Biden's 1st 100 days live updates: Biden OKs major disaster declaration for Texas

Live updates during President Joe Biden first 100 days in office.

2/20/2021 6:54:00 PM

JUST IN: President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for Texas stemming from the severe weather that destroyed the state's power grid.

Live updates during President Joe Biden first 100 days in office.

Biden tells acting head of FEMA he's 'ready to mobilize' Texas helpPresident Biden told acting Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Bob Fenton Friday afternoon he was"ready to mobilize" federal agencies to support Texas during the state's

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weather crisis, according to a readout from the White House of their call.Biden told Fenton he wants to"ensure that any critical needs are met." As he previewed earlier Friday, the president also said he plans to sign Texas' Major Disaster Declaration request"as soon as FEMA sends over the formal request from Gov. [Greg] Abbott."

Lm Otero/APCity of Richardson workers close a water main valve for a pipe that burst due to extreme cold, Feb. 17, 2021, in Richardson, Texas.Biden added his White House would continue to stay in close contact with FEMA and local officials through senior administration officials.

More than 14 million people are scrambling for safe drinking water and many lack the power to boil it after a historic winter storm earlier this week knocked out power and froze pipes across Texas. Read more: ABC News »

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Show me ANY system of Gov that jaas NO element of socialism or communism about it? The we can start talking. For those who hate socialism, democracy, has at its very foundation socialism - it merely legalized E.g. Taxation is a product of socialism UN အရေးယူဖို့လူသေအလောင်းဘယ်နှစ်လောင်းလိုပါသလဲတဲ့ ကောင်းလိုက်တဲ့မေးခွန်း How many dead body need for UN to take action? 聯合國採取行動需要多少屍體? Crd.

GreyMessenger Whew. Knew he would. Unlike the previous guy, he didn’t blame anyone... KimJohnsonCFT Hopefully the State Government in Texas will be held accountable Gasoline has skyrocketed from 1.85 a gallon to 2.85 a gallon in a month no stop to increases in price and increases of unemployment to come for years now .

griswoldkmtv But it’s socialism. Surely they will turn it down? MaxMasseyTV YES. And the irony is the anti-Govt talk by those like SenTedCruz GovAbbott JohnCornyn is now the one coming to help..the Federal Govt, people! We need big Gov't for big help. Many a days later Hey Joe how are you doing on your 100 million vaccines in first 100 days

2K stimulus check would be nice .. Difference between trump and Biden (besides so many moral differences). Trump would NEVER do this for a democratic lead state. actualleadership 💙❤️President Biden❤️💙 Never should have happened. Hopefully, lessons learned. another bail out for the gop after they put profits before people TexasGOP texasgov the fascists do not care about you, Texas!

It’s about time I guess he didn't condition the aid on federal oversight of the grid, because he's a good human... but dang. Texas has to up its game. Republican policies destroyed the ability of the power grid to respond to a weather crisis. Those policies created wealth for shareholders and suffering for consumers.

About time Texas has their own power grid because they didn’t want to follow federal rules, now they need & will accept federal help. The people of TX deserve this help regardless, but i’m tired of GOP screaming about socialism until they need help! So he was playing Mario cart while people were dying!! Trump would have had this signed last week !

Wow!! POTUS actually did something for Americans!! I guess he needs to help TX in order to get all the immigrants into the country and passed borders!! Watch 'Planet of the Humans' a documentary that reveals GND dirty secrets. GND will destroy us all. Blame the Governor regarding making the request for Federal aid. He delayed in making the request for help. You know how TX has been a no Feds involved in our state. Biden honored the request almost a week ago. Rollout is slow because nothing moves quickly in the Fed government.

Biden OKs relief AOC delivers 3 plus million Beto reaches out to 700,000 seniors Cancun Ted flies of to Mexico Mrs. Cancun stays in a Mexico Wake up Texas. Politicians need foresight. Ted obviously doesn’t have that gene. Yet he didn't Win'Texas'!!! But unlike'Cruz' Joe Biden didn't Abandon'Texas'!!!!!

Good article that explains the difference between the emergency declaration that he signed on 2/14 and the major disaster declaration he signed today. Basically this says 'Texas needs more help than state/local can provide.' The country the republicans in that state hate is going to rescue them anyway. Why? Because that's the real USA could ya sign those checks for starving Americans and their kids. Even Trump did that. And I Tom and Jerry hate Trump Every day I am more impressed by a leader who See's us all as United States citizens and not conservative & liberal 🤔 It feels good to relax finally ✌️🌎💯 The weather did not destroy out power grid, to GOP did through privatization and de-regulation

Wow, I didn’t know Presidents were allowed to help states that didn’t vote for them. Could it be that the last four years were an aberration? Joe Biden wages war on division, secession and insurrection by serving the country's citizens irrespective of their leaders' politics. Thank you Mr President. POTUS CancelStudentDebt

ABC, Unlike US Senator TED CRUZ who chose to flee the country to Mexico to avoid dealing with his constituents complaining about freezing, no power, no water.... Why in the world did the US border patrol allow a US Senator like Ted Cruz back into our country...? You mean he’s not punishing a state that didn’t vote for him ? What a concept.

Because he is the president of the United States. How’s that secession going, Texas? Sleepy Joe- a little late Took you long enough. Trump syphoned several billion dollars from the Fed disaster relief fund for his useless wall. But there is still no wall. But it's a red state. A real President. Meanwhile, trump refused to send federal aid to california

But he can't for the nation dealing with a pandemic....weird