆

Joe can admit when he is wrong which is a sign of a good leader. Trump takes no responsibility for his vile actions. My question is why anyone of color would even consider voting for Trump who is one of the most racist people in our country? You black folk have to listen up now. Don't think for yourself. Vote for the Godless baby killing culturally perverted dems.

BIDEN AS WELL AS ALL DEMS USE BLACKS FOR VOTES AND DO NOTHING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY. WAKE UP AND STOP THEM. RESEARCH SENATOR SCOTT ON TRUMP... Democrat logic is crazy 😂 Let's not call it a debt that's how we got into this problem with these lobbyists now I Believe Biden got it right he earned his credits now he can build on it let's help him build on it seems to me he listens and give respectful feedbacks

walkaway runawayfromdemocrats dumpsterfiredems Joe Biden said what he believes that black people can’t think for themselves. That they are like sheep and they must follow their shepherd which is Joe Biden. How many black voters are torn between Trump and VP Biden? None okay. You see. Nobody stands for anything. Apologies.... That's what you get. If you take a stand, argue your point and stand by it.

Well I just don't get why on earth a black person would vote for Trump. Ug. On one hand I’m kind of glad to see Biden is a human being and has his human moments. He also is man enough to apologize. A big plus, but dammit... I sure can’t say “he tells it like it is and shoots from the hip“! Too MAGAish! Lol. Screw it. I’m opening a Fosters ale.

'testy'? YouAintBlack JoeBidenIsARacist BIDENTHERACIST BidenIsARacist JoeBiden He was right. Everybody knows it. There are always people who vote against their best interests. Poor white people do the same thing. RacismDog The thing about JoeBiden and the dumb remark about blacks is that he can apologize, admit fault, change, and grow. He will. Trump on the other hand has never once admitted fault or taken responsibility for any mistakes EVER. His ego and pride has killed 100000 Americans so far.

How did he get on that show anyway? There is no whiter or dumber white guy anywhere else in this race Maybe it wasn’t a well thought out statement but I think Biden is sincere in being a president for everyone, whether black or white, young or old, poor or prosperous, everyone maters Anti-voting is the norm in almost any election worldwide. Do you remember when was the last time you had trouble deciding between 2 candidates because they were both so good/convincing? Now you just gotta decide which one will do the least harm. France knows best.

He said what he meant and he meant what he said. His mistake was that he had a moment of honesty when he was pushed on his BS ever so slightly. 'Black People Have Just As Much Of A Voice As Normal People,' Joe Biden Went On To Allege.' kaitlancollins There are some black voters who are obviously looking for every reason to remain Trump supporters. They will make every excuse for his behaviour and attack Joe Biden in an instant..

Ahh yes, the left wing. Where voter verification is somehow racist, but literally telling an entire race of people that they are required to vote for you isn’t. All he has to do is STFU and ride this out. Trump will continue to screw things up as the pressure builds. Joe is letting his Mouth and his Ego get in the way of being the Next President. Most want to get rid of Trump but we dont want another Trump for 4 years.

Biden misspoke, there are black folk that vote for Trump. It's there choice. kaitlancollins What a Moran yet you idiots at CNN want to support him. Good luck with that. TheHinduLiberal I'm happy to see a leader willing to admit he was wrong and apologize. I'm sick of 'The blame game' realDonaldTrump throws at us every single day.

Vote for me if you’re black or “ they’ll put you all in chains”. My buddy Obama is “clean”. So the latest is no surprise. Charlamagne the WHATare u kidding James 3, 2: for we all fall short in many respects. If anyone does not fall short in speech, he is a perfect man, able to bridle his whole body also.

Can’t wait for this to be discussed in TheView next Tuesday. Can you say, FREE PASS!! Do you think Joe Biden still wants to win, given the current circumstances (pandemic)? Maybe he's deliberately self-sabotaging. He's a man who's been around black people for several years, surely he knows you can't say something like that (especially in front of Charlamagne).

Joe Biden is one of the most privileged white people in this country. He has wanted for nothing in his life. Who the hell is he to tell any minority race what they are or are not based on what they think!? I listened to the entire interview. It was not at all 'testy'. Your biased interpretation I find really 'testy'.

ddale8 Trying hard to get Trump reelected. 2016 all over again. Joe Biden is a racist. This is astonishingly out of context NYT headline writers The kings of the bullshit both sides MAH .... HA ... HA! What a Buffoon 😂🤣😆 So is he racist? Or just being a ridiculous democrat? Or all of the above! He's even lying about being sorry

It was insulting, and he immediately apologized. He wasn't pressured over weeks to walk around an apology like someone else I know (i.e.Trump 'apologizing for accusing Obama of not being born on America) No lies detected. How is it possible the Democrats are going to nominate one of about ten people in the entire country who can't beat Trump.

Once again demonstrating that South Park had it right. Does anyone think Mayor Pete, AK, C Booker, K Harris or even Bloomberg would have been so 'cavalier'? Ok, maybe Bloomberg would have been. Omg stop. This is NOT important. This is a distraction. Quasi black. Yeah, but he’s right. So there’s that the reality is that neither biden nor trump support blacks. Biden is just pandering.

Too late, he is racist. Why not just say he was being sarcastic? Look at him picking apart Biden statement it always be someone who think he suppose to speak for black ppl, can he stfu please messing up shit that wanna help the ppl Deep State Joe --- has got to GO. Establishment liberals are the true deplorables...look at these comments below

WTF is wrong with this man? One of my good friends (who happens to be black since it pertains to this conversation) said & I quote “he ain’t wrong.” Biden2020 Every vote has to be earned, JoeBiden! Can’t take any for granted picharbonnier Cet Arien de Joe_BIDEN tient son carnet de certification pour qualifier les bons et mauvais noirs ? Plus raciste que ça, il faut le chercher... De toute manière, il est soutenu par Hilary_Clinton qui prône la stérilisation des femmes en Afrique pour dépeuplér la planète.

CHERRY PICKED OF COURSE! TRUMP IS A NAZI Why does he keep making it difficult for him to win? We need peace Joe Biden apologized for saying that black voters torn between him and President Trump 'ain’t black.' 'I shouldn't have been so cavalier,' he said on a call with black business leaders. Pro trump He wasn't speaking to all black voters he was speaking specifically to Charlemagne Tha God because he said he didn't know who he would vote for in November.

It’s not about who people will vote for, it’s about if people will show up to vote for Biden who consistently says shit like this in response to platform critiques. People aren’t gonna show up for a guy who openly doesn’t listen and actively feels he’s entitled to their vote. My favorite part of this is all the white outrage. Trump supporters trying to convince me he's racist😂😂😂. Black people dont care about this. Apparently white people are furiiys😂😂

Quit polling Democrats only. Your polls show that Joe. I’m afraid to vote for you because you may select Stacy. And how you are conducting yourself with mistakes you are making. “Remembering things.” Concerned Democrat I don’t comment re- a political party, race, etc. VP Biden was just out of line here, bc of his angry, testy response. Inappropriate for anyone

Its beautiful to watch the left dropping all their standards and blindly trying to justify electing a white racism rapist in to the White House. Being Trump hater has become a form of self identity and beating him their jihad. Gaffe? Yes. Am I mad about it? No. Should he have said it? No. But it isn’t a big deal. The point was Trump has done nothing but endanger Aftican-Americans constantly. What I would say is if you’re black and you vote for Trump, you must have forgotten you’re black. GOPDeathCult

larkwood6 Has your editorial board apologized to Biden yet for helping promote Tara Reades LIE It’s pretty clear he was talking about Trump supporters who don’t care about black people. These are the “fine people”, the same people that said to “take a knee” was somehow “disrespecting the troops” & not the very real issue of police brutality against black people.

Charlamagne exposes Elizabeth Warren for the fraud she is, too. And Kamala.... have a feeling the left won’t be visiting his show for awhile. Why would Biden go on the show. Who said Charlamagne the God (really) is a journalist and speaks for black people. I wanted Bernie least he can form coherent sentences but no you guys want our first disabled president sheesh 😒

Well if that isn't the worst slur to Blacks,and they act to show how they feel,then they deserve Biden and the usual Democratic pandering I guess he decided to fight stupid with stupid ‘Testy’ = The angry black man made him do it. Shit I said the same thing! What’s your point? That was Dumb He’s right. I'm a black woman and I agree with JoeBiden. ANY black person who votes for Trump is not only not black, but is also INSANE!

Misleading headline ...he was joking...unlike Trump’s white supremacy comment about Ford’s “very good “ bloodline 1.3 million black Americans voted for Trump, what a vile statement. Nothing burger I mean, people took away Kanye’s black card when he showed up at the White House with a MAGA hat on, perhaps there is some truth?

HillaryClinton made the mistake of taking people of color for granted. Now JoeBiden is doing it. Please look at what happened in 2016. JoeBiden you have to bring everyone along with you for the win! You are not black if you vote for Trump... lol This is the most dehumanizing, racist deplorable comment any candidate could make .. impilication: Blacks are not independent, can't think and are stooges .... NO BLACKS ARE NOT... Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

If you dont like Biden. You can allways write in Sheila Jackson Lee. Maybe shes more your style. Why is he interviewing a US presidential candidate with a beanie hat on? This isnt Slim Thug. PatriciaRork You guys are taking this way too out of context. STOP! Maybe insulting to a few folks inclined to be insulted, but this ain’t even close to the batshit insane things Trump has said and cruel, incompetent things he’s done.

I'm will vote for Biden no matter what because there's no way in hell I would ever vote for Trump However, I really don't care for this comment. I've been black almost 70 years. I don't need anybody to tell me how to be black. And with all his experience Biden should know that He us either plain dumb or racist or color blind. Have your pick,

bad bad bad kaitlancollins That’s rude !! Maybe you should wear your mask ! It wasn't testy. Charlemagne threw softballs throughout. But somehow Biden manages to say the most moronic statement about what a black person should vote. This is all him. kaitlancollins I’ll say it for the Hispanic race, “If you are voting for Trump, You are Not Hispanic”.

It wasn't testy at all. This is a BS take. Watch for yourself: ddale8 The full interview all 18 minutes - in context. Seriously you guys really want Trump re-elected. Black votes are always a sure thing. JoeBidenIsARacist black ppl who vote for Trump are definitely not so smart. Just deal with trump for another 4 years. Might as well

Believing that black people can only have one political view is in and of itself racist. I’ll still vote for Biden over trump any day, that is a fact💯 No matter the issue, I don’t think Biden can speak on behalf of black people. So Biden is really rolling w/ the 'I have a black friend' strategy. Got it 👌

You know you aren't black when a 77-year old white man (JoeBiden) tells you that 'You ain't black.' Come on PlantationJoe Facts 💯 Leave Biden alone. Charlemagne only represents the psychotic. Now do 45’s “bloodlines” comment at the Ford factory kaitlancollins Black and stupid. You’re right. I can’t tell the difference between JoeBiden and realDonaldTrump either.

AND WE LISTEN TO THIS RACIST BECAUSE.....? He's right AngelaNWalker this is the candidate the blacks voted for... too fucken late now. Biden is grabbing to newscycle by the p*ssy. LetBidenBeBiden 😀 Seriously, Biden needs to breakthrough and (sadly) shock jock statements with germs of truth is how it’s done these days.

There are some Black people who will still be making excuses for the Klansmen who are putting the noose around their neck. Ever wonder how African slavery lasted for centuries? Look at the Biden apologists on this thread for your answer. Biden suffers from foot in mouth disease but this garbage filled outburst will not dissuade me from voting for him in November.

Ya not going get mad at this!! Obama was President some African Americans still voted for trump even though he tore everything Obama had done down just because he was black..republicans are just mean hearted people.. 😂😂😂😂 so who we are if we don't care It’s true and black people know it. President Joe, you are absolutely right

As a 46 yr old black man Trump has done the most for my community since I been alive than any other president. Sorry if that doesn't fit the narrative. Welp. That’s all folks. See you in 2024. what the fuck does that statement mean. Biden is a racist! You don't speak for the US BLACKS we are woke! NYT actually reported it...woa...good job NYT, good job

I am with JoeBiden ... truth is often hard to take People who didn’t vote for HillaryClinton in 2016 or decided not to vote at all made it possible for realDonaldTrump to destroy this country for 4 yrs! TrumpIsAnIdiot TrumpTheNaziWhiteSupremisist I’m Black and I’m voting for JoeBiden . Please have a surgeon remove Biden’s foot from his mouth.

corrupt entitled senile POS Well, at least no one’s talking about Tara Reade. Quite the deflection strategy. Well for someone who is clearly a whit supremacists , yeah u r not a real black person if u voted for him, and im not a real arabic person if i did vote for him , guys vote for who is not deviding the country , did u guys forget his hate speeches ? Do u remember the shootings

Now do trump questioning Jewish Israeli Democrats voters!!! We waiting!!!!! And where else would this be covered Yeah, the NYT The very same *ssholes that fell hook, line and sinker for Trump's, billionaire bullsh*t, for 50 years 🤬👎 Bwahahahaha 😂... no chance this dude is winning in November What has Trump done for black Americans? Actually, what has he done for white and Latino Americans? Stiff us will bills, take away healthcare, lie over and over. Cost many lives in this crisis. My life is not better with Trump at the helm.

Joe and the Democrats are dumbasses Y’all are attempting to make this into something. I’m a black voter. I know what he meant. The current WH occupant has a long history of blatant and outright racism. We know the difference. Pple want to make a huge deal out of this of course but instead of thinking that Biden thinks AA's owe him their vote, maybe he thinks it's just a simple as WHY TF WOULD ANYY BLACK PERSON VOTE FOR A RACIST?!?! SHOULDN'T IT BE THAT SIMPLE?

Who in the fuck is 'Charlemagne the god'...better yet...who cares about either of these clowns. ddale8 Senile! Not a problem. He's right I think Stacy Abrams just moved up in the VP short list. Not what he said! He never said “if you’re black”and torn between him and trump! Nytime needs to retract that! “If you have a problem choosing between him and trump you ain’t black”! That what he said. And I hope he stands by it!

why is this controversial? Why aren't all the stupid things Trump says controversial? Good grief, it's like you want Trump there for another four damn years, NYT. Y’all need to calm down. Biden is not racist. He’s known for saying strange things. What u gonna not vote now? Or worse vote for known racist, lier, unethical and bulky Trump?

Joe Biden is a proud racist. He proved it again this morning Jesus Christ, Joe. At least he stayed awake, let's think positive Not offended by this. Whoever Biden chooses as a running mate needs to be ready to sit in the seat. That is why Elizabeth Warren is the best choice. JoeBiden So, is the ballot actually going to be black or, what? 😑🤣

kaitlancollins ddale8 I watched the full video and where exactly does it get “testy”? Pretty much elitist racist statement , !!!! I if the NYT will call him out on it , or defend him .? Uncle Joe learned how to talk jive from CornPop! Democrats want to keep blacks down and dependent on the government.

kaitlancollins Anyone who calls himself a God has some serious ego issues. The last time I checked there was only 1 God and I'm pretty sure that Charlemagne's behavior and lifestyle doesn't exemplify the God that I serve. To be fair, as a Native American 76%, a member of 3 tribes, when I hear Native people support Trump, esp those living on the Rez, I say they aren't Native, cause who would vote for someone who wants ur people eliminated? I get Biden's comment, but he can't say that. Obama could.

I detect no lie about this. If you are voting for “good people on both sides” then you ain’t black. It might be time for the NYT to review its policies regarding coverage of politics: What is legitimate & needs coverage & what is noise & distraction ( emails! )discern the difference AllTheNoiseFitToPrint NYTDistractions PandemicDonald GOPGenocide AllWorkders WeThePeople

If Biden wears my starting pitcher I’d be calling the bullpen right now... Well guys, thanks to Biden’s dumbass comment we are at least guaranteed a Black woman VP now. 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 At the end of the day it’s an election between two people that won’t benefit anyone Anyone who takes the time to listen to this entire interview would agree that this headline is absolute nonsense.

NeverBiden 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're voting for me or Biden, then you ain't white.' 🤔🤔🤔 Joe Biden is Joe Biden’s biggest problem. His best hope to be President is exploiting the human misery of the lab-made WuhanVirus , illegal foreign campaign contributions from China, etc, and a billion dollar campaign contribution of FakeNews from the corrupt liberal media.

Translation: 'get back on the Democrat Plantation or else' Bernie Sanders is definitely the better man. There is no way Bernie would speak this way. Bernie has class and Biden doesn't. It is hard to feel sympathetic what did the African Americans expect? Look how Biden treated Anita Hill. .JoeBiden What were you thinking? Oh. You weren’t thinking. “Ain’t black.”!?! A President DOES NOT make statements like that. If you can’t handle a little pressure in a testy exchange better than that we need a different nominee. And any apology will be an empty one. Shame!

I could probably see the logic of comparison with Trump, as in 'am a way better version of him'. But a white Irishman attempting to define what is 'black' to African Americans is like lecturing Jews on what being Jewish means. Doesn't sit well with me. The white guy who eulogized Thurmond,who said there wasn't enough troops 2 force whites 2 admit nigroes into theaters, their homes, their churches. So JoeBiden who said he didn't want his kids growing up in a racial jungle, now gets to decide who's black or not. YouAintBlack

Your buddy Trump praised a Nazi and Nazi ideology yesterday. Any black person who would vote for Trump might as well join the klu klux klan. I am not American but I sense African Americans feel the Democratic Party takes them for granted. And the host is saying what is Biden going to do specifically for African Americans?

This was the endpoint of a tense and confrontational 18-minute interview. It doesn’t excuse Biden’s frustrated outburst, but it provides some context. Right on Joe. He needed to rephrase that. They haven't had the black experience. I know a few black people who voted for Trump and will vote for him again. Because they haven't had the black experience. It's called black silver spoon syndrome.

It's getting to the point where we have to be afraid to say the word black these days! Maybe we should just stop referring to color at all, in reference to people! That would be a great day. We hold people up to such high standards these days, so how did Trump ever get up there? I think Joe's was a perceptive comment. In the latest Fox Poll JoeBiden is viewed favorably by 80% of black American voters.

Where is the lie tho? JoeBiden Therefore blacks can’t decide for themselves? Joey Joey Joey Come on, man? There go the VP possibility headlines. 🤦🏻‍♂️ That's a messed up thing to say I don’t really care. ddale8 White people are not the arbiter of blackness. Hey, white people clutching your pearls: he’s right. If you are AA and ok with a white supremacist who once called for innocent black men to be executed despite being exonerated staying President, you’re not one of us.

The media and other liberals no longer care about anything but grabbing power at any cost. This allows them to hold their stupid constituents hostage. LEAVE IT TO BIDEN TO SCREW UP AND LOSE TO TRUMP kaitlancollins Dear Leader Donald used his Twitter account to accuse morning talk show host Joe Scarborough of being a murderer; but let's obsess over Biden's remark for a month.

Democrats sure know how to pick ‘em! This is something that Obama could get away with but not an old white dude, no matter how close he was to Barack. missb62 A Reminder folks when you are on about JoeBiden Stupid thing to say versus a fired pandemic team and 100,000 deaths are not equal. Imagine the outrage if President Trump had said this. If Democrats didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all

Now do Trump’s gaffs. Once a racist party always a racist party. Walk away. Is this a real headline? Why would any color person vote for Trump? Biden's comments this morning on 'The Breakfast Club' should have been worded differently but at the core of the comment was Trump is anti-black you don't have to be a genius to realize that. If you vote for Trump and you are black, YouAintBlack. And that's facts.

Dam right Joe. why folks taking offense, is it because you all voted for DT in the last election. Always looking for something to hang the man. Life is a beautiful struggle when you don’t follow the masses🤣🤣 not offended and the world not ending beside COVID Oh no please don’t Joe More whitesplaining from the NY Times 'Testy exchange' ? You really do count on the ignorance of your audience, don't you ?

Its true. Biden tell it like it is. Truth shall stand. “I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Donald Trump. Your turn... If a republican ever said that it would. Be racist, how dare someone say that they need to quit being on the race for president. NY times is fake news.

'Poor kids are just as bright as white kids....If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or, Trump, then you ain't black.' Joe Biden JoeBiden well amy klobuchar should help with this dynamic I agree, blacks, hispanics and women should be the LAST FUCKING PPL to vote for Trump since he has spewed an immense amount of hatred for ALL 3 GROUPS!

Smh you are a total embarrassment. Remember Joe has gaffes all the time and sometimes has trouble articulating his responses and has empathy. Whereas, Trump is Vindictive toward all persons not loyal to his cause (whatever that is?) all the time! Compared to Trump he’s angelic! Biden is 💯 on point. Charlemagne can’t be undecided between trump and Biden! Not only is he not Black he’s not human! 96k dead souls, disproportionately Black and Brown because 45 called C19 a hoax for 2 months. GTFOH!

FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K Reminds me of this is general thoughtlessness from Biden. but part of the blame rests on MSM who treat 'THE BLACK VOTE' as a monolith. every black person I've ever met has been & is an individual, w/ their own agenda/needs/hopes, so to keep them lumped in one political basket is inappropriate.

“Poor kids and the white kids” Biden is right, same with Hispanics voting for Trump. On PeriodT. Wow. Sounds racist. here comes the apologists....don't worry , Biden will get their votes... This was obviously a set up. Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president. That’s not a joke, that’s not snark, that’s reality. The poor guy can’t get through a single speech without making a complete fool of himself, there is no way Democrats really think this guy can run the country.

Where's the outrage? Ohhhh...that's right... JoeBidenIsJoeBiden Is that why he opposed desegregated busing? He told black people they aren't black if they think freely. He is a racist Not an issue — move on This is what true racism sounds/looks like!!! Over 40 years in office, and what he did for the black people was bus them to/from school (like Kamala Harris said in debate)!!!

I will never understand why women vote for *45 just like I will never understand why African Americans vote for the racist guy who said 'Look at my African American over there.' WHY do people continue to vote against their own interests? Anyone who votes for Trump has a screw loose unless you are a selfish multi millionaire or billionaire! I hope we are not as stupid as 2016 but we could be. The msm and Russia helped get us here! 💔🇺🇸💰😢😡

Testy exchange? You either didn’t watch the interview, have never seen the show, or both. They were both borderline laughing *moves across the Mason-Dixon line once* WHAT THE HECK Joe Biden, the ultimate decider of who is black and who is not. Probably learnt this skill from his segregationist friends YouAintBlack JoeBidenIsARacist

AGREED News flash: acknowledging that someone is black is not racist. BIG NEWS FROM THE NYTIMES! ANY UPDATE ON “HER EMAILS”?!? 🤡🤡🤡 Malarkey level 1000 And? It’s precisely this type of heartless and headless (if accurate) comment that will lose us this election! Give us another death sentence with Lurch in the White House! Dem leadership MUST squelch this talk!! thinkbeforeyoutalkjoe

Given that Trump has 3% of their support, he should have said, you probably ain't black, but I guess 100k dead isn't a big deal compared to missing a word in a sentence. AlpacaPatrol the quoted part. Why is it such a foreign concept that all votes are earned? Weirdo Biden Apparently, Joe Biden went before a crowd and talked about the superior bloodline of Henry Ford.

kaitlancollins Hi kaitlancollins remember this tho kaitlancollins What? Biden trying to keep black people on the Democrat plantation. I think he should've put it this way, 'if you're black and torn between voting for Trump or Biden, then you need to be emancipated from mental slavery.' context: There is a portion of the Black community that has vowed to tank the election if the Dem candidate doesn't promise to reward Black people, exclusively, with money and privileges. research Tangibles2020 ados HoldTheVoteHostage etc

TRUMP 2020 ddale8 jfc 🤦🏾‍♀️ Old white man, better wake up it’s 2020 not 1994. 😡 This is good news for staceyabrams and the movement desperate for Biden to pick a black VP. You will see prominent black establishment media figures ask the ? is Biden taken the Black vote for granted? Will he pick a black VP to make up for this. It will be amplified.

Same racist Democrats that started the Civil War, Jim Crow and the KKK! VoteDemOut That Keye and Peele restaurant skit comes to mind. If you haven't laughed in a while, just sit back and watch. kaitlancollins 😫🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Oh, yeah. This will definitely help his election prospects. 🤦‍♂️ pharaoh_aten look at the breakfast club again ...shaking my head ... first Fauci and now creepy Joe. Politricks never cared for niggas before... this is a circus 🤡

As a Latino, every time I hear a white candidate speak a few words of Spanish to appeal to us I cringe. Stop making politics about appeal to cultural stereotypes, you’re only proving how superficial you’re understanding is of the electorate. so a white man gets to tell black people they aren't black if they choose who to vote for. SMH 🤦‍♂️

YouAintBlack STOP!!! This is interesting!! ddale8 This looks bad. He needs to fix it. Soon. Biden2020 most black people won’t vote for your president kaitlancollins Disappointing. Still voting for him — of course —, but this is unnecessary. If he said that, he ain't Joe Biden. The thing is,,,, We all KNOW. This is Joe, pulls no punches, Says what on his mind, DOES NOT LIE!! Wow, a breath of fresh air!!

Racism is in policies...and government structure...not in side comments like this... And trump, and moreso the GOP are prime examples of that. Stop jailing and suppressing minorities with your policies. Give them good education and healthcare...and less imprisonment. Apparently Joe Biden owns black votes?

Nice job Democrats, supporting elder abuse! Now why would he say something like this?!? He is not entitled to the black vote. This just shows that us blacks have very few options for this presidential race. This does not sit well with me. people are being severely kind to you JoeBiden for the sake of defeating fat boy and you are trying your hardest to screw it up

Have a seat , take a nap ..Black people want no part .pizzaGate Obamagate emailHillary Epstein_flightlogs deepstate Obama_ordered_65000dollars_hotdogs ...that is the company creepyJoe keeps Demoncrates Y'all too black 4 justice; dont let dem tell you ur not black enough How long before the DNC scraps this dinosaur and throws us Hillary again?

Today, liberals tend to deceive gullible blacks that KKK is associated with Republicans when infact, kKK associated more with democrats than with Republicans and Republican has in the past been a stumbling block on KKK's part. Don't forget who Lincoln was. He has a point. What part of Biden comment isn’t Racist ?

biden is more racist than trump Joe Biden and the Democrats have taken the Black vote for guaranteed. It’s just the way some people talk . He’s not a phony weighing every word. Criticizing him for his way is same as criticism of how anyone puts things into words their own way. Biden knows what he's talking abt. There are some Black folks out here who separate themselves from mainstream Blacks. Have pondered it for years! They either think they are 1 better than most Blacks, 2 see themselves as darky Whites, or 3 are diehard partyliners. My pick: 2.

Biden spoke the truth. Tell'em Joe Joe, stop talking. Jim Crow was a Democrat Blacks... Do as you are told by the white man... Dont think for yourself. . Do as you are told. Why is there anyone trying to excuse his comment for? It's not the first time he's said something like this... 'Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.'

He also had an interview with StephenAtHome if y'all were interested. Trump falsely accused the Central Park 5 of rape and paid your newspaper to publicly call for their brutal executions. I agree w/ Joe. ddale8 Nothing burger.. He makes a good point... Trump has put their lives in more danger in the past 3 years... If they are on the fence.. Then they ain't representing their own. I think that is the context of his comment. imho

ddale8 I hate to break it to him, but they are black. And no one likes being taken for granted. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Doing god’s work, Joe. Keep it up. I agree!! Why the AfricanAmerican polls are not showing 0% for realDonaldTrump? Why, you think, realDonaldTrump is obsessed with BarackObama? The birther movement? The shitwholes? Insults to black journalists, sportsman, politicians; etc... he hates blacks ( like his father)

RACIST The more Biden speaks, more the democratic party is doomed. Democrats do not deserve Presidency, they have a very 'Weak Candidate' JoeBiden TheDemocrats realDonaldTrump The man has early onset dementia and can’t leave his basement, what did you expect? Facts Great job DNC! This is the imbecile you put up as our great “choice.” Instead of a man SenSanders who has been fighting for the rights of black Americans since the 60’s. Ugh.

I love the way Joe Biden used the word 'ain't', as if he needed to speak in Ebonics to black people. And then had the nerve to tell Charlemagne he's not black. Charlemagne has a massive following with young African Americans, Joe just sealed his fate. frump is no worse for Black than he is for White people - the man is a wrecking ball - he respects nothing or no one and when he is gone there will be much repair work needed at every level

IT WAS A JOKE ddale8 He does know people listen to the things he says... right? Who feels comfortable speaking for all black people? Joe Biden. .... I’m be honest .... Biden just said facts if you’re picking trump who is friends with the grand wizard of the ku klux klan over Biden you aren’t black your coon chip has activated. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Biden is a racist. ddale8 Good for JoeBiden no more pandering, this election is too important cthagod You're completely misrepresenting how and why he said it - as a joking response to a comment by Charlamagne. But what's new, this is how the rolls. Seems racist. Let me rewrite the headline for you if it WAS an R by Biden’s name. “Controversial comments made about African Americans revive the specter of racial animus that has haunted Biden for years experts say”

Joe says they 'ain't black'. What he REALLY wants to say is they are 'acting all uppity.' ddale8 Fine, if black people want to vote for trump, do so at your own peril. If black people want trump for 4 more years, I hope I survive it, my current age is 65. VP for Biden should absolutely be AmbassadorRice she’s absolutely ready to take over just in case.

He is telling what’s the truth. Black people have two choices come Nov. vote for a white supremacist or a person who is not a white supremacist. If they sit out, we will have more suffering for black for another 4 years. Biden screwed up. Fox will give it at least 48 hours. Whose vote did Biden realistically lose because of this gaffe? It's a gaffe, sure, but it's inconsequential.

kaitlancollins So? YouAintBlack if you don’t vote for this? It boils down to “Who will help you the most?” Two old white guys fighting for the prize. Who would Jesus vote for? I’m guessing Biden. The other guy works for the Devil. Good ol’ Democrats and their um....questionable views on race. Some things never change.

Racist Who is Joe Biden? Good luck, gringos and “Black” people know EXACTLY what he means 👊🏽 True story! The racist in chief! Is just terrible.. It's just one of those things with boomers minorites make up on 25% not sure what it is for the silent but millienials it's 45% and gen z its 48% so any way you spin you got Trump the racist and Biden who made alot of mistakes in his career just doesn't know how to say it well

Solid advice for Mr. Biden when reaching out to possible voters oh my god stop. There is nothing he can do that's worse than Trump, but damn if he's not trying. Nothing like making racist generalities! Come on, Dems, this candidate is the best you could do!? H The arrogance of white privilege telling Black people which line they need to tow.

Even Biden knows about Uncle Tom. dumb comment for sure, but trump is reciting Mein Kampf at his rallies so Old Joe needs to buy a bow and a gift bag to put the election in before he gives it to TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 “Listen here Jack, vote for me, or you ain’t black” Why is it always about color? politics needs a huge revamp, seriously, i don’t know when to expect the curtain drop from this satire

vote for your leftist white masters they know what's good for you OBEY HAHAHA!!! I think the guy currently in office is a lot better at saying divisive and stupid stuff, Joe is an amateur compared to realDonaldTrump Both Trump and Biden need to stop talking. I do not think they have a full size brain combined.

Biden it’s big 👍 BidenForPresident2020 🇺🇸 He also said in that interview if you are black in prison it’s because you can’t read and have no job skills 👌 And liberals claim Trump is a racist? Wow...doesn’t get any worse than Biden. Biden BidenIsARacist Biden is not much different than Trump on Race issues. Biden is a racist as well, however, he needs Black Votes more desperately than Trump.

Joe Biden means no ill will by saying that. He is simply trying to drive home a point. But I would have preferred he said, you ain't humane if you are thinking of voting for Trump!

Pastor calls Trump 'most pro-black president in my lifetime' as new poll gives Biden 64-point lead among black votersDarrell Scott said the president has been 'proactive rather than reactive' on minority issues. How much was he paid? Tbe pastor has become blind. He must mean pro-black 'coffee.' 😉

Biden: ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black’ Joe Biden told a popular black radio personality on Thursday that he “ain’t black” if he was still weighing whether to support Biden or President Trump in November Racist and patronizing

Joe Biden Told Charlamagne He 'Ain't Black' If He's Having Trouble Deciding Whether To Vote For Him Or TrumpThe presidential candidate had a tense interview on ' The Breakfast Club .' Oops Just gonna leave this here smh.....

Biden tells African-American radio host: 'You ain't black' if you have trouble deciding between Trump and meThe former vice president made the remarks during an interview with Charlemagne tha God, who hosts the popular radio show ' The Breakfast Club ,' and is black. Ya I ain't black buddy JoeBiden When I hear this, I also hear: You ain’t gay if you have a trouble deciding between Trump and me. I am still gay. Lol....what?!!!! Dude is a closet racist.

Secret Superrich Session: Barry Sternlicht Sketches an Optimistic New Normal—With a Few Very Black CloudsBriefing JPMorgan private-banking clients, the real estate mogul said offices, hotels, planes, and sports will all be back. But “retail is a little bit like the 80-year-old getting COVID,” he said. “It’s tough.”

I Can't Get Enough of These 29 Wellness Platforms and Brands Created For Black WomenFrom running clubs to meditation practices, these health and wellness platforms are for Black women.