Biden’s approval rating has fallen. Pollsters say there’s one way to bounce back.

President Biden’s approval rating has fallen. Pollsters say there’s one way to bounce back.

10/13/2021 1:11:00 PM

President Biden’s approval rating has fallen. Pollsters say there’s one way to bounce back.

“Voters are looking for a return on what they were promised,” said Jeff Horwitt, a Democratic pollster who co-conducts the NBC News poll.

Despite the slip in his job approval, Biden'sremains popular in the same polls, which find that voters support his plans to overhaul U.S. infrastructure, expand Medicare, fund universal pre-K and put money into clean energy.But the bills have been

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in a complex legislative logjam for months. Since late June, Biden's approval rating has fallen from 52.7 percent to 44.5 percent in the FiveThirtyEight average, with disapproval outstripping approval since the end of August.Democratic pollsters say Biden needs Congress to pass his agenda for his approval to recover.

"Voters are looking for a return on what they were promised," said Jeff Horwitt, a Democratic pollster who co-conducts the NBC News poll.Horwitt said the sausage-making process is uninspiring to voters, who just want to know whether they're going to be able to afford child care and make ends meet.

"It's messy. And it's part of the process of making laws. But having meetings and disagreements — that's not making people feel great about the president and the job he's doing," Horwitt said."The things promised in the campaign — not a lot of them have turned into law yet. The good news for Democrats is that there's time. But you need to have some wins."

The shifts among Biden's base have been stark.APew Research Centerpoll found that from July to September, Biden's approval rating fell by 18 points among Black voters, 16 points among Hispanics and 12 points among women. He won all three groups by lopsided margins last year. Among voters who identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, his approval fell by 13 points, to 75 percent.

Among independents, another key group that powered him into the White House, Biden's approval fell from 54 percent to 42 percent over the summer.But the same poll found 2-to-1 national support for the two pillars of Biden's agenda: the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion package of economic and social programs.

Bill McInturff, the Republican pollster to co-conducts the NBC News poll, said Biden is stuck in a"negative loop" of setbacks and bad stories about them, from the Afghanistan withdrawal to missed deadlines on Capitol Hill to Democratic infighting over his domestic agenda.

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"We are starting to see softening among core Democratic constituencies," he said."The core Democrats that helped elect him were not only looking for an alternative to [Donald] Trump. They were looking for very significant policy change."

McInturff said passing the two bills would brighten the outlook for Biden, particularly with his base."Then we get into a positive loop: Democrats were able to solve their infighting. Democrats got something done, a major accomplishment. There's so much money in these bills, and there's so many things core Democratic constituencies want," he said.

But McInturff said the elasticity is limited in this polarized era, with higher intensity of presidential support and opposition between the parties.Cornell Belcher, a pollster who worked for former President Barack Obama, said Biden has been through"a tumultuous period," and he questioned whether passing his economic proposals would be enough to win back lost Democratic support.

"There are issues with key components of his coalition," he said.'The ghost of 2010'Belcher said many voters were energized more by issues around voting rights and justice in policing, which have faded in Washington because of Democrats' inability to overcome or pierce the 60-vote filibuster in the Senate, where they have 50 votes, to advance those priorities.

"Democrats are trying to put points up on a board passing legislation like Build Back Better and infrastructure, which are solid and popular pieces of legislation," Belcher said."But those kids and those young people, those progressives who gave Democrats a majority and gave Joe Biden a majority in this country — they were not marching for potholes."

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Democrats don't like confronting reality. Especially from their own news outlets. Imagine voting for Biden and expecting significant changes actually being implemented. He literally told donors that “nothing would fundamentally change”, and yet people still made him the Democrat candidate 🤦🏻‍♂️ Yea do what you said. Raise the wages, which should be $24/hr, M4A, and cancel student loans!

Yeah, resign POTUS Yeah if he started cancelling student debt ppl wouldn’t bitch so much about all his other fuck ups.. LetsGoBrandon 38% is too high If it wasn't for the media propping Biden up, he'd be in Single digits Spoiler: MedicareForAll GreenNewDeal FederalJobsGuarantee LegalizeIt Nobody cares about “the deficit” MMT

President Biden is doing great, his party needs to come together and make things happen.

Yes, the Bidens Attended a Real Housewife’s Wedding TodayTechnically, it's not the first time a President's nephew and a Real Housewife have been married. His cousin married Meghan King. Hope he got a prenup I love how chill the Americans are! Wish the British monarchy had been as inviting of Meghan

By regaining cognitive ability? Cancel all debt. Has NBC “News” become the new Fox “News”? So much negativity about the President while they’re other stories happening around the country Oh hey. Try looking for real news. There’s a growing labor movement happening. And get rid of Chuck Todd. He’s unwatchable.

Back up Just let CNN do all the polling and he’ll bounce back by the end of the week. Lol! Well when you try to blame issues he has no control over and no oversight, when you’re blame lack of corporate responsibility entirely on him, dim witted conservatives will lap it up! Check your data. You’re being paid well to spin.

And why do you think popularity depends on the crumbs that Biden would give away? The problem with him is the lack of leadership, the increase in fuel, the disaster in Afghanistan, the chaotic situation on the southern border, the transport chain, etc., etc. If you voted for this disaster you’re the problem.

Well manchin and Senima won’t let that happen. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! Corrupt RNC

Biden's approval ratings bounce back as summer COVID surge slows: PollA poll released Monday found that 48 percent of Americans approve of President Joe Biden, while 47 percent disapprove. Yeah right Hes not agressive enough or tough enough

Nobody asked me 🤔 American people don't give 2 shits about his ratings. They want him to deliver and he has done that so far. So shove it! He could always resign, no wait, then the other fool from California will get the seat POTUS should resign prior to getting us into wars with Russia, China, and Iran while doing nothing for the citizens of this country.

Why do you like to promulgate lies? One way he could improve those numbers is by paying me my 600$. Resign Stop this 🐂💩 pls smh Resale his demon Next.

Goldman gives Nike a buy rating, says stock typically bounces back after underperforming marketNew for subscribers: Goldman gives Nike a buy rating, says stock typically bounces back after underperforming market. Check out CNBCPro today. Pro Michael Burry Warns Retail Traders About the 'Mother of All Crashes'

Let's go, Brandon! He´s doing fine once again. This story is far too old. Is this article written by Facebook? Why is STILL pushing this false narrative. Worst President ever. Biden doesn't want a second term in office. Maybe he wouldn't mind his rating. Number of times Trump, who never even peaked at where Biden has 'fallen to' -- was written about in a headline like this: zero. But you kept interviewing people who supported him to help us all understand his appeal despite his terrible poll numbers.

Historians say that it's articles like these that helped end democracy. Quit? Yeah.. Do..Something.. ANYTHING.. Just Get Something F--king done.. I mean besides the monthly billion dollar payments to the pharmaceutical companies, its a pandemic, they should be working 'pro bono'.. so to speak.

Why Has Biden’s Approval Rating Gotten So Low So Quickly?Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. sarah (Sarah Frostenson, politics editor): President Biden’s approval … FiveThirtyEight the difference is 'Trump' couldn't be bought, Biden is bought paid for and wrapped up like a Christmas gift , and they have to replace his batteries and put in the chip FiveThirtyEight And they loved Trump. SHOCKING! FiveThirtyEight With Trump, it isn't policy positions so much as he is just a bad person and pits people versus each other. I dislike him so much because he has given so many people an excuse to be the worst version of themselves. He stands for nothing and acts as if owning the libs is policy.

His economic agenda isn’t him. Shitty article shitty headline. Really tired of the constant chipping away at Biden by you. You would give an empty Trump podium free air time just waiting for him to speak. Your pro Trump bias is showing again He’s been polling at 50% and bounced back 8 points since September. Numbers TFG could only dream of but don’t recall all the pearl clutching over his dismal approval. Why do you keep running this stale article from weeks ago?

Why keep repeating this day after day when ratings are already back up? What's your agenda? After you run out of real news I guess this kind of thing becomes important ? It’s fallen because he let one senator stall his plan, Manchin, he is not capable of doing what needs to be done, and his priorities are wrong, build back better means nothing if we don’t have a democracy, and if Republicans get control they will reverse everything he did anyway

He seems to be holding pretty steady with the last 4 Presidents, except when Bush got the 9/11 bump. President Biden is still searching for the enterance to the White House.

Meghan O'Toole King marries Cuffe Biden OwensPresident Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden celebrated their nephew's nuptials on Monday, Thanks TMZ. Who gives a hoot Is this considered a conflict of interest The purpose of the UNICEFEthiopia is now known. The United Nations is clearly the backbone of terrorist organizations. The UN_Women fired her because she told the truth. The UN is the father of African-hating terrorists UNhelpsterroristsinEthiopia

Who are you polling, MSM and GQP? Democrats are very happy with Biden’s performance. 💯💯💯💯💯 Only way to bounce back is get a backbone and stop the crazy left from driving the party into the abyss. His numbers should be lower. Supporters know that CNN, NBC and CBS luv Democrats but they hate it when they can't hide the facts.

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Well media needs to do it’s job. 44.5%? More like 35%. Is there a Presidential Election coming up? Why would we care what his approval rating is some 3 years out? Forgive student debt!?

Progressives Resist Nancy Pelosi’s Plan For ‘Fewer Things’ In Budget Bill“We are not going to negotiate with ourselves,” progressives say as Democrats contemplate what to cut from Biden's Build Back Better proposal. Republicans right now watching the so called progressive dems doing all the dirty work for them and laughing . While accepting the fact that Biden and kamla are actually more progressive than they are. SpeakerPelosi RepJayapal Please don’t cut off what POTUS proposed ‼️Yes, there’s division right w/i DEMS, but please get it together‼️ PASS FULL OR ATLEAST CLOSE TO FULL PROPOSAL...DON’T LET CORRUPT BULLISH TRUMPIAN GOP HAVE UPPER HAND. IF MAJORITY DEMS can’t do THIS..what⁉️ Nancy needs to realize that If She doesn't Fight Now, we Will Replace Her!!

Stop NBC you all are just another fox since sinclair bought you. SHAMEFUL actually do his job instead of sleeping all the time, the southern border, covid, supply chain, inflation are not going to fix themselves or with that other do nothing Harris. Resignation Stop it... Is this lie from NBC on a loop? Or is it if you repeat a lie often enough people start to believe it?

Ya resign I would just die for 😍😍 if he'd legalize marijuana already instead of looking through all the avenues. Well... I'm with him till the end however. Let’s see if his popularity bounces back when parents find empty shelves for Christmas! Resign? MalcolmNance Don't do this. Biden's approval is a hell of a lot higher than Trump's ever was. Biden is a good president trying to do good things for this country. He's not responsible for the pandemic, or the supply chain issues, or the border issues, or getting out of Afghanistan 'wrong.'

Many ways via executive order: -Crack down on Wall Street -Forgive student debt -Ease the ban on marijuana -Cut back on factory farming -Crack down on monopolies -Expand access to health care Who participates in these polls? And the percentages are useless without a total. Still higher than trumps at any point

Still higher than Trump’s Catch up, you keep posting this when approval is already back up. What's your agenda? I don't recall seeing the daily stories of Trump's even-lower approvals at this stage of his presidency. No it hasn’t, we just gave an over-abundance of morons who were raised by a television set.

Yeah resign. Actually, it’s rebounded. Back to 50. China builds back Better with Hispeed rail first in China & Africa a good model to follow

Yeah, resign News reports that the Taliban are helping the lazy-ass slackers who ignored months of warnings to get out of Afghanistan (apparently was about 100). It reminds one that today is another day the US does not have to take unnecessary casualties in Afghanistan. Thanks Joe Biden! what are you talking about?

CNN, MSNBC,WaPo, NYT have posted this. Does someone have an agenda or something? Good Lord. He's at 50% in several recent polls. You need to change your false narrative. MalcolmNance The Senate could maybe do their damned jobs Oh, wait. I forgot. Many of them were elected to prevent Dems from governing so,from their constituents perspective their Senators are doing just spiffy and Biden's numbers prove it.

It's not President Biden's fault, he's doing everything he promised. Nancy / Chuck aren't doing their jobs as Speaker of the House / Senate Majority Leader. Then there's all the Congressional Republicans who continue to play politics/personal gain over what's best for America. MalcolmNance Read 'Turns out those claims of President Biden’s collapsing approval rating are indeed fake' (Palmer Report)

He’s a puppet. NBC and MSNBC trill Biden 24/7. You’ve done more to tear him down than anyone else.

Let’s go Brandon The lamestream media can’t coddle him much more than they do. Beats T snytime MalcolmNance this is a joke these polls and the media. The alternative is fascism, so if the masses are not happy with Biden well they will have their fill of fascism rest assured. In the mean time carp away about Biden.

MalcolmNance You’re a little late. Latest polls are 50% or more. MalcolmNance Not in my book! MalcolmNance Untrue. MalcolmNance Heading into Fox News Territory? MalcolmNance Bounce Back Better. Pass his BBB bill, ffs MalcolmNance This is a false narrative.

MalcolmNance Oh, , do better. The poll number fluctuate with all Presidents throughout their presidency. Don't be dramatic! Trump left him a country in a disaster, it will take time to bring it back to resemble some form of unity. 3 times this BS headline has been posted in 14 hours! STUPID! Here's a new poll idea......take your aporoval rating! Call me!

But he is polling way better than any others have of recent Presidents. Biden Stop looping BULLSHIT! The WaPo wrote this .... 'What is happening in School Board Meetings across the country is a harbinger of electoral defeat for the Democrat Party. School board Moms are MAD AS HELL - and Democrats will rule the day they treated them like terrorists.' SAVE USA🇺🇸~VOTE GOP🇺🇸

No it hasn't I'm 68 and I've never been polled. POTUS inherited Trump's mess.

How many times are you going to post the same BS headline He's well over the approval the orange guy ever was! Start a war? Legalize weed? Retire Driving out the money lenders from the temple? Oh no its something dumb and pandering.. He really just needs to go 👋🏼 Yo Does US have a president? If COVID-19 is anywhere, it is potentially everywhere. COVID-19 vaccines will save many lives.

Hey NBC this is out of date.

MSM is sooooo bored they are writing about polls for a guy who is less then 25 percent through his entire presidency. Compared to Donald Trump’s polling average at the same point in his farce of a term, Biden is walking on water and healing lepers. Voters aren’t as stupid as pollsters claim and Americans absolutely loathe Trump, who’s more repellent and toxic every day.

Wait are these Poles Fake or are these the real ones. Who know anymore. Unfortunately President Biden does not have the strength or leadership capability to lead America. He and his party have failed America in Afghanistan creating a decline in trust from our allies. He failed at the southern border & is directed by the hard left.

We need to double down and vote like our lives depend on it. The last thing we need is for the republicans to get in control again. January 6th was a wake up call.... Vote. I have little interest in Biden's popularity level. He has 3 more years. Trump not being President is good enough for me. Bounce back? He’d have to completely change as a person and do what the public wants, which no president has ever done. Still asleep at the wheel

Go Brandon

I understand President Biden is really a puppet on strings too a behind the scenes group of shot callers but damn, he's been in the political game for a long time, he should know how to get shi* done, the right sh** that will help all in this country plus the country... I give him ok marks. I don't need to freak the fuck out everyday like TFG.

CPI上升,民众生活质量下降,支持率就会下降。什么普适价值、人权、国家安全、价值观、强迫劳动等借口来忽悠美国民众,是隔靴搔痒。 Still higher than anytime under tRump so stop sensationalizing

Just stop it. Nobody asked my opinion. So it’s all good here. The alternative to president Biden would have sucked. 😳 Who are they polling? Get a grip. Instead of promoting hype, talk actual numbers. What the hell do You expect! He was handed a bunch of Crap! Literally Crap! COVID, Divided, Hate spreader, No jobs, No food, what the hell is wrong with America?! He's doing all he can. Manchin and that other need to unite with the Democrats! It's time! Get this done!

Polls I have seen look good What are you trying to do here? Wrong! How many times have pollsters been wrong? Boo. MSNBC. Get some facts. You sound so desperate right now.

Shameful inaccurate headline Why are you hiding the mass protests .. gobrandon Yall are drunk as hell. This guy was the wrong puppet. He can't even read a screen. Yes if he resigns So his booster shot ain’t working? Polls are a snapshot in time… means nothing… Actually CBS poll & CNN polls have him at 50% but please continue your nonsensical, dogmatic completely laughable narrative than most likely spun by NBC political director Chuck “I suck at my job” Todd.

I didn't vote for him to begin with. Voted for Warren. Would again. Joe is weak. His heart might be there but he doesn't have the backbone to take on the enemies. It is fine to say you are for doing things but having the ability is another matter. Whether or not his economic package gets passed is not up to him, bitch to the Republicans and a handful of Democrats who ate stalling. It their fault

Don't worry people gives readings will go back up I feel bad for democrats, they expected an Obama but got a Hitler. It’s at 50% from new polls. Bad reporting. Yes, even many Canadian's agree. Biden is not keeping his word. Maybe through not fault but fix it. The alternative maybe not what is needed. How did Trump do in 2017? With the Obama economy?

This is a lie. It has not fallen at all. It is between 48-50% w/the exception of one clearly faulty Q poll. You are lying. And it's pretty repulsive to watch. The United States of America --The promise land. The land of many presidents who have made a lot of promises. Biden treated unfairly all bcuz McConnell's two DINO traitors Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema helping derail POTUS' agenda. Pollster Jeff Horwitt rephrase ur damn questions. Eugene_Robinson write a column w facts on why BuildBackBetter delayed. PressSec

He's doing just fine. You can park the hysteria, ok? Get MEDIA to report facts NOT try to make a HORRIBLE thing out of everything to get HEADLINES.😠😠😠

WTF? Can y’all not understand Polls now? Life is a circle Who listens to pollsters these days? 🥱 I am still at 100% for Joe Given the shit pile he was handed, I think he’s doing great Ignore Quinnipiac? Media has fallen in an array of lies and there is no way back! Love Joe.

Still higher than Trump's ever was Voters were promised a moderate. Voters elected what they believed was a moderate. Voters did not vote for socialism, inflation, supply chain issues, people being fired, lack of inventory in stores or fuel shortages Voters may wish to consider looking into the libertarian party

Huh? It’s at 50%. I don't care about polls. Nobody asked me. I don't care what the polls say. He's the worst president I've seen in my 42 years. And that goes back to his days as a vice president. Except it hasn’t so 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ He's at 50%. In today's political climate, that is pretty good. Um, it’s at 50%. Higher than the last guy ever hit. Ever.

nbc, you are behind the times. not a good look in this instant info age Obama's did too when he didn't clean up Bush's mess fast enough. How'd that turn out? No politicians care about the people, on either side. Wake up. Only thing they care about is consolidating power and furthering their own agendas

If it is…has say a big thank to manchin and sinema and McConnell the three obstructionists. Same, We all understand it was Trump who failed us in Afghanistan. He signed the surrender and released the prisoners who would go on to kill Americans. Jesua christ himself would have the same approval ratings during this pandemic !

Resign? As a long-time Republican (embarrassingly so with all the idiots running the party), he’s done 10x better than TFG. Got us out of a war, handling of COVID, improved relations with allies, stock market and held off progressives thus far. Whole damn world today thinks everything is a popularity contest. These are hard CORRECT decisions that need to be made by an experienced statesman. He’s getting the job done. Quit your damn whining.

NBC then: “Trump’s approval ratings are down. Here’s why.” NBC now: “Biden’s approval ratings are down. Here’s how we fix it!” This is why MSM is not trusted. The media are the only ones obsessed with polls. Superintendent Scott A. Ziegler, Ed.D. 21000 Education Court Ashburn, VA 20148 It's reported that this is the person responsible for a 9th grade girl to be sodamized by a trans male student and covering it up at Loudoun County school.

Let's go Brandon!!

You think they give a shit about your stupid polls? OF course they’ve fallen!! OPEN borders allowing Unvaccinated, Unvetted Illegals by the 1000s & RELEASING them, inflation, high fuel costs, China, Afghanistan AND where’s his transportation secretary Shipping crisis also getting worse!! Resign? As far as I'm concerned, Biden has not done enough to help the people. The hardest hit, most vulnerable citizens! Signing off on ONE $1400 stimulus check, which was really started by Trump, was NOT ENOUGH! And the CTC only applies to ppl w/kids! What about the REST of his voters?

Yes, $TOP ✋ LAWLESSNESS n INSURRECTION in America so Democracy can continue and he can govern. Or risk Authoritarianism, a slow walk toward Tyranny occurring right under our noses as the GOP ceases to exist It’s already on the way up so enough of this narrative. Get placed in a retirement home? I still like Biden. Who are you polling?

Afghanistan , the economy , vaccine mandates have nothing to do with it I guess. This Hunter Biden thing is like Afghanistan it isn’t going away.

There is a third way. How about if the mainstream media (NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC) stop covering every setback like it is personally Joe’s fault? Of for pity’s sake, this isn’t HS and it’s not student council elections! Just stop. Lemme guess, a war somewhere? Resignation Stimulus Still doing better than his predecessor who never saw 50%.

Not a leader for freedom in America. Again we get NVC doing the dirty work for Biden instead of being an objective Observer