Biden rejects $50,000 student loan forgiveness plan, faces progressive backlash

Biden said he's prepared to write off up to $10,000 in debt.

2/18/2021 1:05:00 AM

Pres. Biden is facing backlash for rejecting a proposal to cancel $50,000 in student debt and stating point-blank, “I will not make that happen.”

Biden said he's prepared to write off up to $10,000 in debt.

Biden pushes pandemic relief billPresident Joe Biden travels to Wisconsin to make the case for his COVID-19 relief bill in a town hall event.Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty ImagesPresidentJoe Bidenis facing backlash for rejecting a proposal to cancel $50,000 in student debt and stating point-blank, “I will not make that happen.”

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During a CNN town hall on Tuesday, an attendee asked Biden about Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’sproposal to cancel up to $50,000 in federal student debtper borrower.“It depends on whether or not you go to a public university or a private university,” Biden said.

The president said doesn’t want to forgive the debts of people who attended elite schools such as Harvard and Yale who often go on to make high salaries and added that he would instead prioritize childhood education for disadvantaged communities.Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden participates in a CNN town hall at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Feb. 16, 2021.“I’m prepared to write off $10,000 debt, but not 50, because I don’t think I have the authority to do it by signing” an executive order, Biden said.

The president further said that families who make less than $125,000 and whose kids go to a state university should attend for free. He also expressed support for repaying debt as a portion of one’s salaryHowever, his comments led to intense criticism.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out against Biden's comments, tweeting, “Who cares what school someone went to?”She argued generations of working-class kids are “encouraged to go into more debt under the guise of elitism,” adding, “This is wrong.”

She added that early childhood education doesn’t have to come as a trade-off to student loan forgiveness. “We can have both,” she said.Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley also joined the conversation, claiming Biden does have the authority to"with the stroke of a pen."

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"He can and must use it. The people deserve nothing less," she said.Paul Sancya/AP, FILEIn this March 8, 2020, file photo Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., speaks at a campaign rally for then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar similarly called out Biden, saying,"We also need to make college tuition-free so debt is not accumulated moving forward and invest in universal early education. These are not at odds!"On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted that Biden has previously said that any relief above $10,000 should be targeted based on the borrower's income, the kind of debt in question, whether the school is public or private and if it is for undergraduate or graduate education.

“If Congress moves forward and sends him a package that, you know, provides $10,000 of student debt relief, he'd be eager to sign that," Psaki said.MORE: Biden cautiously predicts 'very different circumstance' with pandemic by Christmas

Schumer and Warren piled on the pressure and issued a joint statement Wednesday, urging Biden to cancel up to $50,000 in debt.“An ocean of student loan debt is holding back 43 million borrowers and disproportionately weighing down Black and Brown Americans,” the statement said.

“Presidents Obama and Trump used their executive authority to cancel student loan debt," the statement continued. Read more: ABC News »

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Wondering if he just said that to get votes!? How about reducing the interest rates in half Joe? SayItIsntSoJoe Click bait headline!! it should not be an Executive order, it’s Congress’s job to do this. BIDEN comes up with a PLAN to PAY OFF STUDENT LOANS and it involves HUNTER and using AIRFORCE ONE to distribute ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES all-across the U.S.!

Good going buffoon Every single company or NGO that Open Society Foundation has invested into or given grants to must be investigated. George Soros is a global economic terrorist. It is dangerous to have his money with Indian companies. No surprise, he is just getting started. He was just the lesser of two evils.

Biden seems to be saying that he would not do this by Executive Order, which I agree should not be done via that method. I know very little seems to get done to everyone's liking by Congressional legislation, but that is the vehicle they need to take with regards to this issue. Decide what you want to be and go to a trade school, if necessary. They are much cheaper than colleges and likely with better outcome.

Well back to working at minimum wage then. He should face backlash considering this is what he ran with in October Watch 'Congress 'frustrated' with ongoing Trump-Russia probe: GOP lawmaker' on YouTube No one should be paying off student loans but the kids and families who signed up for it. Period the end.

But he promised so much .........😂🤣😂🤣😂 Biden never promised 50k, he promised 10k...Warren is the one who keeps pushing the 50...people need to relax this guy can't wave a magic wand to make everyone's life better and undo choices that were made If anything, it is the colleges need to pay back the tuitions caused student loan problems.

I paid my student loan debt & so should others. Most ppl don’t even use it for tuition. We have other more important issues. Joe can’t fix everything when Trump fixed nothing. Pick battles that serve us all. My opinion maybe not your! It’s ok to disagree. Biden said NO, move on! College is luxury, not a necessity. Crack down pricey private universities. Set tuition limit for non profit. Limit borrowing. Extend community colleges.

I and many other could absolutely benefit from the $10k relief he has proposed. If they go ahead and bump that to $50k, wonderful! But at the very least, the interest rates need to be reduced. It wasn’t his promise. This is also stupid. The progressive flank of the party needs to write up legislation period. Them waiting on Biden to do this is unnecessary. You can’t govern through executive action people.

Seems like a more fair approach would be to provide subsidized interest plus a credit for interest paid over the past 5-10 years. I just can't get behind blanket forgiveness, which provides added advantage to people who are already statistically better off than non-college grads I’m not for writing off the loans but interest should be minimal and there should be extensions during covid restrictions

Fix social security and work on infrastructure spending/maintenance please! Find creative ways to cut spending and find new revenue streams. These items should take priority IMO. Talk about break the bank. If 50000 is forgiven the dollar hit would be astronomical. We can't afford that. If you're a doctor with student debt, that amount wouldn't even move the needle.

I have been turned down to foster or adopt because I made the choice to further my education and now have student loans. Free free free 😂😂 At least he’s honest... not rounding the corner Good for Biden in rejecting a blanket $50k forgiveness package. Why for Choosing out of state schools or private schools v public in state. Why forgive Med school, law school or 5th year degrees? Look to Australia or other countries. Why do colleges charge do much. Be thoughtful

Another empty campaign promise But yet give money to other countries It's YOUR debt. Pay it and be responsible for yourself. He never campaigned on canceling all student loan debt only a portion of it. Canceling loan debt won’t help future generations. Lowering the cost of interest on student loans will do more.

Did you listen to the complete answer.? Why are you guys bashing Biden? Did not see that must bashing of trump the 4 whole years from your network. ABC stop Gaslighting people for ratings. He never promised a $50K forgiveness. He ran his campaign on a $10K forgiveness, which is more feasible. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… They knew what they were signing up for when they filled out their student loan applications. If you play you pay! Maybe this will stop career college kids from using and abusing the educational system for personal gain

I'm riden with Biden He knows you can not teach responsibility with irresponsibility. He lied from the beginning Almost as if all politicians lie and should not be idolized🕵🏾‍♀️ Good! If you want higher education then pay for it. If the government decides to do this, then ones who don’t get higher education should have to pay less taxes than those that do get higher education

Impeach him Oh how awful that he told the truth about a policy he doesn’t believe in. Should he hv said “I’ll look into it” and then say “no”? Good for him to stand by his decision. Can’t do everything ppl want. How about 1% interest rate? Lots of us support his answer too! They shouldn't mount pressure on president Biden on what he cannot do? paying off $50,000 in student debt no joke so much damages left behind by Trump for Biden to contend with l ernomous challenges this present dispensation is left to dealt with is not funny

Go work and payoff your own loan. That’s what I had to do. SCAM Well, not now till the pandemic ends. That’s a new strategy. He isn’t a miracle worker. He is tackling the issues as he can and prioritizing as best he can. We don’t need to rip everyone a part on a daily basis. Folks are tired and need some positive news and solace and normalcy.

I'm sorry but if you took a degree in 'Flower Arranging on the Slopes of Mount Etna 310AD - 346AD' then you got scammed and it's your duty to sue the college that scammed you but not my duty to pay your college fees. I agree he can forgive some of the debt not 50k of debt most of us have paid most of the debt so it won’t be fair to all of us, we

Blue MAGA alive af in these comments. Go read a study about how this debt is largest for black women. You're washing your hands of doing any justice against a racist institution. Why does school cost $50k in the first place 🤦🏼‍♂️ we had to share microscopes between 4 people 😂😂😂 There is no reason not to.

Heres an idea DONT TAKE A LOAN YOU CANT REPAY. Then you wont have any debt Pay for your own gender studies and woman studies degrees like the rest of us that went for something useful Folks, America is a country that sets rules and doesn't change them. Its what makes us investible, trustworthy and the financial capital of the world. You just can't do what's being proposed. Too many people, made too many sacrifices to avoid debt. Its not fair.

This is what most of us liberals have been saying....Biden wasn’t our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th choice. He’s equivalent to Clinton & Bush, a moderate who leans a little more to the right than the left. And also let a lot of us down w his “immediate” stimulus check promise. POTUS is right .. this could end up being a bad partisan issue the right holds against him if he's not allowed to consult with DOJ but instead rush to an Executive Order. It can always be revisited...

Sorry to hear that. Those students deserve a break. Finding a job in the COVID disaster is hard enough. These students are the future of this country. They need help!!!!!!!!! He did something right, bravo Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. We hate you old Mitch Biden is literaly destroying America becauae he is owned by the CCP....

I mean... Maybe reform the way schools overcharge students... It's basically a privatized industry now that makes a crap ton of money bc there's no real regulation and people have a ton of hands in it... Like the prison complex. Wow. I actually agree with Biden. There is no such thing as 'free' college or 'eliminating' student debt. It just means you are selfish and someone else will be paying for it.

Good. Another fucking lie? Who did we vote in? What!!! I tell you what I am SHOCKED, a politician lied? Let alone of longest established ones? Hooooly fuck you guys, totally didn’t see that one coming. POTUS Here's a point-blank response for you Mr. President: Trump supporters hate you. Bernie's Dems never trusted you. Black people voted for Kamala. And, oh, about your re-election: we ain't gonna make that happen.

Give em Hell Joe, show em who's runnin' the show !!! Hey it rhymes !!! payforyourowncollege Stratify forgiveness based on payment history while giving others who don't qualify refinancing options with partial forgiveness, zero interest or both I have loan debt & WANT to pay them responsibly, but it's def keeping me from advancing anything else - home, retirement, etc.

Would the rest of us get reparations for loans we already paid? 🤡 What does “cancelled” mean? It’s a fancy word for “the tax payers will pay for your degree. 🤡 Cool, can they pay my other bills too? lol Ahahahahahahahah Are they shocked? Of course he’d lie. It’s all a trick to get you to vote for him. That’s it.

I agree. I don’t have a problem with offering some kind of program to relieve student debt. I did Army Reserves to pay off the bulk of my loans. The country should get something back. How about Teach for America or similar? And giving Mr. Biden such an awful time wth he just got in office and has a huge mess to clean up cut him some slack and lend a heart 💜 felt helping hand folks it’s not about you why let the world go downhill we’re all one 🤷🏽‍♀️😩

I graduated from a public university 6 years ago with 60k in debt. 10k will barely put a dent in the interest. I can barely afford my monthly payments because those calculations exclude rent, cost of living, etc. They only look at your income. Loan forgiveness world be a blessing What a liar this guy is 😂😂😂

U wanna go to college? U pay for it... I agree with Biden, I’m all for lowering the interest rate, and working off debt. But I paid mine off, and the amount is way too much! Making the poor and middle class suffer some more. Trump will be back in 2024 because of shit like this. I will not be voting for Biden in 2024, if he goes back on this promise! I feel betrayed and deceived. While campaigning he promised $2000 stimulus checks, we get $1400. Now he’s going back on canceling student loan debt too. This is absolutely egregious of him to do!!! 😡😡😡

Just say you all don’t want to help the American 🇺🇸 people but yet vote to send money to other countries. I mean this is so heart aching to watch and to go through for god sake wth is wrong with you all stop being selfish this is not about you guys the world is hurting 💔😪🙏🏽 Hasn’t fulfilled a single promise thus far!!! What a joke - career politician. Tells you want you want to hear and then disappoints

GOOD!!!!!! I’ve been paying student loan for years. It’s a racket. Forbearance in lean times at 9% adds up. Early on the notes were consolidated and sold, many times to companies all over the country. My payments got lost but interest kept accruing. Still paying. I’d never do it again. Why should he clean up after college students? They chose to go to college knowing they couldn't fully afford it lmao. The nerve of entitled people. Take care of your own college responsibility or don't go at all.

Why does community college need to be free? Because apparently people didn’t learn to read during the K-12 years. He NEVER said he’d attempt to cancel more than $10k. His plan has always been $10k and free community college. Ha, that's the reason half of the people who voted for him did so. Already breaking promises JoeBiden ?

Whaaat? So you’re saying he lied in order to get people to vote for him? I’m so surprised... người có tính tình vui vẻ hòa đồng Thats good Same bullahit with the mortgage bailouts. People claimed they were 'victims' of predatory lending because they agreed to an ARM without understanding that when the rates rose so did their payments. Being a fucking moron used to have consequences.

The only people that should have their loans paid are the healthcare workers. The rest of the people need to pay them back the way the rest of us have I went to community college. I ended up with about 50k in debt. I pay just over 300 dollars a month towards my loans. I have been paying since I was 19... I am 35 now. I still owe 44k. Iv paid back my loans 3 times over ready. But have only brought the principal down 6k...

Eliminate them? No, I think that would mean loans for other things would shoot in APR so they can make that money back. I do think the government should regulate it though. Don't let them set an insane APR and make them make paying it back easier. I think they should just cancel interest on student loans. There’s no reason you should be paying interest on your education. Cancelling debt is just not reasonable

I don’t see how he could.. That is so much money.. Liberal republican So you’re telling me we are blue across the board but we just have a coward/liar in charge The globalist plan is to raise the east (and it's massive consumer market) to the top so they can line their pockets. There was never a plan to educate the lower tier labour force, cannon fodder and prison fillers hold more value, ready built doctors immigrate over with less cost

Ok he lied. I’m not surprised, it probably doesn’t benefit him in any way. Told y’all Biden was trash WHY COULDNT WE HAVE BERNIE FUCK MY LIFE He never planned on following through with that plan. He just knew he could get stupid lazy people to vote for him by promising more handouts and debt forgiveness it's so funny seeing the left let down can't wait till everyone is completely dependent on welfare

The way we prioritize shit is dumb, is this really the most important thing right now? Instead of paying off all debt.... force colleges to only charge what that schooling is REALLY worth. No job is guaranteed after the schooling is done... It was the only coherent thing he said during that townhall POTUS get out of their pockets. Help the people of this country. You know the student loan game is an absolute scam. Do the right thing 46 joeloans BidenTownhall biden

Smh. This wasn't even his campaign promise. If Warren & Schumer want it done they should go through Congress not try to strong arm the President. They can produce legislation. That's their job. Another empty promise to the shelf. You don’t deserve 50k cancelation. You entered a contract you pieces of shit. Many of us got our degrees, bought a house and live a normal life without college debt

Stay strong Biden. They took the loans, they should pay them back. Also eliminate all mortgage debt. I know what I agreed to when I signed up, but the government should pay it off for me. 😂 You chose to go to school now pay your dues just like everyone has to. After student loans go ahead and pay home loans.

Let him focus on the stimulus first. LibDems SpeakerPelosi Which is BS. Public colleges cost a lot too for those pursuing a medical degree. Why not come up with a plan to swap debt relief for service to your country at a rural hospital like they do elsewhere? Why dismiss this out of hand? potus So sick of the fat cat roll-over mindset.

lol so he lied 😂 but y’all still fell for it. That didn’t take long. I guess you can never be left enough. He never said he’ll make $50K happen. Elizabeth Warren and others demanded that of him. He’s likely to cancel $10K. Let’s share the baby, cancel $25K in loans for current debt and $10K via tax credit to those who paid off their debt. That’s a more fair proposal.

Oh? No free $hit from JoeBiden and now the Dumbocrats are big mad. 😂😂😂😂😂 the left got conned again l o l aww students crying because they cant have their debt wiped out. you choose to go to college and university knowing full well what financial debt you would come out with. you made your choice now deal with it. stop expecting a free ride and pay for you life choices

CorporateJoe🤮 Elect a progressive for the next election. Why? Man he’s like 0-5 on campaign promises Biden isn't paying anything. The taxpayers will. Some were to poor for college and got a job. So, yeah. I'm not paying for someone else's college and was too poor to go myself. Nor should he. We are already the nation of entitlement

He wants to have a progressive administration and really help the people that he said he would have and do, then he has to make this happen. He has to forgive at least 50,000 of everyone’s student loan debt, and ideally he would wipe it all out. Someone better go talk to ol Sleepy Joe One of the best web regarding cameras

first reasonable things he's done. Save your $! don't buy the new iphone. Don't buy a car with over $200/month payments. Cook! for God sakes don't use Doordash or Uber Eats. Drink at home if you like to have a drink...until you can afford not to live like this the people who thought he would really do that 👁👄👁🤡

AND WHY THE HECK NOT 😡 Welcome to Capitalism. You thought Republicans were screwing you? Double screw to you common folks 😝😝😝 Pres. Biden is facing backlash for rejecting a proposal to cancel $50,000 in student debt and stating point-blank A glimmer of hope that Biden will do the right things for our country.

Student loan debt is a discussion best held between parents and child before they go off to Pricey University. Parents should be co signers on all student loans of anyone under 21 with no credit history. How we give loans to people with no history =stupid lending plan Man, all these kids getting duped into these college loans every year, and then in the end the degrees and jobs that they yield are worthless and they're left with a big ass bill. Meanwhile, the kid who took up a trade is now making 6 figures a year with no bill..

Won't this just be giving white people more advantages? Taiwan can help! Ohhhh, he forgot his promises ? People borrowed $100k to get a liberal arts degree that doesn't help them get a good paying job and now don't want to pay back their debts. I have a jeep payment.....can we cancel jeep payments Nor should he! It's a ridiculous request and a preposterous proposal. How are colleges going to stay financially viable if we just wave everybody's student loans? Are you going to get people who just paid off their debt of $50,000 credit.

Whos really surprised though 🤣 Fuck, he ought to face something. Jerk ! What a joke this clown is. 😂 He's gonna have the country so messed up. Lol You took out the loans so pay. Lol did he con you and there wont be any jobs so how you like him now. PAY YOUR OBLIGATIONS FFS No refunds Jack If you decide to take this massive loans try to find your exit strategy. Some companies will pay your tuition but you have to stay with them for an x amount of years, work in underserved rural areas for loan forgiveness etc everything has a price!

Didn't take long for Dems to start sinking their own ship after becoming the majority party! Biden isn't some genie who's gonna grant you what you want. It sucks for those with student loans but the country doesn't have unlimited funds to be paying off thousands & thousands of dollars. It's gonna piss people off but he's honest unlike 45 who lied & screwed everyone over

SO MANY LIES the dude doesn’t even know what day of the week or what planet he’s on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MAGA TRUMP2024 Let’s make this happen. Base it on income being made by student. Peer pressure is extortion Let’s make this . Happen and rebuild this country. Base it on income being made by the student.

Y’all still believe politicians ? Why lmao? They suppose to lie in order to get y’all votes, smart people actually see through the bs Just stop paying it. What the hell are they going to do about it? Student loans are predatory and kids that aren't even legally old enough to sign a contract have it hammered into their brains by every adult and insitution around them that they need to get into a good, expensive college no matter what. They're taught that the loans don't -

😂😂😂😂😂. The moderate Joe is coming out. Starting to look like Bernie Army has been lied to.. 😂😂😂😂 ' the world needs ditch diggers too' I bet he needs to think well and act accordingly. People waited. Let him do the needful i got more money under trump Lmao congratulations Biden voters There is no such thing as free lunch . Debt has to be paid . Government cancelling $50000 is a bad move. Maybe enact police to stop interest rates on student loan and only pay the principal you owe but at the end of the day , you have to pay your debt. It's that simple

POTUS PressSec SenSchumer we don’t need to forgive all that debt. Focus on making college more affordable. Hmmm... Maybe, just listen, maybe, he was never planning to do this and use it as a political gains, you Democrats got played Y’all are defending this dude but if trump lied we would hear about it for a month

Lol you people would be freaking out of Trump said this, shouting out that “elitist millionaires don’t have sympathy for working class blah blah blah.” But of Biden says it, then it’s “well, it’s the students fault for taking out their own loans...” The hypocrisy is strong today Well, time to make Biden a one term president. I warned you that they will bait and switch us. They never wanted to help us. Thats why they aimed to help Biden beat Bernie.

While I still have my student loan place hounding me over $1,500. It’s been 17 years, get over it. A lot of these kids get jobs making huge amounts of money. Their debt shouldn’t be forgiven so they can travel around the world and live in million dollar homes. YES! There are other ways that can help students with their debt. Canceling it is not one of them. Good call.

Are they at least offering lower rates to refinance the higher debts? That is the true evil of student debt is extreme rates. Not necessarily against student loan forgiveness. Although green energy, and infrastructure investments need to be the top priorities. Ahhahaahah well you wanted the grampa lol there you go have you seen the gas prices? Hahaha

Good. This is how you lose elections. Period. Rewards for poor choices... hard to pay off that degree in Gender studies while serving that Grande 1/2 caff, no fat, soy milk..... And another lie that helped get him elected. Is this guy going to do anything he promised to do, it said he wouldn’t do. Because so far everything has been a lie. Where’s the 2k checks he promised everyone?

What a shock!! You mean Joe won’t follow through on campaign promises?! Whaaaaat Sighs in Bernie Lol y’all fucking idiots voted for him. Next time, choose progressive candidates. POTUS say it ain’t so JOE! What happened we have the house and senate! Did Trump get Twitter again? White supremacy is behind this. JOE, all gas no breaks today!

No comment 😂 Yo why not oh no a politician lied, imagine my shock They have an educating, use that to get a job and pay off their own debts. Facing backlash from leftist. Tilt my hat to him on this one. What a flog Wait, does this mean that “Free Pizza Friday” is off the table too? If you can't afford college, I bet you can afford trade school. A bachelor's in this or that will get you a management job at McDonald's. Go learn a skill.

I don’t see why he should write off all of someone’s debt. as a current college student, what he said makes complete sense... college is expensive, yes, but we gotta tackle the debt issue from its roots instead of just handing out tons of cash everywhere 😐 Yes ... stupid Milleniums who voted for this Turkey and thinking they would get a free ride..

What? Why not? Well DAY -30 if my count is correct and Vegetable Joe has done absolutely nothing to aid a desperate populace during a pandemic and a super depression! He is a consummate corporatist poodle who will and is raising a hairy leg to the masses! He & the Vichy DNC lost 2022 & 2024 Good I would rather see the all countries simply make colleges and universities non profit. Pay the educators extremely well and provide a safe, well maintained campus with up to date and innovative curriculum. The price to get in would drop dramatically and not cripple ppl for life.

Y’all are some ignorant brats! So because you paid off yours you want the next generations to suffer. You do realize that we are the only ones that pay for school.This country needs to change and get off this mentality that it’s ok. It teaches us nothing except for having debt. Maybe they should work on repealing the ban on Bankrupting on student loan debt that then Senator Biden rammed through. It's a start at least...

Not 'backlash.' Pushback. Wait he’s not doing something he said he’d do? Ohhhh shit it’s okay because at least he’s going to bring us all together!! 😂😭 cLown Why should he, I mean after all America is the land of the free with living expenses and college debt in order to continue to be middle class to make the rich richer with a debatable stimulus check that is money you’ve already earned making the rich richer makes perfect sense.

Of coarse not he’s a fraud lol JordanGenesis24 Yall act like colleges make the bill a mystery til you have to pay it 😂😂 you signed for that shit knowing full well they come and collect Is this a fake argument ? democrates you already said you were going to do something & again you want to kill democracy again & not follow through on your word? To people Studentdebt has no care for your media hungry lame lies and attention -get to work Communists

impeach and imprison No offense but I am an SSDI 64 yr old that got behind 1 payment for a yr w/10yrs left on my mtg. and idiotically let my lender talk me into a 'loan modification'...MISTAKE, my loan went down only $80 a mo. BUT for 45 YEARS~! I did NOT sign up for that on purpose + that's my point Good. You wanna learn, pay.

Good for Biden! Lmao at all the people who thought biden would do this. Desperate idiots I’m all for Biden, but cmon now. Forgiving student loan debt up to a certain amount is crucial especially in the pandemic. Student loan debt forgiveness can lead to a huge boost in the economy as well. I see no downsides to making our lives a little easier.

I’m cool with 10k Just give him a break. He's not going to be able to fix everything and he probably thought long and hard on this one. Then 2022 & 2024 is lost already. Trying to appease traitors on the right and ignoring the progressives on the left is not a winning combo. The rich get bailed out and the 99% get election rhetoric. Dem's will pay a heavy price for their deception....

Student debt will put the next generations at a huge disadvantage in the future. It’s a huge burden to hold just for trying to better yourself. JoeBiden The price you pay for an education these days is overpriced. These days a college degree is losing its value. Society has diluted its value. It’s like buying a car it depreciates as soon as you buy it.

If you borrow money, you should be the one to pay it back. Lmao shocker. This is why I didn't vote for either trump or biden. They're all the same potus ...And it begins. Cancel all of it. Wasn’t that a campaign promise? See? You order shit, you eat shit. Same for voting. This is so funny. The sheeple just knew this was gonna be their savior. Sad MF!

We need that clean slate, Mr. President. America needs to “give us free,” like we asked in the movie, “Armistead” Y’all just gonna ignore the fact that this man has been a proven liar for how many years? Ah, so he really is just a politician after all. Okay Biden! Don’t forget who put you into office and why! We are watching you very carefully!

I think he was talking about not forgiving loans from students that are rich I don’t understand why more of this discussion isn’t directed towards the schools with their outrageous and skyrocketing costs while sitting on billion dollar tax free endowments. Y’all voted for a fucking moron who didn’t mean anything he said. You got played 😂😂

Will he cancel my CC debt? Knowing I maxed it out? Knowing I entered into an agreement to pay back all money I charged to said account? If this is the road people want to go down; then the same money will have to go to those that don’t go to college?!?!? I still can’t believe he tricked us smh. This is the first time that I agreed with Biden

Dont call them Democrats call them demonrats The money’s better spent on corporate bailouts, anyway. Socialism for the rich is how we do things around here. 🇺🇸 You will get nothing and like it Love that virtually every person talking down to the next generation about wanting stuff for free are mostly stuck up white wine moms who think Trump losing fixed the country. Go back to brunch Karen, we have to still fix the actual country while fighting Biden's centrism.

This is just more evidence that the Dems detest their own supporters LMFAO off. 'Back to normalcy' indeed. I'm actually surprised he said no. Good His reasoning would make sense in a pre-COVID world, but COVID is our reality now. Like are people forgetting about COVID already? Yeah, people from Elite schools DO go on to get very high paying jobs... in a world where businesses aren't closing every week and firing employees

He lied about student loan forgiveness just like he lied about not cutting energy jobs. How y'all didn't see this coming is beyond me. biden is a b*d president afterall Lies n hypercrisy jus like a typical politician Everyone saying he’s right in these comments definitely hasn’t tried to further their education

Does he not work FOR the people? Imagine how different this thread of comments reads if you swap the name Biden for Trump. American people are so easy. Hey hey hey. A promise is a promise. I agree with the president. You have to look at individual cases. Spend the money where it is most needed. You can only spend it once. Look at people yhat graduated, don’t make much money and take this debt as a big burden in the rest of their life. Rich schools could do more!

Biden passes 1.9 Trillion dollar covid relief bill but can’t cough up $50k which is 0.00000263157894737% of that for student debt? I guess that’s America for y’all. Keep voting for these idiots. Pass social security reform now. Uh no. Not Click bate.. he said he would not forgive debt for students who attended elite/Ivy league institutions

Jokes on who ever voted for him just for that reason 🤣🤣🤣 Here comes the BlueMAGA defending their corporate-owned, war-mongering racist, sexual predator. Good for the President. Taking a stand. Higher education is a choice. Where you go is a choice. Taking out a loan is a choice. Borrow money, you pay it back. That’s on you and only you. Don’t make other people pay for your stupid decision. If they stopped handing out these loans like candy tuition would plummet.

Wait, a politician not keeping his word? Saying 1 thing but doing the complete opposite? No! Can't be! People forget that all got on the 'I don't like the big bad orange man train'. Let me vote for this one instead cause they told me they would save me from (fill in the blank) I’m liking Biden more and more.

Shocking a person who was backed by the Elites, wall street, and big banks for his presidential run. Is not going to do something that would negatively impact the rich fat cats. *inhales* Oh no, Biden's DemoRat pals are mad because he won't do what they tell him to do. LiberalAgenda on the warpath! No he isn't, it's a few K, savage tweeters & AOC . The solution is to get rid of the interest, not the debt. It's the interest drowning ppl. You can't ask ppl that didn't take that debt, didn't get the education & future salaries that entails, to pay for your debt.

Good on Biden, something I can get on board with him. Things aren't free you work for them. How about forgiving my $50,000 business loan debt. At least I’m trying to create jobs for my local economy DDupre9 I bet IF Democrats could SOMEHOW manage to get that bill to his desk he'd sign it. Get it PASSED in the House & Senate--it's NOT Biden's job to offer support to bills he believes to be untenable legislatively on BOTH SIDES of the aisle BEFORE they are even offered for a vote.

IHEARTUJA He ran on that didn’t he? Blatant lie I see As he should! Conflating student loans to early childhood education was deceiving. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other in terms of where the money comes from. And he was a smug jerk on top of it? Does he really think his supporters are that stupid?

I highly doubt Biden would reject a bill on this. If Congress wants this, figure out a way to pass the legislation. Biden can’t do everything and this has never been a priority for him. clown It's not fair to simply forgive StudentDebt. Make it easier to pay it off by reducing the loan interest based on the owned amount and the money one earns. For example, if one has $200K debt and makes $30k salary, the interest should be the lowest possible. RT if you agree.

People are getting stimulus checks for $600, $1,200, SBA loans for $4,500, $5,000, and you're mad because of $50,000? How about giving a $50,000 stimulus check? SenWarren ewarren SenSchumer How ironic There are a grand total of 3, maybe 4 progressive democrats in the senate. The rest of the democrats will be split and every republican will block this. I dont see how they think this would get passed

This headline is very misleading. Biden said “I’m prepared to write off $10,000 debt, but not 50, because I don’t think I have the authority to do it by signing” an executive order, Biden said.” Imagine wanting to pursue an education to be a valuable intelligent member of your nation and community, only to graduate and get your dream job but still live check to check cause you’re $90000 in debt and will likely be close to 65-70 before it and the interest is paid in full.

Awww empty promises.. Serves his follwers good 😉 Why should I have to pay my taxes for some to go to school for a degree in Art so they can tell me about the importance/cost of a painting that I don’t care about nor could I ever afford. Biden please just go back into the basement lmao 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Y’all put so much in the hands of the useless. Let’s see how this plays out.

🤣 Democrats This is the first thing I can support our new President on and my wife has student loans. How is that fair to anyone who doesn’t have any or has already paid theirs off? You went to school, good on you! Now get the job you went to school for and take care of your responsibility Why a backlash? He never promised $50k, & the voters chose his agenda not AOCs, or Bernie’s.

Please allow me to post this here, any help at all is immensely appreciated thank you so much! 🙏🏾❤ Losing voters already. Good job! “The president said doesn’t want to forgive the debts of people who attended elite schools such as Harvard and Yale who often go on to make high salaries” The media runs with inaccurate headlines like this and then wonder why American citizens act the way they do.

Biden being a right wing conservative. He prioritizes elementary schools. That's more progressive than student loan forgiveness. Lol y’all are getting what u voted for. Hope ur happy. Here’s a thought. Pay your college tuition. My wife just took out a student Loan because he won for exaxtly 50,000. He better make it free because we want to waste it on a car

Oh wow. What are they gonna do? Reluctantly support him even harder? I’ve got an idea. Take all the money the federal government takes from blue states in order to fund red states and give EVERYONE $10,000 He was clear ... because is the forgiveness for public or private. He wont do blanket Welcome to the politics. Trump will say I will build a border and he set out to do so but the democrats ensured he never had funds to execute it. But Biden promised a lot to in order to win & now he has won, he is reneging from it. Blacks are the next people he will disappoint.

Why did democrats vote this fool for the democrat nominee? Ha ha. Those AOC progressives bought joe bidens campaign speech.. After carefully explaining it, i agree with Biden If you had the opportunity to go to a community college first, but decided to go to a 4 year college to get the “college experience” knowing that you will be more in debt. You better pay that shit. You didn’t PLAN BETTER.

Lololololololololololololol whats next DrBiden hey doc, can you stop exploiting the fact you could afford your education and have a fuckin backbone and tell your boo he needs to forgive 50k to save the economy!? Why is SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi ewarren POTUS and anyone else going on about this when they should be arguing over STIMULS CHECKS. KEY WORD CHECKS WITH AN S!!!! BidenLied FailureBiden BidenFail

It's idiotic. People are already crying over a wage gap. What do you think is going to happen if student loans are forgiven College grads are already the most wealthy with the debt. POTUS VP CancelStudentDebt I don't think he'll make much of anything happen at all.. This was the worse president to give the gift of a democratic controlled Senate to.. A huge waste and his ineptitude will bring on the Revenge of the Sith in 2024 and we're fucked all over again.

Paying back student loans creates people that are responsible and accountable for the choices in their life! It ain't right. Millionaires can afford to buy theirnhouses outright and I have to work to pay off my mortgage. I want that canceled! While I know cost is out of control at times still I didn’t go to a four year college after I got my associates because I didn’t want to live in debt so if they do this I assume I can go for free up to 50grand right? A loan is a loan. Otherwise they better pay my car loan too lol

If he Fully intends to forgive higher debts for public universities and community colleges? Good. I don't see why ivy league students, which are often people from rich families anyway, should get their debts forgiven. Where Trump at 🤬 And y’all though sleepy joe was for the people 😂😂😂😂😂 he’s all for corporations and China , he bends over to their desires

If potus will not CancelStudentDebt then Congress must. If Congress won’t, Department of Education has to on behalf of uniting all Americans. But... republicans said he was a socialist. What happened to that? Hmmm? WTF ! Kids and family are starving and losing their homes, and we’re discussing paying off up to $50,000 on student debt right now? Get your fucking priorities straight. And trustbiden. He knows what the fuck he’s doing! Trust he can fix things.

People file bankruptcy all the time. But you can’t file bankruptcy on these loans. So you’re stuck no matter what happens. make it happen Let’s see the tax repeal! We dont want to take away from JoeBiden and his friends pockets we would be taking from and obamas.... thanks for all those federal loans with 15% rates lmaooooo

YALL FUKIN THOUGHT YOUD GET FREE COLLEGE 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I would be happy if he just stopped the interest for the next 4 years. i agree with this. if you take out a loan, you should repay it. I have to repay all my loans. that's how loans work. well how bout that, he does have a backbone. Wow!President Biden busted those Floridians' bubbles. Many of those Floridians that opposed to Socialism (despite that America has Socialism practices) will have to continunal paying on their student's loan. Hey Floridians why not ask Donald Trump for help on your student loans.

It's time 4 the Squad to Assemble 🔰 Why, what possible excuse would he have to not abolish StudentDebt besides GREED? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Might want to sit down with Jill and rethink all that. JoeBiden make it happen or go home CJStayInformed Then he can go FVCK himself!! Wish ya would though

They’re starting to turn on themselves. The wokes realizing old JoeBiden is still a true blue conservative 😂😂😂 Love to see it. No he isn’t. We didn’t elect him to do that, and he never promised to. And this just in: democrats brainstorming new promises to make in 4 years during election time. Fuck you my wife has a shit ton of student debt and she's a teacher and she will continue to have student debt for what seems like all eternity and I know her and many others would greatly welcome 50k in forgiveness

I have a tens of thousands of student debt, am not using my degree, and understand that this is my burden to carry. I made the choices I did. It's not fair that the country should pay for my decisions and incentivize similar decisions for future generations. Politics...just like back in the days LMFAO Good! Im for some but sorry this country needs healthcare before student loan forgiveness.

Damn right Biden wanna butter us up to get in office and now he wanna play republican this dude made a lot of promises he’s reneging on his word stop playing there’s no negotiating with republicans that’s dead get that not big enough bill past for American citizens let’s go!!!!!! he legit said he would come on i was literally rooting for this

We can bail out banks all day long but the working class? Forget about it. It's not surprising to me. It’s all about a vote they only tell you what you want to hear to get in Office. You guys don’t realize that they do not have the control as they say to make things happen. That type of stuff has to be voted upon guys. So they cannot promise you anythin

🎤⬇️ Imagine electing Biden thinking he’ll cancel debt. This is what a LOAN is. You get loaned cash and you’re expected to pay it. Another reason why I wouldn’t even waste money on going to college because I know it’ll come back and bite me in the ass some day. Wow He Actually Made A Smart Decision, It's A Goddamn Miracle. Or He Just Misheard His Instructions

GOOD!!! He needs to tell his donors to go pound sand FOR ONCE. “The election was rigged” why would we choose Biden then 10K and student loans with no interest should be enough. He should work on start providing free healthcare and education for the people of the USA. Warren and Schumer are trying hard to lose majority in both houses with their unrealistic demands. At the rate they’re going they might as well forfeit the mid-term elections.

Third party, my friends. These chumps don't work for us. G thanks biden.. good as he shouldn't, they going to give me 50k back? or 50k towards my son's medical school costs Here we goooooooo I agree with Biden. I encourage legislators to address the issue with ...legislation. it's a complex issue, not something for an EO. pass COVID relief , get people vaccinated and pass a voting rights act, those are my priorities

He should face backlash. Its called capitalizedinterest on student loans. I HAVE $50,000 in just interest because social workers make shit salaries. I say keep pushing. no he's not. there are some legislators encouraging him to do it but that is not 'backlash'. a great number of people are encouraging those legislators to draft legislation instead of asking for an EO, which seems fair ,because that is why we elect legislators, correct?

Backlash from mostly leftist performance artists will always be looking to complain. Lowering interest rates is a much better idea. Also, if you go to Harvard Law School, rack up debts, then decide not to be lawyer, don't complain about the government not paying off your debt. Come on Joe! I want to see what happens!

Pay off your own debts, ya fuckin leeches. I'm so sick and tired of these Neo-liberal policies, but what do you expect when you elect a boomer moderate. I hate it. But I understand it. He’s literally limited to being that reasonable. We’re talking about a President who won by getting the votes of people who would rather vote for Diaper Don than vote for Bernie Sanders. If he wants 2 terms, he’s very limited by Republicans.

Lmfao No he isn’t YAASS first liberal campaign promise not fulfilled.... Appease those moderates king Forgive $50,000 off my mortgage! yanggang 1/2 Cangarts! another one term president in the making. He got elected because he sold the notion he is better than Trump but not because had really good policies. A fight will brew in the open soon in the Democratic Party.

And why is he rejecting this amout... let's help College student out all the way...let's make a condition with 3 to 6 year service to the country for the removal of more student loan debt...I took this option up and Served my Country proudly in the Military... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣He told you what you wanted to hear, as he has always done, but at least he's not mean.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

He needs to help the working class or he might end up a one term President! He only said he would eliminate $10,000.. I mean everyone has to pay their bills, shouldn’t get a loan then. If trump said this it would be world war 3 Isnt that exactly what he ran his platform on though...? Wasn’t his campaign based on eliminating student debt.... WTF is the point of him then if he’s gonna be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

So much for 'Hit the ground running'. First reason he has given me to respect him. Thank you JoeBiden for instilling accountability and not giving in to socialists. Why don’t you guys just get rich parents or something His conservative tendencies on display Stfu damn biden supporters really defend him on anything

He shouldn't do it. They signed for the loan. They should take the responsibility to repay the loan. It's called, 'Being responsible.' A good trait to develop in this journey called LIFE. This is tax payer abuse! It's not like college students had unsuspecting debt dropped on them at no fault of their own. They knew EXACTLY what they're buying and they said 'i'll take it!' I don't have kids and don't want to pay for other kid's college expenses! Insanity!!

Bitch, I work my ass off and make less then 50k a year. How about I just get paid to sit at home and eat bonbons? Good 👍 Biden. Students need to pay their debt for their useless degrees. Gotta keep poor people poor, you know? only for elite and private schools. if you can afford to go to yale and harvard, you can afford to pay your debt

Wasn't he the one who said he WOULD remove debt I have a novel idea.....hear me out...... Hold up didn’t he say he was gonna do this and then backed out on it? Here’s an idea 💡 How about instead of believing politicians will work for us regular people and not just the wealthy, we develop some apps, one where people can pitch in a buck to help those in debt pay off their debt but only f hey in return

You lost my vote next election. Ha, but he ran on this and promised it to get votes. Now, just like every other president Republican or Democrat, it’s lip service to buy votes and anyone swayed just learned what reality is. Fuck this guy. I hate the people in the replies saying that this is an acceptable outcome. YOU are the problem.

Dangerous game President Biden is playing, he expects backing on what he wants passed but then bucking and not scratching the backs of his own party who have to vote for those only takes 1-2 democrats to get pissed off and vote no and his plan to control is over Biden didn’t commit to $50,000 debt forgiveness, so back off. A $10,000 plan would help move things in the right direction & eliminate the interest or lower to 1 %. We shouldn’t be able to buy a new car for lower interest than a college education. Then we must reduce tuitions.

Yep the excitement of elections has subsided and now reality is setting in. Good. Let’s go first with $10,000 student debt. Then pressure him again next year with cancelling $25k. Then again with $15k the following year. Something not right when you can file bankruptcy on nearly everything except for the education we are all told we need 🥴

$50k does nothing. Either do nothing or end the federal student loan program, entirely. $50k is just a token and does nothing to fix the problem. The amount of dick sucking going on in these comments assures me that it will take very little to get another Trump back in office. Y'all swore up and down Biden was some progressive savior & now backtrack, bullshit and deflect every time he fucks up.

So he literally lied to the entire country. Neat. $15k? Abena_Janet Seen this coming 😂 This dude is a buster he rather give all America another 1400 a pop than cancel this problem .. at least do it for public university and schools .. comm colleges before cost $ .. He just has to sign it when it gets to his desk. That’s all we’re asking.

Please read the article before you comment. Not this Please help by donating to the Memorial for Chris Gatson. If you can’t donate a simple RT also helps tremendously. He passed away from a heart attack behind the wheel of his car while driving. He leaves behind his 2 yr old daughter & mother w/ cancer

what do you care old man just do it Corporate shill I was poor as F so I went to a community college and applied for grants. Don't act like you don't know the tuition of the school or your financial situation prior to enrolling. 1__tata__1 sorry bud lmfao But but but democrat good 😢 FUJOE POTUS He knows how close that is to communism and he's right. He's doing a great job so far, let him do his job.

took a few financial literacy classes in hs and knew not to take out loans, I hardly had the money to go yet I made it work without taking out any loans at all Why should this happen? Why not just give everyone 50k to do with as they please? Why only give 50k loan relief to student loans. 😂😂 Yes students he lied to you too just like the union workers all to make millions on big government control freaks and their electric cars insider stock trading s is illegal ...he got a job and 7 states worth of union workers lose theirs and all the small businesses worked

False promises to get your vote. He actually gave a great answer. It wasn’t just no. Holy fuck he really wants to lose the House and Senate in 22 months ... so he can spend the second half of his term in office whining that he cant pass anything because those darned Republicans wont let him ... 🙄 Anti-GND, anti-loan relief, anti-progressive ... he's Bush 3.0

😡 Damn it the communist regime Trump said would happen hasn't wtf 🤬🤬🤬 Bottom line, if the rest of us can HONOR our debts, go about earning income through jobs to pay for our Education (one-two courses at a time), then those who SIGNED for their debts can start paying BACK those debts too. NO 'cancel' on their debts!

A lot of boot lickers in the comments No. Just make community college free and increase the bracket to qualify for FAFSA. If you file for FAFSA by yourself 18- what ever age the max amount to qualify should be $50,000 for year income per year. Y’all really voted for clout chasers.... they are for the “moment” He got the votes and said 👌🏽

Bwa-ha-ha! Promises, promises, promises... or maybe lies, lies, lies... Did anyone really expect that it would happen? Grandpa lives in 10 cents Hershey bar reality. But let's be honest, nothings free. The Covid Relief includes minimum wage increases up to 15$, and he really never said he wasn't going to help, he's canceling 10k in debt. I also wish It was 50k off, but in the long term it's for the best, rather have higher minimum wage

Dems need to think about having the votes for it in the first place 😂 Meaning he could. Lol definitely saw this coming 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Biden is a trip..folks will miss Trump Why should he. I say no interest. I paid my way through college. Biden has a point. Why reimburse those who choose to go to overly expensive schools? Aka Yale, Brown, Harvard? There needs to be revisions here to make it work.

Will Biden cancel 10k in student debt? Yes, but that's not why people are mad You would need to atleast have 50k to cancel it out, but he won't. If I'm being honest, I'm just glad 10k of my debt is gone, but point is it COULD be 50k. in the words of blink 182 ''shut fuck up she said, im going fucking deaf youre always to loud...'' but seriously. shut the fuck up. and FOCUS ON UNEMPLOYMENT. PLEASE. AND GETTING US THE REST OF OUR 2000 DOLLAR CHECKS. cause at this rate its not 2 grand when its 3 months later.

So public schools, state and county don't deserve workers that attended Ivy League Schools 🤔 Biden NEVER PROMISED 50k Wow...At least stick to some of your promises like the stimulus check and 10k forgiveness. Take some action! Red or Blue. NEITHER of these two political parties work for the people. That’s a lot of money to forgive. And it’s not right that ALL taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

By that logic I’m surprised nobody is talking about a one time cancellation of ALL debt not just student loans. But then I remember this is just a one sided complaint from Gen Z and post grads attempting justify their useless degree. I agree with the President. Forgiving such large scale student loans is hardly fair to students/families, who passed on college because they could not afford it.

Hahaha what a joke of a regime Voting rights. Voting rights. Voting rights. Pass voting rights legislation. Then take care of student loan debt. Good for Biden. Cancelling debt flies in the face of improving student loans and rising college costs in the long term. It solves nothing except making those still with debt happy. I don’t blame them for wanting it, but doesn’t make it right.

And he shouldn’t. College education is almost worthless unless you are a scientist or a Dr or nurse or learned a valuable trade where you make $50-70k in that case you can afford to pay off your own debt. Otherwise everything is on YouTube to learn All the aholes turning on Joe because they couldn’t get what they want is absurd. Grow up pay your shit live within your means. Stop whining!

I didn't go to college because I couldn't afford to. Instead, I worked twice as hard to better myself and earn professional accreditation. You choose college, you choose debt. It's the way it works. There's one promise... Broken. Lol. I'm not a Trump guy or biden minions.. 😎 Big difference when u went to a fraudulent school those people should have there loans completely forgiven. Everyone else shouldn't get any loan forgiveness

Hear comes the twitter mob, crying and yelling to get you to give in. And so far, it works. Cynical_Reality Biden can give billions of dollars to Iran and in green deal but not American students Well maybe you should have focused on a trade school, honestly my friend is an electrician, makes almost 100 dollars per call, so does plumbers. Learn how to run a business and find a trade and don't worry about your liberal studies degree that prepared you for nothing

Well, Biden is just like Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan. They both made promises when got the vote everything changes. 🙄 Just like the white man, tells us anything to get our vote & support but when it’s come to execute, reneges. I honestly can’t understand for one second why this SHOULD happen? It’s ridiculous. YOU SIGNED FOR THE LOAN. PAY IT BACK LOSER!

L O L! At all my indigenous bro’s and sis’s who—like idiots—voted for the oppressor because they thought he was gunna save em. Wake up and start getting angry! Don’t let these folks continue to an__ swab you! Meh, the paused interest over the last year and until September will have already saved me a little over $10k so I'm good.

Well, there’s ANOTHER promise not kept. 😂 Did you people REALLY think JimCrowJoe was actually going to make good on any of those campaign promises? ChinaJoe has never cared about you. If he did, your stimulus check would be in the bank right now. 🤣 I can't stop loving how much I keep seeing THIS! IT'S FANTASTIC!

The Federal Government has no business being involved in education. They thought they had a puppet in the WH😂😂😂Don't that judt beat all Mans going back on everything he ran for? Should be moved to government scholarships/grants for med school/law school/grad school. If you’re 150k in debt for a major that averages a 30-50k salary, then you just aren’t that smart

Oh no, never could have seen this coming 🤦 Seems the honeymoon is over. I listened to the speech. I thought his reasoning was pretty sound. People want educators to be paid but also don’t want to pay for the education they are receiving. Dementia Joe is 100% correct to reject. Good job Joe, I’m warming up to you.

The polish is starting to rub off of the turd All_4_Laughs get it together Joe how bout 49999 Ugh, well, she told y’all lmfao. Cancel rent instead Pretty unfair if you paid for college and now it's all the sudden free for everybody. Wish Biden would stand his ground. It does not make sense to cancel so much student loan because of people's entitlement. NO! Do not cancel! By all means create a different path to payment, but do not cancel! biden studentloan

How is forgiving student debt fair to the MILLIONS of college students over the decades who have honored their commitments and PAID their debts. Liberals don’t believe in accountability or personal responsibility. They’re lazy and want life to be handed to them gently. Piece of garbage old man can’t wait until we have decent options In 4 years hopefully

POTUS JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi I have $97k student loan debt, the bulk of which is interest..$10k is spitting on a revolving flame…it’ll grow right back $97k before I’d be able to put a real dent in it 😩 Democrats. Tip. Stop fighting your President. This is how you lose. Get it. SenSchumer ewarren POTUS For Pete's sakes Senators you won, got a ten speed for Christmas, evictions stopped, loans frozen cut the President some slack. We'll figure out the loans after we give everyone the dam shot. Both of you knock it off. Registered Voter. Florida.

You signed a legal document saying your responsible to pay it back. Now be an adult and accept your responsibility! Don’t blame society for you lack of responsibility! Where’s our $2000 Found something the new pres & I agree on. CommonGround Can we at least cancel student loan interest? Geez. Biden is correct to push back, If you're swimming in student debt. Biden didn't force you to continue your education? That's that pathway YOU chose to make your career aspirations a reality! An education you'll ultimately benefit from intellectually & financially.

Did anyone really think he would lol! More buyer’s remorse. Eliminating student debt will force banks to raise interest rates making it harder to get a loan to start a bussiness buy a house buy a car how is this good for the economy lol these bitch ass soy dems dancing on the streets of LA when Biden won blocking traffic are all crying right now

Ah the president already breaking his promises.. y’all should’ve expected this Good he should! You want to give me a refund for paying mine. It’s a bs idea I believe, you make it, you pay it. However thats why all these young people voted for this piece of work. howdoyoulikemenow masoncholewa This was a major reason why he got millineal and Gen Z voters. Another reason why you can’t trust politicians. It’s all wolf talk to get in office and never follow through with their word.

Smh clown. RicWilson Biden doesn't care Good. Completely tone deaf. 50k is less than most of my friends have who went to 'normal' schools. Some people's parents couldn't pay for them... so what a tone deaf thing to suggest people with that level debt were Yale or Harvard students. No - they would have 100+ debt...

and they said Joe doesn't have any ballz against the needy Amaricants that want everything handed to them with min. effort. JoeBiden CNNTownHall BidenTownhall Who told y’all to go to college tho If it ever does happen, I fully expect 50k from government/pay for me to get 50k worth of schooling. I didn't go to anything more than community College for 2yr degree because I didn't want to collect debt.

Good for him, you take out a loan you pay for it, you’ll have it with House car etc. that definitely won’t be forgiven so better figure it out. Can’t pay for school? Don’t go. Workforce time I thought he said he was going to remove student debt In other words, it was political theater? Shocking. Imagine my shock 😂

Good job Biden. 1st thing you have done that i agree with you on. Good! I paid mine off and unless I'm getting a refund it's Not fair Hey Jackass, I attended an 'elite' private school, the Art Institute, which sold me a worthless degree and went bankrupt. But can I go bankrupt and relieve that debt? NO! CancelStudentDebt

Y’all voted for him it’s your problem now But he can afford hundreds of billions for foreign military aid Another thing, why don't you guys that complain about debt JOIN THE MILITARY? Work on a Navy boat where you'll see no action, join the National Guard! If im not mistake the military pays for your education. You can be overweight and still make it in

Another campaign lie huh? It’s almost like you had decades of his bs to tell you this, had to learn the harder way i guess I love reading the lefties making excuses for him already breaking promises a month in... Also if this were trump, imagine the butt-hurtery that would be unfolding in these comments and the headline if the tweet

CancelStudentDebt CancelAllPersonalDebt JOE BIDEN: CANCEL ALL PERSONAL DEBT to $100K (over 5 yrs per person - use full tax deductions Fed income tax to payoff loans) 1. Student Loans 2. Home Mortgages 3. Car loans 4. Credit Cards 5. Other personal debt Get’er done! I might be mistaken but didn't Biden talk about taking off student debt? I can care less though, you morons take the loan and you're gonna complain you have to pay it off?

HA, HA, LMFAO You guy’s voted this moron in! No get ready for higher prices on everything. And guess what? You were fucked over. Bunch of kids believe we got money to print indefinitely. This is your fucking guy in charge. I will never call uncle Joe as the president. Lol College loans are no different from a credit card debt. You agreed to the terms, chose to take it so you are obligated to pay it. Why transfer that debt to the rest of the taxpayers? If they want to extend the interest waiver because of this pandemic, I’m all for it.

Haha, buyers remorse. Why cancel? You bought it, you pay for it! That said, new rules for delayed repayment terms make sense. He doesn’t care about us. Never did Okay. So, what gives? its old dems' playbook: SPEND SPEND SPEND, MORE HANDOUTS, MORE TAXES. we the ppl dont want such loser's playbook. we want: JOBS JOBS JOBS, LOWER TAXES, PROSPERITY NOT HANDOUTS, HAPPINESS.

I am glad Biden is being prudent. I think debt should be restructured at a reasonable interest rate, NOT WAIVED. The tax payers should not have to pay student loan debt for an entire generation. Do 3 years in the military for college debt forgiveness. Problem solved. You’re welcome 🤙🏽 Just admit you want poor people to stay poor lmao

So, Biden is backing away from the minimum wage fight and the student debt crisis? Only to act dumbfounded when a fascist knocks them off their pedestal.... Interesting..... When will they see that combined with no regulation on tuition, college loans are just predatory lending.... The only people who deserve (any) debt cancelation are those who actually do something. So no liberal arts majors, no gender studies, none of that crap.

I personally will settle for 10,000 for now! morgfair More important things right now. Leftist breaking down haha love it. You voted for this guy. He won't do it because he is a racist. Black people disproportionately have more college debt because of systematic racism. The same systematic racism he wants to dismantle. He's a liar & hopefully he'll join Rush Limbaugh at the crossroads soon because I'm sicka getting gaslit

morgfair Good. I am going to get ratioed, but debt relief should be based on income. Plus, there should be 0% interest on those loans until they are established in their careers, with a forbearance for the first couple of years after graduation. Y’all voted for him so stop your whining! I’m disappointed in our POTUS. He’s better than Trump, but that doesn’t mean much.

No one forgiving my loans 😂 Socialism I paid off all of my student loans (and all of my other loans for that matter). I lived within my means. Never took a dime I didn’t earn. Do I get a refund on what I paid in? Get that old fart That’s what happens when you vote for sleepy joe 😂😂😂🔥🔥 TRUMP SleepyJoe

Democratic leaders, you mean students with student debt that is Biden’s doing haha As he should. Interesting the promised he would. Hmm this guy fucking sucks A politician lied. What a shock. The Dems need to say”no!” Well when you elect right wing candidates what do you expect? Forgiving tuition debt is the right terminology; getting a college degree is a mistake

I paid $791 for 1 comm college class for my kid because she needed that class for her major (BSN) last summer. Last semester I paid $1850 per mo to avoid loans this year. This semester I'm paying $1100 all out of my pocket. Shes on Dean's list & has scholarships but still short. Hell no I paid for 20 years how is it I get to pay for another

Agree with Biden My god he CANNOT and shld not save the world overnight... let the last guys economy right itself, get back on its feet first; are you aware our deficit handed to Biden is higher than WWll era...BEFORE Biden’s budget. Please be somewhat level headed‼️‼️‼️ A couple of valuable life lessons, never believe a politician and never go in debt over your head.

I mean, go to college - just stop getting shitty degree that costs 90k but only pays 30k a year. Too many people thing “working in a job that is their passion” is realistic. the thought of construction workers and plumbers and mechanics paying off my $200K private university debt fills me with glee!!!

Tough decision based on the $$$ that will be going to stimulus. Be not surprised if indeed once C-19 gets under control he will reconsider this student loan credit. Why are student loans are more deserving than mortgages? Agreed to 10,000 after 50,000 proposed. Seems like a negotiation stage at this point so looking at 20,000-30,000 likely. I agree we shouldn't pay for Harvard degrees though maybe a portion. I like the free attend any University! Let's make America smarter than our adversaries...

I don’t even agree to void that much debt from people who agreed to those loans. (As someone who vote for Joe Biden AND is a student...) Biden is right 50 grand is too much I’m sorry, but I do not understand the controversy. Not Okay Man Get 3 jobs like I did and guess more debt! LazyAF Glad to hear that

morgfair Who cares, buy $DOGE & $KODK and go to the moon in a lambo dogecoin Dogecoinarmy doge I have to celebrate this moment, as it is likely the only time I will agree with his decisions. Laugh at democrats who voted for the lies lolololol Bc he sucks. He's republican lite...kinda like a miller Maybe he has something else planned and isn't telling yet. I'm willing to give the benefit of doubt for a little while.

Thank God he said this. Cancelling student debt would be a massive mistake and have horrible repercussions Quick legit question, did Biden ever say he was going to make this happen? Because I don’t remember morgfair Are PRIVATE STUDENT loans included or only Federal when everyone is chattering about cancelled loans? Why won’t anyone clarify that?

Fuck bitches get money! I don't think this is the best way to keep our country from being divided dome people can't even afford to go let alone pay back all that massive debt The problem now is, will this hold up more stimulus/aid/relief checks? Give me an F F! Give me an R R! Give me an A A! Give me a U U! Give me a D D! What does that spell? FRAUD What does that spell? FRAUD What does that spell? FRAUD!!!!!!

I don’t agree with the outright cancellation of student loan debt. There should be parameters that have to be met in order to qualify for loan forgiveness (minimum GPA, completion of degree, etc.). If there aren’t parameters, the program would be abused like crazy. Everyone is freaking out about he word backlash, like someone literally lashed his back. It just means there is an issue that needs to be worked out. That’s it. People, chill the fuck out. Go outside get some fresh air.

They actually believed he would 😂😂😂 This article was in December morgfair Not from everyone - I heard him & I understood his point - And to think, we coulda had Bernie. he supports 10k this is very misleading Biden is a republican!! We’ve known this. I only voted for him because he was better than trump. Fuck both of them

Doble standard “It depends on whether or not you go to a public university or a private university,” Biden said. -But often times private schools give out significantly more financial aid than public schools. And Yale/Harvard have massive endowments, but most private schools don’t. Breaking news. The economy is closed so we aren’t paying anything

morgfair Smart man. Why would anyone in their right mind give a get out of jail free card to the GOP after everything they've done to exacerbate the divisiveness? No one held a gun to anyone's head & made them go to college right? There are also cheaper options elsewhere. ijs morgfair He’s right on this one. Not all debt is equal. His plan of making junior college free and state schools free for middle and lower income - very doable and the right thing to do.

We should also cancel Auto Loans so everyone can have a vehicle. Cancel Rent/Mortgages so everyone can have a place to live. Cancel Jobs so no one has to work anymore. Cancel money so everything is free. Lmao Wouldn’t it be better to tackle the interest to those loans? I mean even I knew canceling that much debt for students is a fantasy,as young adults we need to know what we are getting into when taking debt.

This is why I voted against trump and not FOR Biden Jobs don’t pay enough to overcome the interest on these loans. It’s unrealistic in MOST cases. Some have made it and paid it but they’re the exception not the rule. Interest is insane. Student debt is a trillion dollars. You can't just erase it. Who pays?

One thing at a time, DNC leaders. First, let's get the nation off the mat and standing up gingerly to it's full height as before Trump. THEN we can work on special interests. I'd like to see such debts cancelled, but it's not a priority for now. (Slow claps) and there it is YOU STUPID FUCKS VOTED FOR THAT

He is right two things come to mind one where is the money 💰 come from two how do we teach people to be taking responsibility for their debts It teaches important lessons for life's journey Nothing comes easy one has to work for it It builds character and persistence I am working my butt off to pay for college without going into debt. If people that made bad life decisions get rewarded, that would be a kick in the teeth. I'm glad Biden won't reward entitled behavior.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 You told us your word as a binding is your bond so you need to give up to 50,000 and student loan debt forgiveness as a Biden IMPEACH I wouldn't benefit from canceling student debt in any way, but this is why I was telling everyone not to trust Biden in the primaries. He's useless. Better than Trump, sure. But I don't believe he will carry out his promises in any way. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I won't.

How do you prevent or stop massive student debt from happening all over again? That HAS to be a part of any canceling of student debt. Good job Biden JoeBiden We want and need our stimulus package check $1400 hurry up please sir people are hurting and suffering due to weather and Coronavirus outbreak 😷

CANCEL IT ALL OR VOTE THEM OUT Thank you for common sense President Biden. If waiving debts is the new norm, Please start waiving mortgages, and credit card bills for the middle class home owners with young kids!!! Goddamn neo-liberals If you expected anything different from a him, you're a dumbass. pretty obvious he wont do anything meaningful during these 4 years, just help out the rich

Just allow the student debt to be discharged through bankruptcy. Good! No one forced anyone to go to an unaffordable college. If you chose to do that and put yourself into debt then deal with it. Your exuberant education choices aren’t the tax payers responsibility. There’s more important things in this world. Well done Mr. President.

Hahahahaha you all deserve it....Same old Democrat politics and those pushing back ain’t doing shit, they’re in on it lol. Bow down to your master Beijing Biden. This is who yall voted for? What’s up with the reparations I never went to college, I’m middle class , saved up and sent my daughter to college and paid cash can he done, just gotta make a few sacrifices, live on less than you make and quit trying to keep up with the Jones

I agree, why would they let that kind of loan just go? I agree they need help but ,let the loans be paid off for the original amount loaned with little to no interest. WHAT?!?! You mean the government is going to holdme accountable for debt that entered into on my own accord?!?! What is this worldcoming to?!?! I can’t believe I have to pay MY debt!!!!

L6q So should the government give $50,000 to the people who didnt go to college? I listened to his explanation and overall I agreed with his approach You borrowed it, you work and pay it off. He would get every young vote if he did this All these people in here saying you took the debt you pay it. Stfu! They purposely crashed the housing in 2008 even made a movie about it The Big Short using sellout celebs making fun of the people. Covid bankrupt millions. Lost their houses, cars and jobs! Creepy Joe don't care!

Thank you Mr. President. Keep doing what is right. Because paying someone dept off with government money is not right. Oh no! They were lied too. Who would have thought? Give me a break. You took a loan out pay it. Don’t expect the taxpayers to pay for your bachelor degree in gender studies. I understand the American people can not afford to do this right now we are far enough in debt now and people don’t have jobs and a pandemic we have to fix our economic situation right now.

Free is not always good ,in fact I think the value is not appreciated most of the times Then all who attended college should be able to get their tuition back. I had to work 3 jobs to go back to school and was a single parent. And paid it all back. Nothing is free someone pays for it. This is bullshit

These Progressive’s are just a flip coin of the crazies in the Republican Party We need debt payments based on income. If you are unemployed no payments or interest. Once employed you pay a % based on your income. Politicians!!! Very Bad Example! Common Act of Liberals despite Globalist's PlanDemic. No Pity to Students Hardly Meet PlanDemic Earth Life

I say public college should be free. good, work your ass off and pay every penny back plus interest like all the people before y’all I agree with him. Good. It’s not the taxpayers’ responsibility to pay for Harvard degrees. “Facing backlash”.... for wanting to forgive 10k vs 50k student loans when his predecessor didn’t forgive ANY? This is the absolute stupidest framing and y’all are thirsty for controversy where there is none

cry me a river Why do people take loans then demand they suddenly not pay them? In this case, Israel's law was much more sensible: years of Jubilee. They were earned, and they were required by the LORD God of Israel. CancelStudentDebt? Everyone gets 10 thousand or nobody should. I work! and pay my bills that I created

Was this not part of his campaign promises? Political lies have started again 🙄. Lying is sin. Please stop it! Promises promises... Already going back on his promises We not canceling debt of people that took loans out to go on spring break, sorry Lol. Biden voters on suicide watch rn. He ran on in free community college and $10k student debt relief, so I have no idea why he would get backlash. If Congresspersons think debt relief should be higher, they can write legislation and try to get it passed.

College can find the time to teach how horrible white people are but not math. Really all one may need to do is erase all of the interest and devilish fees tacked onto what you actually borrowed. How can one have paid back 160K they borrowed and still owe the same? Joe is doing what he ran on. If you cancel the debt there would be no $$ in program for others to borrow.

Good for him. Spend that money to help make college more affordable for those with less resources. Having Uncle Sam pay off college loan bills just isn’t realistic and it’s out of the scope of government behavior. Perhaps a one for one tax break for student loan interest and a partial break for principle paid.

First thing he’s done in the National best interest. Well he told civil rights leaders to get in line as he wasn't going to kowtow to them. I bet they wish they didn't vote for him now lmao 👇 Ummmm why not JoeBiden No interest on my mortgage? This is so silly pay your debts. Damn if you sign pay the loan

It’s a bit tricky to just screw it no need to pay. Then what about those before hand that paid that and more? Do they get a refund? And when it comes to me to pay teachers, staff, bills, upkeep, supplies and in and on...where does it come from? My parents were lower middle class I went to State University w/ no college saving but was able to go to school & only work part time job to pay for everything. I graduated in 1985 with 3K of debt. ($7,293.18 in today's dollars). It is unfair the burden on today's kids.

Nice misleading headline. 🙄 “I’m prepared to write off $10,000 debt, but not 50, because I don’t think I have the authority to do it by signing” an executive order, Biden said.” Yes sir! About time he did the right thing. How about the colleges have a stake in this mess; instead of charging exorbitant tuition rates, getting the federally sponsored loan $ and having no regard for the student’s quandary...

Get them straight JoeBiden He needs to approve student loans we work hard on trying to pay the loans we need help in education he needs to understand the we elected him to be big and bold. canceling debt can move black and brown people out of poverty. we are the reason he’s in the White House rn, he shouldn’t forget that

Boooooo! Do it you cruel and cowardly man! own goal, you win zero voters and lose more than zero voters not looking forward to 2022 Come on a people. Right now the major concern is the COVID pandemic. Keep people from dying and getting the vaccine available And providing people with help, unemployment, and saving small business.

If you give $50,000 away for free to college kids already taking the good jobs, what do the rest of us get? A $50,000 credit to attend college? How dare he want people to pay back the optional debt they took on. He’s a monster. I believe he's more concerned with covid rather than debt people got themselves into voluntarily.

The people who want loan forgiveness cannot stop petitioning the government for loan forgiveness just because President Joseph Biden. a Democrat, says no. We spend more time complaining about Democrats breaking promises than demanding that they keep them. Boys,girls,men,women,Ladies and gentlemen; If we can't rely on our governments for free education, we will soon be able to rely on Ark is in need of water to set sail, but once implemented; in our plan is a viable solution to nullify All Tuition Cost.

I worked my my through school and did not seek a Masters because I did not wish to incur further debt than the 6k I owed. I have friends who are professional students and keep taking classes because they don't wanna start paying back the 30 to 60k they owe, so I agree. Here is his reply “The president said doesn’t want to forgive the debts of people who attended elite schools such as Harvard and Yale who often go on to make high salaries and added that he would instead prioritize childhood education for disadvantaged communities.”

Người yêu chân thành và lâu dài. không nói dối. Policy is the correct one, BUT what is so bad about this is that prior to being elected it was made out that the BIDEN camp would expunge the student debts.... how many extra votes did this LIE get him... Just wait until your power bill triples.. oh the fun of Democrats in charge

He shouldn't. .both my son's worked to pay their way through college. .stop pandering to these bunch of babies...what's next...we pay for their home Agreed. The borrowers willingly accepted and spent the money with the understanding they would pay it back. Why should my tax dollars pay off their debt?

The entire debt should be eliminated Why are you so surprised? I mean really, you knew when you voted for him that it was complete Bullshit! Backlash from whom Cause if you’re wiping away that much StudentLoanDebt for people then they better be prepared to reimburse those of us who have paid that and more!!😡

I’m agree with president Biden . Did ya think he wouldn't? Typical politician....! I am not against this, everyone who takes out a student loan knows how much money they are asking for and how much interest is involved. What if 10 years into a 30 year mortgage we all wanted our mortgages canceled. Not going to happen.

And he shouldn't. Good for him Why should any of it be forgiven? Maybe delay payment but why forgiven? Will I get the same $50,000 deposited in my account? I pay the same taxes as anyone else If the government wants to cancel all student loan debt. The government should not be issuing more loans to students now.

No he’s not! Just stop it! How about they stop pushing college so hard in high school? We were told the only way to make something of ourselves was to go to a 4 year university. Trade schools and community colleges weren’t talked about. And a lot of young adults can’t afford college so loans are pushed.

Smart move finally by Joe! Canceling debt for this generation for college costs and paid by non college blue collar workers is really bad policy. Wow very disappointed. Sure those who can afford elite maybe not qualified but millions of others this would be life changing I’ll never understand politicians like this. You said in your campaign that you WOULD make it happen (in fact if I recall you said you’d cancel ALL student debt not just $50k) so why you lyin? Be better than this JoeBiden

Where is my stimulus check Joe? I would like a fur coat, but in reality I can only afford to purchase a Walmart duffle coat! If you cannot afford to go to expensive schools, then don’t. However, if you graduate from Harvard with a high paying job, the certainty you can afford to pay it off. If POTUS KamalaHarris don't cancel student debt. This will be there only term in office. CancelStudentDebt

Not should he. Everyone wants a handout. Ok , we may not make your reelection happen. !!!!!! The amount of logic in this thread surprises me. I thought for sure it would be like every other post about Biden with blind support. He is right-funding early learning, underserved schools and community college will help more people.

How about canceling some of my debt You can have at least finished the entire quote. This headline is super misleading compared to what was fully said. We always self implode 🤦🏾‍♀️ good Lord can we frigging stop? Rome wasn’t built in 1 day. You people whine about everything!! Give the man time to put his shoes on!!

Cancel interest yes, principal no. Canceling massive student debt would open a very expensive can of worms. “Progressives”, be careful what you wish for. You may be paying off my kids’ and grandkids’ loans in future taxes I don't mean to brag but I voted for Joe Biden TWICE, Hillary Clinton TWICE and some guy named Barack Obama THREE TIMES.

The Federal Government owns the loans. Seems they want out of debt at more of taxpayers expense. Damn, ya can’t vote and get $50k, what’s next? Fair and accurate voting? What’s a socialist/ to do He was honest. Most agree with him His big tech and big pharma minders have said no and when Big Joe says no, he means it!

You all voted Mr dementia in.Enjoy. One term president. We want a progressive elected. My 3 sons have borrowed many thousands and are paying back every penny as they agreed to. Why should my well educated and successful children put their debt on you and your children? Don’t borrow if your going to break your word.

Lock him up It wouldn’t be fair to those who paid off their student debt and those who never had it. Greedy Much? How stupid to expect 50K $50K is ridiculous! $ 10K ok Where is the proposed bill to tax that 1%? Still waiting…JoeBiden KamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi Honestly, while loan forgiveness would benefit me greatly, I’d settle for restructuring student loans. For example the interest rates and most importantly the ability to file bankruptcy if absolutely needed.

It's a delicate issue but proper enlightening of our youths on loans will be cool. College cost should be based on your major. College is a business and cost don't match the salaries of their graduates. Not everyone should to go to college lol do people really believe 50000 $ of debt will just be canceled even by the government. 😂

No surprise there, he lied in the campaign Drop it. Period. I am not paying my student loans and paying someone else’s for their poor financial decisions. Go get a second job like I did. Go work your a** off like I did and pay off your student loan like I did. JoeBiden VP SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer GOPLeader

Finally some brains if the former wannabe be dictator pardoned criminals I’m sure Biden can pardons more From whom? This is not a new position for him simply because it re-entered the news cycle from a town hall question. It’s called a loan people. If they did not read the terms before signing they were stupid in the first place. I have to pay off every loan I have so don’t give me the sob story!

It will happen when its needed. Kamala needs something to buy acceptance from the masses when Joe checks out. I remember well he said from the very beginning he can do $10,000. Elizabeth Warren was pushing for $50,000. Only Congress can clear that amount. Lol. Cmon, who thought this would happen. He’s just another company man not a progressive

He also would get backlash from even more people if he had canceled student debt, making day laborers like me pay for it. I’m with Biden 100% on this.... up to $10,000—OK— but $50,000 sounds like a lot to be giving to orthodontists and other people who live pretty comfortably. He never promised this. He said $10,000. That’s what we voted for. Is it what we want? No. But, it’s something.

Bad start Joe The man's been in office only 4 weeks and you act as though he's committed Insurrection or Sedition against the United States of America. Trump wasn't too far off with that fake news stuff🤨 Good Someone fetch me my pearl necklace and my fainting couch. How about PENALIZING Public colleges and universities for constant building and renovations that are funded by rapidly rising tuition and living costs. Most privates match public rates with fake “scholarships” (after a inflated sticker price). Control it from the cost end!

Good, I hope you don’t. Well Joe biden was elected president so he’s going to do what he’s going to do. If senators or a one term congresswoman want to introduce legislation, they should do so. We control house and senate so they will probably be taken up. If you really want the middle class to flourish then u remove as many obstacles you can and this debt is an obstacle. So Biden you are wrong this is wrong.....

Not from the majority of the party he's not. Stop acting like the far-left fringe drives the agenda here. They aren't the story. Black women voters are. I think Biden is right - better ways to spend the money Good Anything less wouldn’t matter Question for those who are in favor of this. Who exactly do you think is paying those bills? Are you willing to pay even more in taxes to cover such costs? I’m certainly paying more than my fair share already.

Nah, I’m good. Yeah, but he's only facing 'backlash' from stupid people though. None of those arguments are valid. So glad we picked this guy over Bernie Sanders. Ithus is what happens when you trust the establishment. Lol backlash from who? A bunch of freeloaders looking for taxes to pay the loans they agreed to?

I like and appreciate his honesty and his answer! He was honest. He’s not really. Not from me. I've read his policy. There should not be a forgiveness of student loans. Please help our college graduates! Don’t abandon them. They are trying to better themselves. Many can’t find jobs due to the pandemic. If they can find one it’s minimum wage. In states like Indiana that’s only $7.25. DO NOT strap them with debt! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Why is he facing backlash? He NEVER supported this. He’s always been behind a 10,000 loan forgiveness. Canceling debt doesn't fix the problem nor does it address future borrowers. You create debt, you pay debt. As much as I want to see those in need get help, debt needs to be paid back. Do your diligence before incurring the debt.

While I would love to not have student loans, they are my debt. I chose to go to college. It will be an amazing day when they are paid in full but I don’t expect someone else to pay them for me. My son served seven years in the military to help pay for college. Did you? Reduce the rates to 0%.. At the end of the day, he's another corporation too.

Everyone wants everything for FREE and not have to work for it. No don’t cancel student debt. That’s the problem with society. Welcome to real life bitches. Hhahahaha. Oh you loser kids wanting free money. Lolololol. He got your vote and left without calling the next morning. 😂😂 I knew he would be against it

BIG MISTAKE. Democrats won't hold power if they don't deliver big for poor and working class. Canceling student debt helps poor/working class that don't have safety nets to fall back on. It also stimulates the economy. Federal Government is profiting off student loans! Shouldn’t the headline read “I will cancel up to $10,000 in debt, just like I promised.”?

POTUS What about GRADES? I don’t want to pay for some kid to go to school who didn’t study. If my kids went below a 3.0 GPA I wouldn’t have paid the next semester or co-signed the next year loan. Don’t be wasting our money. And all kids should have some loans. Skin in the game He never said he was going to do that. I support $50 billion proposal to make community college tuition-free and four years of public university tuition-free for students from families that make less than $125,000.

He should reconsider! Can’t just forgive, get creative in refinancing, employers helping employees via government grants and contract with employees. Refinancing based on salary and cost of living location. Somewhere in middle. Yes they need help, options people, more than pay or forgive I agree with him!

I agree with part of that. I agree that if somebody went to Harvard or very very expensive school it was their choice so yes I agree with that. Maybe it should be based on income bitch Biden should support the 50k write off on student loan Give him a break. He doesn't even know where he's at or what day it is.

Mis leading headline again, abc news, click bait. He’s facing backlash for disagreeing with progressives on just this one issue? He should have known that there’s no getting through to these ppl. They will protest over anything. Welcome and býy😂😂😂 Blaming the wind Turbines for Texas Power outage?👇👇 TedCruzFailedTexas VoteOutAbbott2022

Blaming the wind Turbines for Texas Power outage?👇👇 TedCruzFailedTexas VoteOutAbbott2022 Here’s the rest of the quote, since seems keen to misrepresent what he actually said. He won't even send the $2000 checks he campaigned on. Maybe make colleges keep their tuition affordable Will everybody just back off and let him deal with what is VITAL to get through this pandemic ? This climate crisis ! JFC !!! Step off AH’s !!!

Blaming the wind Turbines for Texas Power outage?👇👇 TedCruzFailedTexas VoteOutAbbott2022 You create debt, you pay your debt.... are college cost out of control..yes!, but a student knows the numbers when they accept the loan. Doctors..Lawyers in debt for years, yes it costs a huge amount, but you get it back in huge salaries..which I guess is fair.