Joe Biden Escapes His White House 'Gilded Cage' At A Faster Pace Than Trump - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden Escapes His White House 'Gilded Cage' At A Faster Pace Than Trump - Cnnpolitics

Biden's early-presidency getaways so far outpace Trump's

Biden has so far spent more time away from the White House than his three predecessors did at this point in the presidency

10/23/2021 6:31:00 PM

Biden has so far spent more time away from the White House than his three predecessors did at this point in the presidency

President Joe Biden decamped to Wilmington on Friday, escaping the White House he's likened to a 'gilded cage' for a weekend at his Delaware home. It's yet another weekend away from Washington as the President has spent a noteworthy portion of his first year in office at one of his two Delaware homes or at Camp David, working remotely.

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__44heller Read the article before you get your feathers ruffled. He needs it because he knows dementia is slowly consuming him MorningExp foxnewsalert KTLAMorningNews moments of clarity as the media awakes from lies, fake news, smoke screens, witch hunts, bad vibes & roads Biden travels. But truth & love will light our way soon.

Because click bait is more important than preserving democracy. Is he golfing? As long as he's not golfing or giving rallies I'm okay with it. This explains the lack of leadership on display He's not sitting in front of the TV watching Fox or tweeting out a bunch of inflamatory lies about people. This is why I’ve stopped watching CNN and I recommend to everyone I know to do the same.

I think you can govern from anywhere Unlike DJT, POTUS is not at his own resorts golfing 285 times, charging SecretService and taxpayers for golf carts! Biden golfed for the first time on 87th day in office; DJT played on his 15th! Most of the time Biden is at work in Delaware home meeting legislators.MediaLies

Fck this sht take GOPDeathCult

Biden Says U.S. Will Come To Taiwan’s Defense Prompting Clarification From White HouseSpeaking at a CNN Town Hall the U.S. President said the U.S. would always defend its key allies, including Taiwan, which is facing mounting military pressure from Beijing. 🤦🏻‍♂️ good Again US is going to start a new war..

Dude, trump did this too. He just spent more of the tax payers' money when he does it. Hey FOX LITE! Accomplishments be damned,right? I. For one,don't believe this total bullshit for one millisecond. You can no longer be trusted. Boy CNN sure has turned into right wing propaganda, hasn't it? Just go ahead & change the network name to FOX Lite.

Frum_Yid Your math is WAY off…For Biden: 108 full or partial days away (incl after work Fridays). For Trump: 100 days at Trump branded props + 61 days at Mara Lago/Bedminster + 9 days at camp David = 170 away. CNN…108170. You got your headline… just proved the opposite in the article. Always avoiding his duties and responsibilities. What a shame!

Shame on you, CNN. Sheesh. None of it on golf courses or on properties he owns, in direct conflict of interest with his sworn oath. Doing what though? If he's home in Delaware that doesn't take him away from work as if he were, for instance, always on the golf course. Let the President have (on-call) weekends. They need a break too!

White House, Dems hurriedly reworking $2 trillion Biden planWASHINGTON (AP) — The White House and Democrats are hurriedly reworking key aspects of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion domestic policy plan, trimming the social services and climate change programs and rethinking new taxes on corporations and the wealthy to pay for a scaled-back package. Congress is greatly divided because the country is greatly divided. The only way to avoid that is if we had a FASCIST DICTATORSHIP FORM OF GOVERNMENT. There are people on the far far Right who would like that. No thanks. I want the US CONSTITUTION TO PREVAIL. Great! Then nobody will understand it! _Politics For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her earn_with_Jens1 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

So? You act like he’s playing golf!! Hey! The pandemic showed us that we do not have to be sitting in an office all day to do most of our work. And yet Biden is accomplishing more FOR the USA than Trump and both Bush slags combined. Why don’t you report that? has, so far, spent more time shying away from crucial political issues than it has trying to address the actual crises facing this country, this government, and even this presidency.

Holy crap!! What hard-hitting journalism!!! I'd shout: 'stop the presses' ..if there were presses to stop. In case you've been outta town: there are anarchists in Congress..but good call on leaving that story for real journalists. JFC. Incompetence thy name is CNN. Ratings must be way down. CNN is becoming another white supremest station. Jake Trapper I the worst.

But yet he still gets the job done. Let’s dwell on that I’ll still vote for him rather than Trump.

White House says Biden drove by the border in 2008President Biden drove by the US-Mexico border more than a decade ago, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday — one day after the President said he knows the border 'well.' 'I've been there before ... I mean, I know it well,' he said. He sure cared alot when it was election season didnt he. Why is it leftists only care about immigration and conservatives only care about gun rights during election years That guy doesn’t even know who he’s married to anymore. LetsGoBrandon

Complete joke of a report. CNN has made itself irrelevant. Wait. Did I stumble upon the Onion? is in a race to the bottom and seems to be winning. He is working while in Delaware. He is meeting with Manchin and Schumer today. Even you reported on this news. What a joke you have become🤡 What is wrong with CNN? Why would they even state something so absurd?

CNN, this is a damn lie & you know it! It's called WORKING for for the people! No one spent more time away than Trump. CNN supports fascists? This Biden is not that Biden His home is 2 hours away and works remotely while he’s there. He’s not proclaiming it to be the Northern White House and charging people for access so I’d call that an improvement. Do better. The 4th estate is failing democracy with this bullshit.

Biden Says Pro-Trump Rioters On Jan. 6 Were Motivated By White SupremacyThe president also called out Donald Trump for appealing to racist followers with hateful rhetoric and speeches meant to rile up his base. Keep at it, Mr. President. American voters have a very short memory. The more Trump is discredited in Congress and the courts, the more people need to be reminded why. While I'm happy he called out the racist let's not forget his side won't kill the filibuster in order for us to vote There are extremists supporting all parties but the Democrats are lost in a paint by numbers narrative every social problem is racial. Trump harnessed a greater tide of class and establishment resentment, a belief no one in the established order represented them.

Let me know when he’s going to his business properties and raising the prices of rooms so taxpayers have to pay him for the secret service and all his aides to stay there. I CANNOT believe this is your report! STOP making this worse! Biden goes home!!!! He works there!!!! I may have to stop watching . Ridiculous.

Stop. It He needs to check in and spend time with major Biden. Leave him alone. Now do members of Congress. Journalism is dead. tRump didn't work during the week and golfed on weekends. Get your shot together, CNN. 1)Why would you f*ckers write a story like this? You admit in the 1st paragraph that when he’s out of the WH he’s at his Delaware home working from there. He might be the hardest working president we’ve ever had. In just 9 mths he passed covid relief, is dealing with a pandemic…

.Acosta What is wrong with ?

Joe Biden Says Pro-Trump Rioters On Jan. 6 Were Motivated By White SupremacyPresident Joe Biden said Thursday that white supremacy is what motivated supporters of Donald Trump to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6 and accused his predecessor of appealing to racists. Where is he getting this crap from, Captain Obvious? Can’t believe you even print this garbage

Unnecessary story. You are turning into a Fox like media company. Perhaps the putrid stench of TFG has not left the building. Bad look You’re clickbaiting. Seriously 💀 Shocking CNN! Just shocking ! Unbelievable 🙄 Really Is that the best you can do How about supporting this President? You know....a President that ACTUALLY does the job Jeez, it seems like you're turning into Fox News!!!!

Wait, you didn't count Trump's golf outings? Okay never mind... next. Smh. It's about time we sent a regular person to the White House. How disappointing Opinion PR SitRoom your reporting on Pres Biden. Ever since he was elected, CNN has been bashing him. Why do you not report on the things he has accomplished given the messes he inherited after the CorruptGOP did & are doing to sabotage his efforts?

Derecka Purnell Rips President Biden For Wanting More Money For PoliceAuthor Derecka Purnell rips President Biden over community policing. Strive4GreatACH add KamalaHarris and others to the 'Rip' Live dereckapurnell HarveyLevinTMZ charleslat Until we have accountability we have nothing!!! Until officers risk something we have nothing. Until we get the order of privilege and right to be an officer corrected we have done nothing. POTUS

Isn't it superhuman how he's been able to accomplish so more in less time then the former guy at this point in his presidency? I'm with Joe! Looks like I'll be spending more time away from CNN. What an ignorant take on a guy going home on the weekends. WTF CNN? how does he ride a bike when he can't make a sentence make sense. 🤔 I guess you don't have to wear a mask on a bike with ppl around you?

Who decided a story on this was necessary? There's not enuf actual news to report? What are they counting for this. Maybe so....I don't have the figures. But at least Joe doesn't cost taxpayers a zillion dollars when he rides bikes or relaxes at his home. 🙄 *eyeroll* Stop lying, . Nobody spent more time away, wasting government money on THEIR OWN PROPERTIES Hatchett than TFG. We still have PTSD from the past 5 years. Have you so conveniently forgotten?!?

FFS, either a better job than this absolute shite take, or just stop altogether. At what point do you have some measure of shame? Great reporting NOTHING. Sorry to say, but is only a few steps away from posting stories with titles like “Lobster Boy Hates Shell Fish” and “Bigfoot Caught Exposing Himself While Peeing”.

Bull shit! Shame on you CNN big shame Who writes this shit? How to lose a viewer. That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m switching news networks. And this is news? Or informative? I hardly watch. anymore. You’re losing viewers cos of this nonsense Absolute fake news!!!

That does it. No matter how good Anderson Cooper or others are, is now evicted from my viewing completely. I’m so fucking done with CNN. CNN heading to the trash bin This message brought to you by Jeff Zucker, mostly known for The Apprentice. Does Bill Shepherd still order writings like this! 'Spent on what/ at what cost' and compare with his predecesssors within the headline and not bury in the details.

CNN isn’t supposed to report this. Wtf? Lmao.. Are you kidding? This is your idea of real news-nonsense only worthy of Fox! This is why I only watch Jim Acosta's spot now Y'all suck. 50-ish hours is not four days. I don't believe that for a second Trump was constantly at Mar-a-Lago

CNN grow a pair Stop already. You trying to put Biden in the same category as TFG. Your math doesnt make sense. You wrote that Biden has spent 108 days away (includes partial days). Then you wrote Trump: 61 days Florida or NJ properties, 9 Camp David & 100 'times' VA Golf & Trump Tower. (Also how many days cover the 100 times?).

He said he is to busy to go to the border really? This will matter when you do the article of how many times, & how much money TFG cost the American people playing golf. Whatever IDIOT at CNN thought this was newsworthy went to school with trump- and if possible, likely got worse grades than trump. NBCNews ABC CBSNews AP

I’ve lost faith in Politics, such ridiculous false equivalency. Keep this up, the CNN ship will sink. Be better do better 'Journalistic' Limbo What a dumb story CNN

Give me an effing break. Working or golfing? Hey are you working for Putin too, now? Sure does seem like it. Do we honestly want him in the White House though? Wilmington is 108 miles from the White House. What is that by helicopter? About 10 minutes? Pretending there is an equivalence between trump and Biden is a ridiculous exercise. What a poorly thought out piece. Give me a break.

Really? Shame on you CNN. Is he gallivanting all over playing golf and spending taxpayers $ on travel? POTUS is a 24/7/365 day job. Also, as we have seen for almost two years, work is what you do not where you do it. Dont t try to rile up dangerous views. msnbc “CNN tries to look like a legit and impartial news org with article no one asked for, meanwhile the rest of the world couldn’t be bothered for comment.”

Is he charging the secret service big bucks to stay at his private property ?

That's a load of malarkey, ! SO WHAT!? POTUS is getting the job done. He is a very balanced person, and he is STILL doing his job when he leaves. Why are you making an issue out of it? Now do cost to taxpayer comparisons 🥸 He goes home on the weekends because he lives near by and because of today's tech, can work from anywhere. He doesn't grift American taxpayers by traveling to his own golf courses where SS has to pay HIM to be there. A very CRAP headliner, CNN.

Is he playing golf and charging his protective detail for carts and rooms? No? Then I'm good. Also glad I gave up CNN ages ago. Y'all are sad. Wow. Really, CNN?! WTH! Look at what you’ve become! He’s not sending out 75 tweets a day! He’s working to further an agenda that will benefit everyone, especially in the red states if they would wake the “f” up and figure that out!! DO BETTER CNN!!

Integrity obviously doesn't suit you? Good for him, don’t most Americans have the weekends off? JFC OUR COUNTRY IS IN PERIL OF BEING DESTROYED BY THE GQP AND THIS IS WHAT YOU WRITE ABOUT?

Slow news day aT ? This is some trash reporting old lapdog should be in the dog house Wowwwww sobbbberrrr boiiii cooool videos !!!! This is unbelievable. And he is not charging the government for golfing. Wow!!! He can’t take the weekend off? CNN is ridiculous. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂cnn 🤡 show. So? At least he’s not playing golf. It’s called teleworking and millions of Americans do it now.

……and just look how well things are going…..🥴……Covid, Afghanistan, Inflation, Murders, Gasoline Prices, The Border….. Great Plan! POTUS VP PressSec SenGaryPeters SenStabenow RepSlotkin This is so ridiculously absurd and reminds me of why I never, ever watch . I do miss andersoncooper and donlemon though.

Hey CNN. 🖕🏽 Lol he was vice president for eight years, he's seen it. Plus, the stench of trump probably takes time to wash out.

It is no longer hypocrisy..... it is now bow to Zod! And your point is? Actually that may be a blessing. The more time a way from the white house the fewer mistakes and trouble he'll cause for us. Hes gotten more done also,so doesnt really matter On a nursing home? Wow the defenders of Biden here are amazing. He ignores most of the crisis. Says there temporary. He won election hiding in the basement. Just don’t think he can govern that way. I see no way Biden lasts 3 more years.

What the hell are ya'll smoking ? Good for him Oh. There must be no actual news.

Reiteración de comentario anterior por si no llegó a 'publicarse': 'o sea que se va desde el viernes y se agarra sábado y domingo incluidos'. Helmets don't work unless they are tied up. Logic for logical folks What? Care to be MORE precise about what his 100 visits to Trump branded properties in those first 276 days brings his REAL TOTAL to ❓❓ 61+9 = 70 days already allocated by you so that's 100 visits in remaining 37 days ie 3/day(108-70=38) if Trump is really away less than Biden.

Probably because the cleaning crew is still trying to get the smell out of the White House left by Agent Orange Are you guys ducking crazy This is stupid lol just plain stupid He probably thinks he’s at the White House. Can you tell us what exactly he was doing at camp David, such as meeting with congressional leadership which is part of his job?

Are you F*^king kidding me, CNN?

He belongs in a nursing home with his caregiver-Jill. Unfortunately there are ZERO competent people in Dem hierarchy to take his place. They leave bread crumbs beside the road, otherwise he’d be lost. Yeah but he isn’t charging millions for the secret service to pay at his properties. BIDEN needs 2 get his ASS in proper 'GEAR' & straighten out MANCHIN & SINEMA w/PRIORITIES IMPORTANT to AMERICAN FAMILIES who got Biden elected & majorities in House/Senate! Get RID of FILLIBUSTER! WORK TOWARD GETTING LOTS of the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA APPROVED!

Really? Trump flew to Fla to play golf almost every weekend at $3M a trip! He rarely got into the Oval before noon and was out at 5 w “executive time” and lunch included. Get stuffed!🖕 Nobody told him he needed to the strap the helmet on. Because he has dementia and isn't really in control? Obama3rdterm

Does hiding in a bunker count as time away from the office too? You know it's bad when CNN reports it It’s not golf, so it doesn’t count

They gotta get him his dementia meds somehow Wow …. You obviously don’t count golf trips in your analysis then ? This is why I no longer watch oann I mean cnn And your point? 1) Camp David is a President’s get away place, at an hour away from the WH they say! 2) Wilmington is only 111 miles from WA 3). In your comparison did you count partial days of TRUMP when he went from WH to any chosen golf course and back same day?

Like really CNN? Now do billable sales between TFG and the current president. I’m shocked to see cnn actually report this. Must be an intern in charge today. He needs his naps. C'mon CNN does not help Get over yourself. He gets 10x more done than Trump or ditzy Bush. Stop trying to be Fox.

He is Not running the Country. CNN stop go home Wow even cnn is starting to turn. Things must be bad. Now compare how much time he spends watching TV and tweeting to TFG 😉😂 You are as bad as Faux News nowadays! If only there were way more important things happening. 🤡 Wtf After reading the article, here is a better headline: “Taking time away from the White House, President Biden likes to work remotely from Delaware or Camp David.”

Are you serious? Please, compare what he has done to Trump. Whether he's at the white house or elsewhere, at least he is working for the people. Biden also needs to close the clasp on his helmet……rolemodel